The Consent Factory – “So, Matt Taibbi is going after the Consent Factory. No, not my blog. The actual Consent Factory. The unimaginably powerful, mostly decentralized, global-capitalist propaganda apparatus that manufactures what passes for “reality” in our increasingly totalitarian age. Or he is going after the U.S. division of it, anyway. Needless to say, I’m pretty excited. If Matt and the Racket team pull this off, it will be quite a journalistic accomplishment, which will be totally ignored, perfunctorily dismissed, branded “far-right disinformation,” and then methodically visibility filtered by the official propaganda-and-disinformation apparatus that the project intends to expose a part of. So, I want to do what I can to help. I am not a researcher or an infographics designer, but I thought I could point out some “no-go zones” that he and his team will need to avoid if they want to preserve any chance in hell of not being formally excommunicated from the Church of Seriousness and cast out into the Outer Darkness of the Nethernet where David Icke and Alex Jones hang out and you don’t show up on Google searches.” – CJ Hopkins

Here We Go: US to Begin Testing First Avian Flu Shot on Poultry – Jim Hoft

This Week in the New Normal #56 – “BRAZIL’S VACCINE BLACKMAIL – Left-wing President of Brazil Luiz Inácio Lula da Silva, or “Lula”, announced a return of child benefits for poor families this week. The scheme, known as Bolsa Familia, was scrapped by his predecessor Jair Bolsonaro, but is being reintroduced following the left-winger’s controversial election victory late last year. However, the scheme will have massive strings attached, according to a report in the Rio Times. The children have to be in school. If they are not in school, the mother loses the benefit.” “The children have to be vaccinated. Suppose they don’t have a vaccination certificate. In that case, the mother will lose the benefit”, said Lula” – Off Guardian  – TO GET BENEFITS YOU HAVE TO BE INDOCTRINATED AND GET VACCINES. SOUNDS LIKE A PLAN FOR CONTROL THAT ALL WILL BE FOLLOWING SOON. THERE WAS A REASON TO GET RID OF BOLSONARO  AND GET LULA IN. IS THIS THE TEST RUN!!!!

Fundamental humans rights (unless we decide to use them for leverage) – ” A tour of towering hypocrisy” – El Gato Malo  – GOOD READ FROM EL GATO!!!!!

A recent report details how a handful of corporations is taking control of the world’s food supply – Rhoda Wilson

So many people recently ‘died suddenly’ – What’s going on? – “Where are the 3-letter health agencies? Why haven’t the FDA, NIH, or CDC offered their own data to refute this alleged increase in sudden deaths? If this is all “misinformation” as big tech and the corporate media describes it, the health agencies should easily be able to disprove it, rather than calling on social media giants to censor or ban anything contrary to their “safe and effective” mantra.” – Brian C. Joondeph, M.D.

Doctor Blasts “Smart” Meters: “Customers should be demanding electromechanical analog meters and utilities should be providing them” – B.N. Frank

How misguided corporations law leads to totalitarianism – “A logical proof about how we ended up in this mess. Pharmaceutical companies have a fiduciary duty to their shareholders to maximize profits. By law, company directors and executives can and should be removed from their positions if they fail to maximize profits. No one disputes this. This is true for all corporations but in the case of the pharmaceutical industry it leads to the death of nations. Curing disease is not profitable. Treating chronic disease is where all of the money is to be made. Causing chronic disease increases profits further.” – Toby Rogers

UK CORRELATIONS BETWEEN 5G + C19 in 2020 – “5 examples – Barrow in Furness, Lancaster, South Lakeland, Ashford, Gateshead” – Frances Leader

Dr. Ryan Cole’s Claim Of Spike Protein “…Inside Every Cancer Cell” – “What To Make Of This Latest Assertion Of mRNA Toxicity” – Peter Nayland Kust

UNICEF’s History of Using Disasters to Vaccinate Children with the Oral Polio Vaccine that Spreads Polio – “The United Nations International Children’s Emergency Fund (UNICEF) is the world’s largest distributor of vaccines to children internationally. Unlike the U.S. where most parents are brainwashed by the corporate media and the western allopathic medical system into believing that vaccines promote healthy children, many parents in poorer, developing countries are very wary of western vaccines, and resist them. When disasters strike these countries, as is happening today in Syria and Turkey, UNICEF is there to vaccinate as many children, and parents, as possible.” – Brian Shilhavy


War of the Worlds – “Didn’t you get the feeling this weekend that we’re living in HG Wells’ classic tale of the earth invaded by sinister alien spacecrafts? Our government is playing the story like a bassoon concerto. “American officials do not know what the objects were, much less their purpose or who sent them,” Looks like they’ll keep up the suspense as long as possible, too. Oh, we can’t retrieve that thing up in Alaska due to white-out weather conditions… Oh, that other thing — the eight-sided silver tic-tac — it fell into Lake Huron, glug glug… and that first one, the big balloon payload, lies deep in Davy Jones’ Locker now. You’ll have to stand by, folks…. Let’s face it, all the other mindfucks set in motion by the folks-in-charge are not just losing their mojo — they’re generating a lot of nasty blow-back in the way of widespread distrust of authority and institutional collapse.” – James Howard Kunstler  – HOW CONVENIENT, THAT THEY HAVEN’T RECOVERED ANY DEBRIS!!!  🎈

Hot Air – “What the hell? Are we going backwards technologically, or what? A balloon? With all the techno-warfare/spy knowhow the super powers of the world possess, they send a balloon over here to spy on us? Apparently they all, including the US, have been using balloons to spy for quite a while. Soon we will be seeing balloon warfare replace F-35 Lightening II jet fighters as well as sail boat attacks at sea, replacing aircraft carriers and destroyers, with harpoons as weapons no less. I guess that’s better than the alternative. Ahh…the advantages of wind powered vehicles. Just hitch a ride on the ol’ jet stream and you can go anywhere east of your location, it may take months, but so what. No need for remote controls at all, just a carefree balloon blowin’ in the wind. Perfect. Obviously they can easily go undetected, and not only convenient for spying, you can fit one of those “Pocket Atom Bombs” in its payload and wipe out a few hundred hectares of land space.” – Todd Hayen, PhD, RP  🎈

NORAD Commander Can’t Rule Out Aliens After Unidentified Objects Shot Down – Tyler Durden  👽 👽 👽 s!!!!!!!!!!!!!

White House Weighs in on Whether Flying ‘Objects’ Are Aliens – “And while the White House claims they know unknown objects were not aliens, National Security Council Coordinator for Strategic Communications John Kirby told reporters the objects still cannot be identified and cannot be classified as balloons. When asked if the White House has any images of the objects, Kirby punted to the Pentagon and said he wasn’t sure if they had images or if they would be releasable to the public.” – Katie Pavlich – SO NO! BUT NOT SURE YET!!! THAT CLARIFIES THINGS!!!!   👽 👽 👽

China: The U.S. Flew “High-Altitude Balloons” on More Than “10 Illegal Flights” – “China is now accusing the United States of flying high-altitude balloons over Chinese airspace with permission from its rulers. “Since last year, the U.S.’s high-altitude balloons have undergone more than 10 illegal flights into Chinese airspace without the approval of the relevant Chinese departments,” Chinese foreign ministry spokesperson Wang Wenbin said at a regular briefing in Beijing in response to a question.” – Mac Slavo   🎈

Whatever They Decide These UFOs Are, The Answer Will Be More US Militarism – Caitlin Johnstone  🎈? or 👽?

Who’s Afraid of a Weather Balloon? – “This is how the world stage of the rivalry of the 21st century looks like and you are all welcome to it. If this weren’t so serious, it would most probably be hilarious to see the two superpowers enter a serious confrontation over a balloon. ” – Natasha Wright   🎈

Actually, Hordes Of Highly Sophisticated Unidentified Aircraft Have Been Flying Over U.S. Territory – “But let’s put all of this into perspective. The only reason why most people are freaking out about this story is because the mainstream media is freaking out about this story. If the mainstream media was ignoring this story, they would also be ignoring this story. We have been trained to believe that a story is important only when the mainstream media tells us that it is important. If millions of Americans want to get excited about some balloons, that is fine. I will get excited with them. But the truth is that hordes of highly sophisticated unidentified aircraft have been flying over U.S. territory for years.” – Michael Snyder

Bombshells, Landmines, and Nemesis – “Ironically Joe Biden, the media, and the old House majority have provided Republicans the same tools to discover the truth that the Left had once used to destroy it.” – Victor Davis Hanson

The Coming Election Show – “At this point, the action looks like it will be on the Republican side, as no one is prepping to challenge Joe Biden on the Democrat side. He may be a vegetable, but the people running the government think he is a useful vegetable. If the secret document business was supposed to push him aside, it did not work. Bernie Sanders has been bought off, so they do not have to worry about him causing trouble. The only plausible alternative is Gavin Newsom, who has done nothing so far. That leaves the Republicans to put on a show for us. Of course, we know Trump is running and is the favorite at the moment. Mike Pompeo lost a bunch of weight to look better on television, so he is running. John Bolton says he will run as the blow up the world candidate. Nikki Haley has thrown her panties in the ring. Tim Scott is now preparing to announce soon. Amusingly, the yesterday men of conservatism think Scott and Haley provide ideological diversity.” – The Z Man

Sam Bankman-Fried, BlockFi and Sullivan & Cromwell: A Viper’s Nest of Conflicts and Intrigue – Pam Martens and Russ Martens

What Hersh Got Wrong – “There’s something not-quite-right about Sy Hersh’s report on the destruction of Nord Stream 2. That is not to say that I don’t appreciate what the author has done. I do. In fact, I think it would be impossible to overstate the significance of a report that positively identifies the perpetrators of what-appears-to-be the biggest act of industrial terrorism in history.” – Michael Whitney

Head’s Up, State Dept Operative and USAID Administrator Samantha Power is in Hungary, Seeding Another Color Revolution – Deep State Ukraine 2.0 – “Hungary has been in the crosshairs of the Biden/Obama administration ever since Prime Minister Viktor Orban refused to align with the WEF Western Democracies in their quest for regime change in Russia. ” – Sundance

America 2023: Sleepwalking into World War III – “China and Russia are both in full-on war mode, mobilizing their economies, their armies and navies for World War III with America. Notice I said “America.” Not “NATO.” NATO is America and America is NATO along with its vassal states. NATO has always been built upon American power. The problem is America has lost its power and any that remains is largely about perception, not reality. Once the world figures this out, it’s game over.” – Leo Hohmann


Bond Market a Tad Antsy about Inflation Not Just Vanishing? One-Year Yield Nears 5%. Mortgage Rates Back at 6.5% – ““The equity market is refusing to accept this reality”: Morgan Stanley.” – Wolf Richter

Unidentified Flying Inflation – “Do we really have unidentified flying inflation? No: it’s just that comfortable economic theories or market mental models no longer working today is as hard for some to admit as the existence of little green or grey men. That’s despite Russia’s actions, the West’s responses, balloons being shot down all over, and NordStream 2 being blown up. All of this is inflationary, and structural, on both the supply and the demand side.” – Michael Every

The Return of Inflation: It’s Back, it’s sticky, and it’s bound to get ugly! – David Haggith

Huge CPI Revisions – Prices Rose Much Faster Than Originally Reported, for Months – “If you thought prices were rising faster than the BLS said, you were right. Let’s discuss revisions.” – Mish

Global Debt & Death Spiral (VIDEO) with John Rubino – “The debt spiral part of this means things from here continue to get worse and worse for the big currencies of the world until they die. In other words, until people lose faith in them, refuse to use them and hold them anymore until their value falls to their intrinsic value, which is zero. That manifests to hyperinflation. The value of the currency falls as opposed to the things you buy with it. . . . ” – Greg Hunter

WARNING: Choose Carefully When Selecting a Bullion Dealer – “Regal Assets was one of the many firms that heavily promoted so-called “collectibles” and proof coins rather than bullion. That was always a major red flag in and of itself. As we’ve reported many times here at Money Metals, firms that pressure investors to buy these high-premium and “graded” products should be avoided. In this case, poor ethics has given way to business failure, if not outright theft.” – Clint Siegner  – GOOD ADVICE FROM CLINT!!!

Deutsche Bank AG STOCK QUOTE –11.38EUR


How To Build A More Resilient Homestead – Tips for resilience – Bob Rodgers

Buying a Wood Stove: Cautionary Tales for Thrifty Shoppers – “As I learned (almost) the hard way, the first step in buying a wood stove is to talk to an experienced wood stove installer. In our region, these professionals are certified. As luck would have it, I ran into a practical question while ordering the wrong wood stove: how much pipe would I need?” – Colette Kenny

Don’t Let Balloons Distract You from the Global Economic Collapse – Fabian Ommar

12 Volt Battery Power For Ham Radio – “Particularly from a preparedness point-of-view, a preferred power source for a ‘ham radio’ (amateur radio transceiver) is a 12 volt battery. That is, compared with using a plug-in power supply such as a 120 VAC to 12 VDC converter.” – Ken Jorgustin


Matthew 12:25    And Jesus knew their thoughts, and said unto them, Every kingdom divided against itself is brought to desolation; and every city or house divided against itself shall not stand: