Smells Like Mean Spirit – “The air around here is putrid. Cults require obedience and adherence to orthodoxies. Cult leaders demand it. Truth be damned. Which cult are you going to join Good Citizens? Germ or Terrain? Virus or no virus? You can only pick one, science be damned. Personally, I pick both and I pick neither because I comprehend my limitations of knowledge and I certainly know that global management wants us all to pick just one to divide and conquer. Instead, I choose healthy debate, joy, laughter, and above all not taking myself or any issue too seriously so that I don’t fall into other people’s rabbit holes.” – The Good Citizen – A MUST READ FROM THE GOOD CITIZEN!!!!!

How Movements Die; They Become Sad. The Covid Truth Movement Has Probably Become Splintered by Infiltration And Accusation, All Against All – “But it was great while it lasted. The attacks against Cowan, Kaufman, the Baileys, and especially Jon Rappoport, who I have known since the 1980s, were just strange. I think Steve is confused. None of these people are “camera-shy.” Rappoport hosted a show on Infowars for years. I thought they wanted to debate Steve Kirsch. I can’t follow this thing. And I don’t care to. It feels dark.” – Celia Farber – I LINKED JON’S VIEW YESTERDAY. IT WAS OUTSTANDING AND TO THE POINT. JON HAS DONE MORE TO EXPOSE VACCINES AND VIRUSES THEN ANYBODY OVER THE YEARS. HE SHOULD BE RESPECTED FOR HIS WORK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Controlled Opposition : Why I Really Don’t Give A €&#@ About Them – threadsirish

COVID-22, Anyone? – “Are We Seeing The Next Candidate For Pandemic Panic Emerge In Argentina? – Peter Nayland Kust

Which Lasts Longer, Spike Proteins or CDC ‘Facts?’- Jon Sanders

Silence From Science Community as NIH Cancels Grant to Wuhan Institute of Virology – “COVID damages memory of grant dismissal protestors, but the Internet never forgets” – Paul D. Thacker – GOOD ARTICLE FROM PAUL!!!!!

Fraud, Lies, Psyops, Cheating For Midterms, More Vax Dead, More War (VIDEO) – Greg Hunter

Ivermectin: The Truth (VIDEO) – Plandemic Series Official

New study on ivermectin finds 92% effectiveness at stopping death from COVID – “Brazilian researcher Dr. Flavio Cadegiani noted that ‘the more [ivermectin] you used, the more protection you had’ from dying with a COVID-19 infection.” – Art Moore


Soul Man – ” I knew Abe Lincoln, and that was no Gettysburg Address…. I knew we were in for the business with that “soul of the nation” build-up ballyhoo, but I didn’t exactly expect Independence Hall to be decorated in blood red and sepulchral black à la the-mouth-of-hell for a sermon by the Lord of the Flies himself. Somehow his staff managed to get the Old Trickster to the fiery podium on-time, where, in his trademark inside-out and upside-down mode of argument, he inveighed wrathfully against the “grave threat to democracy” posed by an opposition laboring to undermine “our personal rights…the pursuit of justice [and] the rule of law.” Roger that, Kemosabe. Did you catch an odor of desperation in that marvelous spectacle? A politician does not declare war on half the country in a spirit of comity. Something’s up in this land and it don’t feel all comfy-cozy as we turn the corner on our election season. A lot of things are up, in fact, all of them kind of sketchy and dark.” – James Howard Kunstler

The american hostage situation – “Stockholm syndrome is not a basis for government. There is obviously quite a lot of discussion going on about the Biden speech that is coming to be called “the red sermon.” I do not think there as been a speech like it in living memory. a hectoring, accusatory president just tried to vilify and other his political opposition while ascribing danger to democracy to them. It was inflammatory and divisive in a manner I have never seen in America.” El Gato Malo

The Optics Created by Joe Biden Communication Team for a National Address Were Off the Charts Creepy – “I usually prefer to stay away from the ancillary stuff, but the remarks by Joe Biden today were not normal, not even close.” – Sundance

Biden’s hateful rhetoric against Americans presents the GOP with a sterling opportunity – “Biden delivered his “soul” speech at Independence Hall in Philadelphia, the birthplace of the Declaration of Independence and the Constitution. The manner of delivery was unhinged; he frequently waved his fists aggressively. His speech was a sequel to his recent addresses, where he claimed that he doesn’t respect MAGA Republicans and that MAGA philosophy is like “semi-fascism.”” – Rajan Laad

These are the leaders of Biden’s revolution (VIDEO) – “The single greatest threat to America today is Republican voters, all 75 million of them. They are Nazis and destroyers of democracy. They must be stopped. That is the message of Joe Biden’s speech. Now, to underscore how deeply Joe Biden means all of this, tonight’s address in Philadelphia is not being categorized as a campaign event ahead of the midterm elections, which is what it looks like. No. Instead, this speech has the full sponsorship of the White House. In other words, what Joe Biden is saying right now is the official position of the entire executive branch of the U.S. government. That would include the Justice Department, the various Intel agencies and the world’s most powerful standing military. Think about that. Does it make you nervous? You don’t have to be a Trump voter to see a speech like this as a turning point in American history. ” – Tucker Carlson

Joe Biden, Lout, Liar, And Lunatic – “When candidate Joe Biden promised that if elected president he would unite the country, did he think he could do it alienating roughly half the population? Or did he mean he would unite the Democrats and independents against the “MAGA Republicans”? Thursday’s speech clearly indicates what he had in mind was the latter.” – I & I Editorial Board

Joe Biden has no claim to the soul of America – “I didn’t know I was a MAGA Republican until I heard Joe Biden bash MAGA Republicans. Never before have I felt such disgust and shame for my country. The divider-in-chief, the man known for his history of plagiarism, corruption, and lies upon lies, tells the nation it’s his duty as president to tell the truth, and then he lies again.” – Donald N. Finley

Trump Worshipers, Trump Lies, Election Idiocy, and the Truth About Collectivist Political Madness? – “The latest round of ‘voting’ to choose the ‘supreme leader’ of the American people was a spectacle so difficult to believe, and so circuslike, that it defied all logic and imagination. Nothing could be more laughable, but it boiled down to Trump against Biden. How much more ridiculous could this circus be? Two buffoons; one whose brain was completely compromised, and one whose ego was such as to indicate self-adoration and pompous lunacy in the face of pretended intelligence. This would be comical except for the reality that one of these vile power-seekers had to be selected to ‘lead’ this country as proxy for the real power. Biden was ‘picked’ this last time around, but I want to mainly focus on Trump, as it seems he may be ‘selected’ as the possible agent of the master class in 2024 for the Republicans. ” – Gary D. Barnett

Scattered Pictures of the Files He Left Behind – “A picture of scattered files on the floor of Mar-a-Lago isn’t helping make the regime’s case that this is a serious investigation undertaken by serious people.” – Julie Kelly

Why Are Leftists Obsessed With Destroying Hero Culture? – Leftists are also targeting the very foundations of heroic archetypes and mythologies by attacking heroic representations in our society. They are seeking to change the nature of heroism by hijacking cultural pillars and erasing beloved stories and characters in order to “reboot” them in the image of the leftist cult. This is usually done under the cover of “diversity and equity” as a means to obscure the true agenda. Let’s break down the tactics and motives behind this trend…”” – Brandon Smith – SOON TO BE GAY HOBBITS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Biden: “Assault Weapons Ban” if Dems Pick up Two Senate Seats – Joshua Swanagon

Abbott Express Heads to the Windy City – “TX Gov. Greg Abbott found a new destination for migrants. Mayor Lori Lightfoot will become the latest Democrat to deal with the consequences of the open borders policies she so publicly supports.” – Jeff Charles

California Billboards Don’t Tell the Whole Story – “A lot of people are moving out of California. Over the last two years, California has lost about 300,000 people. Major companies, including Telsa, Oracle Corp, and HP have abandoned California for Texas. With high taxes, lots of regulations, high crime, poor schools, mishandling of the pandemic, and “woke” policies, it isn’t surprising that many people have been willing to give up the beautiful state and fantastic weather. Understandably, some are upset with that turn of events, but the billboards put up in Los Angeles and San Francisco are a cheap shot. They warn Californians about mass public shootings in Texas, specifically pointing to the recent Uvalde school shooting. The billboards warn, “The Texas Miracle died in Uvalde.” They replace Texas’ slogan, “Don’t Mess With Texas,” with “Don’t Move to Texas.” The billboards have received extensive national and international news coverage. But California, despite all its gun control laws, has more mass public shootings than Texas.” – John R. Lott Jr.

What To Do When Gun Control Gets Really Bad- We Need to Prepare For The Worst And Always Ready to Resist! Posted – Klark Barnes

The elite’s green fantasies are finally unravelling – “The desperate scramble for fossil fuels now makes the posturing of COP26 look almost otherworldly.” – Fraser Myers

A Year After Afghanistan Withdrawal, Millions of Afghans Facing Starvation as US Continues Sanctions The UN warned Tuesday that 6 million Afghans are at risk of famine” – The Free Thought Project

Why Germany Needs a Revolution, and What Type. The “EurAsian Option” – “Germany’s newsmedia — echoing America’s — have attributed the soaring fuel-prices to Russia’s invasion of Ukraine, which clearly is a lie, because the source is clearly Germany’s anti-Russian sanctions and termination of the Nord Stream 2 natural-gas pipeline and other supplies into Germany of the least-expensive fuels-sources, which had been Russian, which is why Russia was the biggest supplier of fuels to Germany. Because those fuels were so much cheaper than the ones that the U.S. occupying forces demand Germany to use instead (such as liquefied natural gas from America), and because Germany’s leaders are more committed to Germany’s American masters than to the German people whom they are supposed to represent, they ought to be thrown out and replaced now by an entirely new German Government that will serve the German people instead of serve the U.S. occupying regime, which demands and enforces these sanctions.’ – Eric Zuesse

Ukraine: Somewhere between Afghanization and Syrianization – “Ukraine is finished as a nation – neither side will rest in this war. The only question is whether it will be an Afghan or Syrian style finale.” – Pepe Escobar

Yes, China Is Collapsing – “Things Are Bad For The Middle Kingdom, And Getting Worse” – Peter Nayland Kust

UN Waters Down Evidence of Genocide in Report on Xinjiang – “Regarding the Chinese Communist Party’s vast system of reeducation camps across the region—which the government refers to as “vocational and education” facilities—the UN noted: “Not a single interviewee said they were able to exit the facility or go home.” A consistent theme was “constant hunger and, consequently, significant to severe weight loss during their periods in the facilities.” Nearly all respondents described forced “injections, pills or both.”” – Michael P Senger


Have We Entered the New Dark Ages? – “Elizabeth Warren must be a fool. That, or she thinks the rest of us are fools. The Senator recently took to CNN to publicly fret over the Federal Reserve’s rate hikes. She’s worried they will tip the economy into recession. What’s Warren afraid of? Her fears have already come true. The U.S. economy already is in a recession. ” – MN Gordon

Hello Fed! Welcome to Reality! (VIDEO) – Michael Maharrey

Employyyyyyment? – “Screameth The Bureau of Lies and Scams.Total nonfarm payroll employment increased by 315,000 in August, and the unemployment rate rose to 3.7 percent, the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics reported today. Notable job gains occurred in professional and business services, health care, and retail trade. Notable job gains while the unemployment rate increased? ” – Karl Denninger

IMPORTANT UPDATES! Plus- Why You Need To Own PHYSICAL Silver And Gold NOW. (VIDEO) – Gregory Mannarino – GREG, SPOT ON AS USUAL!!!!

The Housing Market Appears To Be In Free Fall – Dave Kranzler

Deutsche Bank AG STOCK QUOTE –8.46EUR


Food Confiscation: How to Protect Your Food Stores And Production From Government Confiscation – “Did you know that if you have even a small subsistence farm to grow and or raise food for your family it all could be confiscated. Did you know the government is currently trying to identify and register all food producers to support this goal? Whether you are aware or not, at any time the president deems necessary, the US can now confiscate key resources in the name of national security. In particular, the food you worked hard to grow or raise could be seized.” – Milan Adams

A Few Tips For Building A Proper Root Cellar – “You’ll need to preserve the results of your labor if you want to make wonderful meals all year. But you don’t want to plant ten pounds of carrots and let them go bad, or can a few dozen Mason jars of wild strawberry preserves without a place to keep them.” – Bob Rodgers

Your Window Of Opportunity To Get Prepared Before The Catastrophic Events Of 2023 Is Rapidly Closing – Michael Snyder

Security Concerns Against The Roving Horde After Cities Collapse – Ken Jorgustin

Are Eggs Healthy? – “Sorting through the conflicting information on the health benefits of eggs. Are eggs a nutrient powerhouse or the ticket to heart disease? Decades of misinformation have confused the issue of whether eggs are healthy or not. The confusion centers on saturated fat and cholesterol. Government “experts” have, as far back as the 1960s, told Americans to limit foods high in saturated fat and to pursue low-fat diets instead. Many Americans subscribed to this ideology and avoided foods like eggs for their fat and cholesterol content. The truth is, eggs have many health benefits and contain dozens of important nutrients, and the science has proven that eggs can actually be heart protective. Eggs are a superfood. Eating just two eggs can give you 10-30 percent of your daily vitamin requirements.” – ANH-USA


Psalm 133:1   Behold, how good and how pleasant it is for brethren to dwell together in unity!