Incompetent – or Malicious? – “Are the people who rule us merely incompetent, but well-intended? Or are they deliberately malicious? It has to be one or the other. So which is likelier? The events of the past going-on-three years have been revelatory, in terms of sorting that out. We can ponder motives all day long. It might be wiser to stop wondering – and instead, refuse to accept what these people insist is “necessary” – regardless of the intent behind it – without them first establishing that it is, in fact, necessary. They say a “pandemic” is on the loose. Prove – rather than assert – it. They say we must wear a “mask” – whatever that is – so long as it is a “mask.” Why? Establish the fact of the benefit – as well as the fact of the risk, for not wearing one.” – Eric Peters – GOOD READ FROM ERIC AS USUAL!!!!

Canadian Woman Died 7 Minutes After Bivalent Booster. Death Ruled “Natural Cause” – “The coverup puts similar people at risk of death!: – Igor Chudov

Bill Gates wants to force everyone to live off of his patent pending synthetic corn – “Microsoft founder pivots from COVID Mania to Climate Change. Given that COVID Mania is becoming increasingly unpopular with the public at large, the global ruling class has decided to rebrand their relentless campaign for technocratic tyranny.” – Jordan Schachtel

Bill Gates’ ‘Magic Seeds’ Won’t Solve World Hunger But Will ‘Create Ecological Disaster’ – Suzanne Burdick, Ph.D.

The Davos men of WEF say we must change how we fulfill our desires – “Had enough of the “fundamental transformations” in recent years? I hope not, because World Economic Forum (WEF) adviser Yuval Noah Harari recently stated that attempting to halt (what the WEF believes to be) man-caused climate change will require a fundamental shift in how humans fulfill their desires. Sounds kinky, but what does he actually mean? So, dear readers, to sum up: don’t engage in the roundabout and ridiculous ways in which you used to pursue your desires. Don’t travel, eat meat, or use makeup. Do eat bugs. And listen to Yuval Noah Harari and his friends at the World Economic Forum when they tell you what to do. Trust them. It’s for the common good. Right, comrades?” – Eric Utter

Strike, Strike, Strike – “The ruling oligarchs are terrified that, for tens of millions of people, the economic dislocation caused by inflation, stagnant wages, austerity, the pandemic and the energy crisis is becoming unendurable. They warn, as Kristalina Georgieva, Managing Director of the International Monetary Fund (IMF), and NATO Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg, have done, about the potential for social unrest, especially as we head towards winter. Social unrest is a code word for strikes — the one weapon workers possess that can cripple and destroy the billionaire class’s economic and political power. Strikes are what the global oligarchs fear most. At what point does a beleaguered population living near or below the poverty line rise in protest? This, if history is any guide, is unknown. But that the tinder is there is now undeniable, even to the ruling class.” – Mr. Fish

No, Lockdown Instigators Do Not Deserve the Benefit of the Doubt – “The damage that lockdowns would cause was far too well known, far too uneven, and far too catastrophic to assume their chief instigators must have had good intentions.” – Michael P Senger

Disinformation on vitamin D in the Washington Post – “The public continues to be lied to about vitamin D that is an effective alternative to vaccines” – Joel S Hirschhorn  – WaPo DOING WHAT IT DOES BEST!!!!!!!!!

mRNA Covid shots for kids are dead Only 325,000 of the 19 million children under 5 are fully vaccinated, not even 2 percent. Cue the excuses from vaccine fanatics. Even Elmo couldn’t save the mRNAs. The verdict is so obvious even the Washington Post noticed: despite a massive media and public relations campaign, American parents have overwhelmingly rejected Covid shots for their youngest children.” – Alex Berenson

EMA announces standard approval for Biontech and Moderna – “European Medicines Agency exposes itself in the justification” – Kai Rebman

Protection From Propaganda Is More Urgent Than Scientific Sophistication – “When Did You Last Review AIDS Commercials From 1980s?  Why am I posting old, lurid AIDS propaganda? Has it, at long last, become funny? I think I want to initiate a conversation about how deeply strange it all was, how disturbing, that they rammed something this crazy into our psyches and we all had to re-organize around it, one way or another. I remember wondering if they were right. Because they couldn’t possibly be so evil as to just be hammering our minds with something made up out of whole cloth, could they? Answer: Yes. Same gang, (Fauci, Redfield, Birx, Gates—) same low rent occultists obsessed with being spokespersons for “pathogens” and “pandemics” that are projected onto you, while they pretend they are saving you, while they continue to hammer you with how much worse it’s always getting—this is a telltale sign.  – Celia Farber – OLD AUSTRALIAN AD THAT THEY USED TO SCARE PEOPLE ABOUT AIDS, MUCH LIKE THEY DID WITH COVID AND THE SCAMEDEMIC!!!!

Worse than Monkeypox? Multiple Cases of Skin Diseases Following COVID-19 Vaccination Start Appearing in the Medical Journals – Brian Shilhavy


“Joe Biden’s” Last Stand – “Historians of the future, grilling spatchcocked plovers over their campfires, will need not ponder for even a New York minute who started World War Three in the rockin’ 2020s. They will point straight to the waxy, furtive, larval figure known as “Joe Biden,” by then judged a moral weevil of such epic low degree that he became an embarrassment to all the other sewer-dwelling denizens of the dank DC underworld, including the roaches, the rats, the humble shipworms eating through sunk oaken foundations of buildings long forgotten, the writhing maggots rinsed from a thousand restaurant dumpsters, the slithering hellgrammites, millipedes, silverfish, pillbugs, termites, dung-beetles, woodlice, and, not least, the scaly lawyers spawned out of the infestation beneath K Street called Perkins Coie L Let us agree that the place called Ukraine was never any of America’s business.” – James Howard Kunstler – MR KUNSTLER SPOT ON AS USUAL!!!!!!!

M’kay Ultra MAGA – “Waiting for the election false flag already signaled by the dementia patient in the high castle.” – The Good Citizen – GREAT READ FROM THE GOOD CITIZEN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Wake Up, Trump – “I’m talking to you, Trump, about lethal fentanyl. You can make this your issue. Now. You can paint a true picture of the drug cartel war against America. You can truthfully link it to open borders. As I keep writing (the DEA will confirm this), the latest seized fentanyl shipments are pills disguised as CANDY. Think about this, Trump. Put down your golf clubs and think. Are these pills designed to hook little kids and turn them into street addicts? Really? 2 milligrams of the drug (the weight of just 7 grains of salt) are a lethal dose. The candy pills kill. Do you have the balls and brains to bring these facts home to your 100 million people? Do you? PS: I have a few words for QAnon followers. If you discovered that, in an underground cavern, Hillary Clinton was taking time off from torturing George Washington and Ben Franklin, and she was heading up a team developing a secret poison of poisons to spread throughout America, above ground, you’d be all over that story like flies on shit. But because that poison is ALREADY HERE, and it’s already everywhere in America, that’s too boring, so you yawn and move on. Not interested. The poison is fentanyl and it’s in your neighborhood.” – Jon Rappoport

Psychopathic Leftist Intolerance And The Death Of Cayler Ellingson – “One of the go-to accusations of the political left against conservatives is the notion that we are “intolerant” of others to the point of being hateful and dangerous. There is very little actual evidence to support this claim. We continue to hear about how we are racists and extremists, yet the only event leftists are ever able to cite as an example is the January 6th protests – An event which did involve rioters, violence and injuries, but also zero deaths actually caused by conservative protesters. You would think a supposed insurrection attempt would involve plenty of guns, bombs, fire and murder, but nothing close to this occurred. Amazing what little damage has been caused by such a group of “extremists.” In comparison, the progressive BLM and Antifa riots of the past couple of years have led to dozens of deaths and billions in property damage across the nation.” – Brandon Smith  – A MUST READ FROM BRANDON!!!

“Political Protest Is Not a White Collar Crime” – “On July 30, 2002, President George W. Bush signed the Sarbanes-Oxley Act, a post-Enron law “aimed at fraud in corporations,” as summed up in a headline in the New York Times. Did you know that this same bill crafted to stop white-collar-crime is being used as a big stick felony charge against January 6 protestors? I refer to the provision of the law against “obstruction of an official proceeding.” It’s a crime, the DOJ website tells us, which carries “a maximum sentence of 20 years in prison, fine of $250,000 or twice the monetary gain or loss of the offense.” The financial penalty — that fine of $250,000 “or twice the monetary gain or loss of the offense” — really gives it all away. That is, the crime this law is meant to prohibit is inextricably connected to financial activity, not political protest.” – Diana West

Democrats Continue to Lie About Police Deaths on January 6 – “Joe Biden, Merrick Garland, and congressional Democrats fuel a false narrative intended to stoke outrage in an already deeply divided country.” – Julie Kelly

Americans Can Kiss Free Elections Good-Bye – “In recent days I have written several articles explaining that the upcoming November congressional election is likely to be either stolen like the 2020 presidential election or federalized so that the outcome is in Democrat hands. I have pointed to the Democrat Party, FBI, and whore media’s positioning of Trump as a national security threat who stole national security documents and left them scattered around on tables in his Mar-a-Lago home so Russian spies posing as domestic help could copy them. This narrative supports Biden’s recent speech in which he declared half of the US electorate to be threats to the United States.” – Paul Craig Roberts

Joe Biden wanders off lost, again – “The day before yesterday, amid all the United Nations festivities, Joe Biden was addressing the Global Fund’s Seventh Replenishment Conference in New York. Biden had managed the challenging part of the exercise, reading off the teleprompter devoid of major gaffes. All he had to do was exit the stage into a safe zone away from prying eyes and camera lenses. Anyone with functioning cognitive abilities could achieve this with ease; alas that wasn’t the case with Biden.” – Rajan Laad

Show Us the Way, Rich Liberals! – “It’s been awe-inspiring to see the bottomless generosity of Martha’s Vineyard residents after Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis sent them 50 illegal immigrants from Venezuela last week. WE LOVE YOU, YOU’VE ENRICHED OUR LIVES, NOW GET THE F–K OUT OF HERE. ” The illegals “need” to hustle off because “Their immigration appointments are not here.” (Are their appointments in the Trump-supporting working-class town they were bussed to?) On NPR, Vineyard radio host Eve Zuckoff also began with a testimonial about how “the community rallied”! But unfortunately, “there isn’t the infrastructure.” What do these great humanitarians imagine dirt-poor towns in south Texas have in terms of “infrastructure”?” – Ann Coulter

The Bill of Temporary Privileges – “Earlier in the summer, the Director of National Intelligence, the data-gathering and data-concealing arm of the American intelligence community masquerading as the head of it, revealed that in 2021, the FBI engaged in 3.4 million warrantless electronic searches of Americans. This is a direct and profound violation of the right to privacy in “persons, houses, papers, and effects” guaranteed by the Fourth Amendment.” – Andrew P. Napolitano


Global Food Supply Crises May Worsen Due To Poor US Harvest – Bryan Jung

The Game just changed. – “Full Text of Putin’s address to the Russian People.It would seem that the potential for a world war is a step closer, just how close remains to be seen.” – Gerry O’Neill – HAVE SEEN OTHERS LINK THIS, BUT GERRY HAS A GOOD COMMENTARY TO GO WITH IT!!!!!

Biden Commits US to War for Taiwan – “Taiwan has no mutual security treaty with the United States, nor any Article 5 war guarantee that obligates us to defend the island. The U.S.-Taiwan security pact of the 1950s was abrogated in 1979, when Jimmy Carter recognized Beijing as the legitimate government of China.” – Patrick J. Buchanan

The US Empire Is Accelerating Toward Global Conflict On Two Fronts – “So while this war is indeed insanely dangerous, it’s not because of any of the words coming out of Vladimir Putin’s mouth.  A nuclear conflict could be sparked by either side making a calculated decision to use nuclear weapons (and you’re fooling yourself if you believe the US is any less trigger happy in that regard than Russia), The more things escalate, the more likely both such possibilities become. And, clearly, things are escalating. And that’s just Russia; tensions are rapidly escalating between the US-centralized empire and China as well.” – Caitlin Johnstone

Western media continues to ignore how Ukraine is using NATO weapons to kill innocent civilians in the Donbass – “The civilian death toll keeps growing as some EU citizens rise up against their governments’ support for Kiev” – Eva Bartlett


A DIRE WARNING From Gregory Mannarino… PREPARE FOR A WORST CASE SCENARIO. Critical Updates. – (VIDEO) – Gregory Mannarino – AN ABSOLUTE MUST WATCH FROM GREG. LISTEN UP PEOPLE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

UK Markets Implode After Truss Unveils Historic Tax Cuts As Economy Slides Into Recession Amid Soaring Prices – Tyler Durden

The Great Central Bank Pivot – “The Great Central Bank Pivot is now underway around the globe, but it’s not the one Wall Street has been praying for. Instead of another round of easing juice to brake the obvious fall in economic activity, central banks en masse are racing to goose interest rates by 75 or even 100 basis points at a clip in order to quash the inflation surge. Just yesterday, for instance, the heretofore dovish Riksbank of Sweden raised its target rate by 100 basis points, shocking the market. Not that long ago, by contrast, the Swedish central bank appeared to be locking into zero interest rate (ZIRP) policy forever.” – David Stockman

Even a Weaponized Dollar Won’t Stop Gold’s Historical Turning Point – Matthew Piepenburg

Economic Conditions, Market Action Worsen after Fed Rate Hike – Mike Gleason

This Inflation Will Be Tough to Get under Control – “It’s like a dam broke. And now higher interest rates and mortgage rates for much longer, with lower asset prices, as the Everything Bubble gets repriced.” – Wolf Richter

Deutsche Bank AG STOCK QUOTE –8.55EUR


Gardens Are Growing Due to Food Shortage – “It became trendy again in 2020, with more than 20 million people doing it for the first time.” – Dr. Joseph Mercola

How to Cook Without Electricity – Ken Jorgustin

The First 19 Foods You Should Stockpile For Disaster – “A good stockpile of food will go a long way toward helping you survive the aftermath of any disaster or life crisis, especially when grocery stores are emptied. In fact, I’d go so far as to say that there are people who are not preppers who nevertheless instinctively know to stockpile food. This really isn’t surprising when you consider that through most of mankind’s history, stockpiling food was essential to survival — specifically surviving the winter months” – Klark Barnes  – SOME GOOD CHOICES HERE!!!

Is FIREWOOD the Next Shortage in America? – Aden Tate

The Best Folding Guns You Can Get – Bob Rodgers


Isaiah 10:1 – Woe unto them that decree unrighteous decrees, and that write grievousness which they have prescribed;


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