Without Trump, there is no Biden And the palace coup middleman, Anthony Fauci – “Before the 2020 election, many people were aware that Biden was demented and incompetent. There was no mystery about it. They couldn’t have cared less. In one of the stranger twists in American political history, those who didn’t care gave no thought to the fact that Trump had already handed his Presidency to his enemy, Anthony Fauci, who deep-sixed the US economy with his promotion of lockdowns. Nor were they aware that Trumps’ Warp Speed Program had given birth to the most destructive medical intervention in human history. They hated Trump for other reasons. It never occurred to them that Biden would double down on the importance of the Trump vaccine and try to mandate it for most Americans. To them, the vaccine was a lifesaver, and they were thrilled they could now attach Biden’s name to it, rather than Trump’s. THAT was the important thing. If Biden wanted to mandate the shot, fine. As long as HE was the man in the Oval Office issuing the orders.” – Jon Rappoport

BARDA “Industry Day” 2021 Sales Pitch – “November 3, 2021 Address from Dr. Christopher Houchens, BARDA CBRN Division Director. Better get ready for these “emerging threats” ! These guys are pretty good at predicting them.” – Sage Hana

Lipid Nanoparticles: Are They Subtly Changing Human Beings? – “Are Essential Human Qualities Being Destroyed by PEG-Coated Industrial Fats?” – Dr Naomi Wolf

New study: A simple nasal wash reduces the risk of being hospitalized for COVID by >8X – “But don’t worry. Nobody will find out. However, it does show that the entire pandemic response was unnecessary and harmful. I just wanted to make sure you knew that.” – Steve Kirsch

1920 Rockefellers’ Goal to Mold You Hasn’t Changed – Corey Lynn

Genocide By Any Other Name Is Still… COVID Vaccines don’t work by Vaccine definition and Red Flags! – ” I have spent about 30 years either in or working for the US military with leading edge technology as my main focus. No not medical technology but how you learn, how you research, and how you arrive at assumptions and conclusions is very similar. What we will discuss today pushes the boundaries of what many are willing to believe … But it is all possible and very doable (and more) with the state of today’s bio-medical technology. This is something I personally believe with total confidence due to the massive amount of vaccine research I have burned through over the years … And that scares the hell out of me!” – Klark Barnes

An Estimated 30,000 Americans Were Killed by Ventilators & Iatrogenesis in April 2020 – “Reexamining excess deaths during peak lockdown” – Michael P Senger

Ontario College of Physicians: Vaccine Refusers Need To Be Given Prescription Drugs or Referred to a Psychiatrist – “Only the mentally ill can refuse “safe and effective” COVID Injections. The writing is on the wall” – Lioness of Judah Ministry


Taking Rights Seriously – “A right is not a privilege. A right is an indefeasible personal claim against the whole world. It does not require a government permission slip. It does not require preconditions except the ability to reason. It does not require the approval of family or neighbors. A privilege is something the government doles out to suit itself or calm the masses.” – Andrew P. Napolitano

‘No one f**** with a Biden’? – “If there’s one thing worse than having a dotard for a president, it’s having a foul-mouthed dotard for a president. Which brings us to Joe Biden, whose handlers couldn’t prevent this one from “gracing” the news, The president was also heard on a hot mic saying “no one fucks with a Biden,” in conversation with Fort Myers Beach Mayor Ray Murphy. Aside from the toilet mouth though, the bravado of it, as if to sound as though he’s just defeated Corn Pop once again, is in some ways even worse than the bad language. He really thinks no one effs with a Biden? Really? This news comes as OPEC has done a number on him,” – Monica Showalter

OPEC Humiliates President Biden On A Global Stage – “The oil producing nations basically told the U.S. to “shove it”, furthering the case that the BRIC nations are moving away from the U.S. dollar and separating economically from the West.” – Quoth the Raven

“OPEC’s Action Is Testimony To A Staggering US Geopolitical And Geoeconomic Error” – Michael Every

The Energy War – “The golden rule states that the man with the gold makes the rules. In this age, gold is energy in its various forms. The world as we understand it runs on electricity, which comes from fossil fuels like oil, gas and coal. If you happen to sit upon a lot of these things, you get to be important and have a lot of money. If you do not have these things, then you are dependent upon others for your welfare. There simply is no way to have a modern society without cheap energy. In case the West forgot this reality, OPEC+ sent a gentle reminder this week by committing to a large cut in production.” – The Z Man

NEW: DOJ Has Enough Evidence to Charge Hunter Biden With Multiple Crimes – Bonchie

Media Spin on Gun Control Doesn’t Match Voters’ Opinions – “People initially answered by a two-to-one margin that they support red flag laws (58% to 29%), with the strongest support coming from Democrats, the wealthy, blacks and Hispanics, and people aged 18-29. However, after being told that there are no court proceedings before an individual’s guns are taken away, and that there are no mental health care experts involved in the process, support changed to opposition (29% to 47%). Strong support plummeted from 34% to 14% and strong opposition rose from 18% to 29%.” – John R. Lott Jr.

Shoplifting in California Is out of Control Due to Zero Consequences: District Attorney – Jamie Joseph and Siyamak Khorrami

We Survived The Last Nuclear Standoff Through Compromise And De-Escalation – “Vladimir Putin has signed documents finalizing the Russian annexation of four regions in eastern Ukraine, meaning there’s now a western-backed Ukrainian counteroffensive underway to recapture what Russia officially considers parts of its homeland. Moscow has made it clear that it will use all weapons systems at its disposal to defend against attacks on territories it claims as its own, which could include nuclear weapons.” – Caitlin Johnstone

Sign of the times? US stocks up on Amgen’s radiation sickness drug Nplate – “Wednesday, the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) said it’s throwing down $290 million to lock up an undisclosed amount of Amgen’s blood disorder med Nplate, which is approved to treat blood cell injuries linked to acute radiation syndrome (ARS) in kids and adults. ARS, also known as radiation sickness, occurs when a person’s body is exposed to a high dose of penetrating radiation, which is capable of “reaching internal organs in a matter of seconds,” HHS explained in a release.” – Fraiser Kansteiner

Putin Made a Peace Offer. Take it. – “Vladimir Putin has just about finalized the accession of the Donetsk and Lugansk People’s Republics (DPR and LPR), plus the Kherson and Zaporozhye Regions, into the Russian state. This is a peace offer, even if precious few will recognize it as such. Putin was never eager to make this move, it took him 8 years to recognize the independence of DPR and LPR, but it was the only solution left.” – Raúl Ilargi Meijer

The Importance of Leadership in a Time of Crisis: Why Putin’s Words Reflect a New Potential Trajectory for Humanity – “It is nice to see that during times of darkness and mass stupidity devoid of moral leadership among so many once-great centers of western civilization, there are some shining examples of greatness at play.” – Matthew Ehret

Pipeline Terror is the 9/11 of the Raging Twenties – “There’s no question that future unbiased historians will rank Russian President Vladimir Putin’s address on the Return of the Baby Bears – Donetsk, Lugansk, Kherson, and Zaporizhzhia – on September 30 as a landmark inflection point of the Raging Twenties. The underlying honesty and clarity mirror his speech at the 2007 Munich Security Conference, but this time largely transcending the trappings of the geopolitical New Great Game.” – Pepe Escobar

Ukraine’s Revenge on the West – “As the balance of power shifts again in Ukraine, its reverberations will impact the very unity of the EU project” – M. K. Bhadrakumar

Report: US Intelligence Believes Ukraine Was Behind Killing of Darya Dugina – “Dugina was the daughter of Alexander Dugin, a prominent Russian philosopher and nationalist” – Dave DeCamp – SO THEN. BASICALLY, THE U.S. ITSELF WAS BEHIND IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

US accuses Opec+ of aligning with Russia, Gulf states deny politics at play – “UAE says production cut was ‘technical and not political’, but Washington says it is exploring ways to reduce Opec’s control over energy prices” – Middle East Eye Staff


The $31 Trillion Dollar Question – Can The Fed Afford to Pivot? – Tom Luongo

(ALERT!) Liquidity Crisis Is Getting Worse FASTER! Along With A Currency Crisis- ITS COMING APART. (VIDEO) – Gregory Mannarino

We Blew It: Malinvestment and the Plundering of Productive Assets – Charles hugh Smith

Bank of England Explains Why Intervention Wasn’t Pivot to QE, But Effective Effort to Halt Death Spiral Triggered by Tax-Cut Panic in Gilt Market: Bond Purchases Near Zero this Week – Wolf Richter

A Massive Fiscal Time Bomb (VIDEO) – Peter Schiff

Imploding credit — the consequences – Alasdair Macleod

The Market Expects Another Three-Quarter Point Interest Hike in November, Then What? – “The magnitude of expected interest rate hikes by the Fed is accelerating.” – Mish

We Remain on Crash Warning – “And again, to be clear, this warning applies to the U.S. and global equity markets. The move to a Warning last week was related to the worsening condition of the UK bond markets as well as several TBTF Banks. As these concerns began to be recognized late last week, the Bank of England appeared to pivot with the announcement of a renewed, but limited, QE program designed to stabilize their gilt markets.” – Craig Hemke

New Study: Wall Street Banks Are Doubling Down on Risk by Selling Credit Default Swaps on their Risky Derivatives Counterparties – Pam Martens and Russ Martens

Deutsche Bank AG STOCK QUOTE –7.86EUR


Prepping: The Fundamentals of Preparedness Made Easy! – Brian Duff

Question: What Exactly Is Grey Water? – “We often hear about water conservation and the importance of using less water in this day and age. Especially for homesteaders or anyone living in a place where water is scarce and precious, the pressure is really on to get as much “mileage” from your water as possible. A method that is commonly recommended to this end is the reuse of gray water. But what exactly is gray water?” – Tom Marlowe

Homesteading To Do’s: October – Elizabeth Grant

The Many Benefits of Garlic Milk ” Sciatica, abdominal bloating, constipation, low back pain, chronic and recurrent fevers” – Amy S.


Psalm 71:13   Let them be confounded and consumed that are adversaries to my soul; let them be covered with reproach and dishonour that seek my hurt.


F with a Biden