The Bleatings Will Continue – “The time has come. To bid adieu to the current meadow and search for greener pastures, preferably without the green of global technocracy or sustainable greed, and maybe if Hungary or Croatia or Serbia or Mexico stay true to their people there might still be a corner of this world to live somewhat free from the living hell they’ve just conjured up at the G20. And when does the G180 get its say? They’re telling us another fake pandemic is coming and all their tyrannies are agreed-upon, prepacked, and just waiting to enslave the masses,  And smartphones that people can’t be bothered to part with will deliver all of it, from the corporate state propaganda to the official government warning labels, to the geotracking, programmable digital currencies, social credit scores, carbon credits, and vaccine passports. Want to drive more than 30 miles per month? You’ll need carbon credits. Want to fly to see your grandson’s wedding? Oopsie, your social credit score isn’t high enough, AND you didn’t get the latest booster. Want to buy that bunny rabbit for your daughter’s birthday? Sorry, your remaining digital money can only be spent at Walmart or Target, and only at the insect buffet since you bought t-bone steaks last month. Pure evil.” – The Good Citizen – EXCELLENT MUST READ FROM THE GOOD CITIZEN ★★★★★!!!!

The Universal War Against Mankind: Extreme Domestic Terrorism Has Taken Control Over America and the World – “We live in a time when the ‘elite’ web of rule, the real power behind the throne, and enforced by the state’s political actors, controls the masses because it controls the politicians, the courts, the military, the monetary system, and therefore the entire government. Due to the very long term, incremental, and purposeful dumbing down of society, most do not realize the monumental risk we face due to this terroristic plot designed by what can be referred to as the “State.” That plot has always existed, and is meant only to gain money, power, and total control over the people, and to create a global technocratic governing system run by the few.” – Gary D. Barnett

What is All this Fuss about Rights? – “History has clearly shown that if you don’t nip such things in the bud, totalitarianism or any of its oppressive derivatives is bound to eventually creep its way into the culture. We, as a free society, must constantly be aware of the possibility and see the early signs of it. It is so interesting to me that people in general will slap on the label “paranoid” or better yet, “conspiracy theorist” if a person shows any concern for the abuse of power and possible corruption, no matter how significant, or insignificant, the concern may be. ” – Todd Hayen

Sam Bankman-Fried and the Pandemic Industrial Complex – “The cynycism of the modern political machine of which Sam Bankman-Fried was a part.” – Michael P Senger

G20’s globalist “pledge” commits to vaccine passports, digital currency & much, much more – ““Reform” food production and distribution. Increase surveillance and censorship of “disinformation” on the internet. Increase global reliance on “renewable” energy sources. Introduce programmable digital currencies.  Introduce international digital vaccine passports. Yes, while everyone was so nicely distracted by the “fall of Kherson” and that missile that allegedly hit Poland, leaders from around the world were gathering in matching shirts and publishing their plans for world government in glossy little ring binders.” – Kit Knightly  – AND AS ERIC PETERS POINTED OUT IN AN ARTICLE LINKED YESTERDAY, IT’S A “HEALTH” PASSPORT NOT JUST A VACCINE PASSPORT. WHICH HAS EVEN WORSE IMPLICATIONS!!!!!!!!

G20 – BALI BALONEY – “Did our insane globalist puppets just sign us up to hell on earth? The WHO operates in lockstep obedience to the other utter nutters in the Club of Rome and their insane narratives. I am totally FED UP of living in their CLOWN WORLD and having to listen to their jackanory stories day after day. ENOUGH NOW. I will not sit back and watch MURDERING SOBs RUIN THIS WORLD. So what alternatives do we have?” – Frances Leader

Banks will Nudge you towards sustainability – “Social Credit System edges ever closer, The Behavioural Insights Team (BIT), which began life as a small group in No. 10 Downing Street, has since grown to become a global ‘social’ consultancy. Its use of ‘nudging’ has been developed and refined over the last 12 years and is a major reason citizens went into a mass panic over the last few years. Masks, social distancing and vilifying the unvaccinated are all measures likely to have been conceived by the BIT.” – The Naked Emperor

This is how they will control your money, Edward Snowden nailed it (VIDEO) – “Governments and big banks are going to start testing regulated crypto currencies in the same week that crypto exchanges are falling like flies. This is not a coincidence! We told you that the government wanted its fingers in this pie and now they are coming up with ways to put their fingers in this pie.” – Redacted with Clayton Morris

“Study” from Lombardy: Association of COVID-19 Vaccinations With ICU Admissions and Outcomes – “The reality had to be stretched real hard to fit the narrative, as per usual… ” – Andreas Oehler


War on everything – “Including and especially you. We live in the age of the war machine. The purpose of the war machine is not to produce victory. The purpose of the war machine is to produce war. War unending. War on everything. Permission to think the unthinkable and excuse to do that which is inexcusable. It is the triumph of the terrible and the tyrannical. The war on covid, poverty, injustice, drugs, terrorism: it’s all the same. And this war machine will roll right over you and if it does its job well you will never even guess at the real reasons why.”- El Gato Malo  – ONE OF THE BEST PIECES EL GATO HAS WRITTEN ★★★★★!

Why Is The Government Arming More Federal Bureaucrats Than US Marines? – Mark Hemingway

Post-Election Joe Biden Warns of Upcoming ‘Setbacks’ in the Economy – Charlie Spiering – NO SH*T!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Judge Orders Epstein Documents Unsealed – “Not Sure What This Means In Terms Of The Bigger Picture Of Global Corporate Pushed Woke Pedophilia But Seems A Good Sign” – Celia Farber

Ignorant Mike Pence Pitches War Forevermore For Ukraine, Under The Defunct, Cold War Reagan Doctrine – ““If you are willing to fight communists in your country; we’ll provide you the means”: Mike Pence says this is the Reagan doctrine to which he subscribes. Right there is another good reason to disqualify one more American jingoist from office. Putin’s Russia is not communist; it is a traditionalist, reactionary, Russian Orthodox favoring authoritarian state. Pence is still working from the defunct, cold-war based Reagan doctrine.” – Ilana Mercer

Garland Moves To Transform J6 Inquisition Into A Permanent Prosecution – “Attorney General Merrick Garland launched a special counsel investigation into former President Donald Trump on Friday, the week before Thanksgiving, to ensure a permanent prosecution of public enemy number one on a third bid for the White House. The special counsel, Garland said, will take over the investigation of Trump’s purported mishandling of presidential records and probe whether Trump can be held criminally liable for the events that unfolded on Jan. 6, 2021. The former is a desperate follow-up to the latter after the House Select Committee on Jan. 6 emerged empty-handed from an 18-month investigation.” – Tristan Justice

The coming conflict with China – “The smiles at the G20 cannot mask the deep tensions between East and West. The ban on semiconductor technology certainly seems like a provocative escalation from the Biden administration. ” – James Woudhuysen

Ukraine – Switching The Lights Off – “The careful destruction of energy systems in Ukraine continues. The targeting of 330 kilovolt transformers in various switching stations has cut some 50% of the distribution capability of Ukraine’s electricity network. These transformers weigh up to 200 tons. There are no replacements. You do not buy them at the next corner but will have to order them with years of lead time. As far as I can tell Russia is currently the only producer of transformers of that type. Isn’t it a war crime to destroy the infrastructure that supplies civilians? It depends. If the infrastructure is used exclusively for civilian purpose the destruction is illegal. But the electricity and transport infrastructure in Ukraine is used for civilian AND military purposes.” – Moon of labama

Poland WWIII scare shows why top US general wants peace (VIDEO) with Doug Macgregor – The Grayzone

The White House Press Secretary’s Praise Of Modi Reaffirms His Rising Global Leadership – “This makes Prime Minister Modi the only world leader to win both Russia and the US’ approval, which speaks to the success of India’s careful balancing act in the New Cold War.” – Andrew Korybko


Jeff Bezos Warns Americans to Brace for Imminent Crisis – “Whether the U.S. is technically in a recession right now is getting less and less debatable by the day. (You already know my thoughts on the matter.) Now, even some members of the billionaire class are issuing dire warnings. For example, founder of Amazon Jeff Bezos (estimated net worth $120bn) just warned us not only that a recession is likely, but told us to “batten down the hatches.” If you’re an individual and you’re thinking about buying a large-screen TV, maybe slow that down, keep that cash, see what happens. Same thing with a refrigerator, a new car, whatever.” – Peter Reagan

Fedcoin: It Starts with a Trial Run – “A cashless society would be the nail in the coffin for liberty and freedom, offering centralization, the likes of which Marx could only dream. The existence of a government backdoor or spyware becomes a real possibility, and given the State’s track record, a real likelihood. Then, of course, the ability to track, freeze, and even set expiry dates on money, will be marketed as “features” to protect the public.” – Robert Aro

Bullish but Expect Volatility – “Now that the pivot is priced in, it becomes more difficult to determine the short-term moves even if we know the overall trajectory going forward. Doublespeak from various Fed speakers will increase volatility also. Bullard’s comments this morning are a case in point… Basically, he stated that interest rates still needed to rise further to counter inflation pressures, to as much as 5-7%. Markets responded as expected: the dollar jumped and everything else fell.” – David Brady

7% Interest Rates – “Yesterday the Fed floated the idea. Could it actually happen? What would the consequences be?” – Quoth the Raven

FTX Was Creating Money Out of Thin Air Like the Fed; and Trading Its Own “Stock” Like the Wall Street Mega Banks in their Dark Pools – Pam Martens and Russ Martens  – BUT IT’S OK IF THE FED CREATES MONEY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Interest Rates And Recessions – “Some Observations On Interest Rate Dynamics Leading Into Recessions. In periods of normal economic expansion, longer term debt yields (i.e., interest rates), tend to be significantly higher than shorter term debt yields. However, ever since 1970, each time the economy has tipped into a contractionary phase, yield spreads have collapsed, with short term debt yields frequently exceeding longer term yields (an inversion phenomenon for the yield curve), but only by a few basis points, where as normal spreads tend to be by larger amounts—500bps or more.” – Peter Nayland Kust


If You’re Broke, Remember, The Most Important Preps Don’t Cost Money – Selco

What Is An INCH Bag? The Most Exhaustive Guide + List – “Packing an INCH bag is something that all serious preppers and survivalists should do. If things really go south, this is the bag that will rescue you. The INCH bag is a survival bag you pack when you don’t have intentions to return home. The INCH stands for “I’m Never Coming Home”. It should include everything you need to survive living away from home. ” – Ben Brown

7 Ways To Make Wood Garden Beds Last: Nontoxic Sealer & More – “There are many benefits to gardening in raised beds or planter boxes: the improved ergonomics, clean appearance, ability to fill them with quality soil and compost, and it’s easier to block out pests. I love raised beds! Yet one of the few drawbacks is that they don’t last forever (and, they aren’t exactly cheap). So, protect your precious investment and follow these 7 ways to make wood garden beds last longer! We’ll talk about how to seal garden beds, lumber choices, drainage and more.” – DeannaCat  – GOOD ARTICLE. I BUILT SOME RAISED BEDS SEVERAL YEARS AGO AND THEY ARE ROTTING PRETTY BADLY AND I WILL PROBABLY BE BUILDING NEW BEDS. THIS COULD BE A GOOD PROJECT TO START OVER WINTER TO GET READY FOR SPRING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Amos 4:10     I have sent among you the pestilence after the manner of Egypt: your young men have I slain with the sword, and have taken away your horses; and I have made the stink of your camps to come up unto your nostrils: yet have ye not returned unto me, saith the Lord.


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