Talking to the Dead – “Another person, who is on the opposite political side from myself, but who I always respected as being intelligent and reasonable, who I believed, when the truth came out about Covid and all of the lies told by the CDC and FDA, would flip and at least recognize the damage these organizations have done to real lives of people we both care about. Nothing. When approached with the truth of the danger of the vaxx, she claimed that it was just garbage. On one hand it’s a testament of the ability of people to endure the most tragic circumstances in their lives through denial or optional realities, but on the other it represents a cold, refusal to accept the truth. I recognized that I was talking to people who’re already dead. They don’t have what it takes to survive the machinations of government. Their steadfast belief that the people in these health organizations would not betray them is astounding, even after all has been revealed as lies, after Birx came out and said she lied to obtain obedience, because, as any Marxist knows, obedience is more important than people freely making up their own minds.” – T.L. Davis

Who owns the science?(VIDEO) – “UN Under Secretary General for Global Communications Melissa Fleming proudly gloats, “we own the science” on climate change during a World Economic Forum panel on “Tackling Disinformation”.” _ Winston Smith  – BRIEF AND TO THE POINT, FULL PROPAGANDA VIDEO FROM THE WEF BELOW!!!!!!!!

Tackling Disinformation #SDIM22 – World Economic Forum

The Pfizer Effect: Hundreds of Thousands of People are dying due to COVID Vaccination every week according to official Government data – The Expose

Tragedy: 20-Year-Old Med Student Dies from Heart Attack ONE DAY After Covid Vaccine – “In a tragic Facebook post Tuesday, the family of Regan Lewis commented they “can’t say for sure there is a link” between her untimely death and the Covid shot she received one day prior in order to take part in nursing school clinical studies.” – Adan Salazar

How Much Is COVID Being Used as a Pretext for Imposing Ever Greater Levels of Social Control? – “Large corporations, especially Big Pharma, Silicon Valley and giant online retailers like, have profited enormously from COVID-19, increasing their already massive wealth—and political influence—to record highs not seen since the Gilded Age of the 1890s. To put a fine point on it, “The wealth of the richest 0.00001% of the U.S. now exceeds that of the prior historical peak that occurred during the Gilded Age.” Since the pandemic began, the number of millionaires worldwide has grown to 56.1 million—and to add insult to injury, many of these millionaires pay virtually no taxes because of loopholes that their political power has enabled them to write into law.” – Jeremy Kuzmarov  – THIS IS A VERY GOOD ARTICLE!!!!!!!!

Russia begins vaccinating mobilized citizens – “Evading mobilization (and mandatory vaccination) could lead to 10 years in prison” – Edward Slavsquat

Mercola Website Shutdown — Why You May Be Next – “Suppression and harassment of those who dissent against COVID tyranny has created an awakening. We simply can’t pick and choose approved speech. September 23, 2022, the Mercola website was cyberattacked and taken offline. The attack also destroyed our email servers and all our email accounts were lost including my primary email Over the past two years, we’ve been censored and deplatformed by several social media companies at the request of the federal government.” – Dr. Joseph Mercola


Developing Developments – “Message found in fortune cookie from Panda Take-out reminds us: “The dildo of consequence is seldom lubricated.” Please apply this ancient wisdom to “Joe Biden’s” sabotage of the Nord Stream 1 and 2 natgas pipelines. Secretary of State Antony Blinken spun the deed as a “tremendous opportunity” to reduce fuel use in Euroland, and shift its prior dependence on affordable Russian energy to ruinously-priced American liquid natural gas (LNG) — a supposed boon to US producers. Lucky us and them! Let’s get a few technical matters straight about natgas. Gas pipelines allow for cheap gas, without costly intervening shipping procedures. Flows are continuous from producer to customer. LNG requires compression of the gas at super-cold temperatures and costly-to-build LNG tanker ships to keep that gas cold and compressed in transit. Each tanker can carry only so-much gas and the flow is not continuous.Let’s not forget the reason that “Joe Biden” blew up the Nord Streams: to foreclose any chance of Germany wriggling out of US sanctions against Russia. What no government official can acknowledge — even among the Euroland victim nations of this awesome stupidity — is that the US demolition of the Nord Streams was an act-of-war against our own allies. ” – James Howard Kunstler  – ANOTHER GOOD ONE AS USUAL FROM MR. KUNSTLER!!!!

An Endless Series of Hobgoblins – “”We need to renew the discussion about climate (change) because one side of that discussion claims that the science is settled. And yes, that is the same thing that happened with Covid, and you can even say the same thing that has happened with Ukraine, and with Donald Trump. In all these cases, one side of the talking controls politics, media and intelligence agencies. But that doesn’t mean they’re right, even though they may seem to be, in everything you read and hear. What strikes me about this discussion, if you can still call it that, is that the people alarmed about the climate never come with actual solutions. Wind and solar cannot ever replace oil and gas, but that is how they advertized.” – Raúl Ilargi Meijer

About that Putin Speech – “The US and Britain specialize in killing and terrorizing innocent civilians. The biased, un-journalistic, narrative spouting corporate war propaganda media in the West has had a field day trashing a Putin speech delivered after a majority of citizens in Donbas and other southern oblasts voted to separate themselves from the Stepan Bandera worshipping portion of the country. President Putin did not dwell on the referendums or the military situation in Ukronazilandia. Instead, he brought to light for millions of people the manifest crimes of the USG. The West uses the power of finance and technology to enforce its will on other nations.” – Kurt Nimmo

No, Climate Change Did Not Cause Hurricane Ian – “It’s been pretty obvious for a while now that today’s “news” media is not about facts, but consists mainly of spin, narrative and propaganda. Yet if there was ever any doubt, just note the constant calamity-howling of Washington politicians, onsite reporters and TV screen chryrons with respect to Hurricane Ian. In the midst of the usual things hurricanes do – overturned boats, flooded streets, storm battered houses – you also get literally cosmic pronouncements: The worst storm in Florida’s history, a 500-year event, a disastrous foretaste of things to come. And all because of Climate Change. Leading the pack, of course, was Joe Biden himself.” – David Stockman

“When Will They Learn?” – “Dependency upon government is a disease. Once it has been caught, it becomes chronic and does not reverse itself in a population until the system collapses under its own weight.” – Jeff Thomas

A Timeline Of 12 Historic Events That Have All Happened Within The Past 12 Days – “Do you feel like global events are really starting to spiral out of control? If so, you are definitely not alone. There are times when history seems to be moving very slowly, and there are other times when history seems to be moving at a pace that is absolutely breathtaking. At this moment, we are definitely in the latter.” – Michael Snyder

The markets vs democracy – “Bankers and technocrats should not be allowed to dictate government policy” – Paul Embery.

A lot of folks are running the White House. Joe Biden just isn’t one of them. – “I’ve known several older folks who were sharper at 80 than I was at 40. Joe Biden is not one of them. This isn’t about his age as much as his competence. To blame his behavior on a childhood stutter – a favorite excuse in 2020 – insults all Americans.” – Jon Gabriel

The Seth Rich Case: The FBI’s Other Laptop Scandal – “For all the hubbub about the Hunter Biden laptop, there has been little talk about the laptop owned by DNC data analyst Seth Rich. The FBI’s M.O. on the Seth Rich laptop appears scarily similar.” – Jack Cashill

Russia’s Latest Straight-Talk Reality Check – “On Friday, Russian Foreign Minister, Sergey Lavrov, stressed that hegemon USA-dominated Western regimes have no intention to change their wicked ways. Seeking unchallenged global dominance, they’re hellbent to keep pursuing their diabolical aims “at the expense of the interests of other members of the international community.”” – Stephen Lendman

Pushing the Envelopes in Ukraine – “So how does it all end, and Russian, Ukrainian, European and U.S. agendas become compatible? It doesn’t, and they won’t.” – Victor Davis Hanson – DON’T NECESSARILY ALWAYS AGREE WITH VICTOR’S ASSESSMENT OF PUTIN, BUT ON THE REST OF THINGS HE IS USUALLY SPOT ON!!!

Russia Illegally Annexes Its Own Land and People, According to Western experts – “Yes, that is the unanimous refrain of Western opinion makers following the referendums conducted in the four regions of Eastern Ukraine. That the overwhelming majority of the population there, braving deadly Ukrainian artillery barrages, expressed their preference to be part of Russia, and not of the discriminatory Ukrainian state (or whatever is ultimately left of it) makes no difference to these opinion shapers and policy makers.” – Stephen Karganovic

Nine countries announce support for Ukraine’s NATO bid – “The alliance’s chief, meanwhile, noted that the consent of all 30 members is needed. “We firmly stand behind the 2008 Bucharest NATO Summit decision concerning Ukraine’s future membership,” the presidents of the Czech Republic, Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania, North Macedonia, Montenegro, Poland, Romania, and Slovakia said.” – RT – AND HOW MANY OF THESE COUNTRIES WILL EVEN LIFT A FINGER. THIS IS JUST A PLOY BY THE U.S. TO GUARANTEE WAR WITH RUSSIA. HOPEFULLY OF THE 30 COUNTRIES, ONE WILL SEE THE CHARADE LEADING TO WWIII!!!!!!!!!!!

China and India remain neutral, even on Russia annexation – “Some had interpreted recent statements to suggest that New Delhi and Beijing were getting fed up with Putin.” – Kelley Beaucar Vlahos

Watchmen on the Wall – “From the beginning of the earth, the Lord has called and ordained prophets to serve as leaders and watchmen over His people, and as legal administrators of His Gospel with its precious saving ordinances. The word apostle comes from the Greek apostolos, meaning “one who is sent.” Authentic apostles and prophets of the Lord bear His divine seal, act in His holy name and by His Priesthood authority, and are called, commissioned, and sent by the Savior. At no time has the Lord’s Church existed, neither can it exist, without authorized prophets to oversee it. ” – Zack Strong  – QUITE LONG BUT A VERY GOOD READ!!!!!!

MARS introduces new, inclusive M&M Spokescandy – “Small, candy-coated chocolates just taste better to us when we know they are homosexual. “Designed to represent acceptance and inclusivity, our newest member is known for her earnest self-expression. Keen self-awareness, authenticity and confidence are the driving forces behind Purple’s charm and quirky nature. She joins the legendary cast of M&M’S characters, who recently were given a refresh with updated looks and more nuanced personalities.”” – Eric Utter

Amazon unveils bedside device that tracks sleeping patterns – “Soon enough, a bedside Amazon device might know whether you’re sleeping — or not. The e-commerce and tech giant said Wednesday it will start selling a device later this year that can track sleeping patterns without a wristband. The device, called Halo Rise, will use no-contact sensors and artificial intelligence to measure a user’s movement and breathing patterns, allowing the device to track sleep stages during the night, the Seattle-based company said” – Haleluya Hadero  – AND FOR WHAT PURPOSE OR REASON DOES AMAZON NEED TO KNOW THIS!!!!!!!!!!


Here’s the Chart of the Global Bank Causing Panic in Markets This Morning – “The Swiss global bank, Credit Suisse, which is a derivatives counterparty to major Wall Street banks and U.S. insurers, raised alarm bells in markets on Friday and is raising more anxiety this morning. Its 5-year credit default swap (CDS), a measurement of its risk of defaulting on its debt, jumped to 250 basis points on Friday and traded as high as 350 basis points in early morning trade today.” – Pam Martens and Russ Martens

From Useful Idiots To Useless Idiots – “As bullets fly, if you are someone who only responds to bullet points, try these two: 1. We may be on the verge of a replay of 2008 – but we can’t use the same central bank policy responses without creating massive inflation, global Arab Springs, and global chaos. 2. It took a special kind of thinking to get us into this mess, and an equally special kind of thinking is not helping extract us from it.” – Michael Every

Is The Fed About To Destroy America? – “Today The Fed is holding an emergency meeting under “expedited procedures.” The actions to be considered are the discount and advance rate — in other words, interest rates. The rumored reason is that Credit Suisse may be in trouble — specifically due to writing interest rate swaps, along with a number of other institutions which happens to include pension funds both in the UK and US, none of whom should ever be playing with levered instruments for the simple reason that leverage is everywhere and always speculative.” – Karl Denninger

The Fed Needs A New Inflation-Fighting Strategy – “Will Jay Powell Rise To The Moment Or Bail By Pivoting Back To QE As Wall Street Demands?” – Peter Nayland Kust

October Stock Market Crash? THIS IS WHAT TO LOOK OUT FOR! Plus Important Updates.(VIDEO) – Gregory Mannarino

Consumer Debt Delinquencies And Defaults Set To Soar – “A survey was done by in which 60% of the respondents said that they have been in credit card debt for at least a year. That’s up from 50% a year ago. Forty percent said they’ve been in credit card debt for over two years. A quarter of those surveyed said that the reason they carry outstanding credit card debt is to cover daily expenses.” – Dave Kranzler

OPEC Fights the Fed, Crude Jumps 3 Percent on Expected Output Cuts – “OPEC to cut production a million barrels a day. Also, Biden blames bid oil companies for excessive profits” – Mish

American Energy Bills Are Set To Soar This Winter – “The global energy crisis may finally be coming to America. As Europe scrambles to secure LNG supplies, American companies are racing to lend a hand. With more American LNG flowing to Europe, the United States may be facing increased electricity bills this winter.” – Robert Rapier

did that 1

Big Tech Stocks Plunge with Spooky Parallels to Dotcom Bust: -25% to -66% from Highs so Far – Wolf Richter

Mint Shortages Further Pressure Supply Amid High Demand – “Premiums are back on the rise and delivery delays have returned for many items, with silver inventories being hardest hit. As buyers turn away from higher-priced silver coins (particularly the problematic Silver Eagle, one-ounce silver rounds and bars of various sizes are now experiencing supply issues. The major constraint, once again, is in the capacity of mints and refiners to produce retail bullion products.” – Clint Siegner – GOT SILVER??? SILVER IS UP $1.62 AS OF 1:00 PM CST!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Deutsche Bank AG STOCK QUOTE –7.61EUR


The “Perfect Storm Has Arrived”: Famine, War, Chaos, and A Cold Dark Winter – Mac Slavo

9 Ways You Can Save BIG On Energy Costs This Winter – Sara Tipton

A Few Compost Recipes For All Your Different Garden Needs – “Getting your hands inside in a pail of well-rotted, homemade compost or leaf mold is always a pleasurable experience. Plunging it into a bag of the proprietary, store-bought potting mix is usually a letdown, and that letdown often comes at a high cost.” – Rhonda Owen

No-Electricity Cooking Techniques To Use During A Power Outage – “A power outage can be a minor inconvenience or a major event, depending on its cause, timing, and duration. And while we may not be able to control any of those things, there are some measures we can take to minimize the disruption to our lives. One of those is to know how to cook without electricity.” – Rebekah P.


Proverbs 1:26-27   I also will laugh at your calamity; I will mock when your fear cometh;  When your fear cometh as desolation, and your destruction cometh as a whirlwind; when distress and anguish cometh upon you.