The Year of the Gaslighter – “Seriously, if there were an Olympics of Gaslighting, GloboCap (i.e., the global corporatocracy) would take the gold in every event. At this point, the majority of the global masses have been successfully gaslighted into a semi-conscious, quasi-cyclothymic state in which they oscillate, on a moment-by-moment basis, between robotic obedience and impotent rage. Those who are not still walking around in their masks and prophylactic face shields and injecting themselves with experimental “vaccines” for reasons they no longer even pretend to be able to articulate without gibbering like imbeciles are genuflecting at the feet of an oligarch huckster who they believe has come to deliver them from Wokeness. Oh, and speaking of totalitarians, and fascists, and goose-stepping, Sieg-heiling neo-Nazis, the Gaslighting Cavalcade of 2022 reached a whole new level of gaslighting in March, when, after years of provocation, Russia finally invaded Ukraine, and all the Ukrainian neo-Nazis that the corporate media had been extensively reporting on magically vanished into the ether.” – CJ Hopkins

How Did U.S. Intelligence Spot the Virus in Wuhan Weeks Before China? – “Here’s something that’s been bugging me. How did US intelligence analysts pick up on what they deemed a dangerous novel virus in China at a time when there’s no good evidence China had picked up on it or was concerned? How did they spot the signal in all the noise of a normal Chinese flu season? US intelligence officials have admitted in various media reports to tracking the coronavirus outbreak in China since mid-November 2019, and even briefing NATO and Israel at the time. Yet at no point has any detail been provided on what caused them to take this unusual action.” – Will Jones

What Does a Remote Viewer Tell Us About the Fibrin Clots from Died Suddenly? – “I suspect absolutely nothing. But I do think it could potentially tell us something about the DoD’s involvement in the plandemonium. Let us start from the Big Picture view: The DoD is the obvious common thread. Remote Viewing (at least as a formal study, for some definition of “formal”) was perhaps first conceived at the Stanford Research Institute, but brought into Jim Channing’s military supersoldier program. It was run out of Fort Bragg, which is the home of the Army’s two Psychological Warfare Operations Groups (POGs), and I feel certain that mass psychological manipulation was the goal.” – Mathew Crawford  – IF YOU EVER HAVE A CHANCE, LISTEN TO ED DAMES ON SOME OLDER COAST TO COAST SHOWS HE IS A VERY INTERESTING LISTEN ON REMOTE VIEWING, GOOD ARTICLE FROM MATHEW!!!

WEF Pioneer Smart City: Dallas, TX – “PIttsburgh, Chattanooga, and San Jose are also on the WEF Track” – Sage Hana

How Children Were Directly Targeted To Get The Covid Vaccine Using TikTok. Ever Heard Of Project Halo. You Have Now… – “TikTok is owned by a company called Bytedance. Byte dance is a WEF member. Back in October 2020 when the vaccine was being “worked on” for its launch in December 2020 a web site was registered called Team Halo. Hold on to your tin foil hats its about to get fascinating. So what is Team Halo ? According to their own site “We are volunteer scientists and healthcare professionals from around the world, working to end this pandemic by contributing our time to address concerns and public health misinformation” ” – threadsirish

Can Routine Childhood Vaccines Contain mRNA? – “Since the rollout of the COVID-19 mRNA injections, more and more concerned parents have started to ask, “Are childhood vaccines safe?”” – Karen Kingston

Updated Boosters OK’d for Babies With Zero Data – “It’s bad enough that the FDA and CDC are authorizing COVID shots for babies based on zero data, but if the past two years have shown us anything, it’s that the COVID shots are the most dangerous medical intervention ever released. All the available evidence is weighted against them, yet the insanity continues.” – Dr. Joseph Mercola





The Important Things in Life Are Too Precious to Lose – “Over time, we live and observe so many different life changes, but seem to never figure out how to only seek and keep the best part of our lives. Instead, at least as it appears, the worst of mankind wins the day, and this should be unacceptable. We have ourselves, our thoughts, our dreams, and our love of life, so how can anything against times like these, interrupt and destroy our lives in favor of hatred? We have families, the most precious of gifts. We have children, the most innocent among us; who seem in most cases to find unconditional cooperation among themselves, and when strife does occur, they tend to forget quickly, and return to play. Why is it that we as adults never seem to grasp the nature of our own young children, and learn to play together as opposed to war against each other?” – Gary D. Barnett  – GOOD READ FROM GARY AS USUAL!!!!!

A Matter of Will – “As a human being you have rights, whether you claim them, or not; whether you’re allowed to exercise them, or not; whether they are written down or merely imprinted on one’s heart, they exist. The Declaration simply called to the citizens of America to recognize that within themselves they held the ability to shrug off that which no longer worked or had become abusive. We arrive now at a place in this nation where it’s known that certain bureaucracies of the federal government are dedicated to the absolute destruction of the republic and with it all of our rights. They have seized our property, our privacy, our standing before the courts, our elections, our ability to raise objections to their abuses and arrogance, their willful flouting of the laws and the public they’ve sworn allegiance to. They are traitors in the classical sense of the word, literal and damning.” – T.L. Davis

Secession: Why the Regime Tolerates Self-Determination for Foreigners, but Not for Americans – “Why is it that some governments are “allowed” self-determination by the US government, but any area presently within the national borders of the US—including member states with democratically elected governments—is to be denied self-determination until the end of time? The answer appears to be a mishmash of nationalism, half-baked “social contract” theory, and the old-fashioned desire to dominate others “for their own good.”” – Ryan McMaken

This Is Not Normal! The Nation Braces For A ‘Bomb Cylcone’ That Will Bring ‘The Coldest Air In Decades’ – “We are only at the very beginning of winter, and we are already being hit by a storm that will bring “the coldest air in decades” to many parts of the country. In fact, there will be some areas where wind chill temperatures drop so low that it will literally be “life-threatening” to be outside. Needless to say, we could really use some of that “global warming” they keep talking about right now, because conditions are going to be bitterly cold all over the U.S. this week.” – Michael Snyder

Now Biden Wants Title 42 to Stay – At Least Through Christmas? – “It makes one wonder just how prepared the Biden administration really was.” – James Fite  – GUESS HE DOESN’T WANT TO MAKE A TIDE OF IMMIGRANTS, AMERICA’S CHRISTMAS PRESENT!!!!!

The Democrats Are About to Split the Country Irreparably – “The closure of debate and free speech has spread from the university to the public schools to the corporate executive suite, to the military, to the media, to entertainment, to the medical profession. Those who dissent openly or even accidentally from the official narratives are censored, cancelled, fired, demonized, and if they were present at the US Capitol on January 6 framed as insurrectionists and imprisoned. It is now taken for granted in the major institutions of the US that white ethnicities are racist by nature and thereby guilty of oppressing black people. All meritocracy, success measures, literature, English language, math and science are declared to be tools of white oppression.” – Paul Craig Roberts

Sen. McConnell blunt: Senate Republicans couldn’t care less about you – “The newly elected Senate minority leader issues a clear statement about Senate priorities, and you’re nowhere on the list.” – Andrea Widburg

Congress Will Pass Ugly $1.65 Trillion, 4,155-Page Bill Members Will Never Read – “A massive omnibus bill is in the works. Let’s take a peek at a few things inside.” – Mish

Twitter: The Past, A Bright Future — Or Entropy Wins – “My my….. It seems that Twitter was knowingly used by the Pentagon in its influence operations — perhaps to propagandize Americans. This would not be all that big of a deal except that the company has repeatedly claimed that it goes after “inauthentic” activity by governments, and does not specifically exclude ours. That is, such covert influencing operations are not only against the rules Twitter has testified before Congress that it proactively seeks and shuts down such attempts. They lied. Not only did they permit it they went further, it is alleged, and actively enabled the activity, including by “whitelisting” requested accounts so they would not be flagged by Twitter’s automated (and presumably, human) intervention and pattern-analysis activities which would could otherwise detect and shut down said accounts. These accounts were explicitly set up for propaganda purposes and were effectively given license by Twitter to do so.” – Karl Denninger

Eyes wide shut on the Balenciaga scandal – “Some are too quick to explain away and dismiss the fashion brand’s controversial advert featuring children and sexualized teddy bears” – Matthieu Buge

NATO Decides to Attack Russia in Ukraine – “Ukraine is unable to defeat Russia. The next step is for direct NATO involvement.” – Kurt Nimmo

Kremlin Reacts To Patriot Missiles For Ukraine – Tyler Durden

Puppet Zelensky Is Coming to Town – “After making a list and checking it twice, the naughty, not nice, Biden regime arranged for the Ukrainian puppet to meet face-to-face with the White House imposter and address a joint session of Congress on Wednesday in prime time. In support of the scourge of Nazism and perpetual war on Russia, the US-installed puppet will reportedly thank Congress for over $100 billion in US military aid since 2014 and beg for more. As part of a newly unveiled $1.7 trillion omnibus spending bill, undemocratic Dem congressional members, in cahoots with RINOs, included another $45 billion for Ukrainian Nazis to continue perpetual war on Russia.” – Stephen Lendman

U.S. Congress Prepares to Declare War Against Russia – “The Hill newspaper headlined on December 21st “Congress aims to label Russia ‘Aggressor State’ instead of state sponsor of terrorism”, and reported that Congressional leadership is working to quickly introduce a bill condemning Russia as an “Aggressor State” amid plans for Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky to visit Washington on Wednesday. Casting the issue as “Russia is an aggressor state,” is preparatory for Congress to declare war against Russia as America declared war against Japan on 8 December 1941,” – Eric Zuesse

Washington Is Prolonging Ukraine’s Suffering – “Washington’s refusal to acknowledge Russia’s legitimate security interests in Ukraine and negotiate an end to this war is the path to protracted conflict and human suffering” – Douglas Macgregor, Col. (ret.)






What’s Your Line in the Sand? The $25 Burger? – “The gag reflex kicks in at some point and we walk away because it is no longer worth the price. Everyone has a line in the sand when it comes to inflated prices they refuse to pay. For one Walmart shopper I observed, it was a carton of eggs for close to $10. She announced her line in the sand verbally, with great force and sincerity. What’s your line in the sand, the point at which you simply refuse to pay the asking price? Is it the $25 burger? Or is it the $50 for two burritos and two beverages?” – Charles Hugh Smith

Jittery January – A Picture is Worth a Thousand Words – “Should we be nervous about what the New Year will bring? Comparing the S&P 500 chart from the year of the financial crash (2008) with current trends seems to suggest so. Or will they manage to kick the can down the road even longer?” – The Naked Emperor

This Is A SEA CHANGE; Reset Coming (VIDEO) with Andy Schectman – “Easy monetary policy has led to massive malinvestment. At the same time, the biggest money in the world is moving into commodities and real assets. “This is a sea change,” says Andy Schectman, president & CEO of Miles Franklin Precious Metal Investments. The BRICS nations seem to be preparing as well. Schectman expects in 2023, the BRICS nations will roll out a new reserve currency backed by a basket of commodities.” – Liberty and Finance

Mr. Gensler, the U.S. Stock Market Structure Is an Institutionalized Wealth Transfer System = Pam Martens and Russ Martens

Deutsche Bank AG STOCK QUOTE – 10.67EUR





How to Mentally Prepare Yourself for the EPIC Economic SHTF That’s Coming – “I know many people are tired of hearing the economy will crash, and we’ll suffer the consequences for years to come. I get mocked all the time for continually talking about a reckoning of epic proportions. “For more than a decade, yet nothing has happened,” I keep hearing. And my reply to that? “Wrong!”” – Fabian Ommar

The Most Common Survival Foods You Should Learn How To Prepare – Dan Mowinski

12 Native American Remedies That We Lost To History – Rebekah P

Keeping Warm When the Heat is Out – “With winter upon us, any power outage means we’re without heat. Depending on where you are and just how cold it is, it can take anywhere from hours to days for your home to cool down and your family to start complaining about being cold. Of course, they’ll start complaining long before the cold gets to be a serious problem; but that doesn’t mean you can ignore it. In reality, it should be a couple of days before your home gets cold enough that it truly becomes a survival concern.” – Bill White  – ARE YOU PREPARED FOR THE POLAR VORTEX COMING STARTING TONIGHT!!!!!

Cold Exposure May Inhibit Cancer Growth By ‘Hijacking’ Glucose Storage – Tyler Durden




Isaiah 7:14     Therefore the Lord himself shall give you a sign; Behold, a virgin shall conceive, and bear a son, and shall call his name Immanuel.




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