The Trump Vaccine (VIDEO) – “Is Donald J Trump “Literally Hitler”?” – Greg Reese – AN ABSOLUTE MUST WATCH FROM GREG ABOUT 6 MINUTES!!!!!!!!!!!!!

President Donald Trump: You had better read this OPEN LETTER before it’s too late. – “By now you are fully aware that ALL the various COVID-19 ‘vaccines’ have been scientifically proven to be extremely dangerous to human health and are often fatal. The U.S. Federal Government’s own VAERS website documents this fact with alarming detail. It’s of paramount importance to understand that the shocking statistics presented in the preceding analysis only represent 1% to 10% of the actual COVID-19 vaccine deaths and serious injuries because of the verifiable under-reporting by all parties concerned. Because of the stark reality portrayed by these reported vaccine deaths and injuries, every rational citizen knows that the Covid shots are anything but “safe and effective”. Because of the stark reality portrayed by these reported vaccine deaths and injuries, every rational citizen knows that the Covid shots are anything but “safe and effective”. And yet, to this very day, you revel in taking credit for this grisly predicament. President Trump, please wake up and see the highly organized genocide of the American people taking place all around you.” – State of the Nation  – STATE OF THE NATION SPELLS IT OUT!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Alex Versus Alex – “A short clip from the feature-length documentary Alex’s War. Alex Jones is an often prophetic yet complicated figure who is not always right. Alex Berenson is a mediocre midwit with no principles. Only in failed states do legal systems predetermine winners and losers based on political views. We are all human. We all have flaws. We all make mistakes. And yet we are still all connected by our rights and liberties that must be equally protected by a blind justice system, regardless of beliefs or speech. It’s not that complicated. Well, apparently it is for some.” – The Good Citizen

The Kissinger Continuum: The Unauthorized History of the WEF’s Young Global Leaders Program – “The World Economic Forum’s Young Global Leaders program, Klaus Schwab’s supposed brainchild, is actually an almost exact replica of Henry Kissinger’s International Seminar that was originally run out of Harvard and was funded by the CIA.” – Johnny Vedmore

Another Day, Another Example Of Paxlovid’s Failure – “The New England Journal of Medicine has yet another study showing that Paxlovid has no impact on patients under 65. No evidence of benefit was found in younger adults. Even the corporate media is unwilling to expend any credibility on behalf of the drug. Bottom line: keep taking your vitamins. They’re still your best bet.” – Peter Nayland Kust

Over 30 deaths of young, healthy Canadian doctors cannot be explained any other way than they were killed by the vaccine – Steve Kirsch

‘Unknown Cause’ is the Top Cause of Death in Canada! – “An unusual story surfaced in Alberta, Canada, last month which is just now starting to gain traction around the world. Canadian doctors and a civil liberties lawyer in the Canadian province of Alberta are raising concerns about a growing trend of deaths labeled as “unknown causes” after an unprecedented increase in such deaths was recorded in 2021.” – Mark Schwendau




The Wild West – “The autumn leaves will soon be trembling, and you should be, too…. Yes, things are wilding up nicely in Western Civ as we bid farewell to summer and the elites return from their sacrosanct vacations to the task of crashing our world. You can feel it in every quarter of public and private life. Funny, especially, is the Party of Chaos trying to label their opponents as “fascists” — by which they mean anyone opposed to chaos, the “Joe Biden” regime’s preferred mode of existence. The West’s biggest project these days, the war it provoked over Ukraine, turned out to be a giant Acme land-mine under the West’s collective Wile E. Coyote ass. As Russia advances implacably there and financial sanctions fizzle, behold the scramble in Europe now among citizens desperate to not freeze to death in the months ahead. This is the third time in a hundred-odd years that Germany has attempted suicide, and this time it looks like it’s going to work. Mr. Macron tells France she must accept “reduced living standards.” Think the USA is doing better? The summer rally in financial markets was just another frame in the Loony Tunes festival that American life has become. The Fed Chair, Mr. Powell, said all the parts out loud at the annual Jackson Hole banker meet-up last week: look out below, we’ve decided to take this sucker down” – James Howard Kunstler  – GOOD READ AS ALWAYS!!!!

Free Speech Doesn’t Matter If Propagandists Determine What People Say – “None are more hopelessly enslaved than those who falsely believe they are free. None are more hopelessly ignorant than those who falsely believe they’re informed. None are more hopelessly propagandized than those who don’t know they are propagandized. It doesn’t matter if you have freedom of speech if those in power can control what you will say. And in liberal western democracies, this is exactly what happens. We grow up saturated with US empire propaganda in the west. We marinate in it. It pervades our consciousness. But because it’s all we’ve ever known, most of us don’t even notice it. We think it’s normal that we’re always told our government is on the good and righteous side of every international conflict. We think it’s normal that we hear constantly about the tyranny of foreign governments while only occasionally hearing about bad things our own government did years ago (but it was an innocent mistake and it’ll never happen again).” – Caitlin Johnstone

It Will Happen Suddenly – “Many of those who observe the daily news reports are beginning to figure out that they are being fed misinformation. Many are beginning to recognise that neither political party truly represents them or, for that matter, is even concerned for their welfare. These folks are now navigating in the dark. But the bigger surprises have not yet occurred. There will be a certain amount of lead-up, plus a great deal of confusion, but the actual occurrences will be sudden. No one will be able to predict the dates on which they occur, except those very few people who control the triggers to these events.” – Jeff Thomas

The Strangest Thing About ‘Semi-Fascist’ Trump – “Of the last three presidents, Trump was either the most indifferent or the most obstructed when it came to using government agencies for his own partisan political advantages or to neuter his enemies. For the Left, Donald Trump is synonymous with “fascism” (or “semi-fascism,” as Joe Biden put it the other day). And for Liz Cheney and most of the NeverTrumpers, he remains an existential threat to democracy. But to quantify those charges, what exactly has Trump done extralegally—as opposed to his bombast and braggadocio about what he might have wished to have done? ” – Victor Davis Hanson – VICTOR MAKES SOME GREAT POINTS HERE!!!!

Redacted Mar-A-Lago Affidavit Confirms Biden’s DOJ Fished For A Crime To Pin On Trump – Margot Cleveland

Three Signs We’re in a Banana Republic – “(1) Manipulation of language and mandatory leftist religion. (2) Selective prosecution and political persecution. (3) Forced citizen compliance and increased government dependence. Obedience + financial dependence = enslavement to the State. This is the only math our Leviathan knows. Joe Biden and his communist brigades have tanked the economy and unleashed torrential inflation upon the country. In a less banana-y time, that would have huge political consequences. But now his regime enforcers and media propagandists simply redefine the meaning of an economic recession in order to proclaim — à la North Korea — that Americans have never been so well off! ” – J.B. Shurk

Cowing Family Farms – “Amish farmer Amos Miller’s ongoing battle with federal regulators is representative of the broader war on family farmers” – Carmel Richardson

Ex-FBI Intelligence Chief Says DOJ Has ‘No Case’ Against Trump – “the affidavit confirmed that the FBI’s investigation was triggered in January 2022 at the request of the National Archives, which wanted certain documents, especially classified documents, that it considered to be presidential records to be turned over to it by Trump.” But there appears to be nothing “in the affidavit asserting a refusal by Trump to cooperate,” – Jack Phillips

PLANNED DEMOLITION (VIDEO) with Bill Holter – “Bill Holter returns to SGT Report to cover the Biden administration’s planned demolition of the United States of America.” – SGT Report  – ANOTHER MUST LISTEN FROM BILL!!!!!!

“This Is Beyond Imagination”: Polish Homeowners Line Up For Days To Buy Coal Ahead Of Winter – Tyler Durden

You Have No Idea How Bad Europe’s Energy Crisis Is – “Natural gas prices are 10 times the usual—upending industries, angering consumers, and panicking politicians.” – Christina Lu

Energy Crisis: One in Four Britons Will Not Turn On Heating Over Winter Months – Poll – Peter Caddle

Ground beneath Zelensky’s feet is shifting – “Reading and rereading the US President Joe Biden’s statement last Monday on Ukraine Independence Day, one is reminded of English poet John Keats’ immortal line, ‘Heard melodies are sweet but those unheard are sweeter.’ Biden repeatedly invoked the abiding nature of the US’ relationship with the Ukrainian people. But in the entire statement, he never once mentioned the Ukrainian government or the leadership of President Volodymyr Zelensky. A careless omission?” – M. K. Bhadrakumar

How Arab states perceive the US-China standoff – “West Asian countries recognize China’s sovereign claims over Taiwan, yet many of them still rely on the US militarily and politically, so where do they stand?” – Mohammad Salami

The Emperor has no Clothes: US Strategy for Africa – “Since the beginning of the war the US has used propaganda and intimidation in its efforts to align African countries behind its pro-Ukraine policy to ensure Russian sanctions have a bite. Unsurprisingly, most African countries have been unenthusiastic to US attempts to condemn Russia at the UN in connection with the war. US bombastic support of Ukraine has also had a distorting impact on humanitarian and emergency relief for Africa, which according to the UN has dwindled while there is excess of money for programs helping Ukrainians.” – Oscar Silva-Valladares





“The Only Way We Are Getting Big Rate Cuts Next Year Is Alongside An Economic Collapse The Pushes Us Off A Cliff” – Michael Every

Exactly Why Silver Is Not Skyrocketing In Price After Inflation Reduction Act, Student Debt Forgiveness, Multiple State Level Stimulus Programs And More – “Forget the Fed “Pivot”, Basel III, Billionaire Bullion Buyers, and India & Russia saving the day yet again, and understand something super simple…Why isn’t silver skyrocketing? People are broke. That’s the super simple answer, that’s the right answer, and that’s putting it lightly. ” – Paul “Half Dollar” Eberhart

No Powell Pivot, so the Bear is Back! – “Bear-market rallies are always built on delusions. A breath of hope returns to the dying bulls, and all the testosterone and adrenaline rushes to their veins. There is typically no rationality to it. It is pure sentiment, so the rallies are strong, unthinking, and vicious toward anyone who shorted the market, making shorting a dangerous strategy even during times when we are clearly in a bear market.” – David Haggith

Searing UK Inflation Is Driving the Pound Near a 37-Year Low – “It’s starting to look like nothing can stop the British pound from sinking to new lows. With talk about inflation surpassing 18% next year and families across the country likely to be pushed into energy poverty this winter, the UK’s economic woes are getting worse by the day. The currency is trading around $1.18, less than 4 US cents away from its weakest level since 1985 against the dollar,” – Mumbi Gitau and Naomi Tajitsu

Large Commercial Traders Are Positioned for Higher Metals Prices – “Physical silver bars continue to drain from COMEX and London warehouse stockpiles. Lower spot prices are contributing to this. Larger investors who hold deliverable bars aren’t throwing in the towel and dumping them back into the market. Instead, they continue to stack, much like retail investors buying the smaller coins, rounds and bars.” – Clint Siegner

Is America on the verge of a house price collapse? Prices could crash by up to 20% and homes are overvalued by as much as 72%, expert warns – Harriet Alexander

Bitcoin Dives Below $20,000 Yet Again, What’s Cookin’? – “Jim Bianco makes a good case BTC is a 24/7 VIX.” – Mish

Deutsche Bank AG STOCK QUOTE –8.25EUR





No City Can Feed Its Own People – “Although they are centers of lots of population and activity, a city can only exist at the expense of resources from elsewhere. Cities cannot make it on their own. Not even a chance. From a survival preparedness standpoint, cities are a big red flag. A place not to be when there has been a major disaster. Think about the dependencies. Food, Water, and All Consumable Supplies are trucked in from somewhere else. Although this is similarly the case for the suburbs, and lesser so for rural areas, the fact that so much (of everything) has to be brought in to to a city for support of such a large concentration of human beings is the Achilles Heel.” – Ken Jorgustin

Stop Throwing Away Spoiled Milk! Do This Instead – “Most people have been there: you open the fridge and discover that the milk has gone bad. You pour it down the drain and reach for a new carton, but what if there was a better way?” – Rebekah P.

How To Handle And Dispose Of Dead Bodies After A Major Catastrophe – “There is a lot of info regarding first-aid procedures and how people should act, and what they need to do to keep their loved ones safe. However, there’s little to no information regarding the aftermath of a catastrophe that has deadly results for the population.” – Bob Rodgers – UNFORTUNATELY, THIS MAY BE SOMETHING YOU HAVE TO DEAL WITH AFTER A CATASTOPHIC EVENT!!!!




Psalm 19:14   Let the words of my mouth, and the meditation of my heart, be acceptable in thy sight, O Lord, my strength, and my redeemer.