If You Want Forgiveness, Emily, Here’s Your Program – “Maybe when their icons are sitting in jail, having lied publicly one too many times, and having participated in mass murder, they will recognize their addiction, and seek to make a personal change. With Covid, this group of almost a hundred million Americans demonstrated a thousand days of collapses in critical thinking, a thousand days of lockstep unwillingness to question authority, and a thousand days of animalistic rage and aggression toward those who displayed a healthy distrust of large, nontransparent and unaccountable organizations and institutions. So far, none of this is being addressed. ” – Karen Kwiatkowski  – VERY GOOD READ FROM KAREN AND FROM THE BIONIC MOSQUITO BELOW!!!!!

Let’s First See if They Drown – “Let’s acknowledge that we made complicated choices in the face of deep uncertainty…. No. Let’s strap a boulder onto those purveyors of lies in politics and media and big business and big tech and big education before being sent into the water. Only if they drown, demonstrating their innocence, will I believe that they were victims of “complicated choices” made “in the face of deep uncertainty.”” – Bionic Mosquito

To Be, Or Not To Be Human? (VIDEO) – “What does this question even mean after the last two years?” – The Good Citizen  – GOOD VIDEO FROM THE GOOD CITIZEN. MORE ON  LUCIFERASE AND THE BIG PICTURE!!!!!!

“Pandemic Amnesty”? It’s just more narrative reinforcement – “It’s not an apology, a backwards step or segue to our old pre-Covid reality. It’s just more narrative reinforcement. We’ve seen it all before. In February this year, the Guardian ran an article supposedly about “scientists admitting their mistakes” over “covid”. And what do you think those “mistakes” were? Selling out and caving in and going along with the mass deployment of a potentially deadly and totally unnecessary “experimental” vax? Not at all. They just didn’t trust the narrative enough.” – Kit Knightly

Good luck to Elon, but I haven’t forgotten the crimes of Facebook – “Because of rampant, coordinated censorship, our side never really had a chance to save countless lives. But when I think about the “censorship” story, I don’t just think about the speech Twitter might allow in the future, I think of all the speech Twitter should have allowed in the last 32 months. The same thoughts apply to Facebook, YouTube, Google and all the other social media platforms that, almost overnight, went full Orwell. Here’s what I really think: If these Big Tech speech platforms had allowed genuine free speech, I think hundreds of thousands if not millions of people now deceased might still be alive.” – Bill Rice, Jr.

Freemason Technocrat Elon Musk Proudly Displays his Allegiance to Satan on Halloween – Beware the “Twitter Trap!” – “Elon Musk showed up at a Halloween party, along with his mother who is also clearly a Freemason, and proudly displayed what appears to be his allegiance to Satan. And as to his plans for Twitter, someone has found a video where he admits that he wants to turn Twitter into the same thing as the Chinese WeChat app, which is the main app China uses to combine social media, digital identity, vaccination and medical status, criminal history, tracking and surveillance, digital currency, shopping, carbon footprint, and is their major input into the Chinese “Social Credit Score.” we have no plans to go back on Twitter ourselves, and anyone who is planning to, should be cautious that Twitter could become a massive surveillance tool. And while Musk claims that he respects “free speech,” he could also very well be planning to provide your “free speech” to intelligence agencies where your political views and everything else you share on Twitter is put into a database to potentially be used against you.” – rian Shilhavy

Let’s not ‘Yada Yada Yada’ This Critical Issue Anymore. How Did the Synthetic mRNA Get into Human Cells Again? – “mRNA vaccine technology hosts electromagnetic fields inside the human body (electrophoresis) to enable the penetration of synthetic mRNA into the cell wall and nucleus.” – Karen Kingston

What types of people would want to declare a Pandemic Amnesty? – “Does being in the dark allow you to dehumanise a section of society?” – The Naked Emperor

A Point of No Return Is Nigh – “Never question authorities. Obey orders, rules, and regulations. Be happy! Just follow the orders? Never question the authorities? We have some historical precedents where authorities got an upper hand over its citizens’ say in moral matters:” – Andreas Oehler

This Is Why “Amnesty” Is Not Possible: Researchers Are Still Playing God With Viruses – “For virologists (let us not conflate these misbegotten “researchers” with actual scientists) to frivolously and foolishly manipulate demonstrably dangerous pathogens is tantamount to playing multiple games of Russian Roulette—eventually, the hammer falls on a loaded chamber. If this sort of useless and pointless non-research is allowed to continue, it is a mathematical certainty that there will be a new outbreak of laboratory-created infectious disease. It is because of Faucist foolishness such as this that the recently suggested “pandemic amnesty” cannot happen. So long as the Faucists persist in their belief that they have done nothing wrong, they remain an existential threat to humanity. Sadly, that is not an exaggeration.” – Peter Nayland Kust


Vote Them *All* Out – “Our representatives swore an oath to uphold the Constitution. They didn’t keep it. When unelected health officials called for the complete subjugation of citizens’ rights to their vain, absurdist attempts to control a respiratory virus, how many of our representatives stood up to support and defend the Constitution? When those same unelected officials demanded extension after extension of an indefinite state of emergency, how many of our representatives showed true faith and allegiance to our nation’s principles by putting a stop to them? With the US midterm elections days away, I believe this simple question is more than enough to determine whether our gaggle of elected representatives deserve another term: How many of them lived up to their oath of office? Did any of them uphold their oath? What was stopping them? And what really would have happened to them if they did?” – Michael P Senger – EXCELLENT POINT!!!!!!!!!!!!

If You Believe – “I don’t know whether Stanley Kubrick staged the moon landing on a movie set, or some other scenario, but my skepticism is based on something rather mundane. TV technology in 1969 was poor. Picture quality from stations a few miles across town were bad. The moon is 239,000 miles from earth. How could they have landed on the moon and broadcast live video that was as clear as if you were watching a TV show, when surveillance camera video in 2022, 53 years later can’t even reveal who placed those pipe bombs around Washington DC on January 5th, 2020. The government, their media mouthpieces, and most certainly the plethora of alphabet agencies wielding the real power (CIA, FBI, DHS, etc.) in D.C. created the term “conspiracy theorists” as a way to cover up their diabolical Deep State plots to rule the world from behind the curtain. The CIA coined the term in the wake of the JFK assassination as a method to discredit critical thinking Americans who questioned the validity of the Warren Report and the government cover-up of JFK’s murder by rogue elements of the U.S. government. This was not the beginning of manipulation of the public mind by men we have never heard of. As expounded by the master of propaganda, Edward Bernays, the manipulation was already taking place during the 1920s.” – Jim Quinn

You’re Doing Great And Your Voice Makes A Difference – “2022 is an insane year to be a critic of the empire. People are being censored for disputing official narratives about a war. Those who aren’t censored are being mobbed by astroturf trolling operations. A frenetic propaganda push is turning our friends, family, coworkers and acquaintances into brainwashed empire automatons who despise our heretical rejection of official imperial doctrine about Russia and Ukraine. And this is just a quick note to say thank you for holding the line anyway, and to note that your opposition to nuclear brinkmanship, US warmongering and propaganda makes a difference.” – Caitlin Johnstone

‘Disinformation’ and ‘misinformation’ now ‘election crimes,’ according to FBI? – “A leaked document should chill the blood of every freedom-loving American.” – Eric Utter

Why the Ethics of ‘Would You Kill Baby Hitler?’ Are More Important Than You Probably Think – “There’s a reason the “would you kill Baby Hitler?” hypothetical pops up every few years. It’s a question with huge moral implications, and it’s one people are deeply divided on. How one answers the Baby Hitler question can reveal a lot about one’s moral philosophy. Religious people, for example, tend to say it would be wrong to murder Hitler in his cradle. “The truth is no pro-life person would kill Baby Hitler…Baby Hitler was a baby,” said conservative commentator Ben Shapiro, an orthodox Jew, during a 2019 pro-life rally. “What you presumably want to do with Baby Hitler was take Baby Hitler out of Baby Hitler’s house, and movie Baby Hitler into a better house where he will not grow up to be Hitler.”” – Jon Miltimore

Contextualizing context – “So, this tweet went out from the white house today. The official White House account tweeted: “Seniors are getting the biggest increase in their Social Security checks in 10 years through President Biden’s leadership.” I think one would struggle to claim that this was anything other than a straight down the middle, neutral addition that made it clear the manner in which the claim that this completely automatic and formula driven COLA increase in SS payments based on a law put in place in 1972 was some sort of “Biden leadership” was pretty disingenuous.” – El Gato Malo  – IT’S NOT JUST DISINGENUOUS, IT’S OUT RIGHT BULLSHIT!!!!!!

High Drama in Washington, D.C. As the Kamala Harris 2024 Pivot Begins – “But with the Democratic ticket on the ropes and a political red wave projected to place Tuesday during the midterm elections, a new narrative log is being tossed onto the fire to heat things up at a very convenient time for Harris, namely that she has – at long last – finally found “her footing”: And spin is indeed what it is. The Harris of today who has allegedly “found her footing” is the same Harris from yesterday who has little depth to her beyond what she’s told to say and think by her handlers, a documented fact for anyone interested in learning more. None of us have any idea who the Democratic nominee for 2024 will be. But one thing is for certain, Kamala Harris wants it and wants it badly, which is why we can expect to be gaslit over again with glowing media profiles on how she’s “grown” as a leader during her time as vice president while rattling off a list of supposed accomplishments ” – Sister Toldjah


Former CIA Boss Petraeus Demands US Forces Enter the Fight in Ukraine – “We are now perilously close to descending into a nuclear abyss.” – Kurt Nimmo

Who’s Afraid of US Troops in Ukraine? – “Very innocuously, the Biden Administration has ‘sensitised’ the world opinion that American troops are indeed present on Ukrainian soil in Russia’s immediate neighbourhood. Washington made a “soft landing” with an unnamed senior Pentagon official making the disclosure to the Associated Press and the Washington Post. The official gave an ingenious explanation that the US troops “have recently begun doing onsite inspections to ensure” that Ukraine is “properly accounting” for the Western weapons it received.” – M. K. Bhadrakumar

There’s a Shortage of Amoxicillin in America – “We figured this day would come, when basic medications were no longer plentiful. And now that it’s here, it is likely to affect some of the most vulnerable members of our population. There’s a shortage of amoxicillin for children right now. Amoxicillin is the most common drug used to treat things like ear infections, upper respiratory infections, and sinus infections in little ones, and the liquid type is very difficult to find right now in the United States of America.” – Daisy Luther


“Inflation? No Thanks”: Walmart Rolls Back Thanksgiving Food To 2021 Prices – “Sounds like Walmart knows its customer base is broke.” – Tyler Durden

The Great Unwind II – “With price inflation rising out of control and interest rates rising strongly, the trading environment for commercial banks has fundamentally changed. With bad debts looming and bond prices in entrenched downtrends, procrastination is now the enemy of bankers. We are at the beginning of The Great Unwind, and this article elaborates on my first article for Goldmoney” – Alasdair Macleod  – FIRST PART WAS LINKED AS A PODCAST ON 10/09/22!!!!

Fed Hikes 75 Bpts to 3.75-4.0%, Pivots Even More Hawkish: “Very Premature to Be Thinking about or Talking about Pausing.” Markets Tank – “What I’m trying to do is make sure our message is clear: we think we have a ways to go,” Powell said. “Rates have to go higher and stay higher for longer.” -Wolf Richter

Famous Last Words: “We Will Stay The Course Until The Job Is Done” – Michael Snyder

Economically Ignorant Americans Want More Stimmy Checks to Fight Inflation – “Proving that most people have no idea what causes inflation, the majority of Americans in a recent poll said they want the federal government to hand out stimulus checks to combat inflation. In the poll commissioned by Newsweek, 63% of the respondents said they agreed that the feds should issue new stimulus checks to tackle inflation.” – Michael Maharrey

France, Singapore, Switzerland jointly test central bank digital currencies – Reuters


Deutsche Bank AG STOCK QUOTE –9.67EUR


How to Cultivate Your Prepper Mentality (PODCAST AND ARTICLE ) – Your prepper mentality will do more to keep you safe than all the gear, food, and weapons in the world. This episode features former CIA Clandestine Services Case Officer, Doug Patteson, of Doug brings a wealth of knowledge and experience into play as he helps you improve your everyday prepper mentality to become more safe, secure, and prepared.”” – Brian Duff

5 Essential Fire Skills Preppers Must Master – Apartment Prepper

Post-TEOTWAWKI Wound Care – Part 1- “Wound care is not the most glamorous of subjects but might come in handy down the road. We are not going to discuss the care we can provide in the here and now, which can be quite advanced as well as incredibly costly, but what we can do in a pinch if needed with stuff we have hanging around. This first part is the basic science of wound healing in a nutshell.” – M.V.


Jeremiah 34:15  And ye were now turned, and had done right in my sight, in proclaiming liberty every man to his neighbour; and ye had made a covenant before me in the house which is called by my name: