NO! (^_^), Marketing the Great Reject – “As the currencies collapse in on themselves, they’ll role out their CBDCs, offering us a one-way ticket into their walled garden. We can accept the invitation, adopt their digital currencies, and become slaves. Or we can do something else … whatever that something else is. It’s up to us. We can accept their Great Reset, or we can reply with a Great Reject. Which answer the species gives will depend a lot on who has the best messaging. We might not know exactly what the alternative is, yet. It’s probably impossible to know. It might even be better that we don’t. We’re not trying to impose a plan on the world. Control is their thing, not ours. But we can make the Great Reject into the greatest party the world has ever seen, if we’re smart about it.” – John Carter  – LONG, BUT WELL WORTH READING!!!!

A VEIL OF SECRECY – “The Biden Administration has agreed with China that the working drafts of the proposed “Pandemic Treaty” should be kept secret. They do NOT want the public to know what each country has proposed.” – James Roguski

CBDC: follow a clown, get a circus – “The deeply unserious people playing with deeply serious fire. Much has been said about CBDC’s (central bank digital currencies). The fed loves them, the ECB loves them; it’s clearly the coming thing on the febrile fever dream wish list of the cool kids table at davos.” – El Gato Malo

Pfizer Hid Data on Waning Immunity – Maryanne Demasi

Dr. Ana Mihalcea – Major Chain Grocery Meat FULL of Structures Like VAXX!!! Australia & U.S. (VIDEO) – “Dr. Ana Michalcea joins us to expose how tests on both Australian and U.S. major chain grocery store meat has shown structures like we have seen both in the COVID injection vials and the blood of the injected, now also being found in the uninjected. Dr. Ana exposes her findings in conjunction with Dr. David Nixon in Australia on this gross experiment being conducted on human beings without their consent, poisoning our food supply.” – Maria Zeee

EVs and Incandescent Bulbs – “There is no mathematical way spending the $50k-plus it costs to buy a lower-tier EV will ever “save” money, however much you don’t spend on gas. At least, not as long as it is still possible to buy cars that cost half as much as the average EV. It is much like the “savings” we all enjoyed when the government – at the behest of a corporation (DuPont) that wanted to make more money selling refrigerant – banned the excellent refrigerant R-12, known commercially as Freon. You – as in the private person – could buy a can of it to charge up your car’s AC system for about $1, which saved you a great deal of money – on the refrigerant and the fix. This of course would not do. And so a “problem” was manufactured – that of a hole in the ozone layer, supposedly caused by Freon molecules escaping from AC systems and wafting skyward. More to the point, why is it necessary to mandate that “inferior” alternatives (e.g., incandescent bulbs and – no doubt, soon – non-electric cars) be government-mandated off the market? Good ideas don’t need force to sell them. But bad ones always do.” – Eric Peters  – ANOTHER GOOD ONE ON THE FALLACIES OF EVs FROM ERIC!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

The Culling of Mankind: Government Reports & Pfizer Documents reveal a Sinister Agenda exists to Depopulate the Planet through COVID Vaccination – The Expose

New Medical Codes for COVID-19 Vaccination Status Used to Track People, CDC Confirms – “The U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) made the confirmation in emails that The Epoch Times obtained through a Freedom of Information Act request.” – Zachary Stieber

Twitter’s Extremely Dangerous Attack on Substack – “Americans woke up on Good Friday 2023 – the first Easter weekend in three years that held out the possibility that it would be somewhat normal – to a grim reality on Twitter. It was consistently blocking all engagement from any post with a link to Substack. I first saw the rumor and then tested it. It was and is true. ” – Jeffrey A. Tucker  – SO MUCH FOR FREEDOM OF SPEECH FROM ELON!!!!!

8 Useful Tools For Discerning Truth In The Age of Information Warfare – “Experts often don’t agree, we’re drowning in information, and censorship is a very real thing – here’s how to not get lost and confused navigating information.” – Joe Martino


The Many Reasons Why Transgender Grievance Culture Is Garbage – “In the wake of the of the recent mass shooting at the Nashville based Covenant Christian School in which three children and three staff were murdered by a trans activist (a biological woman named Audrey Hale) one would think that questions of mental health would be at the forefront of the discussion on what exactly happened. However, not surprisingly, Hale is instead being treated as a “victim” herself among leftists – A victim of society and a victim of an insidious anti-trans “genocide” that activists assure us is happening everywhere in America even though we can’t seem to find any evidence of it. The political left has gone into overdrive in order to do spin control on the shooting, with pro-trans propaganda being flooded into every information venue by multiple corporations and government agencies. They are seeking to bury the lead story, and, much like pride month, saturate the market with a narrative of grievances and victimhood.” – Brandon Smith

Nike Boycott: Olympian Sharron Davies Leads Boycott of Brand After it Pays Trans Influencer Dylan Mulvaney to Promote its Sports Bra – Will Jones

Three Unambiguous Truths About the Trans Terrorist Cult – “We must recognize our adversaries for who they are. As a nation we desperately need to stop the spread of LGBTQIA+ indoctrination in our children. This means we need to become more outspoken, more aggressive, and more direct. The adversary is extremely outspoken, aggressive, and direct and our side has been far too passive. But we MUST oppose violence and lawlessness from both sides of the debate. My calls for our side to be outspoken, aggressive, and direct are NOT calls for violence. We need to take the high road. ” – JD Rucker

The Condition Of Our Society Has Never Been This Bad, And It Is Only Going To Get Worse… – Michael Snyder

If Rule Of Law Dies, So Does Our Republic – “this is much bigger than just former President Trump. The death of the rule of law in America means the death of our republic. Once government can indict you for your politics, censor you on social media, and give left-wing groups free rein while jailing conservatives, it will have shredded our Constitution and erased all your God-given rights. Don’t sit on the sidelines.” – I & I Editorial Board

Bragg Would Have Done Better To Indict A Ham Sandwich – “The Trump Indictment Farcically Non-Serious. Unfortunately for Alvin Bragg, and more unfortunately for the rest of the United States, which must forever contend with this perversion of the American legal system, he probably would have done better for himself to find a ham sandwich to indict. A simple reading of the indictment itself shows Bragg’s case to be questionable at best, and quite conceivably fatally flawed.” – Peter Nayland Kust

Irish Joe Biden’s Irish Sopranos – “Biden’s visit is just one further shameful act of degradation of a people who once stood for something infinitely nobler than Joe and Hunter Biden. The ostensible reasons for POTUS Joe Biden, the Grim Reaper himself, to visit his Irish colony in mid-April is, firstly to view the areas of Ireland that were unfortunate enough to spawn his ancestors and, secondly, to cash in on the 1998 Good Friday Agreement, the deal that allegedly brought peace in our time to Ireland. Because pretending to be Irish brings political dividends and lots of uninformed votes in America, it is not currently worth dwelling on.” – Declan Hayes

‘Preacher’ Kamala Harris Shows up in Nashville to Deliver a Grotesque Political Spectacle – “Kamala Harris is truly the most tone-deaf, incapable politician of the modern era. She’s so terrible that she makes Hillary Clinton seem personable and compelling. That reality was on full display on Friday as Harris jetted off to Nashville to visit the “Tennessee Three” and to stump for gun control. There wasn’t even any question about what the vice president’s priorities were in making the trip. Her own staff bragged about them.” – Bonchie

Bye Bye, Bucks: The Death of the U.S. Dollar (VIDEO) – “As we continue to detail, much of the new world order will no longer tolerate the United States geopolitical and economic hegemony” – Gerald Celente

Mexico and other top US trading partners looking to ditch the US and join the BRICS? – “Just how bad is it getting with Joe Biden’s weak leadership driving the U.S.’s friends and allies away? Well, we know that China is racking up a string of diplomatic victories across the world, for one. We also know that the dollar is being abandoned as a choice unit of global trade and the world’s reserve currency — in moves seen by China, Saudi Arabia, Iran, and Iraq, and others, which is evidence enough that there’s a problem with full faith in the U.S. currency. And with such moves to abandon the U.S. dollar as the world’s reserve currency, the kinds of names seeking to bail out on the U.S. is starting to get a little startling.” – Monica Showalter

Over 100 More Classified Docs Appear Online: US Secrets ‘From Ukraine To Middle East To China’ – “One senior intelligence official was quoted in the report as saying the leak is “a nightmare for the Five Eyes” – in reference to the intelligence-sharing nations of the US, UK, Canada, Australia and New Zealand. There’s growing concern that the leaks could be coming from within the Ukrainian military…” – Tyler Durden

Here’s why the leaked ‘secret plan’ for a Ukrainian military offensive doesn’t add up – “The release looks like an attempt to distract Russia’s attention from what’s really going on” – ‘Military Chronicle’

Meet the Left’s New Soros: Swiss Billionaire Hansjörg Wyss Becomes Democrat Mega-Donor with Millions Funneled to Left-Wing Groups – John Binder

Imperial Washington — The New Global Menace – “There is no peace on earth today for reasons mainly rooted in Imperial Washington — not Moscow, Beijing, Tehran, Damascus, Mosul or the rubble of what remains of Raqqa. Imperial Washington has become a global menace owing to what didn’t happen in 1991 (when the USSR collapsed). At that crucial inflection point, Bush the Elder should have declared “mission accomplished” and parachuted into the great Ramstein Air Base in Germany to begin the demobilization of America’s war machine.” – David Stockman

MUST WATCH VIDEO: 33 years of history that led up to Russia’s invasion of Ukraine that you won’t see taught in U.S. schools nor hear anywhere in the Western mockingbird media – “Take a listen to Sachs’ recounting of this completely ignored history that led up to the Russian invasion of Ukraine in February 2022. It will blow your mind. I had to watch it twice to absorb it all.” – Leo Hohmann  – AS LEO STATES, THIS IS A MUST WATCH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

A Waste of Time – “Sergey Lavrov knows better. Yet he called for multilateral talks to resolve the forever Israeli-Palestinian conflict. He knows that it’s beyond resolution because the empire of lies and apartheid Israel prioritize perpetual war on invented enemies. If undertaken, it’ll be a waste of time and effort, accomplishing nothing. The only language understood throughout the collective West and apartheid Israel is toughness. Decades of Russian Federation efforts for regional peace failed to halt perpetual war-making.” – Stephen Lendman

Iran and Saudi Arabia: a Chinese win-win – “The single Iranian-Saudi handshake buried trillions of dollars of western divide-and-rule investments across West Asia, and has global leaders rushing to Beijing for global solutions.” – Pepe Escobar


The Fed Never Sees it Coming! They Just Cause it! – “Even though the Fed was specifically chartered to help protect the US from massive economic collapses like we experienced in The Great Depression and to protect banks from major bank runs like banks experienced in the Great Depression, the Fed never sees these things coming. Not only does it fail to see them coming even when they ARE actually forming all around us, it fails to even believe in the possibility they could be coming. Worse still, the Fed is actually the entity that causes them to come. There is no failure in all of human enterprise greater than the Fed.” – David Haggith

Real Wages Fall, Food Service Jobs Rise as Layoffs Mount – “The problem isn’t that the Fed is now allowing rates to rise. The problem is that the Fed forced those rates down much too far for much too long.” – Ryan McMaken

Fed Interest Rate Hike in May Is Again Odds On Following Jobs Report – “The market perceives a Fed rate hike in May as a 71.2 percent chance.” -Mish

Wall Street, Dollar Apologists Busted for Ever-Shifting Anti-Gold Arguments – “Most Precious Metals Are Still More than 50% below All-Time Highs” – Mike Gleason

An Easter hit for gold? – “Gold and silver rallied ahead of the Easter weekend, with silver being exceptionally strong. Gold closed last night at $2008.8, up $39 from last Friday’s close. And silver was up 90 cents at $24.97.” – Alasdair Macleod

Dollar Woes (VIDEO) – “The dollar may be king, but its throne is getting a little tippy.” – Schiff Gold with Michael Maharrey


5th Dimensional Warfare: How the US Government Controls its Citizens – M.D. Creekmore  – MAKE SURE YOU READ ADEN TATE’S ARTICLE FROM YESTERDAY AS WELL  ON 5TH GENERATION WARFARE AND GRAY ZONE WARFARE!!!

How I Use Lists to be Better Prepared and More Organized – “Lists are the secret weapon of the most organized preppers. Here’s how to use them to be better prepared and to find what you need, when you need it.” – Daisy Luther

A Few Ways To Determine Your Direction Without A Compass – Bob Rodgers

Must Have Prepper Supplies – Will2Survive

Steel + Flint – “Flint and steel are essential tools for any prepper or survival enthusiast. Having the ability to quickly and efficiently create fire with just two small tools is a life-saving skill. The flint is a small, roughly pebble-sized rock with a sharp edge, while the steel is a piece of carbon steel with a flat straight surface.” – Charl M.

12 Vegetables You Need To Plant In April 2023 (VIDEO) – City Prepping  – GOOD VIDEO. GREAT INFO!!!!!!


Matthew 27:57-61    When the even was come, there came a rich man of Arimathaea, named Joseph, who also himself was Jesus’ disciple:  He went to Pilate, and begged the body of Jesus. Then Pilate commanded the body to be delivered.  And when Joseph had taken the body, he wrapped it in a clean linen cloth,  And laid it in his own new tomb, which he had hewn out in the rock: and he rolled a great stone to the door of the sepulchre, and departed.  And there was Mary Magdalene, and the other Mary, sitting over against the sepulchre.