“My Boy Is Dead From The Vaccine, F **K YOU!” Angry Dad Tells Trudeau- “Distraught father delivers powerful message criticizing Canadian prime minister for ignoring potentially lethal dangers of experimental vaccines” – Adan Salazar

Canada: A Gruesome, Terrifying Culture of Death – “Canada used to be a serious country and a fine place to live and raise a family. Canadians fought valiantly in both World Wars, manned peacekeeping missions and have welcomed refugees, including my own grandparents, from war-torn lands with open arms and warm hearts. That country no longer exists. Canada is in indisputable moral and economic decline. Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau is petulant, tyrannical, and anti-liberty in personality and policy. His anti-freedom stances, and his unapologetic admiration of murderous dictatorships such as China and their “basic dictatorship” have set the tone and pace of the decline.” – Laura Rosen Cohen

A Full-Scale, Worldwide Tyrannical Power Grab Is Unfolding Now Through The Globalists Evil Triad Of ‘Climate Change,’ Really ‘Geoengineering The Weather,’ Migration And Vaccines – Kathleen Gotto

Moral Distance – “For close to half a century, Western elites have been trying to reverse many aspects of the industrial revolution that made the West possible. It started in the United States with the off-shoring of whole industries to the third world. Around the same time, the environmental movement shifted from conservation to proselytizing against the things that modern people take for granted. The fictional concept of climate change was invented as an authority to justify the great deindustrialization.’ – The Z Man

Insight From an Open Cabal: They Always Tell the World What They Plan To Do – Cameron Keegan

How BlackRock Conquered the World Part 3 (VIDEO) – “Aladdin’s Genie and the Future of the World” – The Corbett Report  – THE FIRST TWO PARTS HAVE BEEN PREVIOUSLY LINKED!!!

War on Global Agriculture: The Unsustainable ‘Sustainable’ UN Agenda 2030 – “Over the past weeks a coordinated all-out assault on our agriculture—the ability to produce food for human existence—has begun. The recent G20 governmental meeting in Bali, the UN Agenda 2030 Cop27 meeting in Egypt, the Davos World Economic Forum and Bill Gates are all complicit. Typically, they are using dystopian linguistic framing to give the illusion they are up to good when they are actually advancing an agenda that will lead to famine and death for hundreds of millions not billions if allowed to proceed. It’s driven by a coalition of money.” – F. William Engdahl

Professor Emeritus at Kyoto University warns billions of lives could ultimately be in danger due to Covid vaccines. – “Natural immunity has been suppressed” – The Naked Emperor  – AND THAT WAS MORE THAN LIKELY PART OF THE PLAN.            ”  💉 KILLING 💉 MILLIONS  WHILE MAKING 💲 MILLIONS 💲”; COULD BE A NEW SLOGAN FOR PFIZER!!!

Fact check on fact checking – “Be evil (by proxy). Noted censorship and fact shaping enthusiast “google” is going to pile $13 million in grants onto “factchecknet.” IU mean, what could go wrong?” – El Gato Malo

The Missing Babies of Europe – “Nine months after mass vaccination, 110,000 fewer babies are born. In the U.S., birth data is scarce, and few mention the F word: Fertility” – Mary Beth Pfeiffer


Does Mass Resistance Now Seem Possible? It Damn Well Should! – “Amazing things are happening today, but still few are paying attention. This is a travesty, because the importance of any and all resistance to the state, any state, if embraced, can only lead to a freer world. This country and the world, have fallen into slavery voluntarily, and therefore have accepted the status quo that is serfdom, instead of clinging to and supporting all manner of dissent as necessary for the survival of man. At this stage of the game, those who have chosen to rule are winning in the effort to own and control the earth, but that could change overnight. The China model that was supported, funded, and built by the U.S. and western nations, and has been emulated by the West these past few years, is beginning to crumble.” – Gary D. Barnett

If You Really Wanted to Destroy the United States, Then . . . – “It would be hard to imagine any planned agenda to destroy America that would have been as injurious as what we already suffered the last two years. ” – Victor Davis Hanson  – VICTOR’S TEN REASONS ON HOW IT HAPPENED!!!

Slouching Toward Fascism _ “Fascism is a governmental system in which the means of economic production and delivery of services are privately owned but government-controlled. Throughout history — before even getting to its racism and wars — fascism has led to the glorification of the state and the destruction of personal liberty. It is happening here. During the past few months, we have learned that the major credit card companies have begun to record transactions at gun shops so as to enable the feds to learn the identity of patrons. These are lawful gun shops selling lawful products to lawful purchasers. The credit card records do not reflect precisely what was purchased — it might have been $2,000 for a gun safe or for gun safety lessons — but they do record the purchase amount and the contact information of the purchaser. The problem here comes about when the FBI and Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives come calling with their so-called National Security Letters in order to find out who is purchasing what.” – Andrew P. Napolitano

Gunning for rights – “This may not be the comparison you were looking for” – Gatito Bueno  – SHORT AND TO THE POINT!!!!

The Case Against Everyone Else 2024 – Part 2 – “I have written about the cases for and against Donald Trump and for and against Ron DeSantis in 2024, and last Monday, I wrote Part 1 about the case against everybody else in the GOP who might run but who is not a total clown show. Part 2 is about the clown shows.” – Kurt Schlichter  – PART 1 WAS LINKED ON MONDAY!!!!

Washington Goes to War Against Twitter and Free Speech – “Former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton has emerged as the bellicose general rallying others to the “censor or die” pressure campaign against Twitter. The problem is that citizens are flocking to Twitter and signing up in record numbers. They want more, not less, free speech. The over two million new sign-ups per day represent a 66% increase over the same period last year, according to figures released by Musk. A reporter this week was so alarmed that she asked the White House Press Secretary Karine Jean-Pierre about the concern that millions are still signing up at Twitter and demanded to know who is “keeping an eye on this” for possible federal action.” – Jonathan Turley

Saving it Back – “When the government takes your money – whether via the robbery called “taxation” or via the subtler form of theft styled “inflation” – there’s not much you can do to get it back. But you can save it back – by not spending money on things the government says you must but which you can still “get away” with not paying for. There are many such, including not spending money on “health insurance,” which of course is no such thing in that it’s not possible to “insure” health. What used to be called medical insurance was exactly that – in that you paid for a policy that provided coverage in the event you got sick or hurt. The only difference between the “family” of Don Corleone and the “family” of Aetna, Cigna, Blue Cross, et al being that the latter are legalized mafias that use the threat of government to make you pay. One of the good things the Orange Man did before the Orange Man did things that undid most of the good things he did was to cancel what the government styled the “shared responsibility” payment.” – Eric Peters

Big Business Asks And Nancy Pelosi Delivers – “Will The Senate Follow Suit? On Monday, some 400 state and national trade groups publicly petitioned the Congress to enact legislation that would avert a nationwide rail strike. On Tuesday, Nancy Pelosi, the outgoing Speaker of the House of Representatives, happily announced her intent to answer the call.” – Peter Nayland Kust

The Republicans betray their voters…again…twice – “It has been weeks since the midterm elections concluded. The Democrats must have heaved a sigh of relief that they didn’t receive an empathic routing. It is probably also a relief for some Republicans. They no longer have to engage in a charade on the campaign trail of claiming to stand for the people. They can revert back to being themselves and siding with the D.C. Democrat Establishment. In exchange, the media call them “the good ones,” and occasionally, they are offered seats at the table. Once they stop being useful idiots, the Democrats will fall on them like a ton of bricks.” – Rajan Laad

“I’ve Had A Bad Month” – Bankman-Fried Claims “Didn’t Knowingly Commingle Funds”, Blames Girlfriend’s Fund & “Accounting Mistakes” – “It appears Sam Bankman-Fried is using the ‘Simple Jack’ defense…’ – Tyler Durden

How the State Seized Control of Marriage – “”Nonetheless, state regulation of marriage—and the ensuing secularization of marriage that followed—is a historical development that was part of the larger trend toward the expansion and consolidation of state power that began in the late Middle Ages. It was during this period that states gradually came to exercise monopolistic authority over all of society’s institutions including the towns, the nobility, and even the monarchies themselves. Also brought under the state’s power were the churches and state control of marriage was an important component of this. – Ryan McMaken

Locking Folks Up Without Due Process? California Sure Does – “It’s official. The right to due process is now superseded by a form. That’s right. California can strip you of your right to free movement, your right of association and most of your freedoms should a doctor see fit to check number 14 k on this form. The form is LIC 602 A and is reproduced here” – Janet Phelan – HOW MANY LAWS ARE ON THE BOOKS LIKE THIS THAT MOST PEOPLE DON’T EVEN KNOW ABOUT!!!!

Safetyism is a menace to family life – “A mother in Texas was arrested for letting her eight-year-old walk home alone.” – Laurie Wastell

NATO Doubles Down on Pledge to Eventually Admit Ukraine – “NATO foreign ministers are holding a summit in Bucharest, where the alliance first made the promise in 2008” – Dave DeCamp

NATO Exists To Solve The Problems Created By NATO’s Existence – Caitlin Johnstone

US and NATO directly involved in Ukraine conflict – Lavrov – “Washington not only supplies Kiev with weapons but is also training its troops, says the Russian Foreign Minister” – RT

Zelensky’s War Machine Is Running Out of Fuel. Expect More Panic Attacks Soon – “hZelensky believes faking an attack or creating an environmental calamity will repeat history. But he is woefully misinformed as he is ignorant. When the lights go out, the water no longer comes and there isn’t even a scrap of wood to keep Ukrainians warm, Zelensky will need Sean Penn’s Oscar for help. How long has President Zelensky got, before his political support wains, given then it is widely known that he is often bullied by western elites out of talks with Russia? There is a certain panic setting in within the Zelensky cabal which is making him more and more capricious, to the point of being out of control, which makes observers wonder what is going on behind the scenes.” – Martin Jay

After meeting with BlackRock’s CEO, is Zelensky selling Ukraine to the highest bidder? – Olivia Murray

Putin’s Remedy: A Fragmented, Toothless Ukraine Separated by a 100 Kilometer-Wide No-Man’s-Land – Mike Whitney


The U.S. Economy Just Took A Very Dark Turn – “On Wednesday, those of us that closely watch the economic numbers received quite a shock. The latest figure for the Chicago Purchasing Managers’ Index came in way, way below expectations, and that is really bad news. If you are not familiar with the Chicago PMI, here is a pretty good definition… The Chicago Purchasing Managers’ Index (PMI) determines the economic health of the manufacturing sector in Chicago region. A reading above 50 indicates expansion of the manufacturing sector; a reading below indicates contraction. The Chicago PMI can be of some help in forecasting the ISM manufacturing PMI. Economists were expecting the survey to come in at around 47, but instead the final number came in at just 37.2…” – Michael Snyder

This Is of Course Insane – “Greed is a powerful motivation to be an ardent believer in the central banking cult.” – Charles Hugh Smith

Winter in Central Europe and for the dollar – “the fight for hegemonic control between America on the one side, and Russia and China on the other. It is being fought on two fronts. Ukraine, the one in plain sight, is about to endure a winter without power and adequate food potentially leading to a humanitarian crisis. The other front is financial with America facing a coordinated attack by Russia and China on its dollar hegemony. The Russians are planning a replacement trade settlement currency, which if it succeeds, could unleash a flood of foreign-owned dollars onto the foreign exchanges. We have no way of knowing how advanced this plan is, but the indications point perhaps to a gold-based digital currency. Moscow establishing a new gold exchange, Asian central banks accumulating additional gold reserves, and Saudi Arabia seeking non-dollar payments for oil sales are all circumstantial evidence.” – Alasdair Macleod

A Hopium Stock Market Rally on Jerome Powell’s Inflation Progress Report – “Federal Reserve Chair Jerome Powell gave a speech at the Brookings Institute. The market viewed his speech as dovish. Let’s investigate.” – Mish

These Crazy Rallies on Hawkish Fed Plans Are Good Because Crashing Stocks & Seizing Credit Markets Would Cause the Fed to Wobble in its Inflation Crackdown – Wolf Richter

Credit Default Swaps Blow Out on Credit Suisse as its Stock Price Hits an All-Time Low of $2.82 – Pam Martens and Russ Martens

(Alert) The MMRI Craters! 10 Year Yield DROPS! Dollar FALLS. Very Important Updates! (VIDEO) – Gregory Mannarino

Deutsche Bank AG STOCK QUOTE – 9.86EUR


If You Can’t Defuse Heated Situations, You Won’t Make It. – Aden Tate  –  A GOOD READ!!!!!

Do You Want to Create a Power Generator to Reduce Every Month Electricity Bills? ( To Avoid Today’s Terrible Bills, and You Can Save Over $ 1,000 a Month ) – Amy S

10 Key Tips to Clearing Corners That May Save Your Ass – “Life is full of corners and you may have to deal with one during a defensive situation. Knowing the ins and outs of clearing corners is an important and life-saving skill.” – Richard Mann

100 Foods That Last 10 Years – “For most, when scouring the grocery store aisles, purchasing foods that can be stored for 10 years or longer is not something to consider. However, it should be.” – Katherine Paterson  – SEEMS LIKE THERE HAS BEEN AN INCREASE IN LONG TERM FOOD ARTICLES LATELY. I THINK PEOPLE FEEL THAT WORSE THINGS ARE COMING. HERE’S ANOTHER ARTICLE!!!

Read This Before You Store Anything In A 5-Gallon Bucket – “Using 5-gallon buckets as storage containers is a resourceful way of keeping your food and supplies safe from contamination. They’re affordable, durable, easy-to-find, and they do a good job at protecting your supplies while keeping pests and moisture at bay. Still, there are a few things you should do before you store anything in 5-gallon buckets, especially if you’re planning on storing food items. Taking just a few extra steps to prepare your buckets for food storage can help protect and keep your food fresh for much longer.” – Christine C.


Proverbs 1:19    So are the ways of every one that is greedy of gain; which taketh away the life of the owners thereof.