The green elites really do want climate rationing – “A new paper has exposed the miserable reality of Net Zero. Climate scientists have finally said the quiet part out loud – rationing could play a key role in the UK government’s plans to tackle climate change.” – Laurie Wastell

The Unkillable COVID Health Care Inoculation Mandate Is Killing Health Care – “Staffing Shortages Are A Harsh Lesson In The Costs Of Lawless Governance. After more than three years of propaganda, politics, and Pfizer poison, President Asterisk is finally calling “time” on the COVID emergency (aka, the “pandemic” that never was). Yet while much of the government detritus that accumulated throughout this non-emergency “emergency” has been either cancelled or revoked by Congress or various state legislatures, one extremely obnoxious example of government excess remains seemingly unkillable: the health care inoculation mandate. The health care vaccination mandate is scheduled to run until November 2024.” – Peter Nayland Kust

The Contents of the Vials and What They Did Never Even Mattered to Your Chattering Class. Let’s go back to September, 2020. – “Monster Military Countermeasures Productions So the thought terminating cliche of anti-vax was tossed about by Trump and later the anti-vax Biden and Kamala would switch jerseys in the locker room and fall in love with the Trump jabs. Mandate them, in fact. Nothing mattered. The contents of the vials simply did not even matter. 1000% difference in some, says Sasha. Did not matter.” – Sage Hana  – GREAT POINTS FROM SAGE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

How Big Tech Is Influencing Our Language Towards Becoming “Inclusive” – “Although changing words and phrases are part of the evolutionary process of language, the most recent is a systematic steer towards avoiding “harm” and acknowledging individual sex. Attempt to change how Americans communicate As reported in early February, the company, known as Phenomenex, has produced a “guide” entitled Evolving from Violent Language to influence how everyday people express themselves. The author of this language-modification manual, Anna Taylor, is the company’s director of communications and “champion for diversity, equity and inclusion.”” – Dear Rest Of America

Bird flu in 2005 was used to begin the biggest power grab in history – now it’s back – Rhoda Wilson

Why is US Senator Diane Feinstein hiding her medical history w.r.t. shingles? – “Senator Feinstein’s office would not disclose her shingles and/or COVID vaccine status. Why not? How does keeping it secret protect the public? Senator Feinstein is likely heavily vaccinated. The COVID vaccine re-activates shingles with a vengeance. Senator Feinstein doesn’t want you to make that connection because it would mean she would look bad for having pushed the COVID shots. I hear these “got vaxxed, got shingles” stories on a regular basis. It’s so common, it’s even in the peer-reviewed scientific literature:” – Steve Kirsch


A Culture Of Corruption – “Most of life is governed by the unwritten rules. You can see this in something as simple as driving a car. In the United States, the written rules of the road are the same from state to state, but the unwritten rules are quite different. Cultural shifts, changes in those unwritten rules, happen when key players within the culture decide to violate those rules. Maybe it is self-interest that drives the change, or maybe it is simply the declining utility of the old rules, but important people begin to violate those unwritten rules.” – The Z Man  – GOOD READ FROM THE Z MAN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

“They Lied To Us All”: Tucker Exposes January 6 Fraud And Kangaroo-Court Cover-Up – “For starters, the surveillance footage show Capitol Police calmly escorting the so-called “QAnon Shaman,” Jacob Chansley, throughout the Capitol complex, and even helped him find open doors. The video of Chansley is jarringly inconsistent with the leftist characterization of Jan. 6 as an “insurrection.” Far from thwarting Chansley’s ambition to reach the Senate chamber, two Capitol police officers escorted him there. Along the way, the trio passed a large group of Capitol police officers, who appear disinterested in Chansley, even despite his flamboyant attire. The video shows Chansley and his police escorts approaching various doors to the chamber, with a police officer pushing and pulling them to see if they’re unlocked.” – Tyler Durden

Oh Boy… – “Well now there’s a problem. Tucker has released video that pretty-much blows a hole in the entire January 6th narrative. In fact, it blows it up, sets it alight and watches it burn to ash.” – Karl Denninger

Whistleblower: FBI Targeted Innocent Rally-Goers Just For Being In D.C. On Jan. 6 – “The FBI’s D.C. field office treated Americans exercising their right to free speech as suspected criminals, with no evidence to do so.” – Margot Cleveland

Sorry to Bother You But People Are Dying! – “An open letter to Joe Biden. My name is Olivia DiNucci and I am the anti-war activist who interrupted your dinner in DC the other night. Knowing that people are dying and will continue to die because of endless wars, I asked you to push for negotiations over further escalation in Ukraine. I was kicked out of the restaurant before I could demand you stop funding and arming Israel’s occupation of Palestine, urged you to stop supporting Saudi Arabia’s slaughter in Yemen, reminded you of the devastation happening in Ohio,” – Olivia DiNucci

Florida State Senator Declares War on Free Speech – “The deep state is alive and well in Florida, and psychopathic authoritarianism runs rampant, contrary to the free state of Florida narrative. Brodeur’s unconstitutional, Senate Bill 1316: Information Dissemination, would force bloggers that are not obedient to the state to register with the Florida Office of Legislative Services or the Commission on Ethics. Bloggers would be required to submit monthly financial reports. The Bill of Rights are not negotiable. They place our Natural Rights outside the jurisdiction of all branches of government and all levels of government. We can fix this. Kick the bum out! ” – Dr. Joseph Sansone  – LINKED ABOUT BRODEUR’S BILL THE OTHER DAY. JOSEPH GOES INTO IT A LITTLE DEEPER!!!

Countless Americans Plunge Into Despair As Hunger Spreads Like Wildfire All Across America – Michael Snyder

The Tooth-Fairy Economics of Slavery Reparations – “The reparations movement has gained tremendous ground in recent years by offering promises of compensation to the descendants of slavery’s victims in the United States. If the US government tried to implement the reparations program that the 1619 Project espouses, we would get huge increases in both taxes and inflation. Yet the key economist advising on this proposal denies that any taxes would have to increase.” – David R. Henderson and Phillip W. Magness

‘Havana syndrome’ has been debunked, but will lessons be learned? – “A mysterious affliction that plagued US diplomats worldwide was not the result of a Russian attack after all. Russia’s vindication regarding the mystery illnesses of US diplomats is a premier case study in unethical speculation by federal officials exacerbated by sloppy journalism. We’re now seeing this in action again after a Chinese balloon was spotted over the continental United States. I fully anticipate the report will show that, in fact, it was a civilian weather balloon all along and not a surveillance op. Releasing defamatory ‘scoops’ about adversarial countries, not backed by evidence, has been the modus operandi for US officials and media for a while now.” – Bradley Blankenship  – WHEN IN DOUBT, BLAME RUSSIA OR CHINA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

India: The Next Front in the War on the BRICS – “For years the wildcard in the BRICS Alliance has been India. India’s rivalry with China as well as its complicated relationships with both Russia and the West have always served as wedge issues to drive the alliance apart. Today with the ascendence of Lula to the presidency in Brazil, the BRICS have, for now, lost the “B” in their alliance. So, with all of the talk about the BRICS coming into their own as a global economic and political force the situation is far from settled because the West and Davos are simply not going to let this just happen without a fight.” – Tom Luongo

There’s No Sino-Russo “Propaganda Collusion” But Simply A Convergence Of Worldviews – “At all costs, the US Government will do everything in its power to prevent Westerners from acknowledging the existence of the multipolar worldview that those two Great Powers espouse. This is the highest priority of that declining unipolar hegemon’s disinformation operations because it lacks the confidence that Westerners would still support the US’ worldview if they knew of the multipolar alternative that’s jointly promoted nowadays by the Sino-Russo Entente.” – Andrew Korybko

Slowly But Steadily, the Executive Branch is Bringing Back Widespread Drone Warfare – “Not at any other time in the 21st century has the average American kept up less with the Global War on Terror, and now three presidents later, the questions of legality, productivity, and collateral damage remain as unanswered as they’ve ever been. Over the last 15 months, the number of US drone strikes in Yemen and Somalia has increased greatly compared to the first half of the Biden Administration.” – Andrew Corbley

How Could Western Intelligence Have Got It Wrong, Again? They Didn’t. They Had Other Purposes – Alastair Crooke

US Foreign Policy Goes ‘Woke’? – “Regime change in store for cultural conservatives? And the United States continues to be at it, meddling in what was once regarded as something like a war crime, though it now prefers to conceal what it is up to by preaching “democracy” and wrapping the message in “woke-ish progressivism” at every opportunity.” – Philip Giraldi

China Threatens US With “Conflict And Confrontation” As Xi Issues “Unusually Blunt” Rebuke Of US Policy – Tyler Durden


‘WTF Happened in 1971’? Edward Snowden and Jack Dorsey Want to Know – “Edward Snowden and Jack Dorsey are asking the right question: what happened in 1971? We know what happened, the question now is: what will we do about it? In the summer of 2021, Twitter Founder and CEO Jack Dorsey tweeted a strange hashtag: #WTFHappenedin1971. A few weeks later, Edward Snowden, the CIA subcontractor turned whistleblower who revealed the NSA’s unlawful mass surveillance program, shared a similar post. So now you know what happened in 1971. The US became what is known as a fiat currency system, one in which paper is legal tender backed not by gold, silver or some other commodity, but by government decree.” – Jon Miltimore

What Happens When a Major Central Bank Loses Credibility? We’re Going to Find Out. – “The Fed is playing a very dangerous game. The Fed is trying to fight inflation by raising rates… but low rates were NOT what triggered inflation: rampant money printing and supply chain issues were the reason inflation ignited. Some historical perspective… Between 2008 and 2014, the Fed printed roughly $3 trillion to combat the Great Financial Crisis and its aftermath. The Fed printed that same amount in six months in 2020. And it would ultimately print a total of ~$5 trillion in just 24 months. That’s correct, during the pandemic, the Fed printed nearly DOUBLE the amount of money that it printed in response to the Great Financial Crisis.” – Graham Summers, MBA

What If the Whole Point Is to End “The Fed Put”? – “”The Fed Put”–the implicit Federal Reserve policy of bailing out the stock market as soon as it swoons by unleashing a flood of monetary stimulus–is now accepted as a guarantee not unlike financial gravity. Regardless of the bleatings of Fed officials, “everyone knows” the Fed will quickly “pivot” should the market swoon, slashing interest rates and ramping up liquidity via Quantitative Easing ” – Charles Hugh Smith

Fed Chair Powell says interest rates are ‘likely to be higher’ than previously anticipated – Jeff Cox

Over the Past Year, Inflation Eroded Your Purchasing Power while the Stock Market Ate Away Your Investment Gains – Pam Martens and Russ Martens

Bank Runs Quietly Continue to Increase Where Depositors Cannot Withdraw Their Funds – “While we have not seen a total collapse of the worldwide financial system yet, bank runs that began in 2022 with the collapse of FTX and the $billions that were lost when depositors were not able to withdraw their funds, continue to happen here in 2023, although they do not get headline news coverage.” – Brian Shilhavy

A “Greatest Depression” Scenario Is Unfolding, Be Ready For It. Important Updates. (VIDEO) – Gregory Mannarino

Deutsche Bank AG STOCK QUOTE –11.57EUR


There Isn’t Just One Way to Prep – “We all have different budgets, different lifestyles, different homes, and different skills. Trying to say that there’s only “one way” to prep is honestly ridiculous. We all have variables: We don’t all have unlimited funds.” – Daisy Luther

5 Ways To Actually Use FEMA To Your Advantage – Michael Major

Clearing Your Home – “Perhaps the worst possible self-defense situation any of us could encounter is to wake up in the middle of the night, hearing an invader in our home. While some might see that as an opportunity to prove their manliness, defending home and family, in reality it is a very dangerous situation. You’re thrust in to an unknown tactical situation, against an unknown number of assailants, who could be anywhere in your home. Worse than that… there’s the possibility that they’ve taken hostages.” – Bill White

It’s Time To Ditch Your Dryer! Why You Should Be Line-Drying – Marie Hawthorne

What If You Have To Bug Out – “To Bug Out. Evacuate. Leave the area. I cover this topic from time to time. This time though, think about this… If for some reason you have to bug-out, and you have no choice (let me repeat, “you have no choice”), WHAT WOULD YOU DO? and WHERE WOULD YOU GO? Have you thought about it at all? Well, you should, even if you believe you’re perfectly safe and prepared at your present home location. Instead of imagining a scenario where you could actually choose to stay and ‘bug-in’ and ‘ride it out’, what if you could not stay, because if you did, you would be in grave danger.” – Ken Jorgustin

The Super Plant You Should Grow In Your Backyard – SG


Matthew 24:10    And then shall many be offended, and shall betray one another, and shall hate one another.