Tiptoe through the missile-toe – “And so most of us are surviving the festive season which for some is more like the festering season. I am writing this as an apology from a Canadian to this world for our shenanigans over the holiday season.The point is as a Canadian I feel duty-bound to apologize. I think specifically to the children for our leaders. They might not be in their right minds. And their script writers are entirely out of their minds by the looks of it. Most of us have long since given up trying to understand “what were they thinking” because there really is no way to weasel into the minds of the ones coming up with these ideas. They simply are outrageous. And the worst part is they had to involve Santa Claus in their Christmas messages. ” – Sylvia Shawcross

The Parallels Between the COVID Hysteria and the Salem Witch Trials – David Stockman

Protecting Your Privacy Should be a High Priority in 2023 – Beware of Substack! – Brian Shilhavy  – BRIAN BRINGS UP SOME INTERESTING POINTS HERE!!!!

Gathering of the unholy – “The Satanic Temple dubbed the event ‘The Largest Satanic Gathering in History,’ in Boston this coming April. I believe Ba’al, Molech and Ishtar will be there as well, but maybe not physically manifest. Yay for Boston, you progressive champion of pagan death cults.” – Winstin Smith

The Year of Omicron – “The pre-pandemic world is gone forever. If the past year has taught us nothing else, it has taught us that much. Mass containment has permanently transformed our societies and our cultures. It has cemented the cooperative relationship between the regime and the press, and it has changed the content and the tenor of our media. Drama and panic have always sold newspapers, but our new era is characterised by an unending self-reinforcing cyclone of hyperventilation journalism, the likes of which we’ve never seen before. For the foreseeable future, I think, we will careen from one crisis to the next. The pandemic has also changed politics.” – eugyppius

Questions Remain Over Met Office Claim That 2022 Was the U.K.’s Hottest Year on Record – “In the meantime, it is full speed ahead with weather catastrophisation stories designed to promote the Net Zero political agenda. In the latest bout of climate Armageddon preaching, the BBC subbed up the Met Office press release and listed this year’s “extreme” events.” – Chris Morrison

Two new important medical research articles – “One shows ivermectin works and the other shows vaccine boosters do not work” – Joel S Hirschhorn – HOW MUCH MORE EVIDENCE DO WE NEED!!!!!!

The XBB.1.5 Variant Is The Next Big COVID Thing – “A grandson of Ba.2 is taking over unusually rapidly. Despite promises of “miltilayered hybrid immunity” from vaccinations and multiple reinfections, there is no immunity in sight. This is already the seventh wave of Covid in New York. New York is experiencing its seventh wave of Covid, despite (and actually because of) its draconian COVID vaccination mandates that created a perfect breeding ground of people who cannot develop immunity to Covid, reinfecting each other. Soon XBB.1.5 will be coming to a neighborhood near you.” – Igor Chudov  – PRIME EXAMPLE OF HOW THE CLOT SHOTS AND BOOSTERS HAVE DESTROYED PEOPLE’S IMMUNITY. YET THEY WILL LINE UP FOR THE NEXT VARIANT BOOSTER ANYWAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


The merging of the Propaganda State and the police state – “News from the mainstream media ignores the rampant crime in cities, social decay, corruption, and economic failure. Government now divides people by race, often citing pervasive racism, though offering little or no evidence to support it beyond propaganda stereotyping police. The Propaganda State needs to constantly fabricate crimes to enhance its power. Propaganda driven by Big Media and Big Tech is the megaphone to promote Big Government disinformation and indoctrination. This is what the Twitter Files exposed clearly. The FBI is used to censor Americans in the name of national security or preventing “misinformation,” using methods of communist dictators Stalin and Mao. We even have a show trial in Pelosi’s sham January 6 “unselect committee.” There is a political pattern to the political show — two fake impeachments with no substance — like the “show trials” of Stalin in the former USSR.” – Henry Pelifian

Lovers of Truth and Lovers of Lies: Seeing new lessons for today in Mel Gibson’s iconic portrayal of ‘The Patriot’ – Leo Hohmann

Insider Trading and Federal Conflict of Interest Violations Swept Under the Rug – “There’s rules for you and me. There’s another set of anything goes rules for the executive branch.” – Mish

Kamala Harris Doesn’t Know What Her Job Is At the Border, And Neither Does the WH – Sarah Arnold  – DOES ANYONE IN THE WHITE HOUSE AND ADMINISTRATION REALLY KNOW WHAT THERE JOB IS!!!!!!!!!!!!

The Scourge of Russia Bashing Fake News Even Throughout the Holiday Season – “The vast majority of Americans don’t realize that MSM are bribed with big bucks to feature state-approved propaganda. That truth and full disclosure on major world and national issues are excluded from their reports. That press freedom throughout the US/West is a meaningless figure of speech, what only alternative media feature. That controlling the message is prioritized by US/Western regimes. That peace, equity, justice and the rule of law are virtually banned throughout the West.” – Stephen Lendman

The FBI Is Starting to Look a Bit Like the KGB – John Green

The Russian Regime Change Trap – “Regime change in Russia is all the rage right now. It’s another episode of MI-6’s longest running show, “Russia – Putin’s Fragile Playground,” playing daily in our intelligence co-opted media. If you are confused about what it is these people really believe about where the future of Russia is headed, this recent article at the Hudson Institute – about as normie Neocon an institution as you can get — should clear things up. This article isn’t an opinion piece about potential goals or to be read as a wish-list of crazy people. It is a fervently held set of beliefs that stem from their view of demographic analysis of Russia and their mission to stamp out the remains of the Soviet Union. This is an ideological fight for the neocons. Ending Russia is their religion. It is why they are so easy to manipulate. It makes them the perfect useful idiots in Davos’ larger game.” – Tom Luongo

Biden Reneged – Now Russian Army Will Talk – “A year ago today (on Dec. 30, 2021) U.S. President Joe Biden, in a telephone conversation with Russian President Vladimir Putin, assured him that “Washington had no intention of deploying offensive strike weapons in Ukraine.” Against that backdrop, bilateral talks in Geneva to start on January 9, 2022 seemed off to a promising start. The Kremlin clearly thought so. Then Biden changed his mind. The key issue of offensive missiles on Russia’s borders fell off the table. The rest of 2022 is history, as they say. The complete absence of mutual trust – and the lack of contacts at a political and diplomatic level – has driven U.S.-Russia relations down to a perilously low level. Lavrov again used that curious but important Russian compound word недоговороспособность, denoting Ukraine’s inability to negotiate – at least until Zelensky or a successor gets the okay from Washington. Enter the Russian army.” – Ray McGovern

Mercouris: “Something Big Is On the Way” – ““Strictly speaking, we haven’t started anything yet.” Vladimir Putin. The war in Ukraine is not going to end in a negotiated settlement. The Russians have already made it clear that they don’t trust the United States, so they’re not going to waste their time in a pointless gabfest. ” – Mike Whitney  – IT’S GOING TO GET UGLY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

New Year of Forever War – “Forever because there will always be resistance to the neoliberal nightmare.It looks like we are about to enter, or have already entered, the point of no return in the forever war. It’s more than one war, although the big one now is Ukraine. It looks like we are about to enter, or have already entered, the point of no return in the forever war. It’s more than one war, although the big one now is Ukraine.” – Kurt Nimmo

New year and new Congress won’t silence the same old war drums in Washington – “Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell makes clear that Republicans will continue to arm Ukraine, regardless of what voters think” – Tony Cox

Sudden Adult Death Syndrome (SADS) PLAGUES Russia, Exhibits Peculiar Symptoms – “Russian leaders keep dying from a peculiar Russian variant of SADS that causes a critical loss of balance near high windows in people close to Putin. Several deaths have been recorded in recent days alone. People who are known to have been critical of Putin or to have failed him often suffer severe gravitational conflicts when standing near high open windows … as one is want to do in the dead of winter.” – David Haggith

The Top Five Geostrategic Developments In Africa Last Year – “Most of the world was so focused on following the twists and turns of Russia’s special operation in Ukraine that they largely ignored the top five geostrategic developments in Africa last year. The world’s second-largest and -most populous continent was indirectly affected by NATO’s proxy war on Russia through Ukraine, but it also experienced other forms of dynamism that weren’t connected to that conflict.” – Andrew Korybko


The Biggest Economic Threat Today – “The stock market absorbed a vicious whaling today. Yet our central concern is not the stock market. Our central concern is rather the economists’ war against economics. It is a war nearly all mainstream economic schools of thought wage. It is a war against savings… and prudence.” – Brian Maher  – VERY GOOD ARTICLE FROM BRIAN!!!!

In 2023 it will be all about the dollar – “In very quiet post-Christmas trading, gold was $1815 in European morning trading, up $22 from last Friday’s close. Over the same timeframe, silver was up 11 cents at $23.82. By the last trading day of 2022, the dollar price of silver had risen 2.6%, while gold had fallen 0.8%. They comfortably outperformed bonds (US 10-year Treasury bond price was down 17.2%) and equity markets (S&P down 20%). With interest rates rising, many investors will be surprised that precious metals have held up so well. Admittedly, gold had fallen by 11% by end-September when bond yields were at their highest, but the falls in bonds and equities were somewhat greater at the same time.” – Alasdair Macleod

Think your bills are high now? All the tax hikes hitting Americans on January 1 revealed: Electricity costs to soar and even your nest egg is not safe – “The Inflation Reduction Act includes three major energy taxes that are expected to increase household energy bills” – James Gordon

Gold, Silver, & Platinum Had a Good Year – “Ongoing inflation pressures to lift all hard assets in terms of dollars” – Mike Gleason

When the Fed’s Crystal Ball Fails, Part II – Nomi Prins  – PART ONE PREVIOUSLY LINKED 12/27/22!!!!!!!

Gold As A Wealth Preservation Asset And An Investment – Dave Kranzler


The Only Way to Survive 2023- “It sounds really dramatic to say there’s just ONE WAY to handle a crisis, but I’m going to go out on a limb here and say just that. We’re looking at very hard times coming up – heck, they’ve hit many of us already. And I think there’s only one way to survive 2023. Frugality. We have to make different choices with our money. Many of us will be forced to do it. We will make different choices because we won’t be able to afford to make the same ones we’re making right now. We will have to cancel some of our regular expenses and downsize parts of our lives.” – Daisy Luther

What To Look Out For During 2023 – Ken Jorgustin

Best Manuka Honey: Top 5 Healthy Superfood Spreads Most Recommended By Experts – Stephanie Vallette – IF YOU’VE NEVER HAD IT, TRY IT, IT’S MORE EXPENSIVE BUT WELL WORTH IT!!!!

Survival Tricks Learned from Homeless People – “If you lost your home, your car, all of your money, your relatives, and most of your possessions, what would you do? While you may believe that such extreme circumstances may never happen to you, the truth is that any large-scale or long-term disaster that could strike the next day could very well force you out onto the streets with nothing but the clothes on your back.” – Jack

Improving Your Chances on the Road: 11 Tips for a SHTF Scenario – “SHTF scenarios could happen at any moment. You could see an economic collapse, war, natural disaster, and civil unrest happen nationwide and in your backyard. Whatever happens, you need to be prepared to hit the highway when the moment strikes.” – Martin Banks

How to Get Out of a Rear Choke Hold – Massad Ayoob