Medical System Struggles with How to Treat Heart Disease Caused by COVID Vaccines – the fraud – “The JAHA published studies admit to a difficult situation in treating what they refer to as a “novel” cardiac disease that is caused by COVID-19 vaccines without fueling “vaccine hesitancy” which would reduce the number of people getting COVID-19 vaccines, which of course they are obligated to believe are necessary to fight the COVID-19 “virus” disease. To admit otherwise, would be to admit these vaccines are a total scam and unnecessarily killing and maiming people, a criminal offense.” – Brian Shilhavy

Why you shouldn’t trust CNN for any health information – “Do you trust Jake Tapper or Sanjay Gupta? You shouldn’t. Here’s why. Also, the cause of all the RSV cases. And Peter McCullough update.” – Steve Kirsch – NOT TRUSTING CNN IS PRETTY MUCH A GIVEN AND ON MORE THAN JUST HEALTH NEWS!!!!!

FANTASTIC MUST SEE Intra-Body Nano-Network Presentation by Mik Anderson – Ana Maria Mihalcea, MD, PhD –  A LITTLE TECHNICAL, MAY TAKE SOME TIME TO DIGEST

Covid Vaccine Nanotechnology – The Intra Body Nano Network – The BLUETOOTH / MAC Phenomenon & NANO NETWORKS – Mik Andersen – Conspiracy Realities – Agenda 2030  – THIS VIDEO GOES ALONG WITH THE ABOVE ARTICLE!!!!

Turbo Cancer Revisited – “Polling the Room, Doctors, Oncologists, Patients, Observers. One thing seems clear. Nobody trusts data. On any side. Whether it’s VAERS or All Cause Mortality, nobody believes anything. A real life Post Truth world. Collapsing Athletes, News Anchors, and Celebrities; and Died Suddenly may be able to do what charts cannot: wake some people up.” – Sage Hana


Cockamamie Story – “It’s been several days since San Francisco police interrupted a hammer fight between Paul Pelosi — husband of House Speaker Nancy — and his “friend… David,” in the Pelosis’ Pacific Heights home, and apparently the cops have not asked David DePape why he was there in the first place. Odd, a little bit. Is it possible that a whole chain of authorities from the SFPD clear up into the top of the US government and its Democratic Party sidekicks don’t want you to know what actually happened? So far, not much in this cockamamie story adds up. Mr. DePape is apparently also known to the police as a gay hustler, that is, a person who sells sex for money. Unless I’m mistaken, the San Francisco Police Department (SFPD) has a detective department — experienced men and women who go around the city seeking clues, evidence, and testimony in order to make sense of perplexing crimes — and then solve them! Shall we assume they are on-the-job? The police and the news media have theorized that DePape broke into the place by smashing a glass door in back. Uh-huh…. Ask yourself: would there not be an alarm system at least on all the ground floor windows and doors in the house? Would the Speaker of the House, with a discretionary budget on top of a $300-million fortune, and in a time of epic political rancor, not have a team of security guards in place at her private home?” – James Howard Kunstler  – WAS HOPING MR. KUNSTLER WOULD GIVE HIS TAKE ON THIS, AND IT’S A GOOD ONE!!!!!!!!!!

Preposterous Political Posturing – “As we’re all aware (unless you’re living in a cave) Pelosi’s husband was involved in an “incident” at their San Francisco home a few days ago, a fight between him and another man occurred with a hammer, and he got, well…. hammered. And not the sort of hammered he recently got just before committing a DUI either. The house has multiple exterior security cameras which are clearly visible and, one presumes, interior ones as well. The cops wear body cameras. Where is the footage? Nobody with two nickels to rub together believes that the house owned by the Speaker and her many-millionaire husband has no security features sufficient to at least frustrate a forcible break-in, never mind that the immediate area has security as well since its a wealthy enclave. Enough to prevent such an event? Maybe not but it begs the question: You and I paid for said security since Pelosi is the Speaker, so what did we get for our money?” – Karl Denninger – KARL WEIGHS IN AS WELL!!!!

Paul Pelosi and the violence we care about – “The liberal media’s double standards on political violence are horrifying.” – Brendan O’Neill

Pelosi & Kavanaugh Murder Plots Show Media Double Standard – “The same news media that mischaracterized psychosis as fanaticism in the alleged plot to kill Pelosi also downplayed the assassination plot against Kavanaugh by an abortion rights fanatic.” – Michael Shellenberger  – SEEMS TO BE A CONSENSUS!!!!!!

Quick Musings and Update – “I just returned yesterday from 9 days away, and my last major trip of the year. I did notice that little changed while I was away, and that this “Great Reset” agenda is still moving forward, and mostly unimpeded. A sad state of affairs, but that is the reality of our situation. In this very brief first post since returning, I want to concentrate on one aspect of plotted idiocy that is evident, and just in time for another worthless, criminal, and ludicrous voting spectacle. The point I am attempting to make here, is that the entirety of politics and the political system, are rotten and evil to the core, regardless of which atrocious party is falsely said to be in power. They are but the criminal pawns of the real power, and do the bidding of their masters at every turn.” – Gary D. Barnett

Permissible and Impermissible Incendiary Speech? – “For many on the Left, what most see as incendiary and violent rhetoric is simply contextualized as the necessary talk of social justice.” – Victor Davis Hanson

Depravity, Frivolity, and Dissent: Are We Watching the End of an Empire? – Daisy Luther

Teachers, Preachers And Greens Unholy Alliance To Transform America – ““The first step in liquidating a people is to erase its memory, destroy its books, its culture, and its history.Then have somebody write new books, manufacture a new culture, invent a new history. before long the nation will begin to forget what it is and what it was. The world around it will forget even faster. The struggle of man agasinst power is the struggle of memory against forgetting.” (milan kundera)” – Tom DeWeese

The U.S. Diesel Shortage Is Worsening – “A diesel shortage and high diesel prices don’t bode well for the global economy, which could tip into recession at some point next year.” – Tsvetana Paraskova

U.S. plans to deploy B-52s to north Australia amid China tensions – source – Renju Jose and Lewis Jackson  – LET’S JUST PISS THE CHINESE OFF A LITTLE MORE. MORE WARMONGERING FROM BIDEN AND CREW!!!!

101-st Airborne Threatens Armageddon – “Joe Biden has his Screaming Eagles troupe throwing shapes from across the Romanian border to protect Hunter Biden’s bio labs. It too will not end well. For America. Though Biden’s deployment of 4,500 stormtroopers, over a quarter of the total strength of the 101st Airborne Division, onto Russia’s doorstep is a statement of intent that will elicit the appropriate answer, America’s organized crime families best be careful with what they wish for, as their Screaming Eagles will not be the first set of marauding gangsters to come unstuck in Russia. Napoleon’s Imperial Guard and Hitler’s 1st SS Leibstandarte SS Adolf Hitler, 2nd SS Das Reich, 12th SS Hitlerjugend and 5th SS Wiking, the pride of their respective armies, all got mauled there long before Hunter Biden ever saw a crack cocaine pipe.” – Declan Hayes

Grander Geopolitics Behind the Russo-Ukraine War – Video #1 – Makia Freeman – MAKIA IS DOING VIDEOS NOW RATHER THAN ARTICLES. HERE’S THE FIRST ONE!!!!

Hollow Biden Regime Criticism of Russia’s Suspended Grain Deal – “The Illegitimate Biden regime turned reality on its head by falsely accusing Russia of “weaponizing” food by suspending a deal it never should have agreed to in the first place, the White House imposter, saying: Russia’s suspension is “purely outrageous.” And falsely claiming that it’ll “increase starvation” ignored that promoting it is official Biden regime policy — including domestically by disrupting supply chains and incinerating food storage facilities to create shortages and inflate prices. In cahoots with the Biden regime, UK foreign secretary, Cleverly, falsely called the breached grain deal by Ukrainian Nazis vital for “the world’s hungry (sic).” He ignored that 97% of Kiev exports went to European countries, not poor ones in Africa or elsewhere.” – Stephen Lendman

Much Of Ukrainian Capital Without Power & Water After New Russian Airstrikes – Tyler Durden

Ukraine: Will US Back Off as Russia Did on Cuba? – Ray McGovern

Common Medications You Shouldn’t Be On For Long – Dr. Joseph Mercola  – SOME OF THESE I KNEW ABOUT, OTHERS I DIDN’T. GOOD ARTICLE FROM DR. MERCOLA!!!!!!


“It’s Halloween And There’s A Lot For Markets To Be Scared About” – “It’s Halloween and, clichéd as it is, there is a lot for markets to be scared about. Let’s start off with the optimists, who, like Linus and his never-appearing Great Pumpkin, are waiting for a Fed pivot to bring them gifts.” – Michael Every

‘Inflation came from nowhere’ – Lagarde Putin and the pandemic are behind the worsening cost-of-living crisis in the EU, the head of the European Central Bank claim – RT  – LAGARDE IS ABOUT AS CLUELESS AS YELLIN AND POWELL!!!!

The Fed Got Everybody Drunk on Cheap Money But the Party Is Over (VIDEO) – Peter Schiff

About those Brutal Losses in Your 401(K) – Here Are the Charts – “Whether your mutual fund was one of the popular 60/40 funds (60 percent equities and 40 percent bonds) or was 100 percent in equities, you’ve been battered this year.” – Pam Martens and Russ Martens

Could a Red Wave Cool Off the Retail Bullion Market? – Clint Siegner

IS “ALL HELL” ABOUT TO BREAK LOOSE? MMRI Hits 280 AGAIN! Important Updates. (VIDEO) – Gregory Mannarino

Deutsche Bank AG STOCK QUOTE –9.70EUR


5 Lessons from Great Depression Life that Still Make Sense Today – “My mom’s parents would be referred to as preppers if they were living in today’s world, but back in the day, they lived like many country people did.” – Laurie Neverman  – GOOD ARTICLE!!!!

How To Maintain Healthy Soil With Crop Rotation – “One important rule of organic gardening states that you should rotate plant families as much as possible from one season to the next, so that related crops are not planted in the same location more than every three years or so.” – Rhonda Owen

Ingenious Ways To Keep Looters Away From Your Property – Aden Tate

How to organize a seed swap and exchange seeds within the community – Bob Rodgers


Psalm 109:29    Let mine adversaries be clothed with shame, and let them cover themselves with their own confusion, as with a mantle.