Biden’s latest JFK document dump is a JOKE – “Waiting for a government – any government – to release their “secret” files is a waste of your time, and reading anything they eventually publish is doubly so. If you didn’t learn that from the nothing-burger that was the 28 pages on 9/11, or the pathetic exercise in revisionism that made up the Afghanistan Papers…you should definitely have learned it today. Yes, Joe Biden’s administration has just released their promised “secret” JFK papers. Turns out that Oswald acted alone. It was always going to be that way. After all, JFK has been dead for six decades, that is more than enough time to redact, edit, censor and indeed forge documents ’til they tell the story you want to tell. Hell, it’s possible these files didn’t even exist until a couple of days ago.” – Kit Knightly  – YEA, RIGHT. JUST THE  ASSERTION THAT OSWALD ACTED ALONE TELLS YOU THIS WAS ALL “BS”!!!!!

COVID Vaccines Do Not Prevent Hospitalizations in the UK – “But they work great in the USA, right?” – Igor Chudov

Kick Me – “Remember the ugly prank taping a sheet of paper on a nerd’s back (or on the back of some other vulnerable innocent) that said KICK ME? I saw some lone masked dude walking down the street the other day, and as he passed me I was compelled to kick him in the butt. Now I am on the other side of that boot—a bully, angry, for whatever psychological reason, with a guy wearing the “kick me” sign, not on his back, but on his face. It has come to that. At least for me.” – Todd Hayen, PhD, RP

Killing fields of liberal Canada: Shocking figures reveal thousands including those who aren’t terminally ill are choosing to end their lives under the world’s most open assisted suicide system as fears emerge scheme could be rolled out to children – Tom Leonard

Dark Conspiracy Theory Friday: Nanotechnology and COVID-19 – “Is there any doubt in your mind that this Operation was not long planned?” – Sage Hana

Russia & VT Exposes US Bio Weapons in Georgia-Ukraine – “Silverman explains how the US lacks enough combat soldiers, actual boots on the ground, and therefore cannot win conventional wars – look at Afghanistan, for instance. The US Department of Defense and its NATO henchmen rely too much on shady defense contractors, outsourcing much of what a military should do itself, and chooses to think high technology and biology can pick up the slack. Bio weapons provide an insidious alternative, as they can inflict much suffering, and it is not even necessary to use them to kill the population en masse, simply to overload the medical system and bring the economy of your enemy to a standstill. We should get used to being lied to about bio agents, especially dangerous pathogens, and let’s not forget why the Spanish flu is called that rather than the Kansas flu.” – Henry Kamens

NYT Falsely Reports COVID’s CFR is 3%, Overstating it Several-Fold – “Earlier today, Apoorva Mandavilli, the New York Times’ go-to journaler of Covid “science,” published a real masterpiece of agitprop titled The Coronavirus May Spread From Corpses, Scientists Report. Even if the headline isn’t enough, the Times managed to overstate COVID’s case fatality rate (CFR) by more than three-fold, falsely stating that “about 3 percent of those diagnosed with Covid-19” die. No mainstream source shows Covid’s cumulative CFR to be over 1%, and the current rate is considerably lower. This, of course, is in keeping with a long line of extreme statistical misstatements that have been published by Ms. Mandavilli in the New York Times over the past three years.” – Michael P Senger  – THE TIMES, MAKING UP STATS AND PUSHING PROPAGANDA DAILY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

How They Plan to Take Your House: The Agenda 2030 Wealth Transfer (VIDEO) – Bjorn Andreas Bull-Hansen  – ANOTHER GOOD VIDEO FROM BJORN!!!!

Long Covid: Another successful Fraud – “Today, as predicted, long covid is one of the important causes of the global recession which is devastating the world. It’s vital that we keep telling the world the truth about this imaginary disease – and how it is being used, how it has become the shirker’s dream disease and why it is the hypochondriac’s Christmas gift that keeps on giving.” – Dr Vernon Coleman





The populist who gets things done – “With Ron DeSantis, we see American populism shifting from words to action. Ron DeSantis is the man of the moment in American politics. It is the breadth of DeSantis’s victory in November that has most excited Republicans. He turned a state that was recently considered ‘purple’ – that is, a toss-up between the Democrats and Republicans – into a deeply red state.” – Sean Collins

The Democrats’ Slow Motion Insurrection – “The Jan. 6 Capitol ruckus is not one of our country’s greatest moments. But if the objective of a few of the protesters was to overthrow the federal government, they planned and executed poorly. The same can’t be said of the Democrats. Their mostly bloodless coup to suspend constitutional limits and seize unchallenged power has been thoroughly calculated and expertly executed.” – I & I Editorial Board

Tragic Trump ‘Comedy’ That Belies Imagination and Sanity – “Have you been waiting with bated breath? Have you had sleepless nights? Have you felt the excitement of anticipation, and have you heard the most important announcement of our lives? It has finally happened; the new Superhero Trump Non-Fungible Token (NFT) Digital Trading Card is here! How have we all survived until now without this magnificent once in a lifetime treasure? This is truly a “major announcement,” a term coined by Trump himself. All for only $99 dollars! It would make a great Christmas gift for anyone! This horrible snake-oil sales pitch went on and on, but I just could not stomach any more of this direct quote by this narcissist circus performer who thinks himself God.” – Gary D. Barnett

Brittney Griner Smokes Dope for Freedom – “Was WNBA star Brittney Griner the subject of so much White House attention because she was an important showpiece demographic? Nobody can claim they are unhappy Griner is home safely in the U.S., free again to use marijuana and remain seated during the national anthem ahead of her WNBA games. No one can sit here and say she should have better been left to suffer in Russia. But at the same time Griner through all fault of her own ended up in the middle of a foreign policy struggle. What did we learn from all this? It’s doubtful Griner herself learned much. Firstly, Americans should not be as stupid as Griner and try to smuggle drugs into foreign countries with stricter laws than here at home, whether we’re at war or not. Griner’s action was a near-Hollywood trope, all the way back to Midnight Express, the “good” kid trapped in a horrible nightmare of foreign detention. Luckily we didn’t have to watch the, um, “romantic scene” pressed against the glass in Griner’s case the way it was highlighted in Express. We also learned, in WNBA terms, the Biden administration has no game.” – Peter Van Buren

Biden Makes up a Story About Awarding a Purple Heart, and It Gets Much Worse From There – “In a development sure to surprise absolutely no one, Joe Biden is currently spending another weekend vacationing in Delaware. Upon his arrival on Friday, though, he did manage to squeeze in an appearance at an event for veterans in New Castle. While there he gave a riveting tale about awarding his uncle a purple heart. In a development sure to surprise absolutely no one, Joe Biden is currently spending another weekend vacationing in Delaware. Upon his arrival on Friday, though, he did manage to squeeze in an appearance at an event for veterans in New Castle. While there he gave a riveting tale about awarding his uncle a purple heart.” – Bonchie  – THIS GUY IS NOTHING BUT A STRING OF LIES!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Don’t Believe The Biden Cabal, The U.S. Economy Is Collapsing! Civil Unrest, Food Shortages, Gas Rationing, And Eventually Martial Law Is Enacted When A Nation Falls – Susan Duclos

Sam Bankman-Fried is not the only fraudster in America – “It would take an eternity for SBF to graduate to the level of these government and quasi-government scammers. At the time of his bankruptcy filing, FTX’s liabilities were in the neighborhood of ten to fifty billion dollars. Compare that to the greater than $31 trillion in debt the U.S. government has rung up. Imagine how footloose and fancy-free Sam would have been if he could have employed the same debt deferment plan as the U.S. government and the Federal Reserve. Printing money is a great way to bolster your financial situation. We could all be quite wealthy if that method of alleviating debt were widely available. Unfortunately for us, only the feds can utilize the benefits of the printing press.” – Frank Liberato

WARNING Post Office Fraud – Martin Armstrong

Israel and the Rise of Jewish Fascism – “The mask is being lifted from the face of Israel’s apartheid state, exposing a grinning death’s head that portends the obliteration of the few restraints against killing Palestinians.” – Chris Hedges

The Petrodollar’s Long Goodbye – “As part of their concern about “currency power,” many countries in the Global South are eager to develop non-dollar trade and investment systems” – Vijay Prashad

Carthage Must Be Destroyed! – “Moscow as the New Carthage. In the past year we have already seen the West demonstrate it has reached a state of chronic criminal insanity. First, they blew up the Nord Stream Pipeline which will cause the deindustrialisation of Western Europe. That is criminally insane! Then, Ukraine, under western supervision and using western weapons, has spent the past six months shelling the Zaporizhia Nuclear Power Station in an effort to cause a nuclear accident. That is criminally insane! Now, the Russian MOD already has said they have evidence that the NATO-backed Ukrainians are planning a false flag radiological or nuclear weapon detonation on their own soil!!! That is criminally suicidally insane! We have reached a point in world history where the West appears to be planning a nuclear false flag attack in Ukraine to be blamed on Russia in order to justify the next big change, whatever that is. And Russia stands in their way. The leaders of the West have gone certifiably mad. And this means that MAD is no longer a shield against nuclear war.” – David Sant

News From the NATOstan-Imposed Meat Grinder – “No one ever lost money capitalizing on the unlimited nonsense spewed out by the collective deer caught in the headlights also known as Western mainstream media – complete with showering Person of the Year awards on a megalomaniac, cocaine-fueled lousy actor impersonating a warlord. The non-stop trashy parade of Western military analysts is now “assessing” that the first targets of an incoming, joint Russia-Belarus attack on the 404 black hole formerly known as Ukraine will be Lviv, Lutsk, Rivne, Zhytomyr, and why not throw Kiev in the mix straight out of a second axis. And then there’s outright panic, as the Ministry of Defense announced that the Strategic Missile Forces have loaded two Yars ICBMs into their intended silos. Cue to widespread shrieks of horror of the “Russia Readies Nuclear Missile Capable Of Striking Deep Into US” variety. Some facts though never change. Number One is NATO as a figment of the collective West’s – extremely impaired – imagination. If push ever came to shove – as Straussian/neo-con armchair warriors hope and pray – Russia can conveniently defeat the whole of NATO as there is hardly anything “there”.” – Pepe Escobar

What will happen to ethnic Russians in Donbass and Crimea, if Ukraine and NATO emerge victorious from the current conflict? – “The brutal treatment of ‘collaborators’ could extend to millions of people” – John Varoli




The Fed’s Powell Admits “I Don’t Know What We’ll Do” in 2023 – “Markets, however, continue to cling to the idea that a soft landing is coming, and this is why there is relatively little alarm over the Fed’s predictions of weak economic fundamentals next year and continued inflation. Markets continue to indulge in quite a bit of wishful thinking in the narrative that mere moderation in the economy—with a mild recession at worst—will bring inflation down, and then that the Fed can return to pumping out a wave of easy money.” – Ryan McMaken

Investors Brace for the Fed’s Hard Landing – “As investors hope for a Santa Claus rally in the days ahead, the Grinch is looking to steal their holiday cheer.” – Mike Gleason

Why Central Banks Will Choose Recession Over Inflation – “While many market participants are concerned about rate increases, they appear to be ignoring the largest risk: the potential for a massive liquidity drain in 2023.” – Daniel Lacalle

Home flipping profits drop at the fastest pace in over a decade – “Investors are pulling out of the flipping market, as profits drop very quickly.” – Diana Olick

Merry Frugal Christmas: How to Enjoy the Holidays Without Going Broke – Daisy Luther

This Housing Bubble Could Be Worse Than 2008 – “Back in November we covered how inflation, mortgage rates, and prices were making things worse for the housing market – in other words, for everyone who owns a home (or has a mortgage) and everyone who invests in housing (developers, real estate speculators etc.). Looks like the bill has come due, and the housing bubble is about to return to earth…” – Peter Reagan

US DOUBLESPEAK WILL NOT STOP GOLD’S IMMINENT SURGE – “Propaganda, lies and censorship are all part of desperate governments actions as the economy disintegrates. We are today seeing both news and history being rewritten to suit the woke trends that permeate society at every level, be it covid, the number of genders, the Ukraine war or government finances.” – Egon von Greyerz




How To Use A Door Security Bar For An Extra Layer Of Protection – “A door security bar. It’s a simple, easy, effective way to help secure your front door (or any door)! I have two of them. One each for the front and back doors. Not that I’m particularly concerned about a security threat at my present home location, one never knows for sure, right? Since it’s ridiculously easy to use, it has become habit to place it under the door knob every evening.” – Ken Jorgustin


What Keeps Me Busy In My Homestead During Winter – Sunny M




Proverbs 12:20    Deceit is in the heart of them that imagine evil: but to the counsellors of peace is joy.