On Which Hill? – “As the title suggests, on which hill do we die? We all die, it’s just a matter of how much pain and anguish goeth before the end. So, my reverence for my father and what he did with his life had nothing to do with his service, but how he lived it. Honesty, integrity and doing what was right were the qualities he was known for, so watching him wither, eaten up by cancer, knowing what I know now, that it was probably injected into him when he started taking flu shots encouraged by his doctor and others, grips my heart with a hatred and a thirst for vengeance. What I find so appalling about the reaction of Americans to this vaxx insanity is they are watching their innocent children, their wives, brothers and sisters die from this, their teenage boys and girls, just starting out, having not lived at all, being culled, brought down, destroyed or permanently maimed by this cabal of Satanist clowns at the WHO, FDA, CDC, in every hospital, every clinic, encouraged by every celebrity and politician, with no interest, no curiosity as to those dropping dead all around them.” – T.L. Davis  – GOOD ONE FROM T.L. AS USUAL!!!

Dr. Fauci Knew Covid Vaccines Would Never Give Us Herd Immunity – “Is Tony trying to “explain his mistakes” and ask for pandemic amnesty?” – Igor Chudov

Only Fools Think The COVID Pandemic Is Over – “We’re all living inside a CIA pharmaceutical war game to topple our republic” – Emerald Robinson

RFK, Jr. to Kim Iversen: ‘Nobody Ever Complied Their Way Out of Totalitarianism’ – “In an appearance this weekend on “The Kim Iversen Show,” Robert F. Kennedy, Jr., and journalist Kim Iversen discussed resistance during the pandemic, strategies for rebuilding democracy and the power of fear — and of new technologies — to control dissent.” – Brenda Baletti, Ph.D.

Unvaccinated Are the Only Oppressed Minority: Time for Reparations and Affirmative Action – Dr. Joseph Sansone

Vitamin D, now conclusive (VIDEO) – ” Various studies, a association between severe vitamin D deficiency and bad COVID-19 outcomes. Vitamin D plays a crucial role in immune function and inflammation. Recent data suggest a protective role of vitamin D against bad outcomes” -Dr. John Campbell

Fine tuning use of vitamin D supplements – “Benefits will depend on getting enough into your blood. Research has shown that you need at least 50 ng/ml to get protection against COVID and other viral infections. Various studies have generally found most Americans with levels closer to 20-30 ng/ml. My studies of research causes me to conclude that most people would need to take 4,000 to 5,000 units daily to get sufficient protective blood levels.” – Joel S Hirschhorn

Jacinda Ardern: Saint or Psychopath? – Martin Hanson

Here is a 2012 interview with Dr. Michael Callahan, who allegedly called up Sherpa in Jan. 2020 and told him to “spin up a team” on COVID – “Plus a little data dump on the history of these “two old friends”” – Sage Hana


The Chinese Spy Balloon Hoax – “After the Russiagate Hoax, the Covid hoax, and the Insurrection hoax, We now Have the Chinese Spy Balloon Hoax According to Washington and the whore media, China sent a balloon that the Pentagon said “could” be loaded with explosives to spy on America. A top general said that similar balloons have entered US airspace undetected before. Do understand that what is going on here is the purposeful creation of an incident for propaganda purposes to stoke up more animosity against China, and to spend more money on defense in Asia. We don’t have a Malaysian airliner to blame on China, but we do have a weather balloon. After receiving a brainwashing by a Pentagon briefing, Rep. Jim Himes (D,Conn.) says that US officials will “learn a lot” from the pieces of the “Chinese spy craft” that was shot down.” – Paul Craig Roberts  🎈

Winning the Great Balloon War – “OK, so America used an ultra-expensive F-22 stealth interceptor to shoot down what may prove to be a common weather balloon that was “made in China.” But, dammit, we won! It was a perfect one-shot kill! Maverick himself couldn’t have done it better. Take that, China! ” – Bill Astore  🎈

Top U.S. Pharmacies To Offer Abortion Pill After FDA Loosens Regulations—What Could Possibly Go Wrong? – “Imagine walking into a local CVS and Walgreens to pick up a snack or Advil, and alongside you, a pregnant woman might be collecting prescribed drugs to kill her growing yet unborn child.” – Dear Rest Of America

Biden’s SOTU puffery of his achievements will fall on deaf ears as polls show majority think he’s accomplished little or nothing – Thomas Lifson

Denver – Rocky Mountain High to Rocky Mountain Hellhole – “Seven years ago, Business Insider published, “14 reasons why Denver is the best place to live in America.” That was then. Crime in the Mile High City is now worse than New York City or Chicago, and growing increasingly dangerous” – Brian C. Joondeph

Leaders of East Oregon bid to secede and join Idaho think movement could go nationwide – with more rural countries looking to dump urban Democratic leaders and woke havens like Portland who impose taxes on them and shun ‘traditional values’ – “Oregon’s eastern counties step up plan to break away from liberal state leaders” – Rob Grilly

New Zealand’s Largest Egg Producer Goes Up in Flames Killing 50,000 Hens Amid Nationwide Shortage (VIDEO) – Jim Hoft – NOW IT’S NOT JUST IN THE U.S.. JUST ANOTHER COINCIDENCE!!!!!!

States of Emergency & the State of the Canadian Governments’ Mind – “Canada’s Liberal government couldn’t justify invoking the Emergencies Act based on the existing definition in the legislation. So, it obtained a legal opinion to embellish parameters for declaring an emergency.” – Ray McGinnis

So, where did the Fact Checkers Go – “During a visit to Kyiv on February 2, the unelected head of the European Commission, Ursula von der Leyen, was quick to assure Ukrainians and Europeans that sanctions against Russia had an effect and its economy was thrown back ‘a generation ago,’ recalls Boulevard Voltaire columnist Frederic Lasse. However, as the author notes, these words contradict the data of the International Monetary Fund (IMF), which can hardly be suspected of sympathy for Moscow. Likely, the blatant lies were intended to boost the flagging spirits of the near suicidally depressed Ukrainian people dependent upon state-controlled media.” – Michael Walsh

Over 5,000 Dead In Turkey, Syria Quake: “We Thought It Was The Apocalypse” – “Turkey Earthquake: Dozens of nations pledged aid after the 7.8-magnitude quake, which hit as people were still sleeping and amid freezing weather that has hampered emergency efforts.” – Agence France Presse

Scholz is learning that it’s not easy going green – William Wilkes and Kamil Kowalcze, with assistance from Petra Sorge and Mariajose Vera


Welcome to the Global Recession, It Began in December Last Year – “Consumer spending hit a brick wall in the US, EU, UK and Australia. Guess what that means.” – Mish

US Trade Deficit Surges To Record High In 2022 As China Flows Rebound – “The US trade deficit for all of 2022 rose 12.2% to $948.1 billion, the widest gap on record, as the US continued to depend heavily on imports from other countries to meet domestic demand.” – Tyler Durden

Prepare to Be Bled Dry by a Decade of Stagflation – Charles Hugh Smith

The Fed Is All that Matters … Until it Doesn’t and Everyone Just Ignores it – “Stock investors don’t believe Powell because the Fed lost most of its credibility in recent years by promising it could do quantitative tightening on autopilot in its long-awaited and feared balance-sheet unwind, which crashed stocks back in 2018. Next it slammed the brakes on QT in a Fed faceplant because it had also crushed bank reserves, which the Fed, more than any entity on the earth, is supposed to understand and manage. After causing the Repo Crisis, the Fed exited that misstep by overprinting money in the wildest cash spree in history, in the hysterical fantasy that massive money printing (under the new pop philosophy of Modern Monetary Theory) would not cause inflation, which it immediately caused … eventually on a large scale that it has found hard to stop.” – David Haggith

Everything Is Breaking (VIDEO) with Jim Willie – Untold History Channel

European Central Bank Preparing for Bail Ins & Banking Collapse (VIDEO)  – Greg Reese  – LINKED AN ARTICLE ON 01/02/23 BY BRIAN SHILHAVY ABOUT THE FDIC PREPARING FOR THIS AS WELL AS THE ECB!!!!

Deutsche Bank AG STOCK QUOTE –11.61EUR


Getting Ready for Spring Planting – “Spring comes early where I live, it doesn’t wait for a leisurely arrival in March or April. I need to expand my garden this year, adding a couple more beds. That means not only building the beds, but getting some soil, compost, and the other ingredients to make up some good potting soil for it. The race is on to see if I can get it done in time, along with all the other projects I’ve got going on. Spring planting is such an important part of self-sufficiency that it needs to be a major point on our calendars.” – Bill White

50 Items To Shop For At The Thrift Store Or Yard Sale – Sue P

The Not-So-Great Depression Diet – “Everyone is familiar with the iconic images of those with no better alternative waiting in line for a bowl of thin soup and old bread. Many tend to think of such meals as coming from the state, but in fact much of it came from private charities, Families facing budget deficits temporized or, in the parlance of the day, “made do.” That meant paying bills late or not at all, patching worn clothes instead of buying new ones, and changing their diets. Some of the dietary changes were unhealthy. Many Depression-era Americans increased their consumption of wild edibles during periods of unemployment. In South Dakota, for example, pheasants grew plentiful in fallow fields, and were easily picked off from the porch or roadside. Connecticuters and upstate New Yorkers chowed down on squirrels, rabbits, and even, I kid you not, skunks.” – Robert E. Wright

Secret Safes: How to Store Your Valuables in Plain Sight – Aden Tate

11 Fatal Mistakes To Avoid When Bugging Out – “You might be surprised to find out how many people have bugout bags but no idea where to go when the time comes to bugout.” – James Walton


Jeremiah 12:1    Righteous art thou, O Lord, when I plead with thee: yet let me talk with thee of thy judgments: Wherefore doth the way of the wicked prosper? wherefore are all they happy that deal very treacherously?