Banking, Large Corporations, and Government Pawns Have Taken All the Wealth for Themselves at the Expense and Death of the Duped Masses – “It is once again time to look at reality so as to comprehend the master plan of the ruling class, instead of concentrating only on the subordinate parts and compartmentalized agendas of those intent on destroying the earth and its inhabitants, all in order to gain total dominance over this world. In doing so, it is imperative to understand that in order to be successful, those seeking this great power must control the bulk of all the money, property, and natural resources on earth. This can only be accomplished if the enforcement of this control is concentrated in the hands of the rulers, and the people voluntarily comply. For this to be possible, all state organizations must also be subservient to the greater power that is the deep state;” – Gary D. Barnett

New Age Idols (No, Not Taylor Swift) – “Call it whatever you like, but the United States today is in the grip of several manifestations of a kind of idol worship. This article is the first of a series examining these modern golden calves. The first and most pervasive example of today’s transition from reason to idolatry is the Church of Climate Change. Not only is the U.S. in thrall to this, but most of the West has also genuflected. The cause even has its own Joan of Arc in unhappy, deluded Greta Thunberg. At this point, the theology is centered on the belief that climate change is such an existential near-term threat to humanity that no attempts at mitigation should be off limits, regardless of their futility or collateral damage.” – Andrew I. Fillat and Henry I. Miller

Will 2023 be a “Tsunami of Regret”? Dr. Sherri Tenpenny Predicts the Worst is Yet to Come with the Fallout from the COVID Shots – “She is a doctor of Osteopathy, and has been a fierce vaccine critic for decades now. Sherri is not one of these talking head medical doctors who have risen to fame since the experimental COVID bioweapon shots were introduced at the end of 2020, simply because they have taken a political stand against some the criminal aspects of the COVID shots.” – Brian Shilhavy

Synthetic Biological Life Forms – Cross Domain Bacteria, Morgellons, and Correlation to Current Live Blood Findings in Post C19 Injection Era – My Conversation with Clifford Carnicom – Ana Maria Mihalcea, MD, PhD  – GOOD READ FROM ANA!!!!!

World Economic Forum to accelerate push for global ‘Metaverse’ surveillance network at Davos 2023 – “Davos turns to the Metaverse as the next frontier for technocratic tyranny.” – Jordan Schachtel

The sudden decline in birth rates post-vaccination — and the shocking silence – “In 2010, Bill Gates famously articulated a four-part equation to reducing the world’s carbon output. Seemingly bizarrely, his first component was reducing the population — through vaccination. “The world today has 6.8 billion people. That’s headed up to about nine billion,” bemoaned Gates in his now infamous TED Talk. “Now, if we do a really great job on new vaccines, health care, reproductive health services, we could lower that by, perhaps, 10% or 15%.” Until recently, I thought this must have been a gaffe. After all, how could vaccines reduce the world’s population? Well, enter the COVID jabs – if you even want to call them vaccines – and we might have our answer.” – Daniel Horowitz

A Digital Prison Is Being Built Around You Right Now (VIDEO) – Greg Reese

Mass Chicken Culling Is An Attack On The Food Supply – “While the mainstream media and ruling class continue to blame “avian influenza” for the merciless culling of chickens and other poultry used for meat, it’s beginning to become apparent that the slaughter of these birds is nothing less than an attack on the food supply. Entire poultry flocks are destroyed after an infection is confirmed… So all it takes is a single infection — often diagnosed via a faulty PCR test that can be cranked up to generate false positives at will — to see millions of birds destroyed.” – Mac Slavo

Depopulation via Mass Vaccination: Tetanus Vaccine May Be Laced With Anti-Fertility Drug – “Wake up! They’ve been doing it for years …” – Lioness of Judah Ministry



2022’s Danger Signs: From Totalitarian Paranoia to Authoritarian Madness – “The danger signs were everywhere in 2022. With every new law enacted by federal and state legislatures, every new ruling handed down by government courts, and every new military weapon, invasive tactic and egregious protocol employed by government agents, we were reminded that in the eyes of the government and its corporate accomplices, “we the people” possess no rights except for that which the Deep State grants on an as-needed basis.” – John & Nisha Whitehead

Forget You, ’22! – “Doesn’t it seem as if the ignoble nobles running our country into the ground are working overtime to dump extra loads of misery before the year ends? Now that they’ve plunged the country into an energy and heating crisis by tilting at “climate change” windmills, coal was too valuable to waste on these scrooges’ Christmas stockings. Let them survive on frozen wind turbines and snowdrift-covered solar panels! While I have done my best to celebrate the Christmas season and ignore the commie curmudgeons bah-humbug-ing all around, it has felt as if government-worshiping Krampus creatures have been let loose (or are they trans-Krampus, demon-worshiping leftists wearing antlers and spreading Marxist hate?). Consider the parade of horribles unleashed during just the last few weeks:” – J.B. Shurk

Treason from The Deep State? – “I have received a lot of emails asking why just five days after the New York Post revealed the Hunter Biden laptop story that went all the way to the top involving his father, now President Biden, the former CIA Director John Brennan, and former Director of National Intelligence James Clapper announced on October 19th, 2020, a letter stating that this was a product of Russian disinformation and “hacking.” There have been people looking into this pair of Neocons who will say anything to reach their end goal – World War III to wipe Russia off the face of the earth and attempting to investigate what amounts to TREASON. They are insisting on war and were against Trump for he did not want to wage war against Russia. That contributed to the whole RussiaGate nonsense.” – Martin Armstrong  – GOOD READ FROM MARTIN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

In 2023 the Lazy Analyst Won’t Keep Up With Geopolitics – Tom Luongo

Blackrock to Take Zelenskyy’s Panhandling Act to the Next Level – “Volodymyr Zelenskyy and Larry Fink are preparing to turn a profit on the destruction of Ukraine. It might be a good idea to glance at Ukraine’s massive corruption before investing a dime in that black hole. According to Transparency International, Ukraine is the second most corrupt country in Europe and ranked 120 out of 182 of the most corrupt countries in the world. According to Dragon Capital, the richest Ukrainian oligarchs in 2016, two years after the USG-orchestrated coup in Kyiv, have accumulated over $11 billion, almost 13% of Ukraine’s GDP. Much of the money accrued by Rinat Akhmetov, Ihor Kolomoyskyi, Victor Pinchuk, and former president and confectionary/automotive magnate Petro Poroshenko, was taken through the neoliberal organized theft of public assets, known as privatization.” – Kurt Nimmo

Joe Biden and the rise of respectable authoritarianism – “In 2022, the Democrats proved themselves to be the real threat to democracy” – Sean Collins.

Video: the immigration crisis in El Paso – “People think her video shows “a homeless shelter,” said former congressional candidate Irene Armendariz-Jackson. “No, it is our airport.” ” – Eleanor Vaughn

Gas Power Saves Texas From Blackouts, As Wind Power Collapses Again! – “The emergency order from the US Energy Department allowed the state’s grid operator to exceed certain air pollution limits to boost generation amid record power demand in the state. Fortunately a repetition of the blackouts last year was avoided. But as we can see, it was gas power which came to the rescue, as wind power collapsed to virtually nothing at the same time as demand surged:” – Paul Homewood

Biden heads to St. Croix as winter blast kills dozens, cancels 10,000 flights -Steven Nelson and Mary K. Jacob

Biden Heads to the Caribbean and the Hypocrisy Is Too Much to Ignore – Bonchie

Pope Francis EXPOSED – Part 1: Pachamama scandal revisited & Pope Francis’ support of communism (VIDEO) – “This is a must-watch review of the threats facing the Western World, exposing the compromised political and cultural ideology of the most powerful religious leader on Earth, Pope Francis. The culture of life will never lose to the “Earth Mother” or any other pagan deity worshiped by proponents of The Great Reset. Also, dive deep into Pope Francis’ shockingly close relationship with one of the most oppressive and anti-human ideologies in history: communism.” – The John-Henry Westen Show

Serbia Puts Troops On ‘Full Combat Readiness’ As Main Kosovo Border Crossing Shut – Tyler Durden

Putin critic falls out window, dies – “Sausage multi-millionaire Pavel Antov, Russia’s “highest-earning elected politician,” was recently in India celebrating his 66th birthday when he reportedly fell to his death from a hotel window. (I hate it when that happens.) In totally unrelated news, Antov had recently criticized Putin’s actions in Ukraine, characterizing air strikes on Kyiv as “terror.” Oddly, Antov perished shortly thereafter and just two days after a close friend of his unexpectedly died “from a heart attack.”” – Eric Utter

Biden pledged to end the war in Yemen, but is doing the opposite The US is being accused of getting in the way of UN efforts to negotiate a truce between Yemen’s Ansarallah and the Saudi-led coalition” – Robert Inlakesh i

Zelensky’s diaspora delegation led by economic hit-woman who led plunder of Ukraine – “In our exchange, Jaresko unabashedly defended Zelensky’s outlawing of 11 opposition political parties, his banning of opposition media, and his plans to blacklist the Russian wing of the Orthodox Church. “It’s martial law!” Jaresko exclaimed, justifying Kiev’s authoritarian crackdown as a necessary wartime measure. Jaresko has seen the corruption and de-democratization of Ukraine from within. She helped open up the country’s economy to Western multinationals after being appointed to the Foreign Investors Advisory Council of Victor Yuschenko, a neoliberal president who gained power thanks to the “Orange Revolution” backed by US intelligence and Western-aligned oligarchs George Soros and Boris Berisovsky in 2005.” – Max Blumenthal


Traders Are Dumping Everything… – “An initial excited bid in US equities this morning ignited hopes that the Santa Claus rally could indeed make an appearance… but that’s all been decimated now as Nasdaq and Small Caps lead the puke lower…” – Tyler Durden

The Financial “Samson Option” and What You Need To Do Before Governments Use It – “In short, the Samson Option is a threat that says, “if we’re going down, we are taking you with us.” I am bringing this up because governments also have a financial Samson Option… and they could soon use it to a devastating effect.” – Nick Giambruno

Excuse Me For Pointing Out That Free Money Does Not Combat Inflation – “Spain announces a $10.6 billion free money package to ease inflation pain. California did something similar. Let’s discuss both.” – Mish

Russia to divert metals away from West – “Russia will redirect its metal exports from Western countries to alternative markets due to sanctions imposed by the EU and US, Trade Minister Denis Manturov said on Monday. Moscow named China, Türkiye, South East Asia, member states of the Russia-led Eurasian Economic Union and CIS countries as priority areas for diversifying metal supplies. According to Manturov, trade flows will also focus on the Latin American, African and Middle Eastern markets.” – RT


The Cost of Easy Money Is Now Coming Due – Peter Schiff

Deutsche Bank AG STOCK QUOTE – 10.60EUR


Be Prepared For Deadly Blizzards – Bob Rodgers

Lessons Learned From a Winter Storm – Part 1 – “I have often bugged my wife to let us try a “long weekend without power”. I wanted to test my preps, byt so far she has not taken me up on my offer. However, recently Fate stepped in and gave me what I wanted. I am writing this to document my experience and my analysis of what I need to do to further my readiness.” – Michael X.

Mindset: Post-Holiday Positivity – “As the glimmer and fun of the holiday season come to an end, the nights are still long and dark for us in the Northern Hemisphere. If you find yourself feeling down this time of year, it’s important to take time to reflect. Long nights lend themselves to introspection for many of us, and if dark days lead to dark thoughts, stop, pick out the negative thoughts, and see what you can do about them.” – Marie Hawthorne


Jeremiah 5:4    Therefore I said, Surely these are poor; they are foolish: for they know not the way of the Lord, nor the judgment of their God.


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