Your Money Is Their Money (Part 1) – “The financial arm of the plandemic octopus and the coming engineered collapse. The Plandemic Octopus has eight arms. Today’s Octopus Arm—The Financial Coup: The official narrative on the Silicon Valley Bank (SVB) collapse is that the bank was holding too many worthless bonds on their books that accounting regulations required them to hold. These bonds lost their value as the Fed raised interest rates over the past year at the fastest rate in history—from 0%-5% in under a year. None of that has anything to do with the disintegration of SVB. Make no mistake this was a planned run on the bank, much of it triggered by CIA partner and Palantir Founder Peter Thiel, who performs part-time at conferences as your friendly neighborhood libertarian.” – The Good Citizen  – A MUST READ FROM THE GOOD CITIZEN – FINANCE 101!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Federal Reserve Bank Launches Phase One of CBDC This July (VIDEO) – Greg Reese

A Summary of what I think happened over the last three years – “Add your thoughts and change my mind” – The Naked Emperor

Steady Burn – “I find myself, uncharacteristically, wishing for bad things to happen regarding all this world take-over crap. I don’t wish for people I love to die, but I can’t help but admit when I read about others dying there is a sudden surge within me that says, “Good! Now maybe these morons will wake up!” Then my senses come back to me, and I think about mothers burying their children, or children burying their mothers, and I curse myself for my wicked thoughts. Anyone else have similar moments? I am just not convinced this nightmare is going to end without it getting worse, and if it doesn’t get worse, then I don’t think it is going to end. It is coming folks, there is no dispute about that. The question is whether we are going to let it creep into our comfortable pot. And what manages to creep in will be a whole lot uglier than what you thought was ok a month ago.” – Todd Hayen, PhD, RP

TRUTH BOMB – “Most people are unaware that amendments to the International Health Regulations WERE ADOPTED on May 27, 2022. No Presidential signature? No advice and consent from the Senate? Why the silence?” – James Roguski

What Did I Mean By “Virus Communism?” – “In 2020, the big one: Covid. “SARS cov-2,” an entirely synthetic thing generated by genetic sequences in trans-national computers. And what did it do? Did it not: Terminate all previous rights to life previously thought to be “western?” Is it really a stretch that I coined the term “virus communism?” Does it not aim to liquidate millions of us, and finally, usher us into social credit scores, a Central Bank Digital Currency system that controls every aspect of our lives based on our allegiance to the state doctrine of “Covid?” I could call it “Virus fascism.” It certainly draws its lifeblood from eugenics, de-population, technocracy, and 1984 end stage tyranny.” – Celia Farber

Remdesivir estimated to have killed 100,000 Americans – Rhoda Wilson

Jimmy Dore: “People didn’t even know the Department of Defense is involved in vaccine research.” – “Stay on the case, Detective Dore. You are getting so close to breaking this thing wide open.” – Sage Hana


Spit in the Eye of Big Banks – “We’re the deep pockets from which the rich and powerful draw to make themselves whole, leaving us with empty pockets, no job and a mortgage we can’t pay for. No one is going to come bail us out of our troubles, troubles they created by their risky investments, their phony-baloney money changing. No, we’ll lose our homes, our life savings, our jobs and our futures all so they don’t have to eat tuna fish instead of caviar. That’s the truth of it. They refuse to call it a bailout, but that’s exactly what it is. When they insure funds over the $250,000 limit for their friends and political cronies, but not for the average business or farm, it can be nothing other than a bailout. Right now, withdraw funds from the big banks Yellen says she’ll make whole and put them into banks that need the deposits to support their local economy. Spit in the eye of CBDCs.” – T.L. Davis

What one tweet can teach us about “Fake News” – “So, to sum up, here is the reality of “Biden’s” tweet: It was written by someone pretending to be someone they’re not; In response to a made-up letter; For an audience of fake people; About a problem that does not exist.” – Kit Knightly  – GREAT CATCH AND OBSERVATION FROM KIT AT OFF GUARDIAN!!!!!

“Drunk” Driving and “Racism” – “Driving drunk used to mean just that – just as being a racist meant you disliked a set of people on account of their race. Nowadays, the latter means anyone who questions or disagrees with anything racialists say must not be questioned or disagreed with. And the former now means having had anything alcoholic to drink prior to driving. This is the gist of the push to characterize as “drunk” driving a person having a blood alcohol level (BAC) of as little as 0.05 percent, which is about half as much as it used to take to reach the bar, so to speak, when drunk driving had some meaning. This is not a defense of drunk driving. It is the opposite. Turning everyone who has had a drink into a “drunk” cheapens the currency of the charge, just the same as shrieking “racism!” does when someone raises a question about a policy (or a person, such as a politician who happens to be black) that has nothing to do with race.” – Eric Peters

Banks, Inflation, Bailout, War & Collapse (VIDEO) with Dr. Paul Craig Roberts and Bill Holter – Greg Hunter  -DR ROBERTS AND BILL HOLTER ON ONE SHOW, BOTH ARE GREAT LISTENS!!!

Biden Finally Answers Question About CCP-Related Payout, It Doesn’t Go Well – “As we reported this week, the head of the House Oversight Committee Rep. James Comer (R-KY) announced that they had bank documents showing that the Biden family had received more than a million dollars from a CCP-related energy company in March 2017, through a Hunter Biden associate’s account, two months after Joe Biden left the vice presidency. That money was distributed to companies associated with Jim Biden (Joe Biden’s brother), Hunter Biden (Joe Biden’s son), Hallie Biden (widow of Beau Biden and former girlfriend of Hunter Biden), as well as to an unnamed “Biden” account. One reporter managed to get lucky as Joe Biden left on Friday for more of his perpetual vacation in Delaware. The reporter managed to get the question in as Biden was heading out. Biden’s response revealed just how out of it he was, he didn’t even seem to understand what the reporter was talking about. The reporter asks him about the House GOP memo about “his family dealings.” Biden repeated “my family dealings,” not getting it.” – Nick Arama

Anybody else repelled by the legal juggernaut against Trump just as revelations roll out about the Bidens? – “These days, we are learning about just how corrupt and criminal a sitting president can be, what with “the big guy” taking his cut of millions of dollars of cash from China’s government-linked firms like a mafia don, as greedy famiglia members gathered around for the spoils. Nobody prosecuted there. But wait: There is a crime! They’ve finally got what they claim is proof of hush money paid by President Trump back in 2016 and they’re going to make a “historic first” arrest:” – Monica Showalter

There’s No Liar Like A Biden – “How do we know when Joe Biden is lying? When he says he gives us his word as a Biden. But that’s not the only time he spins a whopper. He says something untrue quite regularly, the most recent instance a tall tale about his “epiphany” regarding gay marriage.” – I & I Editorial Board  – SEE MORE BELOW IN JENNY’S ARTICLE!!!!!!

Joe Biden’s dangerous trans zealotry – “The US president claims it is ‘sinful’ to oppose the medical transitioning of children. Has he gone mad? It is hard to tell which was the biggest lie Joe Biden told in his sit-down with Kal Penn, former stoner-movie actor turned Democratic Party lackey, earlier this week on the Daily Show. Was it Biden’s claim that preventing minors from having genital-removing surgeries and harmful cross-sex hormones is ‘sinful’? Or was it the outlandish story he told, about the time he was a senior in high school and he saw two ‘well-dressed’ men openly kissing on the street in Delaware? Or was it perhaps his claim that Biden Sr, a man who was born in 1915, had explained to Biden’s confused younger self that the two fellas snogging on the street just loved each other, and that it was no big deal? Far be it from me to question the veracity of anything that comes out of Amtrack Joe’s mouth, but there is literally no way this ever happened. Two businessmen kissing, in the early 1960s, in Delaware? And Biden Sr was totally cool with it? No. I call BS.” – Jenny Holland

ATF Gains Financial Information On Potential Gun Buyers For Warrantless Tracking, Documents Show – “Congress needs to rein in this rogue agency…” – Emily Miller

No, We Don’t Need More Nuclear Weapons – “Republicans and Democrats may quibble over how federal tax dollars might be spent on various social welfare programs like Medicaid and food stamps. But alongside Social Security, there is one area of federal spending that everyone can apparently agree on: military spending. Last year, the Biden administration requested one of the largest peacetime budgets ever, at $813 billion. Congress wanted even more spending and ended up approving a budget of $858 billion.” – Ryan McMaken

Learning Little from the Iraq War – “Military Invasions Don’t Produce Democracies” – Bill Astore

International Criminal Court Wants to Arrest Putin for Sheltering Child Refugees – “ICC believes Vladimir Putin can be arrested, prosecuted, and maybe poisoned like Slobodan Milosevic.” – Kurt Nimmo

Illegitimate ICC – “A quick rebuke of the empire of lies and forever wars for ordering the illegitimate ICC it controls to issue an illegal arrest warrant for Vladimir Putin — the world’s preeminent, democratically elected, overwhelmingly popular world leader. The Kremlin justifiably called the illegal warrant “absurd and outrageous.” There’s no ambiguity about how the empire of lies and forever wars falsely blames nations free from its hegemonic control for its own high crimes. The US-controlled Hague-based ICC has no legitimacy.” – Stephen Lendman

The US’ Schizophrenic Approach To The ICC Embodies Its Hypocritical “Rules-Based Order” Concept – “This paradigm of International Relations isn’t about upholding the UN Charter, but arbitrarily implementing double standards in advance of America’s interests and even sometimes at the expense of its own reputation in pursuit of its goals.” – Andrew Korybko

Xi To Arrive In Moscow Monday, Ukraine War ‘Core Part’ Of Talks With Putin – Tyler Durden

The Gathering Storm – “America’s self-inflicted trouble in Ukraine aggravates our dangerous trouble at home.” – Douglas Macgregor, Col. (ret.)


Janet Yellen Just Poured Lighter Fluid On Every Small Bank In America – “What in the world was she thinking? When a bailout was hastily arranged for uninsured depositors at Silicon Valley Bank and Signature Bank, the implication was that the same thing would be done for uninsured depositors at any other banks that failed. But now U.S. Treasury Secretary Janet Yellen is telling us that is not actually what will happen.” – Michael Snyder

Morons We Should Know: Janet Yellen – “Our Treasury Secretary doesn’t know how banks work” – John Rubino

Apparently, Most Bankers (And Others) Have Been Swimming Naked This Latest Financial Crisis Is Just Plain Stupid. On Thursday, at the gentle and innocuous suggestion of the Administration (no doubt channeling Marlon Brando as Vito Corleone, making Jaime Dimon an “offer he couldn’t refuse”), Dimon and 11 of his Big Bank pals dipped into petty cash to deposit some $30 Billion in collapsing First Republic Bank, which was shedding share price like a tree in autumn and on the verge of needing a takeover a la Silicon Valley Bank. The bailouts and the backstops don’t rectify the actual problems endangering banks seemingly everywhere. All they do—all they can do—is buy beleaguered banks time to resolve the problems they have been facing for a year at least (arguably longer). If the banks do not resolve those issues, in time they will be right back at this same juncture, jonesing for liquidity.” – Peter Nayland Kust

The War Between Market Stability and Chaos hots up – How will it play? – “Central Banks face a mighty challenge persuading markets and depositors the banking system is stable. The war between chaos and order in markets has turned hot. At stake is the stability and future of the global economy. Anyone for the last few choc ice?” – Bill Blain

We Are in the Eye of the Hurricane – What Happens Next? – Peter Reagan

High Profile Hedge Fund Blows Up as Bond Market Losses Hit 25 Percent – “Just when everyone believed the “higher for longer” meme, the trade spectacularly blew up. There will be many more of these kinds of stories in the days/weeks ahead. ” – Mish

Occupy Wall Street Redux – “Borrowing short and lending long works mostly well most of the time. This is how modern banking works. You may be a customer at a bank. But you also supply the product. In short, a bank will pay you a small percent for the deposits in your checking and savings accounts, which you can withdraw at any time. This is the borrowing short side of the operation. Perhaps it would all works out for the banks if depositors stayed put. But in a world where you can score nearly 5 percent from Treasury Direct – with no brokerage fees – why keep excess deposits in the bank when you only get a fraction of a percent? It’s a good question…” – MN Gordon

Fed Loaned $160 Billion to Banks and $142 billion to FDIC. But QT-Related Roll-off Continued – “At around 4.75%, plus collateral, these are expensive loans for banks.” – Wolf Richter


What Happens If You Sprinkle Cinnamon In Your Garden – “Cinnamon is capable of a lot of things, but one of its primary uses historically has been healing plants. Those who are heavily attacked by bacteria or funguses may be able to be cured by sprinkling cinnamon heavily in their wounded areas. This encourages new growth and puts a stop to all the nasty gunk that’s killing the plant.” – Elizabeth Grant

Breakfast Food for Emergency Storage – Oats – “How long does oatmeal last? Well, that depends on specifically what you get, the extent of processing, and how it’s stored.” – Ken Jorgustin

Different Types of Shotguns Explained – “This post on different types of shotguns is for less experienced shooters but it may clarify some murky shotgun details for those with more trigger time. Actually, the gauge system works the opposite of calibers and millimeters. A 10 gauge shell is larger – as in “fatter” – than a 12 gauge. Could be longer, too. As such, it’ll require a bigger gun – a good thing in light of the mighty ten’s recoil. Some shotgunners take the edge off the kick of a 10 gauge, or stouter 12 ga. loads, by shooting gas-operated autoloaders and other ways to reduce shotgun recoil. Others trade some recoil for the reliability of a pump.” – Steve Markwith


Psalm 43:1    Judge me, O God, and plead my cause against an ungodly nation: O deliver me from the deceitful and unjust man.