Twitter Became the Ministry of Truth – “New material Musk released over the weekend confirms the very worst. The banal boys and girls previously ensconced in Twitter’s top echelons were not only having a jolly time attempting to steer the nation’s news narrative; these executives were actually meeting weekly with FBI, Homeland Security and national intelligence officials to discuss “disinformation” they wanted removed from the site, including the notorious suppression of the Hunter Biden laptop story. That’s just one step removed from a state-run Ministry of Truth and is perhaps even more insidious. That’s because it didn’t even involve unwanted and unconstitutional coercion. Instead, the executives of this private enterprise were voluntarily neglecting their day jobs (maximizing corporate profits and shareholder value) in order to spend a huge amount of corporate time and resources propagating official narratives and suppressing dissenting view” – David Stockman

Blood Clot Mania – “Put two and two together and you’ve got what seems to be a clear indication that anyone having taken the killer vaccination will soon die and, if not the actual cause of death, will certainly develop these almost alien like forms in their blood vessels. Talk about Invasion of the Body Snatchers! What could be more obvious? Or is it as obvious as it seems? Well, it is rather indisputable that something quite horrific is happening. I think it has pretty much been proven these things are indeed unique, and never seen before” – Todd Hayen, PhD, RP

“Sudden death from unknown cause” – “Quite a jump in the German data” – El Gato Malo

Pandemicism and the Foreknowledge of the Virus Planners – “What’s missing from all these planning scenarios – what every last one of them fails to predict – is the steely biomedical dictatorship that emerged to ruin all of our lives in 2020. Nobody in any of these wargames is ever locked up in their homes.” – eugyppius

How Lockdowns Made Us Sicker – “Rather than encouraging the vulnerable populations to shelter and everyone else to gain immunities through living normal life, lockdown policies pushed the working classes in front of the pathogen as a protection scheme for ruling classes. And yet now, the results are in. Those who delayed infection for as long as possible, or otherwise tried to game the careful ecological balance with newly invented shots, not only eventually got Covid but made themselves even more vulnerable to diseases that are already endemic in the population.” – Jeffrey A. Tucker

Banks Freeze Funds of Pro-Free Speech Video Platform Bitchute – Brian Shilhavy

Pathologist Receives Inflamed Calcified Placentas from ‘Vaccinated’ Women Full of Spike Protein and Antibodies (VIDEO) – “And then they came for the unborn. Dr. Ryan Cole, the pathologist who has been speaking about the anomalies he has discovered in the bodies of vaccinated and unvaccinated patients since the roll-out of the covid shots, is now seeing unusual signs that are a huge red flag for fertility. “People are sending me placentas,” Dr. Cole told Dr. Drew on his eponymous show. “These placentas are the wrong size for their gestational age; these placentas are calcified; these placentas have antibodies in them; these placentas have spike protein in them; these placentas have induced excess inflammation.” ” – Miranda Sellick

World’s first ‘artificial womb facility’ is creepy glimpse of pregnancy in the future – Metro Tech Reporter

‘Pure Blood’ Movement: Viral Immunology Professor Explains Why He Does Not Want ‘Vaccinated’ Blood – Lioness of Judah Ministry




A Tale of Two Narratives : Twitter Edition – “On the one hand, lots of people react to the following tweet by Elon Musk, ‘My Pronouns Are Prosecute/Fauci,’ by claiming Fauci saved millions of lives. On the other hand, just as many people (or so it seems) claim Fauci killed millions of people. It’s hard to get a bigger, and more consequential, chasm, than that. And apparently this Musk tweet got the most likes in Twitter history. What does that tell us? This chasm is not just on Twitter, this is the entire country plus anywhere else on the planet where people follow this. Despite the enormous 24/7 pressure to accept “The Science”, get a shot and a mask, and shut up. “- Raúl Ilargi Meijer  – GOOD READ FROM RAUL!!!

All the proof you need: The left wants to steal your guns – “Leftist liberty deniers parrot a version of “nobody wants to take anybody’s guns away” in almost any debate on the commonsense civil right of self-defense for several reasons. They do this primarily to give you a false sense of security that they really aren’t out to confiscate guns — when that has been and always will be their ultimate goal. But that isn’t the only reason. They want to avoid the stark, historical comparisons with authoritarian fascists and socialists of the recent past that began their oppressive regimes with the confiscation of guns. Always keep in mind that the gaslighting ghouls of the left are lying about their ultimate goal of taking your guns and that everything they do is built around that endpoint.” – D. Parker

The Justice Department Faces Questions After Effectively Preventing Bankman-Fried from Testifying in Congress – “The arrest of Sam Bankman-Fried yesterday was sudden and unexpected in light of Bankman-Fried’s plan to testify before Congress. As a criminal defense attorney, my reaction to the arrest last night remains unchanged: this is the first time that I can recall where prosecutors moved aggressively to stop a defendant from making self-incriminating statements. His testimony would have been entirely admissible and likely devastating at trial. So why would the Justice Department move to stop the self-inflicted damage? You have a major target who was about to voluntarily testify for hours. That is ordinarily a dream for prosecutors, but the Justice Department moved quickly to prevent that from happening. At that stage, Bankman-Fried was not charged or in custody. He was not protected by Miranda or other constitutional rules from self-incriminating statements. The curious move led many to question whether the Biden Administration was eager to prevent questions on Bankman-Fried’s political contributions and associations.” – Jonathan Turley  – OF COURSE THEY WANT TO SHUT HIM UP!!!!

The Seth Rich Case Gets Richer – “The FBI claims the second computer of the slain DNC staffer is not an “actual record.” Oh, really?” – Lloyd Billingsley

Paul Pelosi attends Kennedy Center Honors in first appearance since hammer attack – “Paul Pelosi was wearing a hat and one glove at the awards ceremony, possibly to conceal injuries he sustained from the assault.” – Allie Griffin

Monopolies and Cartels Are “Communism for the Rich” – Charles Hugh Smith

Did Russia and China sign a secret defense pact? – “It would be an unexpected development, as both countries have long eschewed Cold War-style blocs and alliances.” – Ted Snider

Putin Shrugs-Off Washington’s Provocations and ‘Sticks to Business’ – “Last week’s drone attacks on Russian military bases represent a serious escalation in Washington’s proxy war on Russia. We have no doubt that Russia’s Top Brass recommended tit-for-tat missile strikes beyond Ukraine’s borders as a form of equal payback. Fortunately, cooler heads prevailed and the military stuck with its current strategy of obliterating critical infrastructure in cities across the country. Just hours after the third attack, Secretary of State Anthony Blinken delivered a statement denying any responsibility for the incident. Not surprisingly, Blinken’s denial fell well-short of a formal repudiation of the attack itself which one might have expected. More to the point, it appears that the US was directly involved given that “Both NATO and Russian observers (claim) US satellite involvement in attacks on Russian bases.” – Mike Whitney

NATO Chief Voices Fear Of War With Russia While US Greenlights Drone Strikes On Russian Territory – “And it’s pretty crazy to hear Stoltenberg voice these concerns even while the Pentagon gives the go-ahead for Ukraine to begin launching long-range attacks on targets inside Russia in its war that is being backed by the United States, because those two positions would seem to be pretty strongly at odds with each other.” – Caitlin Johnstone

A Hair Trigger on Endgame – “The insouciance of Washington and its European puppets toward the dangerous situation they are provoking with Russia is frightening. The Western world is now led by people who have made it clear that they will risk nuclear war in their pursuit of American hegemony. Evil has clearly triumphed in the Western world.” – Paul Craig Roberts

At Least The Russians Told Us They Have Doomsday Machine – “The economic impact of a small nuclear exchange would likely be devastating on a global scale. The environmental impact of course would be equally terrible. Imagine a large scale nuclear exchange. When you look at risk and reward, the escalation of this conflict becomes less and less rational. Imagine if Russia took the Biden regime change speech seriously in the spring. Thankfully our puppet fake president is not taken seriously. At least in the cold war there was a healthy fear of blowing up the world.” – Dr. Joseph Sansone

How Will the Blob React if Ukraine Faces Defeat? – “Members of the US foreign policy establishment do not have a good track record about being willing to abandon failed enterprises. It is hard to imagine that people with the same mentality will abandon Ukraine after exerting every effort to portray that country as a vibrant democracy and a crucial ally.” – Ted Galen Carpenter





A Wall Street Bank Is Warning That Millions Of Americans Will Lose Their Jobs In 2023 – Michael Snyder

Your Second-To-Last Chance To Get It Wrong In 2022 – “It’s US inflation day. As such, when you look at things from a structural, political-economy, or geopolitical perspective, it is hard not to see major inflation risks for a long time ahead.” – Michael Every


Has Inflation Finally Peaked? Let’s Take a Look… – “The markets have reached a new level of stupidity. Stocks are exploding higher based on inflation coming in at 7.1% Year over Year. This is apparently great news because Wall Street expected the number to be somewhere between 7.2% and 7.6%. So, according to those buying stocks today, a 0.1% “beat” on an inflation number that is still north of 7% despite the Fed implementing its most aggressive rate hike cycle in 40 years in is a reason to panic bid stocks higher.” – Graham Summers, MBA

The Precious Metals Sector May Have Started A Sustainable Bull Cycle – DaveKranzler

Why Investors Are Obsessed with the Fed “Pivot” – Daniel Lacalle

Avoid Silver American Eagles… and Save Big – “Most long-time bullion investors know Silver American Eagle premiums are very high these days. The coins command a numismatic-like premium, but they are anything but collectible. The dysfunctional U.S. Mint makes tens of millions of them each year. But unlike well-run private mints, these government bureaucrats are incapable of or unwilling to address their production and sourcing stumbles, so demand for silver Eagles continues to outstrip supply. Buying silver Eagles is something of habit for some investors. In addition, the droves of newcomers entering the markets these days are instinctively drawn to the coins. They are official, legal tender and carry universal recognizability. However, as our staff will explain to anyone who asks, there are alternatives which offer so much greater value.” – Clint Siegner  – AS I HAVE STATED BEFORE, AN OUNCE IS AN OUNCE BE IT AN EAGLE OR A ROUND OR BAR!!!!

Will Gold Be a Top-Performing Asset in 2023? – Peter Reagan

Deutsche Bank AG STOCK QUOTE – 10.20EUR





Winter Survival in the Wild – “Most of what I see about wilderness survival seems to be written as if all survival situations happen in the summertime, with good weather. There never seems to be any issue with cold, rain or snow; but if you ever find yourself surviving in the wilderness, you can pretty much count having at least one of those weather conditions, if not all three. This attitude of good weather shows up in how most preppers build their bug out bags. It’s rare to see sleeping bags, tents and other things to help keep you warm, even though backpackers carry them regularly. I carry rescue blankets and have used them in survival situations; but I’d never trust one to keep me as warm and comfortable as a nice down sleeping bag. Surviving in the winter requires being ready for the cold” – Bill White

How to Help Non-Preppers to Prepare with (PODCAST) – “In this episode, Brian talks about the types of preparedness, types of disasters, objections to prepping, and how this all relates to current events.” – Jen Helm

This Is Why You Should Have Diatomaceous Earth Around Your Property – “Diatomaceous Earth (DE) is a natural product composed of the fossils of tiny algae-like organisms called diatoms. It is a soft white or off-white powder that is slightly abrasive. Food-grade diatomaceous earth is safe for consumption by both humans and animals and is beneficial to the body. The FDA lists food-grade diatomaceous earth as “Generally Recognized as Safe.” It is important to note that the diatomaceous earth used in these applications must be food-grade.” – Diane Watkins

17 Best Axe Styles Illustrated and Explained – Samantha Biggers




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