The one-world beast system is roaring into reality, but is anyone listening? – “JP Morgan becomes the latest to roll out invasive point-of-sale biometric payment plan, following Visa, MasterCard and Amazon. While Americans get increasingly hypnotized by 2024 election coverage, where all they’re hearing about is the theatrics surrounding Donald Trump, the globalists and technocrats are moving rapidly to install a new global economic order that will outmaneuver the political system and enslave humanity. Trump is the perfect polarizing figure to distract Americans at this key moment in history. Keep your gaze on him and you’re guaranteed to miss the bigger picture.” – Leo Hohmann

Crypto Takedown Accelerates as World’s Largest Cryptocurrency Exchange Binance Sued by U.S. Government – “It is looking more and more each passing day that the U.S. financial system is speeding into a consolidation of the Big Banks, as their war against cryptocurrencies appears to be now accelerating. Operation Choke Point 2.0 is escalating. “Operation Choke Point 2.0” is a term coined by Coin Metrics co-founder Nic Carter to refer to an apparently coordinated effort to discourage banks from holding crypto deposits or providing banking services to crypto firms on the basis of “safety and soundness” for the banking system. In a time when millions of Americans are pulling billions in deposits from failing banks and allocating them to gold and bitcoin, US regulators were scrambling to come up a means to hammer cryptos and punish those who fled the fiat realm and run toward bitcoin. They may have just come up with one solution.” – Brian Shilhavy

5 Months to Kill: The terrifying relationship between Deaths, COVID Deaths & Covid-19 Vaccination – “A peculiar pattern has now persisted in official UK Government data for some time. Approximately five months after each dose of the Covid-19 vaccine is administered to each age group, the mortality rates per 100,000 rise significantly among the vaccinated compared to the unvaccinated.” – The Expose

Risk of death following COVID-19 vaccination or positive SARS-CoV-2 test in young people, England (8 December 2020 to 25 May 2022) – “If you’re unvaccinated, you have the least chances to die of cardiac event. Telling?” – Andreas Oehler

Bellies of the Rich Swell Further on the Back of Hunger – “It’s a zero-sum situation. The rich are robbing the poor to swell their coffers – and their bellies. A February 2023 report by Greenpeace International – Food Injustice 2020-2022 – exposes rampant profiteering at a time when war and lockdowns have contributed to food insecurity across the world. Twenty corporations in the grain, fertiliser, meat and dairy sectors delivered $53.5 billion to shareholders in the financial years 2020 and 2021. At the same time, the UN estimates that $51.5 billion would be enough to provide food, shelter and lifesaving support for the world’s 230 million most vulnerable people.” – Colin Todhunter

Bob Sad – “How did we get these jabs anyway? If only someone could have stopped them.” – Sage Hana

Shedding Concerns: “It Looks Like the mRNA is Transferring from the Vaccinated to Unvaccinated”; yes, vaccinated sheds to unvaccinated (via mRNA naked, in nano-particles, in exosomes, same with spike) – “Yes, what we felt was one of the gravest nightmares is happening, the vaccinated are and can shed mRNA SAME with spike to those unvaccinated; excreted in sweat, sputum, breast milk, placental barrier” – Dr. Paul Alexander

Eminent Oxford Scientist Says Wind Power “Fails on Every Count” – Chris Morrison


Where Do You Go in a Hurricane? – “As a West Indian, I’ve lived through quite a few hurricanes in my time. My level of responsibility in each varied quite a bit. All countries will be impacted by the coming economic hurricane, but the effects will vary. Those in the US and Europe will experience the equivalent of a Category 5 hurricane. This is not mere speculation. In examining previous depressions and the last two world wars, we can see that those countries that were the least connected to events tended to fare well. This will hold true this time around as well. Well, first, we’d better look at the categories, then, based on where we’re located, ask ourselves what we need to do. We’re presently already experiencing Category 1 conditions.” – Jeff Thomas  – EXCELLENT READ AND CORRELATION FROM JEFF!!!!!!

The Biden Regime Prepares To End America’s Republic – “The WHO’s “pandemic treaty” will usher in one-world government ruled by China” – Emerald Robinson

Trump ‘Went to Waco to Bring Back Visions’ of Cult Leader David Koresh, Democratic Rep. Says – “A Branch Davidian pastor also said that the former president was “making a statement” with his choice of rally location” – Peter Wade  – MAYBE HE JUST WENT THERE BECAUSE HE WANTED TO VISIT THE SILO FROM THE FIXER UPPER SHOW!!!!

WACO TEXAS – A Botched FBI Siege: Cleanup In Aisle 47 – “The MS is condemning and/or taunting Trump given he chose Waco as the site of his latest rally. Waco on the anniversary of the Waco Siege of 1993 between the Branch Dividians and the ATF/FBI. Given the span of time, the changing dynamics, and a greater insight into our government, the Waco Siege takes on a different story. Therefore, what we have is a cult living as a cult doing their own thing that would appear to be legal within the state of Texas. Except for the STASH of weapons, they might have remained under the radar. But Koresh and the other 40 males of the property legally bought quite an inventory as defense in the event of a government insurrection upon his property. The ATF felt the weapons might be used to harm civilians. As they declared after the fact. The ATF felt that raiding this compound despite there having been no previous harm – was justified.” – Helena Glass

Why Vote GOP? – “What Difference Does It Make?” – Brian C. Joondeph  – BRIAN RAISES SOME GOOD POINTS HERE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

The Patriot Act on steroids: D.C. Uniparty wants to use anti-TikTok legislation as Trojan horse for censorship and surveillance – “Beltway lawmakers are setting up a smokescreen to curtail rights.” – Jordan Schachtel

The US Arms Control and Disarmament Agency Disappeared…But Is It Really Gone? – Aden Tate

Could Trump Win By Losing? Sometimes ‘Nothing’ is ‘a Real Cool Hand’ – “In Washington, the Justice Department is dealing with the mess created by President Biden, who publicly expressed revulsion at the very thought of Trump possessing classified documents at Mar-a-Lago: “How that could possibly happen. How one, anyone, could be that irresponsible.” That was before Biden was found to have classified documents going back more than a decade in various locations, including his garage in Delaware. In the end, the calendar rather than the crimes may determine Trump’s future. None of these cases is likely to be fully prosecuted before the 2024 presidential election, assuming they survive expected challenges. And even if Trump is convicted, that would not be a barrier to taking office.” – Jonathan Turkley

Every Christian In America Is A Target Now – “Audrey E. Hale, the 28-year-old woman who identifies as he/him and uses the name “Aiden,” is identified as the now-deceased suspect who shot up a Christian school in Tennessee, killing 6, including 3 children. The killings follow the state banning the medical transitioning of minors & adult cabaret (drag) performances in front of children. I can guarantee you that this story will disappear from the news cycle faster than other mass shootings, because it is not a story that the corporate media will be eager to tell. But the truth is that violence against Christians and Christian institutions is on the rise.” – Michael Snyder

ABC’s Terry Moran Gives Disgusting Hint at Who’s to Blame for the Nashville Shooting, but Plays Himself – “The social justice community will chime in and talk about how this is also another example of toxic masculinity and/or white supremacist culture. Hale’s identity doesn’t allow for this. While the Democrats might still not let this crisis go to waste for a gun control push, the media and the activist community have to scramble for a victimization narrative for Hale. Herein, the left and Moran have played themselves. The one thing the left and the media don’t ever want to talk about is the mental health angle, which is truly the angle worth discussing. What Moran did was effectively say that this absolutely was about mental health. His logic is that if Tennessee had just had more services available for Hale then she might have been mentally stable and wouldn’t have shot those children. So, thanks to Moran, we now have an admission from the mainstream media that mass shooters are mentally ill. Moreover, and possibly more damning, we have confirmation from the mainstream media that transgender people are suffering from mental illness and need mental health care.” – Brandon Morse  – GREAT POINT!!!!

Something Is VERY Wrong With The East Palestine Narrative – Eric Coppolino  – SPECIAL THANKS TO CELIA FARBER FOR POSTING!!!!!

Police State: IRS pays a visit to Matt Taibbi on same day he testifies before Congress on government abuses – “A home visit? No mail, no phone calls? The IRS does home visits all right, but only after cases are pretty well advanced and developed, and are quite likely is to lead to a monetary haul for the agency. Manpower is costly. This was about expended manpower for the weird and trivial task of asking Taibbi to call them in four days, something they could have sent him a letter for, or even more logically, just called him themselves. So yes, this visit looks pretty odd. This was supposedly about identity theft concerns dating from his 2018 and 2021 tax returns,” – Monica Showalter

WTF Headline Of The Day – “Nobody likes getting punched in the balls… especially if you’re a woman… “Trans woman left sobbing in JFK Airport after TSA agent hit her testicles: report” “- Tyler Durden

France protests: Thousands of police deployed as protesters march against pension reforms – Stephane Mahe and Elizabeth Pineau

Terror threat level in Northern Ireland raised to ‘severe’ – “Ahead of the 25th anniversary of the Good Friday Agreement, the new designation means an attack is “highly likely” -RT

“Hypocrisy”: Barack Obama and wife Michelle arrive in Australia on private jet (VIDEO) – “Barack Obama and his wife Michelle arrived in Australia on a private jet despite climate change having been the former US president’s “greatest priority”, And then there were massive motorcades around Sydney today, all so that Barack Obama can make a fortune on the speaking circuit ..” – Sky News Australia

Currency Wars – “One of the most overused phrases in economic discussions is “petrodollar”, especially by those inclined to doomsday theories. Right behind it is the phrase “reserve currency”, which gets tossed around almost as much as petrodollar. For most people, these are terms that no longer have a practical meaning. This agreement to price energy products in dollars is what makes the dollar the world’s primary reserve currency. Now, why did the Saudis agree to price everything in dollars. The main reason is they got something for it in return. What they got is a guarantee that the United States would protect the kingdom from threats in the region and never side with the wrong faction among the Saudi royal family. That last part is important. This is why the Saudis are now open to pricing their energy products in Chinese yuan and maybe other currencies.” – The Z Man

Understanding the International Rules Based Disorder – “Have you heard of the “International Rules Based Order?” Russia, according to Washington and NATO, is violating those rules (China too) and must be punished. We can’t have “rule breakers” mucking up global tranquility can we? The so-called international order basically is a system of rules that the United States sets and arbitrarily decides whether or not a foreign country is complying or disobeying. The bottom line? These “rules” are designed to promote U.S. interests at the expense of others. ” – Larry C. Johnson

Russia Calls Out ‘Nuclear Weapons Hypocrisy’: US Has Tactical Nukes In 5 Non-Nuclear Weapon States – Tyler Durden

US is stirring up the Syrian cauldron – “The circumstances surrounding the flare-up in Syria between the US occupation forces and pro-Iranian militia groups remain murky. President Biden claims that the US is reacting, but there are signs that it is likely being proactive to create new facts on the ground.” – M. K. Bhadrakumar

Study Confirms Physical Exercise Should Be First Choice For Mental Health Treatment – “In a funk? Do you: a) reach for a bag of potato chips, b) call a friend, c) pop an extra anti-depressant, or d) head for the gym to sweat out the sadness? For years, studies have shown that exercise is one of the best ways to treat a range of mental health issues. A new analysis of that whole body of research makes this clearer than ever.” – Jennifer Marguilis


U.S. Has Set World Up for a Worse Financial Crisis Than in 2008 – “The central bank’s policy is pushing banks toward insolvency.” – Gerald Celente

Bank Failures Won’t Bring On The Recession. Recession Is Already Here – “Banks Might Be The Headlines Today, But There’s Still The Rest Of The Economy To Consider” – Peter Nayland Kust

I Promise You Won’t Want to Miss This – “I have a question… and it’s one we need to consider as investors. What happens to inflation if oil begins to rally aggressively? Black gold has been in a downtrend for the last 12 months. This, combined with the Biden administration dumping 250 million barrels of oil, has resulted in energy inflation dropping considerably. Indeed, according to the Consumer Price Index (CPI), which is the official inflation measure in the U.S., energy inflation is the ONLY form of inflation that has come down in any meaningful way in the last year (aside from car prices).” – Graham Summers, MBA

As Senate Banking Committee Convenes Hearing on Exploding Banks, an FDIC Chart Shows the Banking Crisis Is Far from Over – Pam Martens and Russ Martens

Americans Fleeced Again in Another Round of Bank Bailouts – “Banking is in a league of its own when it comes to government subsidies, special privileges, and bailouts. There isn’t a vestige of the free market left when it comes to the country’s financial sector. Central control goes way beyond the fact that the Federal Reserve has been fixing the price of money (interest rates) for the past few decades. Shattered Bank The largest banks enjoy the explicit guarantee of the U.S. taxpayer. They are designated Systemically Important Banks (SIBs) – deemed officially too big to fail. Bureaucrats invented the SIB designation during the 2008 financial crisis when fraud and mismanagement in real estate lending threatened to destroy many of the institutions lining Wall Street. Now it appears regional bankers have joined this protected class.” – Clint Siegner

De-Dollarization Just Got Real – “A multi-polar world is bad news for the American Empire but great news for gold” – John Rubino


Ron Paul Reveals Why He Owns Gold – Birch Gold Group


Applying the KISS Principle to Survival – “This acronym, which might sound a bit insulting, stands for “Keep it Simple Stupid!” The basic idea he presented is that simple systems are generally better than more complex ones; therefore, whenever a system has to be developed to do something, try to keep it simple.” – Bill White

Small Scale Hogs Production For Food Independence And Extra Income – “When envisioning a self-sufficient lifestyle, the inclusion of raising hogs is a common theme. Whether picturing the mountain dwellers of the West or the hill folk of Appalachia, smoked bacon, home-cured hams, homegrown corn, and utilizing leftover scraps all contribute to this image.” – Rhonda Owen

The Basics of Beekeeping For Beginners – “Before deciding to get into beekeeping, it’s important to know what you’re signing up. It may seem daunting, but beekeeping comes down knowing the basics.” – Sara Tipton

10 Common Strawberry Diseases How to Deal With Them – Craig Taylor

How A Homesteader Should Prepare For A Blackout – “Whether due to natural disasters, like hurricanes, freezing rains, etc, or manufactured disasters, such as cyber-attacks, EMPs, blackouts can cause severe disruptions to finances, medical care, water supply, public order and services like mobile networks and internet. With the rise of these cases, it is essential for both homesteaders and the general population to be prepared for an electrical blackout.” – Charl M


1 Timothy 2:5-6   For there is one God, and one mediator between God and men, the man Christ Jesus;  Who gave himself a ransom for all, to be testified in due time.


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