The WEF is a menace to democracy – “It’s time to bring the gold-collared superclass crashing back down to Earth.” – Brendan O’Neill

PSYOP-23 Rollout: Bill Gates warns Australia to prepare for the next pandemic – which could be MAN-MADE and far more brutal than Covid – “PSYOP-23 is necessary not just to reinforce the Great Reset scheme, but as temporary cover for VAIDS; that is, until they finally allow the truth to come out. But before then, they plan on inflicting ever more Modified mRNA damage on the last of the gullible GMH “virtuous” victims, and maybe even snag some of the odd holdouts for good measure. And when Gates praises Australia’s democidal PSYOP-19 policies what he is really saying is that a 17% surge in excess mortality and far greater infection rates since the slow kill bioweapon rollout makes the down under nation a model example of global bioterror depopulation sold as “effective pandemic response.”  – 2nd Smartest Guy in the World

Jabs Bad Island Overview – “Jabs Good Island (JGI) was formerly known as Blue Covidian Land. It is now run by the Monster Football League. JGI gave you Eric Topol and Anthony Fauci and is populated with all of your Corporate Mockingbird Media types; with a few such as Tucker Carlson who have set up shop on the outskirts of Jabs Bad Island. Rumor has it that Dr. Robert Malone used to reside on JGI and made a fortune on Good Jabs all over the world and purportedly once spoke to the World Health Organization, which is like Jabs Good Planetary Land Mass Central. Former President Donald Trump defiantly lurks on JGI sneering at his followers who rebel. Jabs Bad Island #1 Dr. Bhakdi, Dr. Peter McCullough, Dr. Peter Kory were among the first to join pre-existing settlers of Jabs Bad Island #1. Jabs Bad Island #2 YOUR GOVERNMENT AND THE DOD WANT TO KILL YOU. They work for Rich People. They told you about the Great Reset! Were you not listening? Dr. Mike Yeadon was an early settler on JBI*2 in 2020, along with Catherine Austin-Fitts, Whitney Webb and… We have a Sasha Latypova and Katherine Watt Day.” – Sage Hana  – SAGE ON THE DIFFERING PERSPECTIVES OF THE JAB!!!

COVID Vaxes – It’s Not ‘The More the Merrier’ – “Yet health authorities recommend continued boosters. When will enough be enough? When will we have confidence that natural immunity, as most Americans have been exposed to COVID by now, will offer not perfect, but sufficient protection? Are endless boosters making things worse for people?” – Brian C. Joondeph, M.D.

Wall Street Journal “Sort Of” Breaks With COVID Narrative, Calls Push For Bivalent Boosters “Deceptive” – “Yet WSJ Still Backs The Shots In General” – Peter Nayland Kust

35,702 Vaccine Deaths in VAERS Since 1990 – 32,052 of those Deaths Followed COVID Shots in Last 2 Years – Brian Shilhavy


It Matters Not Whether There Is a King or President — Republic or Democracy — Communism or Fascism: Tyranny All! – “Conservatives, ‘liberals,’ Republicans, Democrats, confused constitution lovers, and every political type, unite against me, for I have blasphemed the holy grail that is political worship. That worship is of the state as idolized by American nationalists who believe that this country is special, different than any other, and exceptional. We are better because we have a president instead of a king. We are unique because we have a republic, not a democracy. We are exceptional because we are the freest country on earth. God is on our side. Such pathetic gullibility, insane nationalism, and ignorance deserves no respect whatsoever, but it does require that the proletariat majority be made up of captured sheep.” – Gary D. Barnett

Traitorous Swine – “You are a victim of three years of psychological pounding, of belittlement, insults and threats. They want to take away your ability to drive, because they plan to do that anyway, stop you from traveling, consorting, getting together, because they fear you, what you might discover and what you might do about it. They want you to stop eating meat for some reason unclear, perhaps just because you like meat and you would not feel the yoke if you did as you pleased. They blame cow farts as a production of methane, if you’re buying that you’re too stupid to read any further, just close the window and go to bed. This is the constant seam through the whole of the globalist tapestry, that you will not be able to enjoy life anymore, that you’ll have to give up everything to satisfy them. ” – T.L. Davis  – T.L. HAS A RANT GOING, BUT MOST OF IT MAKES SENSE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Wham! That’s how fast things changed in America – “Something in America changed – seemingly over night – just about the time the Covid pandemic emerged. What changed is that “woke” ideas suddenly went mainstream. Ideas many of us thought were “wacky” suddenly were no longer considered crazy. Insanity – almost instantly – went global. It’s almost as if someone pushed a button and said, “This is no longer an exercise. This is a live exercise. Implement the program.” And “they” did.” – Bill Rice, Jr.

The New York Times is Orwell’s Ministry of Truth – “I thought of the war the United States is now waging against Russia via Ukraine and how, as during the U.S. war against Vietnam, few Americans seem to care until it becomes too late. It depressed me. Soon after I was greeted by an editorial from The New York Times’ Editorial Board, “A Brutal New Phase of the War in Ukraine.” It is a piece of propaganda so obvious that only those desperate to believe blatant lies would not fall down laughing. Yet it is no laughing matter, for The N.Y. Times is advocating for a wider war, more lethal weapons for Ukraine, and escalation of the fighting that risks nuclear war. So their title is apt because they are promoting the brutality. This angered me.” – Edward Curtin

Trampling on Truth: A NYT Specialty – “The NYT is a national disgrace. It operates as a propaganda proliferator for undemocratic Dems and their humanity-destroying agenda. Rubbish it calls fit to print isn’t fit to read. Its fake news war of words on all things Russia would make Joseph Goebbels proud. Most everything it features on Russia’s liberating SMO turns truth on its head and tramples on it. What its so-called editors called “Putin’s terrible war (sic)” is fully compliant with UN Charter principles against the scourge of US-orchestrated and directed aggression by Nazi-infested Ukraine.” – Stephen Lendman

Why Does Joe Biden Love Ukraine So Much? – “There are few things Democrats love more than themselves, but one of those things is Ukraine. Here is where I’ll insert the caveat that I support Ukraine’s sovereignty and all of that. But what I’m not willing to do for Ukraine, or nearly any other country for that matter, is to go broke in defense of them. Sorry, a corrupt eastern European country isn’t worth it to me. But it is to Democrats, especially Joe Biden. Why?” – Derek Hunter

Let the Weapons Flow and the Body Count Grow – “Say “no” to killing, “no” to war” – Bill Astore

Police Injured by ‘Friendly Fire’ on January 6 – “Newly released evidence proves police officers were gassed by “friendly fire” on January 6, 2021. Did that include Brian Sicknick?” – By Julie Kelly

Kamala Harris omits ‘life’ from Declaration of Independence quote in remarks against overturn of Roe – “the pro-abortion vice president has a history of dehumanizing the preborn in public remarks, having on various occasions suggested that they are not “real people” or “real human beings.”” – Calvin Freiburger

How They Plan to Shut Us Up – “The push is on — harder than ever — not just to ban people like me from Twitter and YouTube, but to make what we say illegal. Sheila Jackson-Lee, congresswoman from Texas for the last 28 years, has been fighting “racism” all her life — just ask her — and she was at it again last week. On January 9th, she introduced an act in Congress, “To prevent and prosecute white supremacy inspired hate crime and conspiracy to commit white supremacy inspired hate crime.” The Left has ignored it, but conservatives are paying attention. Breitbart News says the bill would criminalize “criticism of non-white people.”” – Jared Taylor

Discovery Of More Biden Docs Proves Mar-A-Lago Raid Was Just Another Russia-Collusion Hoax – Margot Cleveland

It begins: Joe Biden’s border surge imports a big new crime wave – “Four border crossers, bused from Texas to New York City, were arrested this month after allegedly stealing nearly $12,500 worth of merchandise from a Macy’s department store. This tells us a lot about what kind of people are rolling in, unvetted and fully enabled, in Joe Biden’s open-border surge. One of the reports cited named South America as the place of origin of the thugs, where they toiled as gang members. South America has got a lot of those, and apparently many have taken advantage of the border surge.” – Monica Showalter

Why US-China trade is on track to break records despite all the politics – “The real needs of global economics trump political scaremongering – for the time being” – Bradley Blankenship

Democrats single out DuPage County Sheriff over gun, mag ban defiance – “There are more than 80 sheriffs in Illinois who’ve issued public statements to the effect that they will not be making any arrests solely for violating the state’s new ban on “assault weapons” and “large capacity” magazines, but DuPage County Sheriff James Mendrick has become the face of the movement; at least for the anti-gun Democrats who are trying to shame the sheriff into backing off of his pledge. Mendrick is an outlier as a Republican elected to county-wide office, and that seems to be the main reason why he’s being singled out; first by Democrats on the county board, then by state legislators, and now by several Democrats in Congress.” – Cam Edwards

Can You Smell What the Year of the Rabbit Is Cooking? – “The New Silk Roads, or BRI, as well as the integration efforts of BRICS+, the SCO and the EAEU will be on the forefront of Chinese policy.” – Pepe Escobar

Lavrov claims the West stopped Ukraine peace negotiations and is now ‘almost in a real war’ with Moscow as South Africa greets ‘Russian friends’ and ‘openly sides with the Kremlin’ – Rachael Bunyan

Zelenskyy Regime to Forcibly Conscript Hungarians in Transcarpathia – “Ultranats terrorize Transcarpathians by kidnapping and throwing them into the Russian meat grinder.” – Kurt Nimmo

How the Ukrainian Nationalist Movement Post-WWII was Bought and Paid for by the CIA – Cynthia Chung

How the U.S. Obtains New NATO Members by Subversion, Followed by Coup, Followed by Ethnic Cleansing – “This is the pattern that has been used ever since the Soviet Union ended in 1991 when the ‘anti-communist’ excuse for America’s post-WW-II global imperialism has no longer been available to use (such as had earlier been the case in Korea, and in Vietnam, and in Guatemala, and in Iran, and in Chile and so many other lands), prior to 1991.” – Eric Zuesse

California Democrats consider wealth tax — including for people who moved out of state – “Several Democrat-led states introduced similar measures in effort to tax rich even more” – Aaron Kliegman


I Sincerely Hope You’re Not Falling For This – “The longer I’m in this business, the clearer it becomes that no one actually reads anymore. Everyone simply trumpets headlines, or retweets articles, without looking at the data. The latest and most glaring example of this is the claim that “inflation has peaked.” Everywhere you look in the media (and on social media) people repeat this statement as if it is a fact. It is not. Inflation has not peaked. And the data confirms this.” – Graham Summers, MBA

Within 30 Years, 100 Percent of the US Deficit Will Be Medicare and Social Security – “In 1965 mandatory spending was 34 percent of the budget. In 2022 it was 71 percent of the budget.” – Mish

Subprime Auto-Loan Delinquencies Rise to 2019 Levels: a Dive into Subprime Lending and Securitizations – “Surge of delinquencies not caused by unemployment, but by taking Big Risks, hoping for Big Profits, and getting slapped, just as in 2019.” – Wolf Richter

Anti-Gold Bias: The Big Secret Wall Street DOESN’T Want You to Know – “”Last year was one of the worst on record for a conventional stock and bond portfolio. The major stock and bond market indexes both fell by double digits. Investors who were diversified into physical precious metals fared much better. While it wasn’t a banner year for gold and silver markets, they eked out slight gains – which translated into a massive outperformance versus conventional financial assets. Unfortunately, conventional financial advice continues to keep most investors 100% allocated to financial assets with zero diversification into hard assets. – Stefan Gleason

Gold Could Surge Past $2,000 if Fed Raises Rates by 25 Basis Points (VIDEO) – Gerald Celente

Gold’s Breakout: It’s Not the Inflation – “Most assets have a poor record over the past year. Gold is one of the few assets that posted a gain — not a major gain, but a gain. Gold has really taken off since late October, from below $1,630 to almost $1,930 today. That’s a major move. What’s going on?” – Jim Rickards

Deutsche Bank AG STOCK QUOTE – 11.97EUR


Practice Using Only Your Long Term Food Storage – Without Electricity – “Once in a while, spend some time making yourself (your household?) meals for a day, but only using your emergency food supplies. If you’re into preparedness / prepping, you most certainly have a supply of specific extra foods stored back. Foods reserved for long term storage – or ‘deep pantry’ emergency food supplies. The foods that you may have acquired for ‘just in case’. The thing is, prepare these meals without electricity. Practice your kitchen survival skills. Try making breakfast, lunch, and dinner whereby you only use your food preps, and/or “long term food storage” supplies.” – Ken Jorgustin

We are Shadow banned from Facebook & Instagram for Covering SHOT Show – Off Grid Survival

If You Have This In Your Pantry, Throw It Away Immediately – “I understand the great task of stocking your pantry with both nutritious and long-lasting foods is no easy feat so I have compiled a list of ‘throw this away’ or ‘swap this out’ items. I understand that the economic situation of today it is not suitable to just throw food away. So for the foods that wouldn’t last in a situation where you want a pantry for emergencies then what I like to do is find recipes including those foods I would like to get rid of and use them up as soon as possible.” – Georgia Congleton

35 Cheap Supplies You Should Stockpile While You Still Can – Tricia Drevets


Galatians 6:1    Brethren, if a man be overtaken in a fault, ye which are spiritual, restore such an one in the spirit of meekness; considering thyself, lest thou also be tempted.