Will Globalism Succeed? – “Over the ages, the obsession to control the world led to the creation of empires. Each empire spread over vast areas, eventually growing beyond the ability to control them. Each empire, in turn, collapsed and always for the same reasons. In the late eighteenth century, Mayer Rothschild, a brilliant banker, came up with a new twist. He focused on currency control, saying, “Let me issue and control a nation’s money, and I care not who writes the laws.” He accomplished this in his native Germany, then sent his five sons out to achieve the same ends in other countries. But success came in 1913 when Rothschild descendants, along with American bankers, created the Federal Reserve.” – Jeff Thomas

Donald Trump: “I am the Father of the COVID Vaccine – Get Those Shots Everyone!” – “Alex Jones recently issued an ultimatum to Donald Trump to come forward and admit that he was “fooled” by those who helped him develop and roll out the COVID-19 mRNA vaccines. It is widely believed by some that Trump would not have won the 2016 election without the support of Alex Jones and his massive audience. In a recent broadcast by Alex Jones on, Alex Jones revealed what Trump’s answer to him was, basically saying that Trump was not backing down from his position on the COVID vaccines, but was proud of his accomplishments, and took full credit for them.” – Brian Shilhavy

Science magazine finally catches up with the Science 2 years later – “T cells do play an important role” – The Naked Emperor

Viruses do not exist? Or do they? – ‘Let’s open a debate” – Igor Chudov – WHY? AND TO WHAT PURPOSE DOES IT ACTUALLY SERVE IN THE LONG RUN!!!!

Why Serious Scientific Debates Are Conducted In Writing, Not On-camera – “Unless you’re pandering to video junkies” – Jon Rappoport – MORE FROM JON ON THE SUBJECT AND THIS WILL BE THE LAST OF IT, BECAUSE AS FAR AS I AM CONCERNED, IT TAKES AWAY FROM THE MAIN ISSUES!!!

5G Cell Towers Cause Massive Insect Decline on the Greek island of Samos Part 2 – Diana Kordas Ed.m, M.A

Thinking Points, September 4, 2022 – “CDC budget: $10.6 billion. FDA budget: $6.1 billion. Pfizer Covid-19 vaccine revenue: $33 billion Moderna Covid-19 vaccine revenue: $21 billion Advance purchase order from the Biden administration for reformulated shots: $3.2 billion. Total amount they were willing to spend on efficacy trials for the rejiggered booster? 8 f’ing mice. The mice were not autopsied so Pfizer spent $0 on safety. THAT’S how much they hate us.” – Toby Rogers

Global CV19 Vax Propaganda Means Mass Casualties (VIDEO) with Dr. Pierre Kory – Greg Hunter

Plum Island, Bioweapons Lab 257, and Lyme Disease – “The US Bioweapons Research Lab on Plum Island, NY may have created and unleashed Lyme Disease on the World in the 1950s-1970s. Sound familiar?” – Sage Hana

The Transgender Movement Isn’t Just Targeting Kids, It’s Targeting Families – “The point isn’t just to break down the ‘gender binary.’ It’s to break down the family in order to reshape society.” – John Daniel Davidson – YES, THIS TOO IS PART OF THE PLAN AND THE BIG PICTURE!!!!!


Labor Day Assessment – “There will be a Great Re-set, of course, but it’s not exactly the one that Western Civ is blabbering about — a mere shuffling of political and financial protocols. It’s happening with or without “Joe Biden,” the EU, and der Hoch Schwabenklaus, though the aggregate stupidity they represent is surely making the entry process worse. America was, for a time, the greatest industrial society and now that appears to be over. The disorder in all the moving parts of it is probably too gross to arrest at this point. We shoved it into disorder by making some very bad choices, like getting rid of our factories and squandering our wealth on an absurd suburban living arrangement. Europe, the old home-base of Western Civ is collapsing faster and worse than America. Europe’s leadership is clearly insane and it will likely be overthrown before long.” – James Howard Kunstler

F-15 vs. AR-15? Bet on the Guys With the Guns – “Father of the Year and alleged President Joe Biden is busy trying to rile up his base of weirdos, adjunct professors, gender studies grads, government timeservers, sexually unsatisfied wine women and their sexually unsatisfying life partners. That’s why Dork Brandon pulled one of my favorites out of his Big Duffel Bag O’ Hack Cliches, the old “Your puny guns are no match against the awesome power of the US military which I will use to kill you for dissenting!” narrative. Okay, fine. Let’s go over this again for the knuckleheads who think that they prevail if they step outside the “use your words” paradigm they grew up with in their sissy private schools. You lose if you idiots provoke a real civil conflict ” – Kurt Schlichter

War Drums Are Beating – “Can immense damage be inflicted on a population without the presence of infantry? Absolutely. Is that enough to defeat and enemy? Absolutely not. There is simply no way for the current political class in power to exercise full spectrum dominance over the landmass and inhabitants of North America. They cannot manage the cities they have full control of, nor can they maintain supply lines and infrastructure in a fashion associated with an complex society. To imply, as the President did last week, that F-15’s may come into play if people fail to comply with their political ends indicates a great weakness rather than strength. We are now at the threat stage of collapse, when all they have is brute force to impose their will, rather than voluntary and enthusiastic support for their programs and policies.” – Hardscrabble Farmer

Separation Ruminations – “We all know it can’t go on. Like a bad marriage, the “union” is a barren, emotionally alienated thing held together by nothing more than the inertia of tradition and the threat of force directed at the side that suggests the best thing to do would be for each side to go its separate way. Peacefully, ideally. Our side would certainly consider that ideal, for we want nothing more from the other side than to be let alone. We are not interested in the other side’s money. We merely wish to hold onto our own. To raise our families and live as we see fit – respecting everyone’s equal right to do the same. They hate us, but do not want to let us go in peace – for they feed off of us. Financially as well as psychologically. They require that we stay, even though they cannot stand the thought of us – because they need us. But we do not need them.” – Eric Peters

How Old Bad Ideas Become Wonderful – “We in America are regressing—now returning to the distant neanderthal past, now embracing the worst of what the 19th and 20th century had to offer.” – Victor Davis Hanson

I Am a MAGA Republican, and Donald Trump is My Weapon – “At a national level there is a unique policy priority that almost every politician, on both sides, will avoid discussing. At a national level a single policy priority determines all other national policy outlooks. That policy is the national economic policy. The national economic policy of a presidential candidate determines all other national policies that flow from the presidential candidate. President Trump was the first presidential candidate who campaigned on a domestic national economic policy. ” – Sundance – GOOD POINT FROM SUNDANCE!!!

Judge Orders Special Master Review of Documents Seized from Mar-a-Lago – Rebecca Downs

Hunter Is the Good Biden The son of the warlock who spread his talons and cast a spell from his satanic podium last Thursday. Hunter Biden has been in the news again recently. Not for his fingerpainting this time—for a movie that has been made about his life. “My Son Hunter,” which is being distributed by Breitbart News, is set for release on September 7, 2022. The churning, psychedelic plotline is disconcerting in the extreme, but the nausea one feels watching the trailer is not due to art for art’s sake but to art’s imitating life. The pathetic shallowness that is Hunter Biden, the meth teeth and prostitutes and cocaine, is not fiction in the slightest. It is who the son of the illegal occupant of 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue is throughout his every wasted day.” – Jason M. Morgan

Joe Biden – The T-800 destroyer – “Joe Biden has been called a lot of different nicknames signifying his lack of leadership, wisdom, and moral character. But I think there’s a better descriptor. He’s a T-800 Terminator . Think about it. The T-800 portrayed in the movie Terminator was powerful and relentless, but was still a simple machine, with simple programing, performing a simple task, without reservation or remorse — just like Joe Biden. Remember the scene in the movie when a man knocks on the T-800’s door and complains about the smell. The terminator scans its heads-up display for a reply Yes, No, Come back later, F*** you A** hole.  And picks the last option — because its instinct is to default to the most inflammatory response possible — just like Joe Biden.” – John Green

What Three Things Matter Most in the Trump Mar-a-Lago Case? Intent, Intent, Intent – “Trump’s intent — not so much what he did with classified and/or national security documents but what he intended to happen based on his actions — will decide his innocence or guilt if the case ever comes to court. The documents themselves matter much less, and are almost a red herring. ” – Peter Van Buren

10 Dead, 15 Injured In Canadian Stabbing Spree, 2 Suspects At Large – Tyler Durden – I THOUGHT MASS MURDERS WERE BECAUSE OF GUNS AND NOT THE PEOPLE!!!!

Liz Truss has 5 days to avert a confidence crisis in the UK – “The new UK Premier has 5 days – tops – to establish her new government and put in place the strategies and policies to restore confidence in the UK economy. If not, the Virtuous Sovereign Trinity will fracture. It needs sound communication and clear grasp of the problems behind the crisis. Truss hasn’t demonstrated either – yet.” – Bill Blain

Main gas pipeline to EU will be closed until sanctions lifted – Kremlin – “Nord Stream 1 operations will be hampered as long as Western restrictions remain in place, Dmitry Peskov says” – RT

Despite Shortages and Soaring Prices, West Coast AGs Fight to Block Natural Gas Pipeline – “Three additional major U.S. pipeline projects, the PennEast, Atlantic Coast, and Constitution, have all been canceled in the face of lawsuits and regulatory resistance in the past two years.” ~ Chris Woodward

70,000 Rally in Prague Against EU, NATO and the Czech Government – “Gov’t dubs the pro-gas, anti-sanctions “Czech Republic First” rally as serving Russia” – Deutsche Welle


’20 Quid For A Pint!?’ UK Pubs Forced To Hike Prices Or Die – Tyler Durden

Eurozone Business Activity Contracts For the Second Month Led By Germany – “The Eurozone is likely in recession already but the big pain starts with an energy crunch this winter.” – Mish

European stocks fall after gas pipeline shutdown – Elizabeth Howcroft

12 Numbers That Show That We Are Getting Dangerously Close To An Economic Crash As The Fall Of 2022 Approaches – Michael Snyder

By How Much Can the Fed Reduce its Assets with QT? Fed’s Liabilities set a Floor – “The Fed’s big liabilities: reserves, US paper dollars, RRPs, and the US government checking account. Reserves already plunged by $1.03 trillion.” – Wolf Richter

History’s Biggest Credit Bubble Bursting at the Seams (VIDEO) with Bill Holter – “As the West shrinks within a monumental credit bubble, the precious metals expert shines a light on the Russian Ruble’s newfound status as the strongest FX currency on the planet.” – Andrew Maguire

The Recession Deepens: Amazon Bails On New Warehouses – Peter Nayland Kust

Deutsche Bank AG STOCK QUOTE –8.19EUR


How Much Cash Should You Have If the Grid Goes Down? It Is The Final Backup Plan For A Lot Of Us In The Case Of A Disaster – Klark Barnes

These Are The People You Want To Keep Around When SHTF – “The sheer number of skills that are required for surviving a SHTF situation or TEOTWAWKI event are colossal, and few people will have achieved all the skills necessary. This is one of the reasons why people form groups to help their chances of survival. Having the right people around with a range of skills and experiences will undoubtedly help.” – Heather

It CAN Happen to You and You CAN Survive It – Selco

Uses For White Vinegar – “Practical Uses For White Vinegar. There are many alternative uses for vinegar. Here is a list of a few that may be of interest.” – Ken Jorgustin

Here’s Why You Should Keep Activated Charcoal In Your Survival Pack – Bob Rodgers


Psalm 10:2    The wicked in his pride doth persecute the poor: let them be taken in the devices that they have imagined.