Virology Over Macho Grande – “Questioning experts must include even those who make asses of The Experts™” – The Good Citizen  – ANOTHER VERY GOOD READ FROM THE GOOD CITIZEN, BUT AREN’T THEY ALWAYS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Get Woke, Go Broke? It’s Time To Talk About SVB’s Ties To The World Economic Forum – “We have seen extensive evidence of this through widespread corporate ESG investment programs implemented in the past several years. It is no coincidence that the invasion of woke ideology into the mainstream happened at the exact same time that ESG-based lending accelerated. The institutions lending to various companies were able to set social rules for access to credit, and these rules required businesses to adopt far-left politics in their marketing and policies as a result. By making corporate elites “responsible” for society, we give them the power to engineer society. However, the WEF’s model of false altruism is turning out to be a disaster for corporate survival.” – Brandon Smith

A Real New Deal or a Green New Deal & Global Dictatorship? – “The system of derivatives products and leverage referred to by Feierstein has now attained levels which “officially” amount to $700 trillion, but which most expert economists claim runs as high as $1.5 quadrillion of fictitious capital. World GDP is no greater than $80 trillion. This is the bubble that threatens to tear apart the nations of the world now.” – Matthew Ehret

NY Gov. Hochul Wants Her Quarantine Camps – “For some time, the governments of New York and California have been vying with each other to demonstrate the greatest contempt for the United States Constitution and the rights of the people it protects. With Governor Hochul’s “Isolation and Quarantine Procedures,” she has conclusively won the title.” – John Leake

The SVB Collapse: How financial crisis boosts the rise of CBDCs – “The narrative will likely come about that “unregulated crypto investment poses a danger to the financial system” or that “unregulated crypto is makes our financial institutes vulnerable to economic warfare” or something similar. The next phase will likely be arguing that small, regional, private banks cannot guarantee the security of their customer’s money, and it would be safer for individuals to bank with either giant international banks or directly with the central bank. Logically, there’s only one place this two-pronged propaganda is headed (for anyone who’s been paying even the smallest bit of attention): Central Bank Digital Currency. The narrative fits too well for it to be anything else.” – Kit Knightly   – MADE A SIMILAR OBSERVATION ON TUESDAY IN RESPONSE TO THE Z MAN’S ARTCLE!!!!!!!!!!!!

CBDC SVB and the Jeffrey Epstein Connection (VIDEO) – Greg Reese

The Tyrants Are Passing State Laws to Push CBDCs – “If COVID taught us anything it was that an emergency, real or faked, facilitates a lot of things that would never happen otherwise. The tyrants know this and are in the process of creating financial emergencies that will allow them to argue that there is no alternative but to implement CBDCs.” – Tom Renz

The logical fallacies that have killed the most people over the last three years – “Bougiecrats are addicted to bad thinking and it’s killing them” -Toby Rogers

Covid, Courage, and Cowardice – “Choose your path.” – Jordan Schachtel

As The Financial World Is Ripped Apart So The Globalists Can Bring In A Tyrannical ‘New World Order,’ The Biden Cabal Getting Ready To Go For The Guns Tells Us All We Need To Know – “Guns And Ammo Are Far Greater Than Cash Once The ‘S’ Really ‘Hits The Fan’ ” – D. Parker

Nanotechnology Used By Military For C19 Vaccine: A spike-ferritin nanoparticle vaccine induces robust innate immune activity and drives polyfunctional SARS-CoV-2-specific T cells – Ana Maria Mihalcea, MD, PhD

Lyme: The Government Has Been Making Bugs More Deadly – “Is Lyme Disease a Biological Weapon Gone Rogue? According to Newby, there’s good reason to suspect that Lyme disease might be a biological weapon. There’s no smoking gun; just circumstantial evidence. But when taken together, it forms a highly suspect picture. She describes being at a party where a former CIA agent bragged about a Cold War operation that involved dropping infected ticks on Cuba. “At that point, I knew I wasn’t done with the story,”” – Dr. Joseph Mercola

Emails in 2020 blow the covid PCR test scam out of the water – Rhoda Wilson


What Happens When the Government Breaks Its Own Laws? – “The Department of Justice has pursued the defendants in Jan. 6-related matters with much zeal. The current Proud Boys trial, however, exceeds anything that has recently been revealed. Yet in the current case, the government should be prosecuting its own. Late last week, an FBI agent admitted under cross-examination that she was asked to alter evidence so as to remove the name of another FBI agent as having been present during a critical government meeting between agents and a confidential source. Obviously, materially altering government records, particularly those likely to be evidence in a criminal case, is a crime.” – Judge Andrew P. Napolitano

Are We the Byzantines? – “The Byzantines never woke up in time to understand what they had become. Will Americans?” – Victor Davis Hanson

Tucker goes there — predicts a hot war with Russia (and maybe China) leading to wartime crushing of political dissent – “He followed with analysis of the Black Sea drone incident and the calls for retaliation and escalation from Lindsey Graham and “his friends in the war party” that would likely lead to outright war. And wartime, he noted at the end of the segment, leads to extraordinary suppression of political dissent.” – Thomas Lifson

Bush-Era Neocons Should Shut The Fuck Up About Iraq (And Everything Else) – “David Frum and Max Boot, two neoconservatives who helped grease the wheels for the invasion of Iraq, have some thoughts they’d like to share with us as we approach the 20th anniversary of that horrific and unforgivable war. Both of these perspectives can be read in widely esteemed mainstream publications, because everyone who was responsible for inflicting that war upon our species has enjoyed mainstream influence and esteem to this very day. Both men concede in their own ways that the war was a mistake, while simultaneously cheerleading the US proxy war in Ukraine that has brought humanity closer to nuclear armageddon than it has been at any time since the Cuban Missile Crisis.” – Caitlin Johnstone

DeSantis Is Right About Ukraine – “Ron DeSantis came out against our current blank check n’ hack cliches Ukraine policy, stating the indisputable truth that Ukraine was not a vital US interest worthy of risking World War III with Russia. The next day he was proven right when a Russian SU-27 knocked a US Reaper drone into the Black Sea. Hey, feeding Russians (and Ukrainians) into a meat grinder is all fun and games until we get dragged into the abattoir too. Of course, all the right people got really mad about it – when Bill Kristol, Adam Kinzinger, David French, Max Boot and Mitt Romney are all for something, you need to be against it. ” – Kurt Schlichter  – HE MAY BE RIGHT, BUT HE MAY BE WRONG. SEE ANDREW’S TAKE BELOW!!!!!!!

Meatball Ron Says to Stop War Against Russia, Attack China – Andrew Anglin

US senator wants ‘nuclear war’ – Moscow – “American politicians are inciting an “apocalyptic conflict,” Russia’s envoy has warned. Russia’s ambassador to the US has accused Senator Lindsey Graham of trying to provoke a “dangerous escalation” between the two countries, after the senior lawmaker urged the Pentagon to fire on Russian fighter jets.” – RT  – GRAHAM IS AN IDIOT, CAN’T SAY IT ENOUGH. HE WANTS WAR SO BAD THAT HE’S FOAMING AT THE MOUTH LIKE A RABID DOG!!!!

Does Putin Want Nuclear War? – “US senator wants ‘nuclear war’ – Moscow. American politicians are inciting an “apocalyptic conflict,” Russia’s envoy has warned What is the point of these endless Russian complaints? Will the Kremlin ever understand that it is the Kremlin’s failure to use sufficient force to terminate a conflict whose ever-widening character threatens to end in nuclear war? Why does the Kremlin refuse to understand an obvious situation? Where is the Russian Army? How many times have senior Russian officials noted incidents that “confirm US involvement in the Ukraine conflict”? Why does the Kremlin embarrass itself by pointing out incidents that it does nothing about? The drone was obviously a provocation. Washington’s intention was to produce a Russian response to a drone headed into Russian territory. Will the drone incident be the excuse for sending F-16s to Ukraine?” – Paul Craig Roberts

The Biden Budget: Smoke, Mirrors, and Class Warfare – “”It is tempting to start with a constitutional argument. First, there is nothing in Article II of the Constitution that grants the President the power to propose legislation and spending (which, in effect, is what the proposed budget does). At best, the President, in his State of the Union address to Congress may “recommend to their Consideration such Measures as he shall judge necessary and expedient.” The very idea that the executive – meant to execute the laws, and not write them – should propose a budget comes close to violating Article I, section 7, – Nikolai G. Wenzel

‘Off the rails’: Biden puts bull’s-eye on another ‘threatening’ appliance – “Instead of working to lower food prices for families and lessening inflation, the Biden administration’s priority is to target as many as 40% of Americans and arbitrarily ban their gas stoves, And now a report in the Washington Free Beacon documents the Biden campaign against washing machines. When you’re squeezing all you can out of the efficiency in terms of electricity use and water… you by definition either make the appliance worse or slower, Why are we so focused on the energy output, as opposed to if it’s helping me wash my clothes?” – Bob Unruh

Oh No: Listen to What Jim Cramer Has to Say About Inflation – “CNBC’s Jim Cramer is a bit like Rick Wilson or Jennifer Rubin. You start with the axiom that whatever they say, it’s going to be wrong. How many times has Cramer been wrong now? I suspect it might be hard to tally it all up” – Nick Arama  – KRAMER WAS A BIG PRO-VACCINE FANATIC AS WELL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Swiss Central Bank Steps in to Backstop Credit Suisse Amid Financial Collapse – The Larger Geopolitical Dynamic is Clear – “Before getting to the details of the Credit Suisse issue, it is worth taking a bigger geopolitical context to the dynamic. This is where we need to keep the BRICS -vs- WEF dynamic in mind and consider that ideologically there is a conflict between the current agenda of the ‘western financial system’ (climate change) and the traditional energy developers.” – Sundance

Macron shuns parliament to raise French retirement age – “French President Emmanuel Macron imposed a highly unpopular bill raising the retirement age from 62 to 64 on Thursday by shunning parliament and invoking a special constitutional power. Lawmakers were shouting, their voices shaking with emotion as Macron made the risky move, which is expected to trigger quick motions of no-confidence in his government. Riot police vans zoomed by outside the National Assembly, their sirens wailing. The proposed pension changes have prompted major strikes and protests across the country since January.” – Silvie Corbet

What’s On Your Plate? 60% Of Foods In America Contain Unhealthy Additives – “Troubling new research finds the majority of foods purchased by Americans (60%) contain any number of artificial additives such as preservatives, sweeteners, and coloring or flavoring agents. Even worse, these levels represent a 10-percent increase since 2001.” – John Anderer


‘Bailout Bust’? European Bank Default Risk Rises As Credit Suisse Stock Tumbles – Tyler Durden

Save Dollar or Financial System, Not Both (VIDEO) with Bill Holter – “They can save one thing or the other. They can save the financial system, or they can save the dollar. If they save the dollar, they will have to raise rates, and they will have to keep tightening. To save the financial system, they will have to loosen. They have tightened so hard and so fast over the last year they have raised rates and tightened faster than anytime before. This is in the face of the biggest over-levered situation in history no matter how you look at it. . . . They can only do one or the other,” – Greg Hunter   – BILL IS ALWAYS A GOOD LISTEN!!!!!

Credit chaos – “”Following the day-to-day twists and turns of a banking crisis can make us lose sight of the bigger picture. It is tempting to think that the banking authorities are in control, and they will secure the integrity of their commercial banking networks. Unfolding events may or may not prove this to be true. – Alasdair Macleod

Moody’s NOW Downgrades Banking? – “Oh, so-called independent ratings agencies eh? Just like the so-called “independent and wise” regulator called the OCC? Or the so-called “independent, unbiased” auditor KPMG that passed on SVB’s books just shortly before they blew up? I’ll be fair on the latter — their job is to verify that what was presented is true; that is, there’s no indication of fraud. That doesn’t mean what they looked at doesn’t smell like crap, provided the crap is disclosed accurately in the financials presented. So far nobody has said it wasn’t.” – Karl Denninger

Bank Runs Aside, We Still Have Inflation – “The Macro Backdrop To SVB’s Failure” – Peter Nayland Kust

Economy Heads South, Gold Heads North – Craig Hemke

The Looming Quadrillion Dollar Derivatives Tsunami – ” the FDIC fund is sufficient to cover only about 2% of the $9.6 trillion in U.S. insured deposits. A nationwide crisis triggering bank runs across the country, as happened in the early 1930s, would wipe out the fund. Today, some financial pundits are predicting a crisis of that magnitude in the quadrillion dollar-plus derivatives market, due to rapidly rising interest rates.” – Ellen Brown  – PEOPLE FORGET OR DON’T UNDERSTAND THE MAGNITUDE OF THE BIG BANKS AND THEIR DERIVATIVES EXPOSURE. THEY SHOULD, IT’S THE REAL ELEPHANT IN THE ROOM. THAT’S WHY WE POST DEUTSCHE BANK’S STOCK PRICE NEARLY EVERY DAY. SOMETHING TO KEEP AN EYE ON!!!!!

The Next Bomb to Go Off in the Banking Crisis Will Be Derivatives – “Bloomberg News ran this headline at 12:54 p.m. – “US Treasury Reviewing US Banks’ Exposure to Credit Suisse.” By “exposure,” the Treasury really means how many billions of dollars of underwater derivatives are U.S. banks on the hook for as a counterparty to Credit Suisse. The Treasury also has to worry about U.S. banks’ exposure to Credit Suisse’s other major counterparties that U.S. banks do business with, even if the banks are not direct counterparties to Credit Suisse itself.” – Pam Martens and Russ Martens

Banks, Banks, Banks: The Elephant Nobody Even Sees – “Our faith in the wobbling world of hyper-financialization will soon be tested. It’s interesting, isn’t it, that amidst a tsunami of commentary about banks, nobody mentions the proverbial elephant in the room, which is the overwhelming dominance of finance in the economy and society, a dominance which raises the big question: is the dominance of finance healthy for the economy and society?” – Charles Hugh Smith

If It Looks Like a Bailout and Walks Like a Bailout It’s Probably a Bailout – Michael Maharrey

Deutsche Bank AG STOCK QUOTE –9.47EUR  – DOWN NEARLY ANOTHER 5%!!!!!!!!


Prepare for an Economic Collapse – “While the mainstream media propagandists continue to push the lie of a robust recovering economy, the fact is, we are in some serious fiscal trouble. Economies around the world are crashing, countries are drowning in record amounts of debt, and governments continue to pile on new debt like there’s no tomorrow.” – Robert Richardson

Prepper Security: How to Keep Your Prepper Supplies and Family Safe – M.D. Creekmore

Items to keep in your pocket for self-defense – “In the event of a dangerous situation where one needs to protect himself, a firearm is often seen as the most effective defense. Handguns, in particular, offer the advantage of allowing the defender to maintain a safe distance from the attacker, as well as not requiring excessive physical strength or skill to use. However, there may be circumstances where carrying a firearm is not possible. This could include living or working in a location where firearms are prohibited, having a criminal record that prevents obtaining the necessary license or permit, or simply not having the resources to purchase a firearm and invest in the ammunition and training needed for proficiency. In any case, alternative defense options exist,” – Bob Rodgers

What You Should Know About How to Help After a Disaster – Fabian Ommar

Double Your Potato Yields With This Dirt Cheap Homemade Grow Bag Method (VIDEO) – Garden Like a Viking

Finding, Buying, and Improving My Bugout Location – Part 3 – Greg X.  – THIRD AND FINAL PART, PARTS ONE AND TWO PREVIOUSLY LINKED!!!


Zephaniah 1:11    Howl, ye inhabitants of Maktesh, for all the merchant people are cut down; all they that bear silver are cut off.


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