“Catching a Cold” – “Remember when people just caught colds – and that’s all there was to it? They didn’t think it was maybe something more. Didn’t rush to the doctor’s office to “get tested.” Only neurotics did that. Now we all do that – to one degree or another. It is almost impossible not to at least think “Rona Thoughts” when you feel your nose getting runny, a scratch in your throat . . . in the face of almost three years now of neurotic obsession with sickness. It is a measure of what they have done to us.” – Eric Peters

Humans as Bioreactors – “How DARPA and Moderna pioneered the idea behind mRNA vaccines. Gene transfection into cells can, in fact, make those cells produce any kind of protein, with the right instructions, including monoclonal antibodies, designer receptors, anything imaginable. In the case of the COVID-19 vaccines, the media and the medical establishment tried getting around this by arguing that since the vaccines did not change the recipient’s DNA, that meant that they weren’t gene therapy.” – Spartacus – ANOTHER GOOD READ FROM SPARTACUS!!!

Spartacus Answers the SH-10 Questions – “We are all Spartacus. (Not really, this guy is outlier Laser Sharp)” – Sage Hana

How Cancer Deaths From the COVID Jabs Are Being Hidden – Dr. Joseph Mercola

In Wake Of Alex Jones Largest EVER Judgment Amount Of Nearly $1 Billion, M.I.A. Calls Out Celebs Paid To Lie About Covid Shots – “All Hell Breaks Loose And A Mother Tweets Her Son’s Death Certificate; What Happens Next Proves “They”Don’t Care About Parents of Dead Kids.” – Celia Farber  –  AND NOT JUST THE CELEBRITIES THAT LIED. HOW ABOUT THE PHARMA EXECS, THE CDC, THE FDA AND ON AND ON. WHERE’S THE LAWSUITS FOR THEIR LYING!!!!!!!

Nuclear War is Good, Nazis Aren’t Bad, and The Economy isn’t in Trouble — According to Corporate Media – “The corporate media in the West has successfully convinced a significant portion of the population to embrace self-destruction.” – Matt Agorist

Pharma is terrible at bioscience but their understanding of human nature is extraordinary – “The cartel knows exactly what buttons to push to get you to do what they want” – Toby Rogers

Globus Hystericus – “Shall we play a game? What is the government’s response to their own genocide? To keep it going. The Biden Administration ordered 171,000,000 new Omicron boosters that were only tested on eight mice. Four of those mice died, and the other four are now 5G booster antennas on the roof of the NIH building. A recent study that probably wasn’t funded by the usual pharma cartel shills shows that these boosters will result in 98x more adverse events for every life “saved” from sniffles infection. The good news is the majority of the nation has finally sniffed out the scam. The sad news is that the historical comparisons are not so favorable to current government intentions.” – The Good Citizen

Dr Seuss could trigger heart attacks in children, new study finds. – Winston Smith – SOME GOOD SATIRE FROM WINSTON. I’M JUST WAITING FOR THEM TO REALLY SAY THIS. IT’S NOT BEYOND THEIR REALM!!!!!


We’re Coming For You – “Have you noticed, as the election looms, the Party of Chaos trips deeper into its own self-created chaos? Turns out that the effort to make Ukraine the fifty-first state is not going over so well with the voters. Nor is the campaign to convince children to switch sexes. Or the crusade to sell ever more mRNA “vaccines” that the CDC knows good-and-goshdarn-well is killing and maiming credulous citizens by the millions. Or the program for importing limitless alien “vibrance” across the open border with Mexico…. As the venerable Rolling Stones sang more than a half century ago: “Rape… murder… it’s just a shot away!” This is the kind of country that the Party of Chaos has been grooming you up for. It’s not working. We are coming for you: leaders, mesmerized minions, and obliging tools of this Satanic faction that seized the levers of power in America and turned them into wrecking bars.” – James Howard Kunstler – VERY GOOD READ FROM MR. KUNSTLER TODAY. BUT THEN AGAIN, THEY USUALLY ARE!!!!!

Endless Tremendous – “I don’t know what we’re all complaining about. Truly. The world is just so ripe with tremendous opportunities. We know this because Blinken, Deputy Secretary of State, US, in responding to the Nordstream pipeline sabotage called it a “tremendous opportunity” to finally wean Europe off oil and gas.* The Covid response was a tremendous opportunity to implement lockdowns which may be a tremendous opportunity to implement climate lockdowns which may be a tremendous opportunity for something else… The whole trick to recognizing these tremendous opportunities is not so difficult once you get the hang of it. You might even be able to predict them.” – Sylvia Shawcross

Monstrous Miscarriage of Justice – “On Wednesday, guaranteed speech, press and academic freedoms under the Constitution’s First Amendment suffered another significant body blow — en route to abolishing these most fundamental of all rights altogether in the US and West, based on the current trend. After three days of deliberating phony charges against radio host/Infowars editor Alex Jones, a mind-manipulated six-member Connecticut Superior Court jury outrageously ordered him to pay $965 million in damages to families of alleged Sandy Hook Elementary School shooting victims. A separate suit ordered him to pay $49 million in damages. It was for truth-telling about what happened a decade ago in 2012.” – Stephen Lendman – WHETHER YOU BELIEVE IT HAPPENED OR NOT, YOU SHOULD STILL HAVE A RIGHT TO VOICE YOUR OPINION. ALTHOUGH THIS CASE MIGHT BE EXTREME, WHERE DO YOU DRAW THE LINE!!!!!

Biden Flunks Another Inflation Exam – “You know things are bad when even the mainstream press is admitting that the latest inflation numbers “soared far above expectations last month” and that this is “wiping out pay gains.” But, according to President Joe Biden, Thursday’s report on inflation “shows some progress in the fight against higher prices.” What progress? Inflation was up 8.2% in September, compared with the year before.” – I & I Editorial Board

Biden’s Reckless Foreign Policy Comes With Hefty Price Tag After Saudi-Russian Move on Oil – “Biden’s comment about making the country a “pariah” was simply stupid and misplaced” – Martin Jay

Desperate Democrats vote to subpoena Trump ahead of midterms, — and may not like what they get – “Democrats should be careful what they wish for. In a nakedly political move ahead of midterms, the January 6 committee announced, on a 9-0 vote, that they’d subpoena President Trump for testimony on the January 6 riots.” – Monica Showalter

Remember an Underappreciated Honest Politician – “A Man of Iron, a biography of Grover Cleveland by Troy Senik, has just been published. With the midterm elections so close, anyone who has studied Cleveland’s views, can’t help but recognize the abyss between that “honest, principled, and plain-spoken president” and the current occupant of the White House. ” – Gary M. Galles – IT’S A SAD STATE OF AFFAIRS TO HAVE TO GO CLEAR BACK TO GROVER CLEVELAND TO FIND AN HONEST POLITICIAN!!!!

Tucker Carlson tells Zelensky to ‘go away’ after aid demands – “The US has its own critical needs it can spend billions of dollars on instead of sending it to Kiev, the Fox News host argued. Speaking during his Thursday show on Fox News, the top-rated commentator dismissed the Ukrainian president as a “celebrity-endorsed dictator of the most corrupt nation in Europe.” “What? Some uppity foreigner in a T-shirt demanding money for his ‘critical economic needs’? We have critical economic needs too, buddy. Who are you, troll? Go away!” Carlson said, responding to the request. He asked the US leadership if the Ukrainian president had a claim on the nation’s treasury.” – RT

These Two Troubling Developments Could Reignite Global Food Crisis Fears – Tyler Durden

The Army’s Big Convention Was Full of Armed Robots – “For now, Western militaries remain reluctant to buy ground weapons that choose their own targets. But that may change.” – Patrick Tucker and Lauren C. Williams

PREPARE FOR DOOMSDAY Urgent calls for radiation pills and survival training for EVERY family as Britain ‘woefully unprepared’ for nuclear war – Anthony Blair

Gloves Come Off in Russian Retaliation for Crimean Bridge Hit – “Moscow may need to make the Western military infrastructure and its authoring centers for the Kiev regime take a direct hit too in order to reinforce its red lines.” – Finian Cunningham

NATO planned a pre-emptive strike on Russia – Batko Milacic

Global finance vs global energy: who will come out on top? – “There is more to the current struggle between the oil-consuming west and the oil-producing nations than meets the eye and it runs far deeper than the war in Ukraine” – Karin Kneissl

Why Liz Truss has crashed and burned – “She has no mandate and no clue what she is doing. Britain deserves better” – Tom Slater.

North Korea fires ballistic missile into the sea and sends warplanes near to the border with South Korea as Kim Jong Un responds to ‘provocative action’ from Seoul after its military scrambled fighter jets – Matthew Lodge

Birdsong can reduce anxiety and paranoia, study reveals – Chris Melore



We’re Getting Poorer: Price Inflation Grew Faster than Wages Again in September – Ryan McMaken

“After You”… “No, After You” – “Your Turn! The summary of this week’s events feel like one of those cheesy “after you”, “no, after you” comedy scenes.” – Michael Every

Debt Markets Get Trampled – “Anyone with half a brain knew there would be hell to pay for locking down the economy and simultaneously printing and spewing out trillions of dollars of confetti money. The bill has finally come due. Did you see the latest consumer price index (CPI) report? Stock market investors celebrated the news like mindless idiots. On Thursday, after the CPI report was released, the S&P 500 rallied more than 2.5 percent. Perhaps stock market investors were elated the CPI wasn’t even higher.” – MN Gordon – WAS IT REALLY INVESTORS OR DID JEROME AND THE BOYS JUMP IN!!!!!!

Trick, No Treat: No Good News In The September CPI Summary – “Inflation Rolls Right Over Powell’s Rate Hikes – Peter Nayland Kust

Prime Day Falls Flat, Black Friday in October Again, Who Cares? – “Amazon’s October Prime Day failed to wow anyone. Nor will Black Friday, no matter what month it’s in this year.” – Mish – GEE, WONDER WHY!!!!!!!!!!!!

Negative sentiment in paper markets – “Negative sentiment in paper markets. It is paper investors who are getting crushed in these conditions. And there is no doubt that bullion banks are trying to shake them out, including hapless investors in ETFs which are seen as a source of deliverable bullion. Central banks, old money, and private individuals are taking the opportunity to accumulate physical bullion and coin, aware that currencies and financial systems face increasing systemic risks. ” – Alasdair Macleod

Services Now Drive Inflation: Worst in 40 Years Services CPI & “Core CPI” Show Inflation Is Entrenched in Broad Economy. Some Goods Prices Fall, Gasoline Plunges – “Health insurance up 28%. Housing costs spike. New vehicle CPI jumps. Food-away-from-home spikes most since 1981. But used vehicles fall, food-at-home backs off from worst since 1979. Inflation Whac-A-Mole.” – Wolf Richter

Mortgage rates hit 20-year high at nearly 7% -Matt Phillips

Deutsche Bank AG STOCK QUOTE –8.56EUR


Build a $300 Underground Greenhouse For Year-Round Gardening – “Growers in colder climates often utilize various approaches to extend the growing season or to give their crops a boost, whether it’s cold frames, hoop houses or greenhouses. Greenhouses are usually glazed structures, but are typically expensive to construct and heat throughout the winter. A much more affordable and effective alternative to glass greenhouses is the w alpine (an Aymara Indian word for a “place of warmth”), also known as an underground or pit greenhouse. ” – Kimberley Mok

An Army NBC Specialist Shares What You Need to Know About Nuclear Survival – Daisy Luther

Best Places To Survive A Nuclear Apocalypse In The US – “To answer that question, the survivalist website outlines that some of the safest regions in a nuclear war “include the upper Midwest, Maine, West Texas, and multiple small pockets, usually in areas that don’t have large populations.” The most dangerous region is the East Coast because of the significant presence of military installations, defense companies, critical infrastructure, and major cities.” – Tyler Durden

At Home Gun Range – “Many of us dream about the possibility. Imagine heading out to your private gun range where you can practice your shooting skills any time.” – Dennis Howard

How To Train Your Chickens To Come When Called – Sunny M


Proverbs 22:3    A prudent man foreseeth the evil, and hideth himself: but the simple pass on, and are punished.