Executive Order: Biden Unleashes Transhuman, Genetic Modification Firestorm On America – “Transhumanists and Technocrats in Big Pharma have cracked the U.S. government wide open to flood the bioeconomy with taxpayer money and labor to push the frontier of genetic modification of all living things and especially humans. This will ultimately spark the biggest public backlash in modern history. Biden pledges not only funding but an all-of-government transformation to support this anti-human scheme from top to bottom. It also automatically blocks any agency or department from dissent” – Patrick Wood – A MUST READ EXECUTIVE ORDER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

WEF’s Harari: Hand Over Power To The Technocratic Elite Or Die – “Globalists will hold humanity hostage in order to obtain total control. Speaking at the 2022 Warwick Economics Summit, Harari began by fearmongering about Climate Change and suggesting the nations of the world should fork up an extra 2 percent of their GDP per year to prevent a “catastrophic” climate event.” – Kelen McBreen  – KLAUS’ LITTLE WEASEL IS AT IT AGAIN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Mass Formation: Nail in The Coffin – “If you’re saying “mass formation” describes why a billion people fell into line with murderous COVID restrictions, you’re toast before you begin. Obviously. But if you were, say, Noam Chomp Chomp Chomsky, and you were introducing mass formation to explain how 70 million MAGA people turned into hypnotized domestic terrorists overnight, your university bosses might wave you through the front door. However, either way, the concept of mass formation hypnosis is bullshit, and the truth is: people make choices. There is no mass and there is no formation.” – Jon Rappoport – ANOTHER GOOD ONE FROM JON. CJ HOPKINS WROTE A GOOD ONE YESTERDAY ABOUT THIS AS WELL THAT WAS LINKED!!!!!!!!!

Cashing Out: Fauci hints of major post government payday – “Government Health bureaucrat keeps next gig a secret, citing “government ethics.” Anthony Fauci isn’t done yet. The 81 going on 82 year old lifetime bureaucrat is leaving Government Health, but there’s a few things that he wants to do before calling it a career, and everything seems to point to a massive payday in 2023. It’s pretty clear he’s about to slam through that infamous revolving door.” – Jordan Schachtel

Never Forget The COVID Fascists – “If ever the American government viewed its authority as “absolute,” if ever individual Americans were under the notion that they were “only to be conceived of in their relation to the State,” it was shortly after COVID-19 entered the U.S. I submit to you that the COVID policies—shutdowns and lockdowns; “stay home, stay safe;” mandatory masking, social distancing, testing, and vaccines; and so on—perpetuated by the American left and those like-minded were the greatest demonstration of fascism the United States has ever known” – Trevor Thomas

Peer-Reviewed: 94 Percent of Vaccinated Patients with Subsequent Health Issues Have Abnormal Blood, Italian Microscopy Finds – Dr. Jennifer Margulis and Dr. Joe Wang

Kitten corner: mRNA to the moon – (Houston, this sounds problematic). “So, um, i see that we have now reached the “mRNA is going to cure cancer” stage of the pandemic… – Gatito Bueno

Poliovirus: New York’s Genuine Case Of “Cryptic Transmission” – “How Is The Virus Spreading In Wastewater And Not In People? Polio is not a disease to take lightly. It’s capacity to leave people paralyzed makes it a grave public health concern by definition. For poliovirus to show up in wastewater, people have to shed it, most likely from their gut. For wastewater samples to detect poliovirus across four counties, a lot of people have to be shedding the virus. A large number of people infected with polio and only Patient Zero shows symptoms? What are the odds of that happening? The CDC Suspects “Several Hundred Cases”” – Peter Nayland Kust – PERHAPS IT’S BEING ADDED TO THE WATER!!!!!

What They’re Not Telling You About the New mRNA Boosters – Dr. Joseph Mercola

Hollywood Makeup Artist Dead 9 Days After Monkeypox Vaccine – “There have been no recorded deaths so far from those diagnosed with monkeypox, but we now have our first report of someone who died shortly following a monkeypox vaccine. MonkeyPox Vaccine Has HIGHER Rates of Heart Disease Side Effects than COVID Vaccines. ” – Brian Shilhavy  – ONE WAY OR ANOTHER I’M GONNA FIND YA I’M GONNA GETCHA GETCHA GETCHA GETCHA !!!!!

Kirsch’s CDC Mole is Probably a “Dolts Botching Shit” Op – “A few years after 9/11 as the predictable fallout from the Operation spawned Hell on Earth…and the reality of Hell on Earth began to bubble up into the consciousness of the elite rich and moderately rich laptop set… The NYT, Propagandist Rag in Chief, finally came out and made a half ass “Dolts Botching Shit” mea culpa. No real need to read it as it is complete fucking bullshit, as is the latest CDC “We botched Covid” mea culpa. Dear reader, you don’t necessarily have to swallow bullshit and say, “Yummy”. You really, really don’t. Anyway, chew on it. The Dolts Botching Shit explanation will be trotted out again and again and the elites will buy it because nobody wants to live in a world where people in power are following Incentive Structures to kill you.” – Sage Hana


What is Truth? – “The snake in the garden of Eden (and you can take this as an actual event as I do, or as an instructive parable as I believe someone like Jordan Peterson does) is the embodiment of Satan. Satan is said to be the ‘father of lies’, and he sows seeds of doubt in the minds of Eve about what God has said (representing objective truth).” – Winston Smith  – VERY GOOD READ FROM WINSTON!!!!!!!

Yes, There IS a Domestic Threat in America. It’s Our Own Government – “The federal government loves labeling folks who think differently from them as domestic terrorists. We’ve seen it multiple times over the years and this name-calling has picked up recently. And now, there’s a vile comparison to 9/11. Regardless of what you believe happened on September 11th, I think we can all agree that it wasn’t a bunch of Trump voters hijacking planes. More recently, the chairman of the Senate Intelligence Committee, Mark Warner, compared those who participated in the events on January 6th to the people responsible for the devastating attacks on September 11th.” – Daisy Luther

Charles the Terrible – “He will be a king for the global elites. It seems Charles III wasn’t only proclaimed king of the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland at the weekend. Apparently he became king of the world, too. ‘The world has a climate king’, gushed one green observer.”- Brendan O’Neill

The Coming Flood – “Now, one need not take the flood account as a historic fact in its entirety to recognize a reality: a society that lives in violation of the natural law ethic will not long survive. It will be destroyed. No, there won’t be a flood – God promised that. In reality, God need not do anything. He created a self-enforcing natural law. It is powerful enough to defend itself and dole out punishment as necessary. Hence, the flood.” – Bionic Mosquito

We’re ‘Better Off’ Under Biden? Who Is Obama Kidding? – “When he wasn’t admiring his White House portrait, Barack Obama managed to say a nice thing about President Joe Biden. He must have been joking, though, because what he said defies reality. “Joe, it is now America’s good fortune to have you as president,” Obama said. “The country is better off than when you took office. We should all be deeply grateful for that.” Our “good fortune”? Let’s review just how much “better off” we all are thanks to Biden and his fellow Democrats.” – I & I Editorial Board

Biden Scrambles For Damage Control After Disastrous Inflation Report – “After bragging just four weeks ago that the economy had “zero percent inflation” in the month of July (looking at cherry picked month-over-month figures which completely ignored the highest food price inflation since 1979), President Biden issued yet another insultingly stupid statement in response to Tuesday’s extremely hot CPI print which sent markets into turmoil and rate hike expectations shooting higher. And so just minutes after markets began puking in response to today’s CPI, Biden claimed that “Today’s data show more progress in bringing global inflation down in the US economy,” adding “Overall, prices have been essentially flat in our country these last two months.”” – Tyler Durden

President Trump Lawyers Dispute Classified Status of Mar-a-Lago Documents, Refutes Arbitrary Definitions by DOJ and Supports Special Master Reviewing Everything – Sundance

Britain’s Changing of the Guard: ’Truss’ Me… I’m a Warmonger! – “Enter Liz Truss at the helm. It is patently evident that Truss’s priorities are for madcap militarism and antagonizing Russia and China at every opportunity.” – Strategic Culture Foundation Editorial

Never Let A Good Crisis Go to Waste – “Now that Joe Biden is about to designate a two or three star general to head the Ukraine campaign and has pledged billions of dollars more in aid, Ukraine will be all the news all the time. The US involvement will also feature a catchy name. I would suggest Operation Empty Wallets, which is what Americans will soon be experiencing due to government bailouts and other profligate spending, or maybe Operation Give Me a Break.” – Philip Giraldi

Over The Past Week We Have Gotten Several Steps Closer To A Nuclear War With Russia – Michael Snyder

Germany has ‘crossed red line’ – Russia – “There will be no turning back after Berlin supplied arms to kill Russians, Moscow’s envoy says. “They have crossed the Rubicon,” Nechaev stated, using an idiom for passing the point of no return.” – RT

The Specter of Germany Is Rising – “To meet the imaginary Russian threat to Western Europe, Germany will lead an expanded, militarized EU. The European Union is girding for a long war against Russia that appears clearly contrary to European economic interests and social stability. A war that is apparently irrational – as many are – has deep emotional roots and claims ideological justification. Such wars are hard to end because they extend outside the range of rationality.” – Diana Johnstone

From Beer to Tomatoes, Europe’s Energy Crisis Is Spilling Over – “Ripple effects threaten Belgian brewer, German greenhouses Widening fallout adds pressure on authorities to stem crunch” – Lyubov Pronina and Petra Sorge


“There Is No Good News Across This Report” – A Shocked Wall Street Reacts To Today’s Scorching CPI Print – Tyler Durden

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Food Prices Surge Again in August, What’s in Your Basket? – “Food, rent, owners’ equivalent rent, and the price of electricity more than offset a decline in the price of gasoline in August. This post is a spotlight on food.” – Mish

Services Inflation Spikes, Core CPI Jumps, Food Inflation Worst since 1979, Durable Goods Rise, but Gasoline & Airfares Plunge – “An ugly CPI print of inflation that’s entrenched and getting worse in vast parts of the economy. The Fed will have a heck of a time cracking down on it.” – Wolf Richter

Why This Recession Is Different – “Let’s explore what’s different now compared to recessions of the past 60 years.” – Charles Hugh Smith

“Who Is On The Other Side Of Those $1.5 Trillion In Energy Derivative Margin Calls Which Europe Is Bailing Out” – Michael Every

A Debt Jubilee of Biblical Proportions Is Coming Soon… What You Need To Know – Nick Giambruno

The NEXT Big SILVER SQUEEZE Is Here! (VIDEO) with David Morgan – Everything Entrepreneurship

Precious Metals Investors Have More Questions… – “We get lots of questions from the public about precious metals. Q & A Some people are curious about the basics. Others are skeptical about the case for owning gold and silver. Still others are longtime customers who have highly specialized inquiries. Here we will answer a few of the most common, most broadly relevant questions we get…” – Money Metals News Service

Deutsche Bank AG STOCK QUOTE –9.08EUR


The Supply Chain Is Broken and Food Shortages Are HERE !! Best Survival Food to Stockpile… When All Hell Breaks Loose – Amy S.

Survival Priorities During Emergency or Crisis – “When it comes to survival, every emergency or crisis is unique. The setting, the weather, the people, and the events combine to create its own unique occurrence. However with that said, there are a few constants. For example, the cold can kill you faster than dehydration. A lack of water can kill you faster than starvation. And a panicked decision can get you killed immediately.” – Ken Jorgustin

Making Use of Grass – “Okay, so quit looking at the grass as a problem and start looking at it as a resource. Granted, grass isn’t much of a resource, but it’s renewable and plentiful. Many of us have much more of it than we’d like to. All it takes is a little bit of imagination in how to use it. What makes it a great resource for survival situations is that it will grow whether you want it to or not, just as long as you have rain.” – Bill White

Free Ways to Protect Your Privacy (That May SAVE You Money!) – Aden Tate


Leviticus 11:29      These also shall be unclean unto you among the creeping things that creep upon the earth; the weasel, and the mouse, and the tortoise after his kind,