The Mother of All Limited Hangouts – “The Mother of All Limited Hangouts has begun. Yes, I’m talking about the “Covid Twitter Files,” which are finally being released to the public, in almost textbook limited-hangout fashion. The part you release is the “limited hangout.” It’s not a lie. It’s just not the whole story. You “hang it out” so that it will become the whole story, and thus stop people from pursuing the whole story. All right, so, you’re probably asking, if the “Covid Twitter Files” are a limited hangout, what’s the whole story that they’re distracting us from? Let me try to refresh your memory. All right, so … the “Covid Twitter Files,” or the “Fauci Files,” or whatever we’re calling them. If you wanted to bury the actual story with a limited hangout and discredit those of us who have been trying to report it for nearly three years, you couldn’t do any better than Elon Musk is doing. Instead of a story about how the entire global-capitalist power apparatus coordinated with global IT corporations like Twitter, Facebook, Google, et al., to conduct a global Gleichschaltung op the scale of which Goebbels could have never dreamed of, censoring and visibility-filtering dissent and enforcing the official pandemic narrative, not just in the USA, but in countries all throughout the world … instead of that monumental story, we are getting The Alex Berenson Show!” – CJ Hopkins

Secret WHO Negotiations for Pandemic Treaty Taking Place This Week – “Secret WHO negotiations on the proposed Pandemic Treaty are scheduled for January 9th through 13th. These meetings are part of a continued effort to finalize proposed amendments to the International Health Regulations.” – Corey Lynn  – COREY HAS LINKS TO JAMES ROGUSKI’S SUBSTACK ON THE PROPOSED AMENDMENTS. I LINKED THEM AS WELL ON 12/19/22!!!!!

Florida Should Threaten to Leave the United States if the WHO Treaty is Signed – “It must be made clear that adopting a treasonous treaty that violates the individual rights of citizens will have repercussions. It should be clear that such an action is an act of war that it will be dealt with. Hopefully, such an affirmative action would deter further attempts to adopt this treaty.” – Dr. Joseph Sansone

First They Came For My Showerhead And I Did Nothing, Then They Came For My Light Bulbs And I Did Nothing, Now They Want My Gas Stove And …. – I & I Editorial Board

‘Always check your assumptions’ – “Regarding my Covid “early spread” hypothesis, I keep trying to point out that an important assumption of the alleged experts has been wrong all along. Because of one false assumption, experts have ignored the most important evidence. The most important evidence actually comes from the individual case histories, from people who have convincing evidence that they did have Covid before the experts say the virus had arrived in America (January 17th, 2020 according to the first case “confirmed” by the CDC).” – Bill Rice, Jr.

Do Your Civic Duty – “I think that stoic spirit is still in the North American soul. It might not be as keen as it was 80 years ago, but you certainly can see remnants of it today. Unfortunately, if there is any spirit left, it is being manipulated through deceit and deception. But are Americans and Canadians really suffering all that much due to Covid? I think the unvaxxed are suffering quite a bit more. But what about the sheep? I think they think they are going with the flow and taking it all on the chin. And although Covid may be terrifying to them in many ways, I think they feel they are doing a good job rolling with the punches. And now, after their great Herculean effort wearing masks, staying away from people in the grocery store, getting jabbed five times (actually, I don’t think the jabbing was ever difficult for sheep), struggling through business closures (not for the actual business owners, THAT was a real struggle) they believe they are being rewarded for their efforts—Covid has left the building—mostly.” – Todd Hayen, PhD, RP

Is Coincidence Now The Leading Cause Of Death? – “Warning: sudden cardiac events are going to be very common in 2023. if you watched what happened to NFL player Damar Hamlin. The situation was so bad that our corrupt corporate media actually pulled the arch-villain Dr. Fauci out of exile to defend the experimental COVID vaccines” – Emerald Robinson

Why is Georgia GOP Governor Brian Kemp heading to Davos? – “When the World Economic Forum released the guest list for its 2023 meeting in Davos, Switzerland, many were surprised to find that it included Georgia’s Republican Governor Brian Kemp. Kemp, who recently won re-election over far-left Democrat Stacey Abrams, will be in Davos along with the likes of Democrat governors Gretchen Whitmer of Michigan and J.B. Pritzker of Illinois. They’ll be able to hobnob with Klaus Schwab and his merry band of globalists, including Bill Gates, the Soros clan, Larry Fink of BlackRock, Michael Bloomberg, United Nations Secretary General Antonio Guterres, and many others with wealth and power.” – Leo Hohmann  – AND OF COURSE PRITZKER IS ON BOARD WITH  THE GLOBALIST AGENDA FOR DISARMING CITIZENS, AS HE HE JUST SIGNED A SO-CALLED ASSAULT WEAPONS BAN IN ILLINOIS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Nine News asked for people to come forward if they’ve suffered a heart attack, and let’s just say things did not go as planned – “The comments immediately blew up with stories of vaccine injury and pointy questions. Today, the post was gone, along with all the comments. Nine News instead ran with a fresh post about a new 3-in-1 super-shot vaccine.” – Rebekah Barnett

Never Before In American History Have So Many Recently Vaxxed Young Americans Died Just Before Dawn And So Many Parents Participated In The Murders Of Their Own Children! – “If The WHO Gets Their Way, We Soon Might Not Have The Choice To Get Vaxxed Or Not!” – Stefan Stanford

SARS-2 and Paxlovid resistance; the vaccinator myth of myocarditis from Covid; the continued collapse of mask mandates in Germany; the coming Pfizer and Moderna 400% price hike – “A Twitter friend points to this literature review of 50 studies involving a total of nearly 550 postmortem investigations, failing to find once again that myocarditis is a symptom of Covid infection.” – eugyppius


Don’t Trust the Government with Your Privacy, Property or Your Freedoms – “Don’t trust the government with your privacy, digital or otherwise. In the two decades since 9/11, the military-security industrial complex has operated under a permanent state of emergency that, in turn, has given rise to a digital prison that grows more confining and inescapable by the day. Wall-to wall surveillance, monitored by AI software and fed to a growing network of fusion centers, render the twin concepts of privacy and anonymity almost void. By conspiring with corporations, the Department of Homeland Security “fueled a massive influx of money into surveillance and policing in our cities, under a banner of emergency response and counterterrorism.”” – John & Nisha Whitehead

The Constitution Failed. It Secured Neither Peace nor Freedom. – “If one cares to look, it’s not difficult to find numerous columns written for mainstream news outlets announcing that the US Constitution has failed. This ought to raise the question of “failed to do what?” The answer depends largely on the one claiming the constitution has failed.” – Ryan McMaken

What Caused the Political Hysteria? – “Karma, Nemesis, payback . . . and all that stuff. The Left has gone mad over Donald J. Trump—past, present, and future. The current Democratic Party and NeverTrump “conservatives” assumed that Trump was and remains so obviously toxic that they do not have to define exactly what his evil entails. Accordingly, they believe that any means necessary are justified to stop him. And furthermore, these zealots, when out of power, insist such extraordinary measures should not be emulated and institutionalized by their opponents, much less ever boomeranged back upon their creators.” – Victor Davis Hanson

Decline of Empire: Parallels Between the U.S. and Rome, Part II – Doug Casey  – GOOD READ FROM DOUG. PART I PREVIOUSLY LINKED!!!

Hoot of the Day: More Classified Documents Found in President Biden’s Garage – “Asked about the discovery of the latest batch of documents on Thursday, Mr. Biden said the documents had been in a locked garage with his Corvette sports car. “It’s not like they’re sitting out in the streets,” he said. What a double standard hoot. Were Trump’s documents sitting out on the street? In a garage with his Corvette? ” – Mish  – EH, NO BIG DEAL, NOTHING TO SEE HERE!!!!!!!

Biden’s ‘Surprise’ Grows With Reported Discovery of Second Batch of Classified Documents – ” Biden is not the only one who appears hopelessly conflicted. With the reported discovery of a second batch of highly classified documents connected to President Biden, the decisions of Attorney General Merrick Garland are fast moving from the inexplicable to incomprehensible. Garland was presumably briefed that classified documents were discovered in Joe Biden’s old office on Nov. 2. He also presumably knew about the Biden documents when he appointed a special counsel to investigate the classified documents at Mar-a-Lago 16 days later. President Biden, meanwhile, is feigning ignorance, simply saying he was “surprised” the documents were there. By not discussing the content of the documents, Biden minimizes his vulnerability to charges of obstruction or false statements. He can simply declare “surprise,” knowing that many in the media will welcome his silence as they spin the scandal.” – Jonathan Turley

Guess Who Had Access to Classified Information in Biden’s Garage? – “Now, it’s been confirmed that Hunter Biden had unlimited access to the garage where the classified information was stored.” – Katie Pavlich  – HE WAS JUST LOOKING FOR SOME JOB LEADS, ZIPRECRUITER JUST WASN’T COMING UP WITH ANYTHING!!!!!

Illinois prosecutor vows challenge to new gun ban as governor fumes over sheriffs’ non-enforcement pledge – “As we first reported on Wednesday, more than a dozen county sheriffs almost immediately vowed not to arrest anyone solely for violating the new bans. Now that number has grown to at least 50 counties where sheriffs have explicitly stated they will not be arresting anyone for possessing a “large capacity” magazine or a non-registered “assault weapon” as defined in the new law. As it turns out, there are lots of Illinois residents who take their Second Amendment rights seriously, and thankfully they have at least some elected officials who feel the same way.” – Cam Edwards – THERE ARE 102 COUNTIES IN ILLINOIS AND ALREADY HALF OF THEM DON’T APPEAR TO WANT THIS LAW. IS SUCCESSION FROM CHICAGO AND THERE CRIMINALS NEEDED!!!!

US lawmakers slam ‘insane’ Zelensky bust proposal – “Conservative US lawmakers critical of the adulation of Ukrainian President Vladimir Zelensky have rallied against a proposal to place a bust of the foreign leader in the Capitol building in Washington. US Representative Joe Wilson has suggested making a Zelensky statue a permanent feature.” – RT  – OH, LET’S PUT A STATUE OF CORRUPT, RACIST ZELENSKY IN OUR CAPITOL BUT GET RID OF STATUES FROM OUR PAST BECAUSE THEY WERE RACIST. WHAT AM I MISSING HERE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Miss Universe Wants to Ethnically Cleanse Donbas – “Americans demand to be entertained, thus inserting war propaganda in the stream of Hollywood pablum is a logical step.” – Kurt Nimmo

Why are America’s hacks all fawning over Harry? – “Stephen Colbert and Co have fallen hook, line and sinker for the prince’s Californian psychobabble.” – Jenny Holland

Grocery Stores In New York City Are Considering Locking Up Food Because Theft Has Become So Rampant – Michael Snyder

Ukraine And Russia Agree – Russia Is Fighting NATO – Moon of Alabama

Russia Defended Its “Democratic Security” Efforts In West Africa & The Sahel At The UNSC – “Africa is poised to become a bigger battleground this year in the New Cold War between the US-led West’s Golden Billion and the jointly BRICS- & SCO-led Global South over the direction of the global systemic transition. ” – Andrew Korybko

Former Israeli Intel Chief Says Israel Convinced US to Kill Soleimani – “The 2020 assassination brought the US and Iran to the brink of war” – Dave DeCamp


The Great Unwind: Busiest US Container Ports Went From Swamped To Eerily Quiet – Tyler Durden

Things We Should Understand: The Aristocracy Is Eating the Peasants – “That generation’s elites were thus left with two choices: Return to the gold standard and avoid monetary collapse — but at the cost of giving up the ability to create money at will. Or use their fictitious currencies to steal as much real wealth as possible from the peasants and let future elites deal with the eventual collapse. They, as the sociopaths we now know them to be, chose the second strategy. Here’s how they pulled it off:” – John Rubino

Up and away–Biden’s inflation is here to stay – “Well, at least President Joe Biden is consistent! Well, O.K., at least he’s consistent about about inflation. He must love it! Just look at the U.S. government’s Bureau of Labor Statistics report on the Consumer Price Index for December 2022 released just a few hours ago” – Ethel C. Fenig

CPI: Hmmmm…. – “Well look at what we have here? Over the last 12 months, the all items index increased 6.5 percent before seasonal adjustment. If you want to see absolute garbage look at the index for eggs, which they claim was up 11.1% last month. In reality they’ve doubled over the last couple of months, so if you think there’s anything “real” about these figures and they’re not “cooked” to suit the Biden administration you need another hit of whatever your favorite hallucinogen might be. Let’s look just there; eggs are claimed to be up 60% over the last 12 months. Please tell me where you can buy them for $1.60/dz because they were 99 cents a year ago here and now they’re $4!” – Karl Denninger

(NOT) SHocKeR! Inflation Continues To Rise. Food Prices SKYROCKETING! Real Wages CRATER (VIDEO) – Gregory Mannarino

The Consumer Is Dying – Amazon $AMZN Could Get Cut In Half – Dave Kranzler

The Senator Who Didn’t Know (but Thought She Did) – “Reality puts a limit on political power, a realization that always sits poorly with those in charge of our trillion-dollar bureaucratic machinery. Senator Elizabeth Warren is a stunning case in point, and she’s had her aim at the magic-seeming world of digital assets like bitcoin for a while. Last month she cosponsored The Digital Asset Anti-Money Laundering Act of 2022 with Roger Marshall which attempts to put those assets under rules that echo the regulatory system that cryptocurrencies were created to escape.” – Joakim Book

Deutsche Bank AG STOCK QUOTE – 11.78EUR


101 Multipurpose Items You Should Stockpile ASAP – Tricia Drevets

Timeline Of Events Following A Long Term Grid Down Catastrophe – “People may have basic emergency plans for a short term power outage. Usually these things are fixed fairly quickly, thanks to electric utility company lineman working the affected region. However, “what if” the entire power grid went down here in America? A catastrophic long term grid down. Surely that would never happen, right? ” – Ken Jorgustin

Self Rescue: When Staying Put to Survive Isn’t an Option – “A fundamental precept of urban and wilderness survival is that during or after an emergency and survival situation, you should stay put so rescuers can find you. But what happens if that isn’t a possibility? What if self-rescue, typically considered the least optimal choice, is actually the best option?” – The Survival Mom

How to Organize the Cords in Your Bug-Out Bag – “if you’re going to carry electronics with you, then you also have to make sure that you have the cords to keep them charged and functional. Just throwing all of those cords into your BOB results in a terrible mess that not only leads to slower access, but also leads to things being hooked and pulled out of your BOB when you go to retrieve a cord.” – Aden Tate

Ways to Charge your Phone Without Electricity – Bernie Carr


Psalm 64:2    Hide me from the secret counsel of the wicked; from the insurrection of the workers of iniquity: