You Really Want These People Back in your Life? Yet Another Amnesty Post with Sober Metrics – “This is their world. This is their shiny little Gleaming Talking Head world where you go kill people and force them to take toxic drugs and they hobnob with each other and call for your demise.” – Sage Hana  – GOOD ONE FROM SAGE!!!!!

Do You Really Want To Accept A Pandemic Amnesty Or Are They Just Taking The Pi$$ ? – “Many people have already commented on it on the various social media platforms. I will just say this “They are not asking for your forgiveness. They are publicly forgiving themselves”. Like many at the outset of the “deadly pandemic” I fell for the narrative hook, line and sinker. There is little doubt that “Everyone thinks they would be Oscar Schindler if they lived in Nazi Germany. Covid has shown that most people would support the Nazis” In my case and for many others that has certainly proven to be the case. And to think they want an amnesty. Some will be able to forgive what happened but never ever forget what happened as you can be guaranteed that they will do the same again. Many people have shown their true colours….” – threadsirish

The Great Reset: A Perfect Storm – “Storms come in many forms and may consist of many different constituent elements, but when all these elements combine at the same critical moment, we call it a “perfect storm.” When such a storm is transposed analogically to the cultural, political, and economic realms, that is, when it seems to impact the entire social environment, we have no choice but to grasp its significance and prepare for its onset by taking protective measures. Such a storm is now upon us. All its elements clearly point to an orchestrated intention; in other words, it cannot be an accident.” – David Solway

The Database Dr. Anthony Fauci Doesn’t Want You to Know About – “When it comes to the accountability of how the billions of dollars of NIAID grants are spent each year, the buck stops with Dr. Anthony Fauci. Dr. Fauci’s NIAID budget for 2022 is approximately $6.3 billion. Dr. Fauci has been funding ‘gain-of-function coronavirus’ research for decades and continues to do so. ” – Karen Kingston

German doctors lament “stagnating” vaccination campaign as the Health Ministry sits on millions of doses that will never be administered – “Lol. Lmao, even. We are now two months into the bivalent booster vaccination campaign, and interest remains more lukewarm than ever:” – eugyppius


Low Down on the Showdown – “Is there a more preposterous notion warbled across this troubled nation than the campaign mantra that “Joe Biden,” and the claque concealed behind him, are defending our democracy? What could be more self-evidently untrue? Is censorship and abridging the First Amendment democratic? They haven’t been trying to finesse their ongoing assault on free speech. They abhor diversity of opinion, especially when it conflicts with their obvious efforts to wreck the country. Is siccing the dogs of the FBI and jailing their opponents outside due process of law democratic? Is ballot fraud democratic? Forced “vaccination”? I could go on (and often do), but you know exactly what they are doing: lying incessantly about everything,” – James Howard Kunstler

Do Something – “Joe Biden is selling you an America that does not exist. He talks about fascists, because he is one. He uses the power of law enforcement agencies as personal goon squads, because he is a fascist and anyone running his show is a fascist. The question is: do you want to live in a nation where the president decides what industries to destroy, what people to break? The question is: do you want to live in a nation where elections are corrupted to the point that there’s no reason to go out and vote, because it’s already ordained as crooked? The power of the people is what is being decided here, but the people do nothing about having their power stolen and used against them.” – T.L. Davis  – ANOTHER GOOD READ FROM T.L.!!!!!!!

Stoned Screaming Caterpillars – “I know we’re really all tired of the types of people in the world but really there are only two types of people in this ghastly world: the optimists and the pessimists. And it has been this way since time immemorial… or at least since the 1600s. And the reason we know this is because of the Hunger Stones. Now the Hunger Stones were messages carved into rocks at the drought level line in the rivers of Europe by people who lived through famines hundreds of years ago. Nevertheless, there is something about these stones that crawls into your brain and sits there like a vulture about to feast. We hear of famines (already and again and as ever) in the world and the leaders raving about food shortages and bug-eating enterprises and prices are going up and even as we say we won’t eat bugs, we probably will. We will eat the bugs because if that is all there is to eat, then that is likely what we’ll do. Because it has been engineered that way perhaps. Because it has been decreed. And because we’re human. Humans have this strange but wonderful need to survive” – Sylvia Shawcross

The Government Is Still Waging War on America’s Military Veterans – “Especially veterans who exercise their First Amendment right to speak out against government wrongdoing. As first reported by the Wall Street Journal, the government even has a name for its war on America’s veterans: Operation Vigilant Eagle. This Department of Homeland Security (DHS) program tracks military veterans returning from Iraq and Afghanistan and characterizes them as extremists and potential domestic terrorist threats because they may be “disgruntled, disillusioned or suffering from the psychological effects of war.”” – John & Nisha Whitehead

The Trojan Horse Presidency – “I am on record saying that “The United States is not a democracy and it doesn’t matter who is president” multiple times in multiple places, and I stand by that statement, which I believe to be a provable statement of fact. Statistics show that there is zero correlation between public preferences and public policy decisions but a strong correlation between business lobby group preferences and pubic policy decisions. And so it doesn’t matter who is president and your vote means nothing? Granted; but then does it matter WHETHER there is a president? Methinks, it does!” – Dmitri Orlov

How Could Anyone Vote for These Democrats? – “I get it, some people are liberals and love the idea of an intrusive government “doing things” for people, but that’s not what we have. At least not exclusively. What we have with modern Democrats is an insane group of people hell-bent on subjugating the population to their will. That might sound dramatic, but it’s true. These people are crazy.” – Derek Hunter

On ‘Democracy’ – “How many times have you heard save our Democracy or some simile of it over your lifetime? Let me guess — you think we have one, we had one, we live in one or you’d like to live in one? If so…. You’re fine with the majority deciding that everyone must take an experimental drug — or even a non-experimental one, yes? You’re fine with the majority insisting on forced business closures on the mere claim that something horrible might happen if not? I remind you that every governor did this, even DeSantis. You’re fine with the majority deciding that every dollar you earn beyond some level (which they choose) is to be distributed out to everyone who has a need, yes? Democracy is two wolves and a sheep taking a vote on what’s for dinner, in short.” – Karl Denninger

If the Left Wins . . . – “The Left insists that if people don’t vote for the Left on Tuesday, it constitutes what the Left styles a “threat to our Democracy.” But what if they do? Then it is all-but-certain there will be as much “democracy” in this country as there was in countries such as the German Democratic Republic – the former East Germany – or is, in the current Democratic People’s Republic of North Korea. Also National Socialist Germany, where “democracy” voted in the National Socialists. After which there was no more voting. Leftists love that kind of “democracy.” Which, to be fair, is the only kind of “democracy” there can be.” – Eric Peters

The Pathetic Democratic Pantheon – “Joe Biden, Hillary Clinton, Barack Obama, and Nancy Pelosi are of no use to the Left in the midterms because it is their radical ideology that was finally enacted and wrecked the country.” – Victor Davis Hanson

“I’m Selling My Blood To Eat, I Have No Choice”: Biden Inflation Crushes Americans – “Cashe Lewis, 31, of Denver, Colorado, works multiple jobs and is trying to find a third job due to rising shelter inflation. She told The Guardian she works six days a week, sometimes more than 16 hours per day, just to pay the bills. “I’m exhausted all the time … on the one day I have off a week, I donate plasma for extra money. I’m literally selling my blood to eat because I have no choice,” Lewis said.” – Tyler Durden

The Shortages Are Coming – Michael Snyder

Biden delivers ominous ‘warning’ from his globalist puppet masters: ‘Vote for us or else…’ – “The narrative has been set for election chaos and political violence” – Leo Hohmann

Biden Shouts “No More Drilling. There is no more drilling!” at New York Rally – “For months, President Joe Biden and members of his cabinet have claimed that they are no obstacle to expanded oil and gas production in the United States. On June 22, Biden said, I know my Republican friends claim, we’re not producing enough oil and I’m limiting oil production. Quite frankly, that’s nonsense.” And on November 2, Energy Secretary Jennifer Granholm tweeted, “Disinfo about @POTUS’ energy agenda is being used to scare/mislead Americans while industry cashes in.” But a little over two hours ago, at a rally for New York Governor Kathy Hochul, President Biden shouted, “No more drilling.” – Michael Shellenberger

Russia Tells Democrats ‘Don’t Blame Us’ When You Lose The Election – “Scapegoats are being prepared.” – Paul Joseph Watson

Not Yours to Give – “In 1827, Davy Crockett had been elected to Congress from the state of Tennessee.  As Crockett was campaigning for reelection, he encountered a farmer named Horatio Bunce. Crockett asked him for his vote. Bunce politely responded that although he had voted for Crockett two years before, he would not vote for him again. Taken aback, Crockett asked why. Bunce pointed out that the Constitution does not authorize Congress to appropriate funds to help out needy people. He said that Crockett and other members of Congress should have used their own personal funds to help out the families. In other words, monies raised by taxes were “not yours to give.”” – Jacob G. Hornberger

US Nuclear Forces Chief Says ‘the Big One Is Coming’ – “The head of US Strategic Command called the war in Ukraine a ‘warmup’ for what is to come” – Dave DeCamp

Let’s Be Clear: If WW3 Happens It Will Be The Result Of Choices Made By The US Empire – “The commander of the US nuclear arsenal has stated unequivocally that the war in Ukraine is just a warmup exercise for a much larger conflict that’s already in the mail. Not only does Richard appear to believe that a hot war between major world powers is a foregone conclusion, he has also previously stated that a nuclear war with Russia or China is now “a very real possibility.”” – Caitlin Johnstone

Nuclear Postures and Posturing (VIDEO) – “Who are the most aggressive nations when it comes to nuclear posturing? Find out.” – Makia Freeman


Powell May Be Planning a Post-Election Fed Pivot – Stefan Gleason

Yikes. The Federal Reserve Lost $4.1 Billion Last Month. – “But the Fed has a huge problem now. According to its latest balance sheet, the Fed owns $8.3 TRILLION worth of bonds. That’s a pretty big portfolio. Remember, though, that bond prices fall as interest rates go up. So as the Fed has been aggressively raising rates lately, they’ve managed to create enormous losses of their own bond portfolio. In fact the Fed lost $3.2 billion just last week alone. And in the month of October, they lost $4.1 billion. $4.1 billion constitutes roughly 10% of the Fed’s entire capital base, so it’s a LOT of money for them to lose, especially in a single month. And these losses are mostly the result of their interest rate hikes that have caused their bond portfolio to lose value” – Simon Black

Global Rate Hikes Strike the Wall of Debt Maturity – “More than ninety central banks worldwide are increasing interest rates. Bloomberg predicts that by mid-2023, the global policy rate, calculated as the average of major central banks’ reference rates weighted by GDP, will reach 5.5%. Next year, the federal funds rate is projected to reach 5.15 percent.” – Daniel Lacalle

Gold Establishment Supports Central Bank Secrecy instead of Exposing it – Ronan Manly


Homebuyers “Simply Aren’t Motivated” And Have “Fled The Market” – “What can we expect to see once today’s record number of homes under construction hit the market?” – Quoth the Raven

Deutsche Bank AG STOCK QUOTE –9.77EUR


Cast iron cookware requirements for the outdoor and homestead kitchen – “After years of experimenting with various methods of cooking and improvising recipes with whatever ingredients I had available, I can tell you that nothing beats cast iron cookware. It seems that whatever you are cooking and however you are doing it, food just tastes better if you use a cast iron skillet or a Dutch oven.” – Bob Rodgers  – ALSO SEE RHONDA OWEN’S  ARTICLE LINKED ON 10/05/22!!!

How To Preserve Personal Safety While Traveling – David Andrew Brown

How to Set Up an Emergency Hand Pump for a Well – “there’s a long history of people using hand pumps. Most of that history is during the years before electricity was readily available. If early Americans could rely on hand pumps for water, I figured it’d be perfect should an emergency situation arise.” – Aden Tate

There Is Stuff Everywhere That Could Be Useful In SHTF Or In Bad Economic Times (VIDEO) – Modern Refugee


Jeremiah 18:10     If it do evil in my sight, that it obey not my voice, then I will repent of the good, wherewith I said I would benefit them.