Pfizer CV19 Bioweapon Vax Public Enemy #1 (VIDEO) with Karen Kingston – “We need to call it what it is, and that is a bioweapon. Why is it important to call it a bioweapon? A vaccine is a biological agent. A biological agent that does not prevent infection, it doesn’t prevent disease and it wasn’t done under bona fide research, and the FDA admits it was not done under bona fide research. It causes diseases, disabilities and death. That is the definition of a bioweapon. ” – Greg Hunter

WEF speaker said he was told not to use ‘God’ or ‘religion’ during ‘Keeping the faith’ talk – “The WEF disdains God and religion because they imply accountability to something higher than themselves. Without God or true religion, they can appoint themselves ‘gods’ on earth.” – Emily Mangiaracina


The Davos establishment reveals whom it truly fears – “This year’s World Economic Forum featured calls to “master the future” and blamed right-wing populists for the rising distrust in global elites” – Rachel Marsden

Where’s Boris? – “Clue – not where he’s supposed to be. So what is Boris up to now that he no longer has a position in government? Well, apart from earning a ridiculous amount of money on the dinner circuit, speech making scene. How about last Thursday? He’s taken a keen interest in the Ukrainian war so maybe he was in parliament where Sir Bernard Jenkins had tabled some ‘Backbench business’ to discuss ‘Russia’s grand strategy’. Nope, he was in Davos at the World Economic Forum get-together. It didn’t look like he enjoyed be spotted.” – The Naked Emperor

What Happened to “Alternatives”? – “It’s interesting that one rarely hears about “alternative” fuels now that we are being herded into having no alternative . . . to “electrification.” This tells us that the point of the thing was always the elimination of alternatives.” – Eric Peters

China says COVID outbreak has infected 80% of population – Reuters

Siemens Chairman Calls for ‘Billion People to Stop Eating Meat’ at World Economic Forum – “Danish businessman and chairman of the German manufacturing giant Siemens, Jim Hagemann Snabe pushed the Great Reset agenda of replacing meat with synthetic proteins at a “Mobilizing for Climate” panel at the annual globalist meeting in Davos, Switzerland on Wednesday. “If a billion people stop eating meat, I tell you, it has a big impact. Not only does it have a big impact on the current food system, but it will also inspire innovation of food systems,” Snabe said, adding: “I predict we will have proteins not coming from meat in the future, they will probably taste even better.” “They will be zero carbon and much healthier than the kind of food we eat today, that is the mission we need to get on,” the Siemens boss continued.” – Kurt Zindulka  – HAVE AT IT JIM. EAT ALL THE FAKE FOOD YOU WANT. I WON’T!!!!!!!!!!!

Geoengineering Watch Global Alert News, January 21, 2023 (VIDEO) – “Mexico has “banned” geoengineering, do they mean it? Mainstream media is still sensationalizing the “drought busting” California rain and snow, are we being lied to again? “Winter Storm Iggy” was manufactured from Gulf of Mexico moisture, are more winter weather creations being scheduled?” – Dane Wigiington

The ‘15-minute city’ is not a conspiracy theory – “Oxford residents are being smeared as cranks for opposing a low-traffic scheme. To cut traffic and to help Oxford meet its Net Zero climate targets, residents will be discouraged from driving outside of their own designated districts. Numberplate-recognition cameras will monitor cars when they go on certain roads, potentially leading to fines for anyone without the right permit. This is an undeniably draconian scheme, so it should hardly be a surprise that some motorists are up in arms about it.” – Laurie Wstell – DISGUISED AS A WAY TO REGULATE TRAFFIC, IT’S JUST ONE MORE BABY STEP OF CONTROL, TELLING YOU WHERE YOU CAN GO AND HOW YOU CAN GO. ALL A PART OF THE UN AGENDA 2030 AND SMART CITIES!!!!


The Clickety-Clack of Bleating Hearts – “All is well on earth. Aye aye Captain. Besides, doesn’t Captain Kirk know that all is well down here?All is well on earth. It’s raining Biden classified documents across Delaware. A perfectly natural occurrence Captain Kirk. They’re finding them at the ice cream parlor, in the booth at the soda jerk, at the local arcade, at the daycare sniffing centers, and at the ping pong pizza parlors (Joe’s favorite) of Wilmington. On the domestic executive agenda, the CIA has gone from deciding presidents in turkey shoots in Dealey Plaza, to getting Ross Perot to depose their former boss to install their Mena, Arkansas man, to diddling chads in Florida, to programming Diebold machines, to hiding Michelle Obama’s penis and Barry’s love for it, to orchestrating soft coups of a bad orange man, to simply dumping “classified documents” all over creation with Papa Dementia’s fingerprints on them. CIA Covert Op: Operation Maximization Classification Defenestration Psyop summer at Mar-a-lago. Leak photos of staged documents to press. Stress felonies worthy of a special counsel. Voila, the stage is set for Joe’s turn at the CIA fixing den. For eight years those documents meant nothing, and suddenly they’re a “violation of serious national security laws.” The old man yelling at clouds gets ideas about 2024 and the CIA smothers them in the crib. All is well in ‘Merica Captain Kirk.” – Good Citizen  – ANOTHER VERY GOOD READ FROM THE GOOD CITIZEN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

How Troublesome Presidents Are Disposed of – “I have reported the truth about the removal of Presidents Kennedy and Nixon from office for decades. President Nixon was the best informed and best respected abroad president of any in US history. He kept in touch with foreign leaders and was well informed about historical and current events. But he also, like Kennedy and Trump, over estimated the power of the president. Americans who think they live in a democracy are out to lunch. Americans, so easily fooled time and again, are the reason we have lost our country and the freedom and the hope that it once represented in the world. How many Americans understand that they no longer live in a free country, that they are the ruled subjects of they know not who? Voting is a cloak, a deception. No one the people prefer can be elected to the office of president. If, like Trump, he gets there unexpected, he is removed.” – Paul Craig Roberts

Let’s Nuke The World Over Who Governs Crimea – “So does everyone else in the world get a vote on whether their lives should be risked in an offensive to control who governs Crimea? Or will the Biden administration just be making that call on behalf of all living creatures? It’s so crazy how the fate of everyone alive and everyone who could potentially be born in the future is riding on the way two governments choose to navigate a conflict in Ukraine, just because those two governments have most of the world’s nuclear weapons. ” – Caitlin Johnstone

Six More Classified Documents Discovered At Biden House – “Where didn’t Biden illegally store classified documents? So, Biden’s personal attorneys searched the house themselves, said they turned everything over to the DOJ, and yet more were found? When Trump’s lawyers did that he was raided by the FBI.” – Tyler Durden

Why was Biden allowed to visit the crime scene before the search for evidence was complete in the classified documents scandal? – “I am not a law enforcement expert, but elementary logic suggests that allowing a potential suspect access to a crime scene before an investigation is complete risks all kind of mischief, including destruction of evidence. At best, this constitutes gross negligence on the part of the Depart of Justice investigators. And that is being very charitable, particularly given the treatment afforded President Trump at his Mar A Lago residence, where his lawyers, unlike Biden’s, were not allowed to view or participate in the search conducted under humiliating and public circumstances.” – Thomas Lifson

The Buffoon Imposter in the White House – “In 2 years, the Biden regime proved to be the most recklessly dangerous one in US history. At war on humanity worldwide by health-destroying kill shots and all else flu/covid related, its war on Russia by use of Nazified Ukrainian foot soldiers risks WW III with nukes. While neither wing of the US war party warrants public support, undemocratic Dems are the most recklessly dangerous of two unacceptable options. World peace is off the table with them in power. With two more years in office, they may destroy planet earth and all its life forms by recklessly aiming to own it.” – Stephen Lendman

Former Marine on Afghanistan: ‘Biden lied…Americans still there that want to get out – Sara Carter Staff

DOJ Shows Resistance to House Republicans’ Investigations; GOP Says Department Is ‘Scared’ – “The Department of Justice (DOJ) told the Republican-led House Judiciary Committee on Friday “it may not always be possible” to comply with the committee’s investigative requests.” – Ashley Oliver  – REALLY, WHO DO THESE PEOPLE THINK THEY WORK FOR. WHAT WOULD THEY DO IF SOMEONE TOLD THEM THEY MAY NOT BE ABLE TO COMPLY!!!!

Europeans Are Returning to Paganism (VIDEO) – Bjorn Andreas Bull-Hansen

How the Californian dream became a nightmare – “Once a byword for aspiration, the golden state is crumbling under the weight of ‘progressive’ ideology. For decades, California was the primary destination for both other Americans and for foreign immigrants. Now, this trend has gone into reverse, with people and companies leaving the state. Population growth, already slowing over the past decade, has turned negative for the first time in modern California’s history, largely due to the state’s shrinking middle and working classes and its loss of families.” – Joel Kotkin

California cops hunt ‘Asian man’ over Chinese Lunar New Year dance studio massacre but ‘unclear’ if linked to second shooting two miles away: Ten dead – five men and five woman – and ten hospitalized – James Reynolds and Sophie Mann  – HE MUST HAVE BEEN A WHITE SUPREMECIST, NO DOUBT. THIS STORY AND THE ONE BELOW WILL BE OUT OF THE NEWS IN NO TIME.. ANTIFA CAN BURN THINGS DOWN AND HAVE EXPLOSIVES, BUT TRUMP SUPPORTERS PROTESTING A SUSPICIOUS ELECTION ARE LABELED INSURRECTIONISTS AND IMPRISONED. IT’S ALL ABOUT THE NARRATIVE!!!!

Police Arrest 6 After Fiery Atlanta Riots, Mayor Confirms Antifa Used Explosives- Tyler Durden

Zelensky’s Former Advisor Is Risking His Life To Tell Ukrainians The Truth – Andrew Korybko


Americans Are Struggling To Pay Car Loans – Deanna Walker

Retail Tales Tell a Sad Story about the Economy – “December is supposed to be the month when retails sales flourish. Instead, retail sales came in way below expectations. Retailers were left with warehouses full of overstock, and this situation has been dragging on for about a year now with little sign that it is getting any better. “Both brick-and-mortar and online stores took the hit. On a year-on-year basis, retail sales were flat … – David Haggith

Homebuyers are canceling purchases at levels that exceed what we saw in 2008. The housing market is in deep trouble. – Herman James

Dumb Money Rules The Stock Market…For Now – Jason Goepfert


Pessimist or a Realist? Our Present Situation – Part 5 – The Lone Canadian  – THIS CONCLUDES THE SERIES. ALL FIVE PARTS HAVE BEEN LINKED!!!

Robert Kiyosaki & James Rickards Warning Economic Disasters in 2023 – “Unfortunately, most Americans are completely unprepared for some sort of an emergency to strike. In fact, a brand new survey has discovered that just 41 percent of Americans could cover a $1,000 emergency expense using their current savings… The bottom line is that most of the country is living paycheck to paycheck, and most Americans are just one small step away from financial collapse. Right now I am going to share with you the number one piece of advice that I give to everyone who asks about preparing for the great economic collapse that is ahead. Build up a financial cushion. When things get bad, you are going to need money. I know that sounds exceedingly simple, but obviously most of the country is choosing not to do this.” – Amy S.  – ANOTHER GOOD ARTICLE FROM MY!!!!

Do This For Your Chickens So They Lay More Eggs – SG


Lamentations 3:39   Wherefore doth a living man complain, a man for the punishment of his sins?


Broken lines broken strings
Broken threads broken springs
Broken idols broken heads
People sleeping in broken beds
Ain’t no use jiving
Ain’t no use joking
Everything is broken.

Broken bottles broken plates
Broken switches broken gates
Broken dishes broken parts
Streets are filled with broken hearts
Broken words never meant to be spoken
Everything is broken.

Seem like every time you stop and turn around
Something else just hit the ground
Broken cutters broken saws
Broken buckles broken laws
Broken bodies broken bones
Broken voices on broken phones
Take a deep breath feel like you’re chokin’
Everything is broken.

Everytime you leave and go off someplace
Things fall to pieces in my face
Broken hands on broken ploughs
Broken treaties broken vows
Broken pipes broken tools
People bending broken rules
Hound dog howling bullfrog croaking
Everything is broken.

 ( Everything Is Broken by Bob Dylan )