“A” Solution for the Masses Does not Exist: Perceived Reality Is in Fact Only Theatre? – “What this indicates is that everything that happens concerning government, is planned in advance and therefore conspiratorial. I have been screaming this for years, but it has mostly fallen on deaf ears. Nothing in politics and ruling structures are natural, organic, or coincidence. All is a plot meant to achieve a particular end. This is so obvious that almost none should ever believe what they are told by the state, but wishing for that kind of clarity it seems, is nothing more than a pipedream. In order to gain freedom, you have to want it badly enough to do whatever it takes to gain enough self-respect to understand the importance of your life. No one can ‘give’ you freedom, you have to demand it unconditionally. You have to rebel within yourself, and not rely on any other to give you something that they have no power to give. This is an individual struggle, based on the cooperation of many who desire the same thing.” – Gary D. Barnett  – ANOTHER EXCELLENT READ FROM GARY!!!!!!!

The Wealth of Nations – “You’ll never guess what strategy the U.S. has decided to pursue in order to generate renewed economic growth” – Toby Rogers

Wallabies and Wallpaper – “Is anybody else as worried as I am? THEY are not saying it anymore. They drove us crazy for at least a year when Covid arrived. There are internet composites of leaders all over the world saying the same thing. Every. Single. Speech. “Build back better.” They’ve certainly appeared to have arrived at the “let’s tear down the world” stage so they can in fact have something to build back. They now seem to have lost the plot and are surprised that the greater public is not exactly buying wholeheartedly into the Reset.” – Sylvia Shawcross

WEF twists the meaning of words to make austerity sound desirable – “The term Climate Change lacks meaning. It is always hotter or colder, wetter or drier than the last season. The term used to be Global Warming, but when the warming slowed down, the PTB segued smoothly and without explanation to Climate Change, and somehow managed to make everyone think it meant the same thing. As it became clear that temperatures were starting to go down, the PTB made another pivot to atmospheric carbon dioxide as ‘the Problem.’ But we don’t actually know whether high levels of CO2 are a problem. Creating a fake global threat of planetary annihilation from a natural cycle’s vicissitudes was bold and brazen. Meteorologists who did not drink and expel the Koolaid lost their jobs. USG weather statistics were corrupted, which it seems is very easy to accomplish nowadays.” – Meryl Nass – CAN’T MENTION ENOUGH HOW MUCH THEY ARE GOING TO USE THE CLIMATE SCAM FOR CONTROL. COVID, AS I HAVE STATED SEVERAL TIMES BEFORE, WAS THE TEST RUN!!!!!!

FDA to Vax Injured: We Got Nothin’ – “Twenty people who were harmed by Covid-19 vaccines came to Washington D.C. this week—sick, bereaved, from a dozen states—seeking help from the U.S. Food and Drug Administration. This is what they got: One hour with the top vaccine official in the United States—in a Zoom call to their hotel conference room.” – Mary Beth Pfeiffer

The American Red Cross: “We Don’t Label Blood Products As Containing Vaccinated or Unvaccinated Blood As the COVID-19 Vaccine Does Not Enter the Bloodstream” – “No, It is not satire” – Lioness of Judah Ministry

Admit You’re Wrong, Or Die – “OK, so maybe (maybe) not so dramatic as that, but come on people, alright already, you’re wrong, admit it and start what you need to do to heal! With people dropping left and right, diseases and cancer on the rise, excess deaths, heart issues, clotting, if many people don’t actually admit they are wrong they may die, or at the very least, eventually get very sick. Most of the people still following this lying agenda (safe and effective? Was this ever the truth?) simply cannot admit they were wrong. I honestly believe they would rather die, in a lot of cases, than admit their error.” – Todd Hayen

Cull the Herd Protocols – “Cull the Herd Protocols Sage Hana” – Sage Hana

No, the vaccines never worked all that well against severe Covid – “Also, they nearly DOUBLED the risk of coronavirus hospitalizations after the first dose; the figures come from huge and (until now) unnoticed British study. It is the final defense for the Covid vaccines. Politicians and public health bureaucrats repeat it endlessly: the shots stop severe illness. Sure, if you’re unlucky they may land you in bed for a day or two. And yes, you’ll still get Covid. But the jabs will keep you from DYING of Covid. We pinky promise!” – Alex Berenson

Only 1.3% of Americans Got Bivalent Boosters – “What a failure! Nobody wants the “8-mice boosters” Health authorities are trying to “get more information out”, but it is not working well. They paid for 171 million doses, but only 4.4 million took the shots!” – Igor Chudov  – GIVE THEM TIME, I’M SURE THE PROPAGANDA WILL INCREASE!!!!


No More Down by the River? – ““Electrification” – as it is styled – is also an attack upon those of modest means, who can least afford a 30-50 percent increase in the cost of transportation. That being about how much more you’ll spend on an EeeeeeeeeVeeeee vs. an otherwise similar non-EeeeeeeVeeeee. It is also an attack upon them that strikes even closer to home. Literally. For many – for more than a million of them – it is an attack on their homes. Because their homes are on wheels.” – Eric Peters – ANOTHER GREAT POINT FROM ERIC THAT MOST PEOPLE WOULD MISS WHEN DISCUSSING EVs.. AND ANOTHER FORM OF TOTAL CONTROL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Push against hydrocarbon cars shows contempt for rural America and the developing world – “America’s big auto companies, less than 15 years since they were bailed out of bankruptcy following the Clinton-Bush recession of 2008, are betraying the American people out of their greed for government cash and favor. Their “net zero” plans – in conjunction with the globalist dictators and the Biden Administration – include eliminating huge numbers of jobs and devastating major segments of the U.S. economy. The Democratic Congress has imposed taxes on the American people to subsidize electric vehicle purchases by wealthy, politically correct institutions, including rental car agencies, government bureaucracies, and other entities buying in bulk. Meanwhile, auto manufacturers are planning to virtually eliminate auto dealerships, ethanol producers, and auto parts dealers and vastly diminish the number of auto mechanics.” – Duggan Flanakin

Leaders Seem to Be Using These Disturbing Quotes From Vladimir Lenin as a How-To Manual – Aden Tate

Sanctions On Russia Lead To More Ship Emissions, Says Cargill – “If it weren’t for the sanctions, natural gas and other refined energy products would flow via pipelines from Russia to Europe. But since Europe is hellbent on rapidly shifting its entire energy supply chain away from Russia. EU importers are hiring tankers to source liquefied natural gas (LNG) from Asia. In a recent note, we outlined the insanity behind the EU’s panic buying of LNG from China. It’s so idiotic because China is just reselling Russian LNG… Dieleman said higher fuel costs for vessels mean ship operators are switching to dirtier-burning fuels like diesel or crude oil on these long-haul trips.” – Tyler Durden

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Creepy Joe strikes again – “He’s not even trying anymore. Instead of putting on his best face as Mr. Devout Catholic, Creepy Joe Biden seems to be positively advertising his pervy attraction to children, throwing them in everyone’s face, based on a speech he gave before a teachers’ union group, which laughed merrily at old Joe’s brand of “humor.” Eeew. Not just the claim about the woman being “12 and I was 30,” but the creepy call on her to say ‘hi’ to him. Blech, blech, blech. And there was merriment all around from the vaunted teachers union denizens, a group that supposedly more attuned than most to the protection of children. For those of us outside the joke, it was just plain disgusting” – Monica Showalter

Grand Old Hag – Hillary Clinton Compares Trump Supporters to Nazi’s Following Hitler, as Baseline for Denying Autocracy of Democrats – “There it is again. A lot of attention is being paid to the remarks by Hillary Clinton where she compared President Trump MAGA rallies to Adolf Hitler rallies and President Trump supporters to Nazis. However, that’s not the dynamic that should be emphasized. The real issue at the heart of the leftist nonsense is the part where they keep contrasting “democracy” vs “autocracy.” Never has there been a more obvious example of Democrats acting as unilateral Autocrats as was exhibited during the COVID-19 crisis. Biden literally mandated a vaccine. Democrat governors and officials literally mandated rules and regulations by fiat with zero representative input.” – Sundance

Biden’s CDC Awarded Millions In Tax Dollars To Soros-Funded Nonprofit Suing DeSantis Over Martha’s Vineyard Flights – “Alianza Americas is “focused on improving the quality of life of all people in the U.S.-Mexico-Central America migration corridor.” The membership-based group, which Soros’ Open Society Foundations network (OSF) sent almost $1.4 million to between 2016 and 2020, was awarded a $7.5 million CDC grant in February 2021, The grant aims “to reduce the spread of COVID-19 and mitigate impacts among Latinx and Latin American immigrants,” according to the listing.” – Gabe Kaminsky  – YEP SUING  DESANTIS THAT WILL HELP STOP THE SPREAD OF COVID!!!!!

Dozens Of Chicago Inmates Scored PPP Loans To Make Bond – Tyler Durden

The Current Crime Wave Is Unlike Any Ever Experienced In America – “What America’s experiencing today is exponentially worse than the typical crime that America is used to—and the truth is, young Black men and, increasingly, young Black women are perpetuating most, although far from all, of it. Violence is not only going to a new level in terms of frequency but also its locales. It’s no longer limited to dark corners or deserted parking lots. It now occurs in the middle of the regular hustle and bustle of Americans’ daily lives. It’s taking place in broad daylight, in full view of video cameras—often with others videoing the carnage to share on social media. Violent crime occurs on Main Street USA, in schools, drugstores, fast food restaurants, subway platforms, high-end retail stores and, of course, homes.” – Vince Coyner

Canadian Academics Say Facts on Ukraine Are Russian Propaganda – “Did these esteemed academics bother to investigate factual historical information?” – Kurt Nimmo

Holding Ground, Losing War – “Zelensky’s strategy of defending territory at all costs has been disastrous for Ukraine.” – Douglas Macgregor, Col. (ret.)

The Northern Ireland Protocol is none of Biden’s business – “The US president should stay out of the affairs of the United Kingdom.” – Kate Hoey


Facing Down a Wrath of Biblical Proportions – “Trillions of dollars were at stake when the two-day FOMC meeting adjourned on Wednesday. The balance of it was poised to pivot one way or another, to the pull of how many basis points Powell commanded. As expected, the Fed hiked the federal funds rate 75 basis points, to a range of 3.00 to 3.25 percent. The Fed also telegraphed that it would be hiking above 4.25 percent by the end of the year. For perspective, the federal funds rate hasn’t been above 3.25 percent since January 2008. That’s over 14 years ago. Or about 6-months after the first iPhone hit the market. Following the FOMC statement, Wall Street let out a collective primal scream.” – MN Gordon

What Global Recession Looks Like: Brits Are Cooking Less – Peter Nayland Kust

Americans Are Tapping Home Equity Despite Jump in Rates – “Soaring mortgage rates aren’t stopping plenty of US property owners from tapping home equity — even if it means locking in a steep increase in their monthly repayments.” – Alex Tanzi – BECAUSE THEY CAN’T AFFORD TO LIVE ANYMORE!!!!

Gold and geopolitics – “Undoubtedly, there are very good reasons to get out of the other currencies and into dollars. But the dollar’s overbought condition must be extreme, exposing it to sudden and sharp bear squeezes. Together with the deeply oversold position for gold and silver, undoubtedly mirrored in a raft of commodities and energy contracts, we can see how traders might become very badly wrong-footed.” – Alasdair Macleod

The Rise of the Global South and the Foundation of a New Currency System – “You may recall that Russia has been cut off from the SWIFT system. Now if you’re a consumer of Western legacy media, you’d likely not have heard a word on it, but the fact is that Russia was largely prepared for this and has already developed and is now using the SPFS the Russian equivalent of SWIFT, developed by the Central Bank of Russia since 2014. If you weren’t paying attention at the time, we were, and I can tell you that after the The West threatened to disconnect Russia from the SWIFT system was when they urgently began building SPFS. This is an alternative for international payments which, in their own words, will… “cut reliance on the Western financial system.” In the meantime, Russia is taking steps to strengthen the alliance between BRIC nations, including re-routing trade to China and India.” – Chris MacIntosh


A Survival Ready Backpack (VIDEO) – ” Jason shows what he keeps in his pack at any and all times to maximize his survival chances. And while you could and should add to it, there are just some things you shouldn’t leave behind.” – Jason Salyer

Hours After Grid-Down: Starvation, Supply Shortages, Food Lines, No Clean Water, No Gas — Why Supply Shortages Are Permanent And How This Will Impact Your Life In Many Ways – Amy S.

How Do You Get Out of the Credit Card Cycle and Onto the Envelope System? – Aden Tate

How To Wash Clothes Without Electricity /Off-Grid – Ken Jorgustin


Proverbs 28:19    He that tilleth his land shall have plenty of bread: but he that followeth after vain persons shall have poverty enough.