Lab-grown meat & nuclear yeast vats: COP27 reignites the war on food – “”We’re a week into this year’s UN climate summit, COP27, and the various agenda planned to roll out on the back of it are coming into focus. None more so than the autumn offensive in the establishment’s war on food. There’s a big push on that front. – Kit Knightly

‘Hypocrisy and Elitism’ – 400 Private Jets Land in Egypt for UN Climate Conference – Kurt Zindulka

WEF’s Catch-22: Started on Wrong Foot? – “Wiping out their own base. Maybe shouldn’t have started with the deadly jabs?” – Andreas Oehler

Why green energy is not green at all – “Green energy is very dilute — thus, large areas of land are needed to collect wind and solar energy. Even more land is cleared for the ugly spider webs of power lines and roads needed to collect green energy in dribs and drabs and conduct it to cities, where it is needed. But for most of the time, every day, these expensive assets produce nothing useful. Wind turbines and solar panels soon wear out and have to be replaced. Some have already reached their use-by date. Most of this “green” debris cannot be recycled. To calmly bury that complex toxic waste of plastics, metals, steel, and concrete is not green at all. Soon chemicals will be leaking into the groundwater and water supply dams.” – Viv Forbes

“Heroes” – “Do you think that Power does NOT know how to exploit your need for heroes?” – Sage Hana

WATCH Trudeau (pretend to) get his booster, and then say that “your kids” should get theirs, too (May God save them from him, & others like him) – “Some day, a tribunal will look back at this revolting spectacle, and all he will have done in furtherance of this Holocaust in Canada, and Operation Herod in particular; then he will pay” – Mark Crispin Miller  – UNFORTUNATELY, I DON’T THINK THERE WILL EVER BE A TRIBUNAL!!!!

Geoengineering Watch Global Alert News, November 12, 2022, (VIDEO) – “The COP 27 global climate conference is being being carried out in Egypt with government representatives from all over the world in attendance. Are they there to discuss greenhouse gas reductions? Or, in fact, are climate intervention operations the primary focus of the gathering in “behind closed door” meetings?” – Dane Wigington

Be Afraid…Flu Season Returns Early – “”More Serious” Is NOT The Same As “More Terrifying”. Apparently, the corporate media has given up on the COVID-19 Pandemic Panic Narrative, and is now trying to craft some fear porn based on….wait for it…cold and flu season. Seriously. The narrative, according to Vox, is that this year’s seasonal flu is going to be scary bad.” – Peter Nayland Kust

Influenza Vaccine is Perfect Example of MEDICAL QUACKERY at the FDA and the CDC – “Is only Covid vaccine utterly ineffective? And the rest are good? Not at all!” – Igor Chudov


Persuasion is to Unity What Coercion is to Conformity – “It would be easy to speculate ad nauseam regarding the 2022 U.S. Midterms, but that is not the main intention of this post. It doesn’t matter how many voting machines flipped totals in narrow victories, or whether MAGA candidates were sabotaged by The Uniparty or outspent by George Soros, or that the American citizenry has been dumbed down to the point of buffoonery by the federal education system. Just know this: In U.S. States where voting was secure, like Florida and Iowa, there were red waves by fairly wide margins. Regardless of blatant election irregularities in the New Normal, insouciant Americans and the political punditry will believe what they want to believe: that American elections are fair. Entrenched beliefs are difficult to dissuade and deprogramming minds from hypnotic spells can occur but it is usually a process that takes time. I was once fooled by 911, WMD, and jingoistic wars abroad, so it’s not hard for me to understand how people are so thoroughly deceived.” – Doug “Uncola” Lynn

We Are in End Times (VIDEO) with Michael Snyder – ” Things are eventually going to get so bad that it is going to be the worst times in all of human history. I also believe it will be the best time for the people of God. There is no other time in human history that I would have rather lived than right now. . . .God put you here, if you are watching, here for a reason. God put you here with a purpose and a destiny and a job for your to do. If you understand that, you will be really excited about the future, even though things will be chaotic and wild. . . ” – Greg Hunter

It’s Deja Vu All Over Again In The Banana Republic of Biden! – “The 2022 midterm election is the 2020 election through Door #3” – Emerald Robinson

They Can’t Count Even in Vegas Now? Transcript from “America This Week” – “”If they counted money the way they’re counting ballots, those people would be in Lake Mead tied to a cinder block,” says Walter Kirn, on the Nevada elections” – Matt Taibbi

Voter Fraud and the Illusion of Freedom (VIDEO) – Greg Reese

BREAKING EXCLUSIVE: Tens of Billions of US Dollars Were Transferred to Ukraine and then Using FTX Crypto Currency the Funds Were Laundered Back to Democrats in US – Joe Hoft

FTX TIMELINE – Posted on the Burning Platform  – HOW MUCH DID THE “BIG GUY” MAKE HERE!!!!

Dying lands: Farmers fight to save the ‘skin of the Earth’ – Rod Nickel, Ayenat Mersie and David Stanway

Conservative Candace Owens Crashes Ukraine War Party – “As Owens put it: We left one money-laundering operation in which we gave 50 billion of American taxpayers’ hard-earned money and we jumped right into the next one. And how much money did we give Ukraine so far? 50 billion dollars! But that’s not enough for this welfare queen. He wants to keep it coming. And that’s what he is: President Zelensky is America’s welfare queen.” – Daniel McAdams

Congresswoman blasts obsession with Putin among US elites – “Marjorie Taylor Greene also argued that energy security was a prerequisite to national security” – RT  – LIKE HER OR HATE HER, AT LEAST SHE SAYS IT LIKE IT IS!!!!

Zelensky And Bush To Give Joint Pro-War Presentation – “To be clear, there is absolutely no reality-based reason to believe Republicans will meaningfully shy away from full-scale support for arming and assisting the Ukrainian military. The proxy war has only an impotent minority of opposition in the party and every bill to fund it has passed with overwhelming bipartisan support. Some “MAGA” Republicans have claimed that funding for the war would stop if the GOP won the midterm elections, but they were lying; there was never the slightest chance of that happening.” – Caitlin Johnstone

The Stage Is Set for US Combat Troops in Ukraine – “For all intents and purposes, the retreat from Kherson was a no-brainer. The good news, however, is that the Kherson public relations disaster will have no meaningful impact on the outcome of the war. Russia is still on-track to achieve all of its strategic objectives despite the pitfalls it has encountered along the way. Russia is now prepared to do whatever it takes to win the war quickly and roll-up the hostile army that poses a threat to its national security. If US forces join the fighting, the calculus for winning could change dramatically, but the strategic objectives would remain the same. No nation can be expected to live at peace when a gun is pointed at its head. That is why Putin opposed NATO membership for Ukraine, and that is why the current war is being fought.” – Mike Whitney

Comrade Jacinda doesn’t give a Stuff for the concept of democracy – Amy Brooke


Bitcoin Hodlers: Time is Running Out to Convert Nothing into Something – Peter Schiff

THE WOLF STREET REPORT: Where’s the Contagion from the Crypto Implosion? (VIDEO) – “As the FTX collapse shows, the shenanigans guarantee smooth and efficient contagion inside the crypto zone. But beyond it?” – Wolf Richter

Binance Dominates Crypto Exchange Landscape – “FTX ranked fourth behind Coinbase and OKX. No single exchange even comes close to Binance’s trade volume though…” – Tyler Durden

MARKETS A LOOK AHEAD: Expect The Global Money Supply To BALLOON! (VIDEO) – Gregory Mannarino


What is The Best Long Term Survival Foods? – “And the answer is foods that will store for well for two or more years and that you normally eat. For example most store bought canned foods have a shelf-life of several years (or even decades), as long as the cans aren’t rusted through or dented and leaking and the contents smell and look fresh then it’s still good to eat. Storing enough food to survive, unassisted and on your own for three to six months or even a full year or maybe even longer is a daunting prospect and the thought is enough to cause most people to get overwhelmed and some give up altogether.” – M.D. Creekmore

Ron Paul speaks out! Now It Is The Elite That Are Feverishly ‘Prepping’ For The Collapse Of Society – Protect Yourself!!!– 200% Proof They Will Start & Martial Law – Amy S.

9 Items To Stock Up On Before Hyperinflation Hits – Michael Major


Psalm 36:2    For he flattereth himself in his own eyes, until his iniquity be found to be hateful.


I follow the Moskva
Down to Gorky Park
Listening to the wind of change
An August summer night
Soldiers passing by
Listening to the wind of change

The world is closing in
And did you ever think?
That we could be so close?
Like brothers
The future’s in the air
I can feel it everywhere
Blowing with the wind of change

Take me to the magic of the moment
On a glory night
Where the children of tomorrow dream away (dream away)
In the wind of change

Walking down the street
And distant memories
Are buried in the past forever
I follow the Moskva
And down to Gorky Park
Listening to the wind of change

Take me (take me) to the magic of the moment
On a glory night (a glory night)
Where the children of tomorrow share their dreams (share their dreams)
With you and me (you and me)
Take me (take me) to the magic of the moment
On a glory night (a glory night)
Where the children of tomorrow dream away (dream away)
In the wind of change (wind of change)

The wind of change blows straight
Into the face of time
Like a storm wind that will ring
The freedom bell for peace of mind
Let your balalaika sing
What my guitar wants to sing (sing)

Take me (take me) to the magic of the moment
On a glory night (a glory night)
Where the children of tomorrow share their dreams (share their dreams)
With you and me (you and me)
Take me (take me) to the magic of the moment
On a glory night (a glory night)
Where the children of tomorrow dream away (dream away)
In the wind of change (wind of change)

( Wind Of Chnge by Klaus Meine / Scorpions )