WEF hosts New York ‘climate crisis’ confab, featuring BlackRock, Bezos, and CNN – “Elite legacy institutions are gathering in New York with the hopes to convince you that “you will own nothing and you will be happy.” ” – Jordan Schachtel

Why the World Economic Forum’s Plutocracy Should Be Dissolved – “No matter how noble its stated intentions, the “Great Reset” is at its heart a program for driving political power away from individual citizens and toward the controlling interests of a small international class of financial elites….” – J.B. Shurk

WEF Uses CODED LANGUAGE to Communicate Unthinkable Plans – “WEF’s Language is Used to Avoid Unwanted Attention. What if I told you that the World Economic Forum’s climate agenda is to stop economic growth, and shut down many industries, which would be accomplished by having a WEF-designed artificial intelligence system decide which industries are to be liquidated? Does this sound totally bonkers? Not sure about you, but it does sound insane to me. And yet, it is all there in the WEF-endorsed video, and the article is prominently featured on the WEF home page. I did not invent anything, I just understood the article and retold its meaning in plain language. There is no “conspiracy theory” concocted here, and everything was obtained by simply reviewing ONE WEF agenda article and its attached video.” – Igor Chudov

Biden ‘transhumanist’ executive order: ‘We need to program biology’ like we ‘program computers’ – “Joe Biden’s call to ‘write circuitry for cells and predictably program biology in the same way … we program computers,’ if applied to humans, could not only cause physical harm, but would open up floodgates to eugenics.” – Emily Mangiaracina  – MORE BELOW FROM LEO!!!!!

Biden signs executive order designed to unleash transhumanist hell on America and the world – “If anyone needed proof that the powers pushing the levers behind the mindless moron who sits in the Oval Office are fully on board with the World Economic Forum/United Nations agenda of biomedical tyranny and transhumanism, look no further than the executive order that Joe Biden signed on Monday, September 12.” – Leo Hohmann

It’s Not Over OPERATION PERMANENT LANDSCAPE: How the Planners Are Installing a Present and Future of Fake Viruses, Deadly RNA Injections, Fear, and Medical Slavery for Planet Earth – “In the wake of COVID, we’re already seeing the technocrats push monkeypox and polio as the next outbreaks. They’ve buttoned up a national bureaucracy of TESTING, also known as self-fulfilling prophecy, which will claim to find viruses everywhere. Right now, their NATIONAL target is SEWAGE. Perfect for suddenly locking down whole communities, cities, and even states: “we found the virus in the waste water system.” Bang. They’re like rats, combing sewage for what they now claim is evidence of polio virus—and they’re just getting started.” – Jon Rappoport

Another non-vaccine solution for COVID – “Compelling research shows saline nasal spray really works” – Joel S Hirschhorn

Something Terrible is Unfolding: Europe Records 53000 Excess Deaths in July – “Excess mortality hits +16%, highest 2022 value so far” – Lioness of Judah Ministry

Latest COVID Shots Sold as Genetic Software Update – “The U.S. Food and Drug Administration is now advertising the new COVID booster as an “antibody update” to “recharge your immunity” — as if your immune system were a battery that needs recharging, or your immunity a software system that requires gene therapy “updates.” This is transhumanist lingo that has no bearing on real-world biology or physiology, and proves the FDA is onboard with the transhumanist ideas of technocracy pushed by the globalist cabal” – Dr. Joseph Mercola

Funeral Embalmer: 85% of Dead Bodies Now Have Strange Blood Clots Since COVID Vaccine Roll-outs – Brian Shilhavy

Destroying Women, Poisoning Breast Milk, Murdering Babies; and Hiding the Truth – “Conflicted Wire Services; Press Release Distributor, Spotify, BBC, Censored, Attacked Us –for our Pfizer Reports’ Info re mRNA Vaccine Destruction of Pregnant Women, Fetuses, Babies” – Dr Naomi Wolf


“De-Carbonization” – “The Biden Thing is working on another thing. It is a “plan” – which always means force – to “de-carbonize” the “transportation sector.” This means more than just cars. It means trucks – including the ones that deliver your food and many other things you need. Which they soon won’t. At least, not as much – or as soon. And for a lot more. So understand that it is all bullshit. A strong but necessary word. As it was bullshit with regard to the “pandemic.” Another “crisis” used to fear-push an agenda. “De-carbonization” – neutral voice, to hide the fact that what is being planned is to be forced – will result in a “modernized transportation sector, equipped with accessible clean energy technologies,” says one of the bullshitters who means to force this down our throats while emptying our pockets in the process. ” – Eric Peters

Common Sense about Guns – “When JFK was killed nobody blamed the rifle. A man who left 300,000 guns for the Taliban is lecturing folks on gun control.” – Thomas DiLorenzo   – SOME GREAT POINTS HERE!!!!!!

If It’s Over, Why the Continued Emergency? – “An 11th renewal of the federal government’s emergency declaration is ludicrous. Is this about midterm elections? Is this about Presidential elections in 2024? Is this purely politics now and the drive to hold onto accrued power amassed with the lockdown lunacy?” – Dr. Paul Alexander – DOESN’T TAKE A ROCKET SCIENTIST TO FIGURE OUT WHAT IT’S ABOUT AND HAS ALWAYS BEEN ABOUT!!!!!

Incredibly Reckless Moves That Biden And His Minions Are Making Could Get Millions Of Americans Killed – “Do we really want to go to war with Russia and China at the same time? Because if we stay on the path that we are currently on, that is precisely what is going to happen. ” – Michael Snyder

Video: Biden Proclaims “There’s A Through Line Of Hate” In American History – ‘The great uniter strikes again!” – Steve Watson

Justice Department Desperate to Conceal ‘Classified’ Records – “It’s all just another campaign of deceit—with reliable assistance from the national news media—to get Trump.” – Julie Kelly

Experts Say Upgrading U.S. Power Grid “could cost $2 trillion between now and the year 2050”; More Rolling Blackouts Expected – B.N. Frank

Justin’s brother says #TrudeauMustGo – “Canadians rise up to tell their leader what they think of him” – The Naked Emperor  – KYLE KEMPER IS CASTREAU’S HALF BROTHER!!!!!!!!!!!

“‘Stable as mountains.'” – “Putin and Xi in Samarkand.” – Ray McGovern

Russell Bentley on this very dangerous moment in Ukraine, with further evidence that those ARE Nazis slaughtering civilians in the East—and a video revealing WHY so many in the West SUPPORT them – “What’s happening there is far more horrible than you’ve been told; and that millions of staunch “anti-fascists” in the West have been APPLAUDING it has more to do with COVID than you think” – Mark Crispin Miller

The Full $16Bn List of What Biden Has Sent Ukraine… – ” …and pictures of it. The U.S. military just told it’s own soldiers to use food stamps to keep their families fed during this ongoing period of high inflation, caused by the Biden regime’s own flawed economic analysis, coupled with the establishment’s COVID-19 lockdowns, and the war in Ukraine. Which is why the full list of the $15bn+ in aid being sent to Ukraine by the U.S. government is likely to hit harder in the solar plexus.” – Raheem Kassam

Dire winter scenario issued for EU – “The bloc will either have to continue importing gas from Russia or reduce consumption, consultancy Yakov & Partners say” – RT

Why the EU elites hate Hungary – “No, Viktor Orbán’s Hungary is not an ‘electoral autocracy’. The EU’s demonisation of Hungary has reached a new low. Last week, the European Parliament agreed on a resolution, stating that Hungary is an ‘electoral autocracy’ and not a ‘full democracy’, and that it is undermining European values. A few days later, the European Commission recommended suspending €7.5 billion in funding to Hungary, citing concerns over democratic backsliding.” – Attila Demko


Third Quarter Poised For Yet More Contraction – “The Atlanta Fed’s GDPNow Nowcast declined again this morning. Now the projection is for 0.3% growth for the third quarter. Any more slippage and the quarter will be the third straight quarter of contraction.” – Peter Nayland Kust

75 bips – “The Fed does not lead the market; the opposite is almost-always the case. Indeed if you go to the source and look at this data series over time you find that in virtually every case the market leads The Fed, so the idea that the Fed “controls” rates rather than doing whatever the market tells it to is, on the evidence, crap.” – Karl Denninger

Goldman Sachs and Morgan Stanley Have Mysteriously Disappeared from this Week’s Senate and House Banking Hearings – Pam Martens and Russ Martens – IMAGINE THAT. KIND OF TELLS YOU THE BANKSTERS ARE IN CONTROL OF THINGS!!!!

Canadian inflation rate slows to 7.0%, though food prices hit 41-year high – Reuters

Housing Bubble Woes: Home Builders Cut Prices, Pile on Incentives, amid Plunging Traffic of Buyers, Spiking Cancellations, Holy-Moly Mortgage Rates – Wolf Richter

How to Fight Inflation Like a Wall Street Pro – “Surprise! Investment bankers cite gold as best hedge against inflation What do investment bankers have to say about inflation these days? For starters, they agree that central bank efforts to curb inflation are mostly proving fruitless. Interest rates are going up, but inflation rates aren’t going down. So what are some ways to protect oneself in this environment? As is so often the case, we are presented with a few investment options, gold and other precious metals being one of them. And hardly diverging from the usual, the other inflation-resistant investment options look awfully unappealing compared to gold” – Peter Reagan

Silver Market To BLOW UP Like Electricity & Nickel Markets (VIDEO) with Rafi Farber – Liberty and Finance

Deutsche Bank AG STOCK QUOTE –8.85EUR


OFF-GRID: How to Build a Cheap Backyard Brick Oven – Daisy Luther

Tips on Survival Woodcutting – ” Long ago, I realized the value of this in survival, as in pretty much any survival situation, we’re going to find ourselves using wood, if for nothing else, then for building fires. But we might find ourselves needing to build shelter and furniture out of wood as well.” – Bill White

What Are the Fire-Starting Tools Preppers Forget About? – “Let’s be honest. Being able to consistently start a fire in a minimal amount of time is likely to be the most challenging bushcraft skill a prepper has to master. If you’ve ever experimented with various methods of making fire, you know this to be true. It always seems as if the wood is too wet, the fuel just won’t light, the fire won’t stick around, or the wind keeps snuffing out whatever little embers you can get going” – Percy Matthews


Lamentations 4:1    How is the gold become dim! how is the most fine gold changed! the stones of the sanctuary are poured out in the top of every street.