The Gas Stove Scare Is A Fraud Created By Climate Change Authoritarians – “In the past I have often tried to take a big picture approach to the issues facing the American public and how there is almost always a deeper connection between a variety of political and economic events. And, what has become increasingly clear to me is that in order to understand government actions and geopolitics, you must always ask yourself “Who benefits?” The bottom line is this – At the heart of nearly every conflict and every crisis the same group of power mongers usually benefits, and they have taken a keen interest in the climate change narrative in particular.” – Brandon Smith

Tangled webs and minions – “Um…Is anybody else out there starting to feel sorry for the globalists? I’m just starting to feel very sad for these poor bastard globalists. It’s almost as if We the People must gently take them by the hands and sit them down and explain that we understand they thought they were doing the best thing for us all but that they’re coming across as warmongers, divisive hypocrites, patriarchal dictators, confused fools, horrific diplomats, avaricious predators, mostly rich old white men at the very top, and elitist psychopaths living in a cultish bubble world. Or they are pawns to the banksters who really messed us all up in the first place. I’m not saying that is what they are, but certainly they’re coming across very frequently as not nice people.” – Sylvia Shawcross  – GOOD READ AS USUAL FROM SYLVIA!!!

We Must Have The Truth – “On April 2, 2020, a paddle boarder was chased by authorities and taken into custody. This event should have caused unanimous outrage over the absurdity of what happened – law enforcement arrested a lone paddle boarder on Santa Monica Bay for the crime of “flouting coronavirus closures.” The paddler’s arrest was an early indication that something had changed in our country. A “new normal” was spawning from the chaotic, unscientific, politicized pandemic messaging mainly coming from biased news media and the once venerable Centers for Disease Control and Prevention and Dr. Anthony Fauci.” – Pat Fidopiastis

Red Alert: Pharma Plots to Inject Livestock With mRNA ‘Vaccines,’ Likely to End up in Food Supply – Ben Bartee

Right or Wrong, I am Sticking with What I Believe – “What is it with this oddly stoic response from the “sheep side” of this debate? I am hearing more and more sentiments such as: “I don’t care if you are right, I am sticking with my stance.” What is that all about? Like a captain of a ship, defeated in battle, ship sinking, standing at the bridge, sword drawn, “damn you bastards! I am going down with my ship!” And sure enough he does. Shark food. The sheep are not the enemy. They may have had weaknesses that make them responsible for this shite show, but they didn’t create it, and they got nothing for being loyal to their puppet masters, that’s for sure. These poor folks are our brothers and our sisters. We are ready to welcome them back to the human race with open arms, but that is impossible if they continue to swear their allegiance to the enemy.” – Todd Hayen, PhD, RP

A Bunch of Powerful Reasons – “To not trust the FDA, Health Canada, the CDC and Politicians like Trudeau, Trump, Biden, Netanyahu who trust Big Pharma shills like Fauci and the MSM.” – Gary G. Kohls, MD

Sic Transit Gloria COVID – “Will The HHS Finally End The Public Health Emergency? With little fanfare, HHS Secretary Xavier Becerra extended yet again the Public Health Emergency Declaration regarding COVID-19. By now, the renewals are almost by rote—and appear to be driven at this point more by the commitment made by the Biden Regime to inform the healthcare industry at least 60 days in advance should the declaration not be renewed.” – Peter Nayland Kust

They Want Us To Have Fewer Babies As They Thin The Global Herd – Michael Snyder

How Many Sudden Deaths Are too Many? – “Jabbed individuals comprise the vast majority of deaths attributed to flu/covid. The unjabbed are profoundly safer. Claims that dispute the above reality are false. Likely with ties to Pharma, sources making them are lying. Since kill shots were rolled out over two years ago, everyone jabbed was irreparably harmed. Millions died, some suddenly, others later on. NFL player Damar Hamlin’s collapse from cardiac arrest after making a routine tackle was viewed by millions on national television as it happened. It was, or should have been, a wake-up call for everyone aware of what happened about the health-destroying hazards of kill shots. Most all NFL players were jabbed for flu/covid. Hamlin was reportedly booster-jabbed in December. There’s no ambiguity about the cause of his collapse — despite all-out efforts to suppress it. Home recuperating, he survived a near-death experience.” – Stephen Lendman

The Poison Is Everywhere Now (VIDEO) – Bjorn Andreas Bull-Hansen

UN’s goal to reduce carbon emissions is a scam to enable the rich to become richer off the backs of the poor – Rhoda Wilson

Congress must investigate Pfizer’s other dangerous boondoggle: Paxlovid – Daniel Horowitz


“The American people want a solemn ass as a President.” – “It was late in the evening on August 2, 1923 when Vice President Calvin Coolidge heard a knock on the door. He was visiting his family home in Vermont, where there was no phone service, or even electricity. So the White House had sent an official messenger to relay the news that President Warren Harding had suddenly died of a heart attack. The next morning he returned to Washington, DC to survey the mess. The Interior Secretary had been taking bribes. A Veterans Bureau director was embezzling funds. A close friend of Harding had been selling access to the White House, but was later found dead. Corrupt FBI agents were on the payroll of illegal bootleggers. People were disgusted. And the public’s trust in government plummeted to levels not seen since the Civil War. To complicate matters even more, Congress was coming apart at the seams with plenty of infighting among the parties. Coolidge, nevertheless, got to work and tried to repair the damage. He methodically dealt with his predecessor’s scandals, fired all those involved, and assisted in prosecuting them.” – Simon Black – SOUNDS KIND OF LIKE NOW, DOESN’T IT!!!!!!!!!!!!

Kathy Chung, former VP Biden’s executive assistant when he left office, has a very curious past with Hunter and now is being questioned – Thomas Lifson

Sheriffs and State Rep. Will Not Enforce Illinois “Assault Weapons” Ban – “Opposition to Illinois “Assault Weapons” Ban Turning to Defiance” – Joshua Swanagon

Electric car makers put the brakes on UK production because many drivers think the vehicles are too expensive – Calum Muirhead  – IMAGINE THAT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Top 20 Most Cringeworthy Zelensky PR Moments – “The US empire’s proxy war in Ukraine has had many jaw-dropping instances of imperialist sociopathy, propagandistic audacity and brazen journalistic malpractice that we’ve discussed in this space many times, but one of the most cringeworthy and degrading aspects of the globe-spanning narrative control campaign surrounding this war has been the way the nation’s president Volodymyr Zelensky has been turned into an ever-present corporate mascot for the most aggressive ad campaign ever devised.” – Caitlin Johnstone

The 2023 War – ‘Setting the Theatre’ – “The China-Russia axis are lighting the fires of a structural insurrection against the West across much of the Rest of World. Its fires are aimed at ‘boiling the frog slowly’” – Alastair Crooke

Is Biden Being Blackmailed to Send US Combat Troops to Ukraine? – “Biden previously rejected the idea of sending troops to Ukraine acknowledging that it would be tantamount to launching a Third World War. But as the ‘classified documents’ scandal gains momentum, the malleable president will likely fall-in-line and do whatever the hawkish foreign policy establishment demands of him. In short, the documents flap is being used by behind-the-scenes powerbrokers who are blackmailing the president to pursue their own narrow interests. They have Brandon over-a-barrel.” – Mike Whitney

Guido Goldman, the CFR and the German Marshall Fund – “As Kissinger’s International Seminar was revealed to be a CIA-funded program, the elites of the CFR hatched a plan to create a new organization to train young global leaders. The Harvard-based German Marshall Fund was created by a CIA-linked Kissinger protégé named Guido Goldman. Their goal: The total capitulation of Russia.” – Johnny Vedmore


What Inflation Would Look Like in a True Free-Market Economy -David Stockman

Silver and Short-Term vs. Long-Term Assets – Nomi Prins

The Tiny $40 Billion Silver Coin Market Is The Hard Asset Of The Future – Steve St. Angelo

Bank of England Sold All Bonds it Bought Last Fall amid Pension Crisis, First Big Central Bank to Sell Government Bonds Outright – “At first in baby steps, and then in big chunks. Remember the “pivot to QE” mongers at the time? What a hoot.” – Wolf Richter

Will China Force the U.S. to Restore Gold as Money? – “In response to the U.S. government’s weaponization of the dollar through such measures as sanctions and trade wars, China, along with Russia and other nations, are making efforts to dethrone the dollar as the world’s international reserve currency. For example, Russia and China are now using the Chinese yuan, rather than the dollar, for payment for Russian oil. Saudi Arabia is now talking about doing the same thing. One of the interesting aspects of this process involves gold.” – Jacob G. Hornberger

By the numbers: The de-dollarization of global trade – “Data suggests that US dollar reserves in central banks are dwindling, as is the influence of the US on the world economy. This presents a unique opportunity for regional currencies and alternative payment systems to enter the vacuum.” -By F.M. Shakil

Budget Deficit Exceeds $1.4T in 2022 – “The elephant in the room remains the interest owed on the debt. On a TTM basis, this has surged to $517B which is $200B higher than it was in April of 2021. This is taxpayer money that is not buying anything or investing in anything of value. It is just money to finance the debt.” – Schiff Gold


Standard of Living vs. Quality of Life – “If we search the roots of conflicts, social collapses, and even many non-natural disasters, we’ll find an economic distortion or bust. Economic, monetary, and financial downturns and crashes are the mother and father of almost every other man-made SHTF. That’s because the systems supporting a complex civilization are based on economy, finance, and trading. When those crack or stumble, everything else follows.” – Fabian Ommar

Best Silver for Survival – 2023 – ““Buy silver” is the mantra promoted by many preppers. For those of you pondering this, you may be wondering exactly what the best silver for survival to buy is. I’m not only a prepper, but I’ve bought and sold silver countless times over the years, so while I am no coin expert, I know enough about silver to navigate the market and know where to buy it, what to buy, and what sells best should you need to offload it. In my opinion, the best silver for preppers to buy is a mix of both junk silver coins and silver eagles.” – Derrick James – GOOD ARTICLE FROM DERRICK ON THE DIFFERENT WAYS TO BUY SILVER. HIS FINAL OPINION MAY NOT BE THE SAME AS YOURS OR MINE, BUT HE GIVES HIS REASONS FOR IT. HE IS BASING IT ON PAST EXPERIENCES, BUT WE HAVE NEVER REALLY BEEN THROUGH A SHTF EXPERIENCE. WITH THE HIGH PREMIUMS ON EAGLES, I DON’T NECCESSARILY AGREE WITH HIM. DO YOU WANT INSTANT RECOGNIZABILITY OR MORE SILVER FOR YOUR MONEY!!!!

Reducing Surveillance Signatures: Begin with the Cell Phone – “In this article, we’ll cover some methods to lower the amount of data you present to others that enable you to be monitored. This piece is not comprehensive, and I’ll explain. There are many techniques for reducing metadata, masking your online presence, confusing biometric systems, and preventing tracing and tracking (yes, there is a difference).” – Jeremiah Johnson

Frugal Winter Vegetables and How the Heck to Prepare Them – Daisy Luther

Let It Rot – “Composting will save the world, your garden, and even your budget. You read that right; composting will save the world and I’d love for you to be a part of it! With top soils failing in many heavy-use agricultural areas and animal-made fertilizers dripping into drinking water (and causing a big pain getting it out), compost is becoming the number one fertilizing agent to use for the modern gardener. Why? How? And what should you let sit out and rot away to become yummy nutrients? Let’s get started.” – Elizabeth Grant


Proverbs 21:18   The wicked shall be a ransom for the righteous, and the transgressor for the upright.