Sheep Cannon Fodder – “We are dealing with three basic groups of people here. The first one are the Shrews, us. This group consists of the folks who, for whatever reason, saw through all this subterfuge, and the truth came to us easily like the proverbial shit through a goose. The second group are the Sheep. No need for explanation here. The third group are the Sheep Masters, The “Shrew Group” seems to be endlessly at battle with the “Sheep Group.” We get into steamy debates, arguments, and “shut the f—k up” sort of exchanges with one another. Nothing ever is constructively accomplished, but it makes for good stories to tell and articles to write. The shrews seem to believe, or many of them do at least, that if the sheep actually listen to them, and hear the truth, they will come over to our side and join us in the battle with the third group—the Sheep Masters. All we have to do is get them to listen and convince them to use what seems to us to be their “empty” heads.But what if battling sheep is all an intended part of the evil agenda? Surely a primary goal of the puppet masters is to divide us. What better way than to push us against one another? ” – Todd Hayen, PhD, RP  – GOOD READ FROM TODD AS USUAL!!!!!

Did 7.5 million people die from COVID shots? – “Using the numbers from Our World in Data, 493 million doses of the vaccine were administered in the U.S. at the time of the Michigan State survey. So, if 493 million doses were enough to kill 278 thousand Americans, how many would have died at the same rate globally from the beginning until today? At 13.24 billion doses administered globally, that would result in 7.47 million vaccine fatalities, more than the Holocaust! That would be in addition to 27 million severe injuries globally!” – Daniel Horowitz

The Curtain Finally Falls On The Pandemic Panic Narrative – “Not With A Bang, And Certainly Not With A Major COVID Win” – Peter Nayland Kust

YUGE: @DonaldJTrumpJr weighs in on the @pfizer #DirectedEvolution bombshell that has now been seen over 50,000,000 times around the world! – “Before we get the the “yuge” part, let us ask some basic questions. Is Mister Operation Warp Speed still shilling for the DEATHVAX™ that “saved millions of lives,” or not so much? Did Don Junior get all of his DEATHVAX™ doses, and is he up to date on all of his boosters? Can we see both Daddy Trump’s and Don Junior’s “vax” cards? So avoid the fact that SADS, turbo cancers, heart attacks and other VAIDS symptoms are surging since the “vaccine” rollout far in excess of any “pandemic” death, as excess mortality skyrockets, and focus on Don Junior’s take on Pfizer’s R&D Exec admitting to Gain of Function research? And stop there. Do not dare make the most important connections, yes?” – 2nd Smartest Guy in the World

More Evidence the FDA Works for Pfizer as FDA Asks Pfizer to Submit Cancer Drug for Expanded Approval with Zero New Trials – “As the alternative media is distracted by the unfounded claim that Pfizer is using gain of function technology to develop new variants of COVID for future vaccines, Pfizer is quietly working together with the FDA to build their portfolio of drugs to make up for the loss of income due to decreasing numbers of people willing to continue getting injected with COVID shots. The evidence that Pfizer controls the FDA continues to mount.” – Brian Shilhavy


The Continuous and Terminal Political Gaslighting of the American Masses – ” there are according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, well over 22 million government employees, How many in this country either work directly for the government, survive due to government largesse, (stolen money) are dependent on government welfare, or are making their living due to government laws, regulations, and warmongering? Mass gaslighting of a controlled and dependent society is an easy task to achieve, because personal responsibility has virtually disappeared. As always, nothing the state does is natural, organic, coincidental, or accidental; all is planned in advance and is part of one agenda or another. The state has nothing, produces nothing, creates nothing, and only steals and murders in order to survive. ” – Gary D. Barnett  – ANOTHER VERY GOOD READ FROM GARY!!!!!

Raging Bulls in Blue: The Deadly Toll of Warrior Policing on Steroids – “Don’t be distracted. This latest instance of police brutality is not about racism in policing or black-on-black violence. The entire institution is corrupt. The old guard—made up of fine, decent, lawful police officers who took seriously their oath of office to serve and protect their fellow citizens, uphold the Constitution, and maintain the peace—has given way to a new guard hyped up on their own authority and the power of the badge who have almost absolute discretion to decide who is a threat, what constitutes resistance, and how harshly they can deal with the citizens they were appointed to “serve and protect.”” – John & Nisha Whitehead

The GOP’s Impending Great Betrayal – “Don’t expect much from the thin new GOP majority in the U.S. House—at least anything that will materially turn the ship of state from its headlong dash toward fiscal disaster. That because on the big issues that really count, the beltway lifers who dominate the GOP’s senior ranks and committee/subcommittee chairmanships are on the wrong side! That starts with the Warfare State and its symbiosis with the Welfare State, intermediated by the log-rolling politicians of the bipartisan duopoly. The fact is, all of Washington’s abominable spending, borrowing and money-printing flows from that deadly coalition of convenience.” – David Stockman

Democrats Quietly Panic Over Kamala Harris’ 2024 Ambitions – Tyler Durden

Mothers Urge Addiction Intervention Like Biden Did With Hunter – “Biden is considering enabling addiction despite having fought to save Hunter from it ” – Leighton Woodhouse and Michael Shellenberger

“Objectivity Has Got To Go”: News Leaders Call for the End of Objective Journalism – “Advocacy journalism is the new touchstone in the media even as polls show that trust in the media is plummeting. ” – Jonathan Turley – IF IT CAN’T BE OBJECTIVE, THEN IT’S NO LONGER NEWS!!!

Good luck qualifying for that tax break Joe Biden is touting on that EV he wants you to buy – “ust yesterday, Joe Biden’s official Twitter account posted that the great American road trip is going to be fully electrified and that citizens can receive a tax credit of up to $7,500 for a new electric vehicle (EV). Along with the message was a photo of Biden driving a GMC Hummer EV. Does Biden’s Hummer EV qualify for the scheme? The $7,500 credit scheme is applicable to new vans, sport utility vehicles, and pickup trucks that cost $80,000 or less. The GMC Hummer EV costs between $87,000 and $110,000, hence doesn’t qualify for the credits. Clearly, those running Biden’s Twitter account didn’t read the criteria on the IRS Website. How environmentally friendly is the vehicle in question? The American Council for an Energy-Efficient Economy reported that Biden’s Hummer EV “emits more per-mile carbon dioxide pollution when taking into consideration its electricity use than a gas-powered Chevy Malibu sedan.”” – Rajan Laad  – ONE BIG SCAM ALL THE WAY AROUND. ERIC PETERS HAS WRITTEN SEVERAL GOOD ARTICLES ABOUT THIS SCAM AS WELL. SPEAKING OF ERIC, READ HIS ARTICLE NEXT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Paying People to Not Buy What Sells – “There is so much buyer interest in the Ford Bronco – which isn’t electric – that Ford can’t build enough to meet demand and is actually offering people who ordered one $2,500 store credit to cancel their order in favor of something else. Some have been waiting more than a year for a Bronco – which Ford revived for the 2021 model year. It has been a hugely successful vehicle for Ford. It is – clearly – the kind of vehicle lots of people want to buy. No subsidies – or mandates – needed. In the old normal, Ford would build more Broncos to meet the market demand for them. The whole point of being in the car business once-upon-a-time being to sell as many vehicles as people wanted to buy. But we live in the New Abnormal. It is characterized by – among other things – the building of vehicles for which there isn’t market demand, because government requires them to be built.” – Eric Peters

The One Thing Missing From Media ‘Reports’ on FBI Search of Joe Biden’s Rehoboth Home – “Today, with the President’s full support and cooperation, the DOJ is conducting a planned search of his home in Rehoboth, Delaware, Already, questions are being raised as to why the public is being made aware of this search – which includes the FBI – from the president’s attorney versus, say, the DOJ or more importantly the mainstream media, whose responsibility it is to learn of these things in advance from their sources and have teams on standby for live reports/photos as they apparently did when former President Donald Trump’s Mar-a-Lago home was raided by the FBI last August, and as they did when Trump associate Roger Stone’s home was raided by the FBI in January 2019 in full view of CNN cameras in the wee hours of the morning – complete with a SWAT team, automatic weapons, and a perp walk. But as far as what’s happened today is concerned, all the reports I’ve seen filed thus far are far away from Biden’s beach home:” – Sister Toldjah

Dozens of Illegal Immigrants Refuse to Leave NYC Hotel for New Mega-Shelter, Citing Poor Conditions – Rita Li

Kamala Harris Lambasted For Weird Cringe Kindergarten Description Of Astronauts’ Historic Mission (VIDEO) – “Kamala Harris, who is one health indicent away from being the President, put on a weird and disturbingly childish display Tuesday. Using a weird tone as if speaking to a room full of toddlers, Harris noted that the astronauts “suited up, waved to their families, rode an elevator… strapped into their seats… and then they launched.” “Yeah they did,” she added before bursting into fits of giggles.” – Steve Watson

“Name Redacted” Exposes Google’s Intel Community Censorship Cabal – “Why does the world’s largest search engine need 165 rabid Obama/Clinton spooks on the payroll?” – Emerald Robinson

Food prices in Britain hit record highs – data – “Consumers will pay an extra $1,000 for groceries this year, a survey shows” – RT

Something’s Buggin’ Tucker Carlson, Food Production Is a National Security Issue – “The #1 factor in the shortage of food production is the newly emboldened ‘western energy policy‘ and the impact energy has on everything from field (fertilizer) to fork (distribution). Other factors include government policy that blocks food development (Dutch, Irish and Sri Lanka Farmers), a sudden uptick in food facilities having major fires and damage, and a series of issues with the feed that goes into the production of proteins. This is all happening as the advancement of insects as a more “sustainable” protein replacement is being advanced by the same western governments. However, if you happen to notice that all of the issues travel in the same direction, you are a conspiracy theorist, or something.” – Sundance

In War on Guns, Hysteria is Powerful Weapon; Ask the States – Dave Workman

War, Market Meltdown & More War for 2023 (VIDEO) with Gerald Celente – Greg Hunter

What Was That Biden Said About “Ending the War”? – “Commentators are busy speculating how the American president’s promise – endorsed by the country as enthusiastically as Zelensky himself– of M1 Abram tanks to Ukraine will affect the war that grinds on in Ukraine. Many assume that gifts of fighter jets will follow shortly. What disturbs me is the semantics of Biden’s announcement of the gift, rationalized and neatly summed up by, “We all want an end to this war.” How can one answer Biden’s noble declaration—”We want to end this war”? So clean, so unambiguous, he talks to us as if we are children; “Yes, my little ones; daddy will take care of everything. I’ll finish off that coyote in no time and you’ll all be safe.” And who are Biden’s “We”? Do they include you and me? All Europe?” – Barbara Nimri Aziz

End the War, You Idiots! – “NATO should stop their Pontius Pilate hand-wringing about sending their upgraded Tiger tanks to Ukraine’s wrecking yards as they are damned whether they throw good tanks after bad, or if they do not. The best NATO can do is to form a line of defense stretching from the brothels of Romania in the south up through Poland’s and onwards to the pimple states of the Baltic and the big mouthed women leaders of Sweden and Finland. Ukraine, like Vietnam and Afghanistan before it, is a lost cause. NATO should end this war by packing its bags, going home and allowing Zelensky’s thugs await their fate on their own.” – Declan Hayes

A panicked Empire tries to make Russia an ‘offer it can’t refuse’ – “Realizing NATO’s war with Russia will likely end unfavorably, the US is test-driving an exit offer. But why should Moscow take indirect proposals seriously, especially on the eve of its new military advance and while it is in the winning seat?” – Pepe Escobat


ADP Blames the Weather for a Slowdown in Jobs Growth in January – Mish  – YEP, MUST HAVE BEEN THE WEATHER, SOUNDS GOOD TO ME!!!

Why the End of the Petrodollar Spells Trouble for the US Regime – “Will a shift away from the dollar in the global oil trade really lead to a big relative decline in the dollar? Probably and eventually. But a number of other dominoes would need to fall first, most especially the domino we call “Eurodollars.”” – Ryan McMaken

The Busy Week Ahead – “While there will be all sorts of economic and geopolitical headlines in the days ahead, two events that will drive precious metals stand out. The first will be the conclusion of the January FOMC meeting on Wednesday. The second will be the release of the January U.S. jobs report on Friday. If COMEX gold and silver can successfully navigate both, the possibility of a February rally will grow.” – Craig Hemke

What Goes Up Also Comes Down: The Heavy Hand of Bubble Symmetry – “Should bubble symmetry play out in the S&P 500, we can anticipate a steep 45% drop to pre-bubble levels, followed by another leg down as the speculative frenzy is slowly extinguished.” – Charles Huigh Smith

Stock Speculators Were On Amphetamines During January – “A massive disconnect between consumer sentiment and the retail stock allocation has developed. ” – Dave Kranzler

Gold Up 18% in Three Months – Will It Continue? – Peter Reagan

Deutsche Bank AG STOCK QUOTE – 12.22EUR


The Ultimate SHTF Plan From An Army Vet- (People who prepare themselves for the urban survival lifestyles and survivalists believe this is the stage when a civilization is undergoing a complete breakdown.) – Dave Jefferson

How To Protect Your Home Against EMPs – “Electromagnetic pulse (EMP) attacks can have devastating effects on our modern-day society. The EMP, whether from a natural source such as a solar flare or man-made such as a nuclear weapon, can knock out all electronic devices within its range, leaving a trail of destruction in its wake. The consequences of such an event can range from widespread power outages to complete societal collapse.” – Bob Rodgers  – HAVE BEEN SEEING QUITE A BIT OF ARTICLES ON EMPS AGAIN, LATELY. PERHAPS BECAUSE OF THE NUCLEAR POSSIBILITIES IN THE UKRAINE!!!

6 Frugal Ways to PREVENT Pest Problems – Aden Tate

Why Preppers are So Skeptical & Buy Into Conspiracy Theories (VIDEO) – The Survival Preppers

Portable Battery Power Station Generator Run Times For Appliances – “A portable battery power station generator. They are becoming increasingly popular. And for good reasons. You can run them indoors. Emission-free. They’re silent. And they can be recharged fairly quickly from a home wall outlet. Solar panel recharge too. In short, it’s basically a portable battery with an inverter that converts to 120 volts AC (i.e. same as in your home). But what can they actually run? And for how long before you need to recharge?” – Ken Jorgustin


Job 21:18    They are as stubble before the wind, and as chaff that the storm carrieth away.