The Four Fuckeries – ” First: Covid-19. How is it that we don’t know for sure how this organism came into the world, or understand what ensued after it did? Answer: the people who caused it to happen in the Wuhan lab have been busy covering their asses for three years, and successfully so. Two: Government’s war on its own citizens. Three: Wokery, the Marxist campaign to disorder society in order to overthrow existing institutions and replace them with a utopian dictatorship of the intersectionally oppressed — also known as The Revenge of the Losers. Four, the most mysterious of the four fuckeries: Globalism as represented by the World Economic Forum (WEF) led by the quasi-comical Klaus Schwab. Supposedly — and I can’t endorse this proposition — it is a front for some cabal of exalted international bankers and oligarchs, the proverbial Rothschilds and Rockefellers, Soros and Bill Gates and their various subalterns. There is certainly a lot of money involved and, as the old saying goes, Money talks and bullshit walks.” – James Howard Kunstler  – MR. KUNSTLER ONCE AGAIN!!!!!!!!

Panem in Process? – “Some believe that the creatures behind the curtain give us a preview of the show to come – a kind of anticipatory taunting. To let us know, but also to let us know we can’t do anything to prevent it from happening, prior to it happening. Perhaps the best example of this being Event 201, This brings us to the goings-on in the British city of Canterbury where a kind of Panem is being erected for real, perhaps as a Beta Test, a la Event 201. In the name of “encouraging” – which means of course, coercing – the people of the area to “walk, cycle or use public” (that is government) “transportation” rather than use their cars to move freely about, the area surrounding downtown Canterbury (effectively, the capitol city of Beta Test Panem) will be isolated from the outlying areas, which are each divided into four “provinces.” Each of these will, in turn, be isolated from the other.” – Eric Peters  – NOW THEY ARE GOING TO CONTROL WHERE YOU CAN DRIVE, WALK, ETC. IN EVERY TOWN; AND NO ONE WILL OBJECT TO THIS AS THEIR FREEDOMS ARE SLOWLY TAKEN AWAY. WAKE UP PEOPLE, THIS TYPE OF SHIT IS HAPPENING EVERYWHERE!!

Here we go again: Another new covid “vaccine” to arrive next year, says Biden covid czar – “Jha indicated that covid injections are to become an annual affair with new varieties released annually in much the same way as flu shots. “We’re probably going to need to update our vaccine again next year and have Americans get vaccinated again next year,” Jha stated to the media. The Biden regime also recently announced a “six-week sprint” plan, as they are calling it, that aims to push every last human in America to roll up his or her sleeves for a messenger RNA (mRNA) DNA-reprogramming injection.” – Ethan Huff

Thinking Points, November 27, 2022 – “How long before the clot shot takes out a cabinet member or member of Congress? We already have three strokes following boosters — Senators Ben Ray Luján, Chris Von Hollen, and John Fetterman. Illinois Rep. Sean Casten’s teenage daughter Gwen died unexpectedly in her sleep of a sudden cardiac arrhythmia at the age of 17 in June. These numbers are just going to keep increasing. I imagine we will see several world leaders felled by the clot shot in the coming year. We live in the dumbest of all possible universes.” – Toby Rogers  – SOME MORE GOOD POINTS FROM TOBY!!!

Karen Kingston & Dr. Ana Mihalcea – COVID is a Technological & Biological Weapon Hybrid – Gene Editing of All Humans (VIDEO) – Maria Zeee

Today in Not a Movement: Dr. Robert Malone Sues the Breggins for $25-Million – “On the heels of blasting Died Suddenly, Sherpa’s lawsuit against Peter and Ginger Breggin comes to light. Dr. Jane Ruby is also named as a defendant.” – Sage Hana – WHAT A JERK. I GUESS SUING FOR HURT FEELINGS IS THE NEW THING NOW. HOPEFULLY THE COURTS WILL SEE THROUGH THIS BULLSHIT!!!!

Facebook (Meta) Confirms It Has Ties To A U.S. Military Propaganda Campaign – “In case you were unaware, big tech companies have been working with the United States military to control the official narratives using propaganda. One such covert operation has been confirmed by Meta, Facebook’s parent company and they were pushing pro-U.S. and anti-Russia narratives. Meta has acknowledged the discovery of several clusters of fake accounts and pages believed to be linked to individuals “associated with the US military,” according to the company’s latest adversarial threat report published this week according to a report by RT. The U.S. ruling class has been trying to control and brainwash the public into compliance with their enslavement for decades. This isn’t news, except, Meta is now admitting it.” – Mac Slavo

More Monster Than Man Fauci’s Last Hurrah? – “There’s no ambiguity about hegemon USA’s angel of death and human misery, its modern-day Josep Mengele. Since the early 1980s, more monster than man Fauci’s anti-public health history has been pockmarked by crimes against humanity. He transformed US public health regulation “into an incubator for” Pharma profiteering and his own self-enrichment,” – Stephen Lendman


Forcing the brave to stand alone – “As this is a PG-13 publication, I will slightly water down the classic axiom and state that “China is not a place where you want to “screw around and find out.” China is nasty as hell to dissidents and has been setting up for absolute savagery for years now. And the west sits silent. And at a certain point, that silence becomes complicity.” – El Gatp Malo

THIS IS HUGE: REBELLION IN CHINA NOW SUPPORT THE PROTESTERS IN CHINA – “The predators at the WEF, Gates Foundation, the WHO, who keep bloviating praise for the Chinese regime and its COVID lockdowns and surveillance and social credit score policies— Those Globalist predators suddenly have something else to think about: the possibility of revolution in China against the government and against those policies. We need to show overwhelming solidarity with the Chinese protestors. Of course, the Chinese regime has the firepower to put down these protests. But, against a background of brutal long lockdowns, and with many of their citizens beyond all patience and on the edge of rebellion, is firepower a good idea? This sets up a rock and hard place for the Chinese government.” – Jon Rappoport

Chinese Protest the Same Lockdowns that Elites Advocated Here – “If we’d taken health officials and media elites seriously, the entire free world would look like China does today.” – Michael P Senger

The Emperor Elonicus – “Everyone is going to hate this column. Musk worshipers are going to hate it because I’m going to blaspheme against Elon Musk. Musk demonizers are going to hate it because I am not going to blaspheme against him enough. On October 27, 2022, so almost exactly a month ago, Elon Musk, the richest man in the world, CEO of Tesla and SpaceX, US government military contractor and all-around global-capitalist oligarch with a net worth approaching $200 billion, completed his acquisition of Twitter, And so begins the glorious reign of Emperor Elonicus the Just, the half-man/half-god savior of Twitter, and freedom of speech, and freedom itself, selfless defender of the common man, and unrivaled practitioner of the marketing stunt! The day before the deal was sealed, Elonicus swaggered into Twitter headquarters carrying an actual kitchen sink, tweeting “let that sink in!” to his 100 million followers, the first of a series of such stunts to follow. The plebeians in the digital Colosseum erupted into wild applause. A frenzy of joyous hooting and hollering and “liking” and retweeting ensued. At last, a beneficent billionaire Caesar had arrived to save the Internet from Wokeness! Elonicus loyalists flooded onto Twitter, chanting the ancient Roman obeisance, “Avē Imperātor, tweetitūrī tē salūtant!” The next day, Elonicus summarily fired Parag Agrawal, Twitter’s CEO, and took his seat upon the throne. Other “woke” heads were soon placed on spikes. Hallelujah … the bird was freed!” – CJ Hopkins  – ANOTHER INSIGHTFUL  READ FROM CJ!!!!!

The Case Against Everyone Else 2024 – Part 1 – “I have written about the cases for and against Donald Trump and for and against Ron DeSantis in 2024, and that leaves only the case against everybody else in the GOP who might run. There is no case for them. The debate in the Republican Party is between Donald Trump and Ron DeSantis and what they represent. Everybody else is just a distraction at best, at worst delusional or auditioning for vice president or some cheesy cabinet post. The 2024 election is just too important for this kind of self-indulgent nonsense.” – Kurt Schlichter

Don’t Shut Down the January 6 Committee – Supercharge It! – “Now that the US House of Representatives will be under Republican control, assuming Santa Claus doesn’t deliver Democrat ballots to a few key swing districts as an early Christmas present for the Democrat party, the new House GOP leadership will determine the fate of the January 6 committee. Renew the committee and stack it with Freedom Caucus Republicans and a few “Never-Biden” Democrats, if any exist.” – Brian C. Joondeph

Something Stinks In Arizona! – “Using Maricopa County’s numbers, it looks like as many as 500,000 votes were not counted” – Emerald Robinson

Because ‘Publishing Is Not a Crime,’ Major Newspapers Push US to Drop Assange Charges – “”This indictment sets a dangerous precedent, and threatens to undermine America’s First Amendment and the freedom of the press,” The Guardian, The New York Times, and other media outlets warned.” – Jake Johnson  – AND JUST WHERE HAS THE TIMES AND GUARDIAN BEEN THE PAST SEVERAL YEARS WHILE ASSANGE HAS BEEN IMPRISONED!!!!!!

The Bank-Run Phenomenon – “One of the most fascinating phenomena in financial crises is that of bank runs. That’s when panicked depositors rush to their bank to withdraw their money because they’re convinced that the bank is going broke. Everyone tries to withdraw his money before that happens. If the bank does finally go under, the people who failed to withdraw their money are left with a bank that has no money to return to them. That’s what the FDIC is all about. It insures everyone’s deposits up to a limit of $250,000. Of course, one problem with the FDIC insurance is that it enables weaker banks to continue operating, which could make the problem much worse in the future. The amount of money in the FDIC’s insurance fund is enough to cover losses in several individual banks. But it doesn’t even come close to being able to do that in the event of an industrywide banking collapse. If that were to happen, then the bank-run phenomenon would surface” – Jacob G. Hornberger

100 Million Dead Birds Are Just The Beginning, Because This Pestilence Is Far From Over… – Michael Snyder

.Time is running out for the Irish. As a political class attacks with a gun in one hand and hate speech laws in the other….. – “Question: Why do our political class suddenly feel the need to start conversations about arming 17,500 Garda? Follow up Question: Should the Irish Public consider legally arming themselves in response? What’s good for the goose ought to be good for the gander right?” – Gerry O’Neill

Zelensky demands $55 billion more from American public to fund his bureaucrats – “Seems it’s pretty easy for Ukraine’s president, Volodymyr Zelensky, to shake out more cash from the Uncle Sam money tree, what with Joe Biden in the White House ready to accommodate. So he’s gone bold now, calling on Uncle Sugar to provide him with another $55 billion, on top of the $90 billion already earmarked for Ukraine by Congress, $13 billion of which he’s already gotten for budget needs. High as that is, it’s even more outrageous than it looks, which we will get to in a minute.” – Monica Showalter  – EVERYONE TALKS ABOUT THE FTX SCAM, THIS IS THE BIGGEST MONEY SCAM OF ALL. BUT IT’S NOT INVESTORS GETTING SCAMMED, IT’S THE TAX PAYING MIDDLE CLASS OR WHAT’S LEFT OF IT THAT’S GETTING SCAMMED!!!!

Operation Claw-Sword: Erdogan’s big new game in Syria – “Wily Sultan is caught between his electorate, which favors a Syria invasion, and his extremely nuanced relations with Russia” – Pepe Escobar

US-Turkiye brinkmanship won’t reach a point of no return – “A conflict of interest between Ankara and Washington over Syria will likely see the two drift apart, with Turkiye aligning more closely with Eurasian powers.” – M.K .Bhadrakumar


The European Union’s Misguided Energy Price Cap Proposal – “Only 15 years ago, the European Union produced more natural gas than Russia exported, according to the EIA. Repeating past mistakes and maintaining a failed energetic interventionist policy would only worsen what is already a structural disaster. The European Union’s Misguided Energy Price Cap Proposal The prohibitive cost of electricity and gas in Europe is not a result of market flaws, but of a completely unsustainable cost structure where consumers are forced to pay escalating taxes, a hidden CO2 tax, subsidies, and other rising regulatory costs” – Daniel Lacalle

Ghana Wants To Buy Oil With Gold Rather Than Dollars – Peter Nayland Kust

China Moves One Step Closer to Dethroning the Dollar – Peter Reagan

“Collapse” in home prices is coming, experts say – “The residential real estate market has screeched to a halt, and some economists believe home prices are about to drop significantly. The big picture: Existing home sales have fallen for nine straight months. The supply of single-family homes is growing. And with mortgage rates near 7%, experts say a large-scale housing slowdown is becoming increasingly likely.” – Matt Phillips

Expect An Inflation SUPER-WAVE To Hit! JPM Says: “Buy Gold And Silver.” (VIDEO) – Gregory Mannarino

When is the Best Time to Buy Precious Metals? – “Many investors who are thinking about buying gold and silver are waiting for the right time. But what exactly is the right time? The truth is that no particular date on the calendar will ever announce itself as the right time to buy. And no self-described market timer is capable of predicting when ideal entry points will emerge. Investors who want to wait for bullion to get cheaper before buying risk never being able to buy because spot prices never become cheap enough. In a bull market the best time to buy was yesterday. The second best time to buy is now.” – Stefan Gleason

Derivatives Time Bomb – Is **YOUR** Bank on this list? – “List of United States banks and how much exposure they have to “Derivatives.” Two quadrillion dollars is the total notional value of derivative contracts off-balance sheet. Need collateral.” – Hal Turner  – DON’T LINK MUCH BY HAL AS HE CAN BE A LITTLE SENSATIONAL AT TIMES, BUT THIS IS GOOD AND AM EVEN GOING TO PERMA LINK IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Deutsche Bank AG STOCK QUOTE –10.20EUR


Smoking Meat and Fish – Keeping Food Edible For Months And Even Years – ” People who lived through harsh winters found it necessary to find some means of insuring a food supply during seasons when no fresh fruits and vegetables were available. Evidence for the use of dehydration (drying) as a method of food preservation, for example, goes back at least 5,000 years. Among the most primitive forms of food preservation that are still in use today are such methods as smoking, drying, salting, freezing, and fermenting.” – Amy S.

Stalking Prey Just As Your Ancestors Did -Dan Mowinski

Replace Flood Lights With LED Equivalent – Saves LOTS Of Electricity – Ken Jorgustin

Pistol Magazine Loaders — A Must For Some Shooters – “Getting old is no fun! Back in the day, I was able to load any type of magazines, with thumb power only. Sadly, along with old age, comes certain disabilities. To wit: I have terrible osteoarthritis in various parts of my body – not the least is lower back pain, that at times is debilitating to say the least. Next are my hands, and especially my right hand and fingers – they are misshapen. My trigger finger is the worst. But thankfuily, I can still pull a trigger!” – Pat Cascio


James 5:1  Go to now, ye rich men, weep and howl for your miseries that shall come upon you.