The Climate Alarmists Are Deeply Disturbed People – “We feel confident in saying that not a single prediction of global warming catastrophe has occurred. The alarmists know their forecasts of doom have been comically wrong. But rather than admit their errors, they point to natural events as evidence that they’re not wrong and keep warning us that the end is near. There must be something wrong with them.” – I & I Editorial Board

Dane Wigington on climate engineering (VIDEO) – Jerm Warfare  – VERY GOOD INTERVIEW WITH DANE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Myocarditis Safety Data existed at least 4 Months before it was made public – “How many youngsters were jabbed and got myocarditis in the meantime?” – The Naked Emperor

When Does Cherry Picking Data Become a Crime? – “A manufacturer can be convicted of fraud and other crimes if the manufacturer engaged in another criminal or illegal activity related to the safety and efficacy of ‘vaccines'” – Karen Kingston

China: The World’s First Technate – Part 2 – “While there is a lot of debate about the extent of “legitimate” technocratic governance in the West’s supposedly liberal representative democracies, governance is just one aspect of technocracy. In other words, technocratic governance alone is not technocracy.” – Iain Davis  – GOOD ARTICLE ON TECHNOCRACY. PART ONE PREVIOUSLY LINKED!!!!

Dialogue with a Narrative Believer – “Responses to My First 10 Questions!” – Margaret Anna Alice

Neil Oliver gives his take on the Green Agenda that’s ‘NOT GREEN'(VIDEO) with Neil Oliver – GBNews  – ANOTHER GOOD ONE FROM NEIL!!!!

Discriminatory attitudes of the vaccinated – “New study finds people who are vaccinated against COVID-19 show more negative attitudes towards unvaccinated individuals than unvaccinated individuals direct towards vaccinated individuals.” – Winston Smith

9/11 Planes: Paging all Readers – “Did YOU personally see a plane fly into the WTC?” – Sage Hana

The FDA Says Ivermectin Is Ineffective Against COVID…But Links To Studies Which Show That It Is. – “Rule number one of citing primary research to prove a thesis: always read the source material first and be sure that it actually supports your argument.” – Peter Nayland Kust

What Is CISA and Why Does It Matter? – “On October 27, 2022, Elon Musk fired Vijaya Gadde from her job at Twitter where she was general counsel and the head of legal, policy, and trust. It became quickly obvious to him and others on his team that it was she who drove the censorship policy within the company, including that which blocked all information about Hunter Biden’s laptop before the 2020 election and otherwise shut down critics of government Covid policy. Her termination from Twitter did not leave her unemployed and homeless. A year earlier, she had already been tapped as an advisor to CISA, which is the government’s Cybersecurity and Infrastructure Security Agency headed by Jen Easterly, who was chosen to head the new agency (created in 2018) out of her tenure at the National Security Agency. ” – Jeffrey A. Tucker





Swimming with Sharks – “So, Elon Musk’s new free-speech Twitter appears to going extremely well. Critics of the official Covid narrative, and the official Ukraine narrative, and Elon Musk, are still being deplatformed, censored, and defamed, but, otherwise, you can tweet whatever you want! If you want to tweet about how Elon is running Twitter almost single-handedly or is otherwise heroically “doing God’s work,” go for it … you can tweet stuff like that all day! OK, sure, if you don’t want to do that, and, instead, you want to tweet about the systematic destabilization and radical restructuring of global society that has been carried out by the global-capitalist ruling classes during the past three years, or the most insidious official propaganda and gaslighting campaign in human history, or if you want to tweet about neo-Nazis in the Ukraine, or anything else the Emperor Elonicus doesn’t want you to tweet about, well, not to put too fine a point on it, you’re fucked. Fucked as in suspended, or censored, or “deboosted,” or “visibility filtered,” or maybe your account is just hidden from view behind one of these fake “sensitive content” warnings, exactly like it was on non-free-speech Twitter …” – CJ Hopkins

The Biggest Obstacle To Real Freedom Is The Belief That We Already Have It – “If you live in one of the so-called free democracies of the western world, the worst mistake you can make is to buy into the hype. To believe you are a free individual in a nation that respects and protects your freedom and individuality.” – Caitlin Johnstone

To Hell with Iran, China & Hunter: Americans Are Suffering – “To be both white and unvaccinated—the COVID clot-shot having been transformed into an Orwellian mark of compliance—is to be blighted twice. Officially, unvaccinated non-citizens may still not enter the United States. The TSA and the DHS have decided to extend President Biden’s Proclamation banning unvaccinated non-citizens from entering the US at least until January. The GOP is mum. It is clear this edict is not enforced against the millions of Latin Americans and other browns and blacks pouring into America from across the globe with no end in sight. Equally dispiriting—more in need of legislator oversight than the Hunter Biden distraction—is the plight of very many Americans who’re denied access to major arteries of commerce and democratic participation having been convicted of thought crimes, for expressing impolite and impolitic ideas.” – Ilana Mercer

African reporter claims repeated discrimination in Biden’s White House press briefing room – “On his very first day at the White House, Joe Biden laid down the rules about the work environment he wanted. “If you are ever working with me and I hear you treat another colleague with disrespect, or talk down to someone, I promise you I will fire you on the spot.” Almost two years later, those promises have melted into thin air.. The latest casualty in Biden’s war on the adversarial press is a journalist named Simon Ateba, who works for Today News Africa, a news organization focusing on U.S.-Africa ties.” – Rajan Laad

Fox News MIA on Lake lawsuit – ““Fair, Balanced and Unafraid” is now a distant memory. Whatever the cause, considering the Fox News Channel to be a name to trust is a complete waste of time. The fix is in. Fox News reports on what they are told, not what is important for the country. This includes the most popular shows in the evening, Jesse Waters, Tucker Carlson, Shawn Hannity, and Laura Ingraham. All four still appear to be fighting for our country, but only on approved stories.” – Jack Gleason – IS FOX JUST CONTROLLED OPPOSITION NOW AS THE WRITER SUGGESTS!!!!!!!!

Elon Didn’t Reinstate My Twitter Account – “Elon Musk is a member in good standing with the global elite. Elon Musk, the richest man in the world, bought Twitter and said those of us banished to the social media hinterland will be reinstated. I’m still waiting. Yes, interesting, so long as you don’t mention Ukraine. All it took was one post pointing out an irrefutable fact. There are neo-Nazi thugs in Ukraine, in the government and military, and Biden and Congress have sent them billions of dollars. Mentioning this truth resulted in a permanent ban.” – Kurt Nimmo

HoHoHo… UK’s New Stealth War Machine to Warm Hearts of Poor and Freezing Britons – “Poor and freezing Britons will no doubt be cheered by the BBC’s report that Britain is to build a new stealth fighter jet. How cozy to know the skies above are being protected while you and your children are huddled under dank blankets with ice on the inside of windows. It’s surreal what people are being insulted with these days. The term “stealth jet” is well-named. The stealth of robbing people with a ridiculous boondoggle. Rishi Sunak, the British prime minister, announced the “good news” while visiting an RAF base as if it was an early Christmas gift to the nation.” – Finian Cunningham

Drought in Argentina-nothing alive – “The stark signs of a historic drought that is hammering crops and farmers like Ignacio Bastanchuri include the dried-out bed of a huge lagoon in the fields around the town of Navarro in Argentina’s Pampas farm belt and the decaying bodies of dead cattle. Navarro is one of dozens of towns in the bread-basket province of Buenos Aires struggling under the prolonged drought that is threatening the country’s major wheat, corn, and soy crops.” – Budrigan News

Ukraine’s Odesa Plunged Into Darkness After ‘Kamikaze Drone’ Attacks – Tyler Durden

Ukraine SitRep – Catastrophic Losses, Failing Wonder Weapons, NATO Escalation – Moon of Alabama

Plant-Based Meat Substitutes Lack Nutritional Quality Of The Real Thing, Study Reveals – “Researchers analyzed 44 different meat alternatives available for purchase in Sweden. Most of these products consist of soy and pea protein, but they also include the fermented soy product tempeh and mycoproteins — proteins from fungi. Results show plant-based meat alternatives don’t measure up to the innate nutritional value of consuming animal protein.” – Chris Melore





What Does the Fed’s Jerome Powell Have Up His Sleeve? – “The Real Goal of Fed Policy: Breaking Inflation, the Middle Class or the Bubble Economy?” – Ellen Brown

Hundreds Of Thousands Of U.S. Homeowners Are Now Underwater On Their Mortgages As The Housing Crash Accelerates – Michael Snyder

‘I expect a tsunami of shutoffs’: 20 million American households are behind an average of $788 on their utility bills — here are 3 simple ways to drop your monthly costs – Jing Pan

Household wealth down by $13.5 trillion in 2022, second-worst destruction on record – Rex Nutting

The Fed Coin Is Here – “There was little splash or fanfare… And with investors still reeling from the messy collapse of FTX… and stocks and bonds stuck in brutal bear markets… I’d forgive you for not noticing. But it happened. The Fed launched a digital dollar pilot program. Now, if you’re a regular reader, you probably knew this was coming. I’ve written before about the Fed’s desire to move away from physical cash and towards a central bank digital currency (CBDC). That said, that desire had been pretty theoretical and wishy-washy. But not anymore…” – Nomi Prins

China’s Xi Jinping calls for oil trade in yuan at Gulf summit in Riyadh – “Saudi Crown Prince heralds ‘historic new phase of relations with China’. President Xi Jinping told Gulf Arab leaders on Friday that China would work to buy oil and gas in yuan, a move that would support Beijing’s goal to establish its currency internationally.” – Reuters




Understanding the Two is One, One is None Concept – “The basic idea behind two is one, one is none, is to have multiple methods to accomplish certain goals and tasks. This redundancy means that when a piece of gear is broken or lost or loaned and not returned, you still have something that can perform the function.” – Bethanne Kim

Homestead Gift Guide 2022: DIY, Home & Garden Gift Ideas – DeannaCat  – LOOKING FOR SOME LAST MINUTE GOOD IDEAS, SOME GOOD ONES HERE!!!!!

Prepper’s Guide to Bugging In After SHTF (VIDEO) – City Prepping  – GOOD VIDEO. NOT JUST FOR CITY PEOPLE!!!!!

How to Build a Frugal Cold and Flu Survival Kit – Daisy Luther




Matthew 10:28  And fear not them which kill the body, but are not able to kill the soul: but rather fear him which is able to destroy both soul and body in hell.




The soldier boy for his soliders pay
Obeys the seargent at arms whatever he says

The seargent will for his seargent’s pay
Obey the captain ’til his dying day
The captain will for his captain’s pay
Obey the general order of battle play
The generals bow to the government
Obey the charge you must not relent

What of the neighbors and the prophets in bars?
What are they saying in the publiz bazaar?
We are tired of the tune
You must not relent

At every stroke of the bell in the tower there goes
Another boy from another side

The bulletins that steady come in say those
Familiar words at the top of the hour

The jamming city increases its hum
And those terrible words continue to come

Through bras music of government hear those
Guns tattoo a roll on the drums

No-one mentions the neighboring war
No one knows what they’re fighting for
We are tired of the tune
You must not relent

( Inoculated City by Mick Jones and Joe strummer )