The Day the Music Died – ““You’ll own nothing, and be happy.” Ha ha. I wonder if Schwab regrets saying that. The phrase caught on and Schwab has been inextricably linked to the expression. Sounds like something just about any of those WEF Cretans would say. I am pretty certain Schwab’s Best Boy Harari adores the concept. You can obviously see how demented anyone who seriously utters this is. You would have to be demented if you are thinking people would nod their head and exclaim “can’t wait!” Of course most of the world couldn’t care less what Klaus Schwab thinks. Most of the world doesn’t even know who he is, or what the WEF have planned for all of us. Take computer software and music for example. You no longer own either one. So what? Well, music and software (which is also largely rented now) is nothing compared to renting your home, your car, your clothes, your furniture, and whatever else you can think of that you at one time actually owned. But it is a start, and it is basically the way things now are. Again, so what? Well, if you peel off just a few layers, you will clearly see the “so what”…owning property is the first tenet of freedom, for one. And owning nothing certainly puts control into the hands of whomever it is who owns the thing you rent.” – Todd Hayen, PhD, RP  – GOOD READ FROM TODD ON HOW THEY START OFF SLOW AND SLOWLY CREEP INTO ALL ASPECTS OF TOUR LIFE!!!!

No, Mother Nature is not punishing California – “It is crazy to blame every bad weather event on mankind.” – Brendan O’Neill

This Data Is VERY Bad – “I don’t think you can overstate how bad this is, so I’ll just put a couple of snippets here and you can follow the link for the whole deal; Steve ( Kirsch ) certainly deserves to get both the credit and reads for it:” – Karl Denninger

John Kerry praises WEF for being part of ‘select group of human beings’ who are ‘saving the planet’ – “The Biden administration climate czar told attendees that corporations need to be pushed to embrace the climate change agenda. The former secretary of state under President Barack Obama and U.S senator praised everyone in attendance for their work to try to lower the global temperature through massive government interventions.” – Matt Lamb  – YES MORE MASSIVE GOVERNMENT INTERVENTION. THAT’S THE ANSWER TO EVERYTHING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

John Kerry Says We Need “Money, Money, Money, Money” to Combat 1.5 Degrees of Climate Change – “Not quite. He actually said money 7 consecutive times.” -Mish

WEF Promotes Scientist Behind False “Billions Will Die” From Climate Change Claim – “Johan Rockström also promoted debunked “planetary boundaries” hypothesis. While the United Nations, Oxfam, and WWF embraced the hypothesis, it is so scientifically flawed and misleading to be junk science. There are, to be sure, real biophysical thresholds in the global climate system, and partly also for ocean acidification, ozone depletion, and phosphorous levels. But six of the “planetary boundaries” are not actually “boundaries” in any meaningful sense. As such, there are no “global tipping points” at which point various ecological processes stop functioning, or function in fundamentally different ways.” -Michael Shellenberger

Every Facet of Government Is in the Censorship Business – Dr. Joseph Mercola

The American Centers for Disease Control pledge a million dollars for the development of “a public health tool to predict the virality of vaccine misinformation narratives” – “Having failed to eradicate a virus, the public health agency will now try to eradicate viral ideas.” – eugyppius

How Facebook Removed “True Content” for Pfizer and the White House – “They all made a lot of money while making us sicker” – Igor Chudov

Video Evidence Suggests Greta Thunberg Detainment In Germany May Have Been Staged – “Greta Thunberg, the manufactured political product of her activist parents and a climate change regime desperate for a literal poster child, has never been one for sincerity. Mostly known for her ability to conjure drama and gain attention from the mainstream media rather than any displays of scientific knowledge or skill in debate, Thunberg’s antics often appear to be more about herself than any legitimate concern for the environment. Recent events in Germany suggest that her M.O. has not changed.” – Tyler Durden

Dr Anthony Fauci remains on government payroll and receives taxpayer-funded security detail, despite ‘retiring’ at end of 2022 – “Federal bureaucrat still gets taxpayer-funded salary, benefits, and security.” – Jordan Schachtel



Where Did My Country Go? – “As an American who grew up in the 1940s and 1950s I wonder what became of my country. We were a homogeneous Christian people proud of our history. We were unified with a common language, prayer in public schools, and monuments to dead white men. We were safe in our homes and schools, in our streets, and on public transportation. A five-year old child could walk to school safely. Public schools were good. Teachers had degrees in the subjects they taught, not in something called education. We looked to the future with optimism. What happened to my country? ” – Paul Craig Roberts  – ANOTHER GOOD ARTICLE FRO DR. ROBERTS!!!!

The Farce Of Europe – “Europe has been a land run by ridiculous people for a long time, but it was concealed by tradition and the Global American Empire pretending that European “leaders” are serious people. The war has revealed that Europe is a farce. It is not a collection of countries operating in concert for the common good. It is a collection of territories of the Global American Empire run by provincial clodhoppers with no real power. Baiting the Russians into war served no European interests. It is obviously bad for the people of Europe. There is nothing to be gained for them by this war. It is wrecking the economy and reducing the standard of living.” – The Z Man

Decline of Empire: Parallels Between the U.S. and Rome, Part III – “Wars made Rome. Wars expanded the country’s borders and brought it wealth, but they also sowed the seeds of its destruction” – Doug Casey  – GOOD SERIES OF ARTICLES FROM DOUG, THE FIRST TWO HAVE BEEN LINKED PREVIOUSLY!!!!

Warnings Of Global ‘Raging Food Catastrophe’ Ignored As Media Is Too Busy Playing The Propaganda Arm For The Democrat Party To Warn Americans Of 2023 Food Shortages – Susan Duclos

Biden forgets how to pronounce ‘Kamala’ Harris at White House event – “President Biden seemingly forgot how to say “Kamala” Harris Tuesday — years after his vice president taught the country the correct pronunciation. Biden’s forgetfulness was fleeting Tuesday and he correctly pronounced Harris’s first name at one point and asked her to walk him out of the room — as he continued to duck questions about the special counsel investigation into his apparent mishandling of classified documents.” – Steven Nelson

The deep, obsessive dishonesty of the laptop deniers – “The lengths Democrats and the media will go to to discredit the Hunter Biden scandal continue to astound.” – NY Post Editorial Board

Snowden on the Real Biden Scandal – Martin Armstrong

Biden Going Down. When All Else Fails, They Take You to War (VIDEO) – “Warmongers On January 17, 1961, in his farewell speech, President Dwight D. Eisenhower warned the American people that the Military Industrial Complex was robbing the nation of the genius of the scientists, sweat of the laborers and future of the children. Sixty-two years later to date, here we are just as Eisenhower warned. The military has won, and We the People have lost. Indeed, on the anniversary of his speech, there was not one word mentioned about it by the mass media.” – Gerald Celente

Geraldo Embarrasses Himself and Fox With What He Just Said About AR-15s – ““What does AR stand for?” Gutfeld asked him. “Automatic rifle,” Rivera responded, getting it just ridiculously wrong. “No, that’s not what it is,” Gutfeld said. “All I know is is AR-15s have no place in American society, other than sport clubs,” Geraldo insisted. All you know is nothing, Geraldo, so what you know isn’t worth much, given you think they’re machine guns. “AR” in AR-15 doesn’t stand for automatic rifle, it stands for “Armalite Rifle.” It isn’t a machine gun, it’s an ordinary semi-automatic rifle that fires one bullet per trigger pull. But Geraldo is showing the incredible ignorance that much of the liberal media shows — they have no idea what they are talking about when it comes to guns. All they know is what the current talking point is — that AR-15s are evil and machine guns. You would think that in 2023, they would have educated themselves more. But they can’t be bothered with the truth when they’re more occupied with pushing the talking points. Unfortunately, it’s not just the liberal media like Geraldo who don’t know what they’re talking about when it comes to guns, it’s politicians and people involved in making policy and passing laws who are also equally as ignorant.” – Nick Arama  – AND THIS IS THE MAIN PROBLEM. WE HAVE POLITICINS MAKING LAWS ABOUT THINGS THEY KNOW NOTHING ABOUT, PUNISHING THE LAW ABIDING CITIZEN AND NOT FIXING THE REAL PROBLEM; WHICH ARE THE CRIMINALS, WHO WON’T FOLLOW ANY LAWS THAT THEY PASS ANYWAY WHILE TAKING AWAY YOUR AND MY RIGHTS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Illinois hit with wave of lawsuits over gun, magazine ban – “When Illinois Democrats approved a massive ban on “assault weapons” and “large capacity” magazines a couple of weeks ago, Senate President Don Harmon told opponents that he would see them in court. Well, he better clear his calendar if he actually wants to be in the courtroom as the Illinois Attorney General defends the new law, because there are now multiple lawsuits underway challenging both the content of the new ban as well as how it was approved in the first place.” – Cam Edwards

Is Anyone Really Surprised By Pfizer’s Actions? – “If one company received the royalty payouts on Pfizer’s COVID-19 mRNA nanotechnology sales alone it would likely be listed as a Fortune 500 company. Except, Pfizer isn’t paying anyone anytime soon.” – Karen Kingston

Why Has Google Scholar Removed the “Since 2020” Filter for Searching Peer-Reviewed Studies? – “Google Scholar is every student’s mainstream means of getting sources to cite in their research papers. Teachers and professors across the nation have barred Wikipedia from ever being used as a source, so where do they turn to instead? Google Scholar. Though you may detest everything Google, you can’t deny that they have some products and services that work absolutely fantastically. And, of course, Google Scholar is no exception.” – Aden Tate

French And German Power Prices Soar As Cold Sweeps Europe – Tyler Durden

The Cancer that is Public Health – “Sometimes an institution or movement turns on the society that supports it, harming the whole for its own benefit. A public bureaucracy can forget its underlying purpose and focus on perpetuating itself, or an organization comes to believe that the rest of society owes it special privileges. When an organ within the body of society becomes thus corrupted, and proves itself unwilling to reform, society must excise the diseased tissue before it spreads.” – David Bell

Safe, convenient & for your protection – “The Bank of Russia has just pulled off the oldest scam in the scam-book. Who or what inspired the Russian government to give control of country’s biometrics to a private enterprise partly owned by the Bank of Russia? Maybe the World Bank?” – Edward Slavsquat

Is The War In Ukraine About To Go To An Entirely New Level? – Michael Snyder

Putin readying ‘700,000 troops for massive new offensive in weeks to cut off Ukraine from Europe and face down Nato’ -Henry Holloway


The Black Swan Event of 2023 – “What if the “black swan” of 2023 is the Federal Reserve succeeds? Two stipulations here: 1. “Black swan” is in quotes because the common usage has widened to include events that don’t match Nassim Taleb’s original criteria/definition of black swan; the term now includes events considered unlikely or that are off the radar screens of both the media and the alt-media. 2. The definition of “Fed success” is not as simple as the media and the alt-media present it.” – Brian Maher

Buckle Up, the Bond Market is About to Break a Major Central Bank – “The situation in Japan is worsening.” – Graham Summers, MBA

“Now It’s Time For Central Banks To Make The Rich Richer And The Poor Poorer Again, As Before” – “An awful lot happened yesterday, if you join the headlines, the dots, and the plot; yet not a lot of it played out the way the largest headlines and the most important dot plot would have it. Adding more good cheer, the IMF is revising its latest call that one third of the world is heading for recession: another sterling projection from the Fund.” – Michael Every  – VERY GOOD READ FROM MICHAEL ON THE ECONOMIC WORLD!!!!

Saudi Arabia Just Killed The Petrodollar Right In Front Of Our Eyes – “And, in the process, took a huge step toward dethroning the U.S. dollar as the global reserve currency. – Quoth the Raven  – PARTIAL ARTICLE BUT YOU WILL GET THE POINT!!!

Fed Never Correctly Predicts Big Downturns (VIDEO0 withCraig Hemke – “Hemke also talks about the highest gold demand by central banks since 1968; what the most important financial event of 2022 was; why gold will hit $2,300 per ounce and silver will be at $35 per ounce before the end of this year;” – Greg Hunter

Bank of America: Calling the Death of Gold Is Premature – Michael Maharrey

Ruble and yuan dominate Russia-China trade – Lavrov – “Moscow and Beijing are trying to rely less on Western financial instruments as their relationship grows stronger, Russia’s foreign minister says” – RT

Deutsche Bank AG STOCK QUOTE – 11.94EUR


Pessimist or a Realist? Our Present Situation – Part 1 – ” I guess, on the surface, that if you look at what is presently happening in the world, and acknowledge the events, that it could seem pessimistic. I just choose to acknowledge what is happening as reality, and as a prepper, try to figure out what I can do to try and mitigate the effects of these events. You can’t prepare if you don’t know what’s coming.” – The Lone Canadian

A few survival myths we should get rid of – “After more than ten years of being in the prepping and bushcrafting “business,” I can honestly say that I’ve heard it all since almost everyone I’ve met so far wanted to share their stories and experiences in the field. Unfortunately, a lot of people are spreading misinformation when repeating the same myths over and over again. There are many myths surrounding us, and the survival world has its fair share.” – Bob Rodgers

How Community Affects Your Survival Chances – Joseph Alton MD

Learning The Differences Between The Cover And Concealment Concepts – “Fighters in combat, law enforcement officers on patrol, and people defending their homes have all been injured or killed because they either didn’t understand the basic concepts of “cover” and “concealment,” didn’t apply them correctly, or didn’t understand the difference between the two.” – David Andrew Brown

Best Way How to Clean a Kitchen Sponge of Germs – Ken Jorgustin


Psalm 119:93    I will never forget thy precepts: for with them thou hast quickened me.