An Ill Wind – “Something’s coming… everybody feels it… Something ominously foul rides the late summer breeze as our country, and Western Civ with it, tilts into the season of growing darkness. Can you sense it? Death is in the air, and not in the usual Halloween vaudeville mode, either, with the cackling lawn zombies and top-hatted, tap-dancing skeletons. This ain’t no foolin’ around. We have never been so unprepared for a calamity in plain sight and that is because the people who run things have made it happen in combined acts of wickedness and stupidity. After decades of mere racketeering, arranging things so as to bankrupt anyone who gets seriously ill, corporatized health care now presides over a harvest of medically-induced death, pretending dumbly that there is nothing to see. The chief architect of this epic debacle, Dr. Anthony Fauci, the Captain Queeg of American Public Health, has announced his exit from the scene “to pursue the next chapter of my career.” He was coy about what that might be. I think the job title is: defendant.” – James Howard Kunstler  – A MUST READ FROM MR. KUNSTLER ONCE AGAIN!!!!

The Wheel Turns. . . and Orange Fails – “It appears that what some expected to happen is happening. The “mainstream” media is beginning to turn on the Orange Man. Well, that’s not it exactly. The “mainstream” media – which has a smaller audience than many podcasters (e.g., Joe Rogan vs. CNN) – was never in favor of the Orange Man. It is now widely known that the “vaccines” are no such thing in that the thing which defines a vaccine is its power to immunize. These “vaccines” don’t – and even the lowest wattage bulbs are beginning to realize the fact. The Biden Thing merely inherited what Orange Man enabled – and so cannot be blamed for the consequences. Or rather, won’t be. Orange Man will. The man not only hugged the “vaccine” tar baby – he ran into the bushes at “warp speed” to do it. Now he will be – rightly – held responsible for the results.” – Eric Peters

New Normal Germany’s Geisterfahrer Geist – “So, it’s official. On Wednesday, August 24, New Normal Germany’s Bundestag rubber stamped the government’s latest revision to the so-called “Infection Protection Act” (i.e., New Normal Germany’s new Enabling Act), authorizing the continued persecution of “the Unvaccinated” (i.e., New Normal Germany’s new official Untermenschen), the mandatory wearing of medical-looking masks (i.e., the ideological-compliance symbol of the New Normal Reich throughout the world), the banning of protests against the New Normal (i.e., the new official ideology of Germany), and assorted other “emergency measures.” These “emergency measures” are purportedly designed to protect the German people from a “health threat” that (a) does not exist;OK, at this point, I know you’re probably asking, “why haven’t the German people demanded the removal of this obviously deranged clown from office?” Well, unfortunately, the problem isn’t just Karl Lauterbach. It’s also Olaf Scholz, the Chancellor of Germany, Marco Buschmann, the Minister of Justice, and the rest of the government of New Normal Germany, ” – CJ Hopkins

Global Tantalus You Vill Not Eat Ze Bugs – ““You will own nothing and you will be happy” was baby’s first redpill for a lot of people, and they didn’t like the taste one bit. The WEFites are exposed now, and there’s no going back for them. These plans for world government over a neutered posthuman slave species go back a long way. Huxley’s Brave New World was just an early description of this line of thinking, and can be seen as the result of an ongoing discourse within the global elite peeking its way into the surface of human thought. H. G. Wells also wrote about this in his 1940 non-fiction work The New World Order (yes, he really called it that),“ – John Carter – GREAT READ FROM JOHN CARTER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

The Paper Bag Test – “Here in Greater Lagos, there are several grocery chains. The point is we have a lot of options. I tend to go to the Wegman’s near my office because of quality and selection. Starting on August 1st, Wegman’s has stopped using plastic bags. I found this out the hard way when I hit the checkout. I use the self-checkout. All of the plastic bag holders were empty. I asked the clerk, thinking it may be some weird shortage issue and instead I got a lecture about the environment from a moron. Interestingly, she said it was a new law in the county, which I know is a lie. The main reason grocery stores switched to plastic bags was that they are superior to the old paper bags. Plastic bags let you carry more stuff. They rarely rip. They also make useful gloves for picking up after the dog. The most obvious result will be many people going across the street to the Giant, which is there to sell food, not preach the gospel of Gaia. No doubt the people at Wegman’s will see this as a triumph. They have finally purged those hidden fascists prowling the cereal aisle of their stores. It is the price they are willing to pay for the war on white supremacy and climate change or whatever.” – The Z Man

Food study that turns our understanding of snacking on its head: Chocolate ICE CREAM is more nutritious than a granola bar, bacon is better than couscous and McDonald’s pancakes are healthier than an omelette – Emily Craig  – LINKED AN ARTICLE SIMILAR TO THIS ON 07/27/22 BY DR. MERCOLA. THIS IS PURE WEF NONSENSE TO KEEP YOU FROM EATING REAL FOOD. THE STUDY USING TUFT’S UNIVERSITY FOOD COMPASS RATES FOOD. THE STUDY WAS DONE BY PROF. DARIUS MOZZAFFARIAN. HE IS A CO-CHAIR ALONG WITH OTHERS AND THE WEF ON THIS INITIATIVE, PLEASE SEE THE NEXT TWO LINKS!!!!!

Bold Actions for Food as a Force for Good 23—24 November 2020 – WEF

Is Tufts University Food Compass Nutrient Profiling System ‘Broken’? – “Tufts University’s Friedman School of Nutrition released their Food Compass nutrient profiling system to the prestigious journal Nature Food in October 2021. The project, led by Professor Dariush Mozaffarian, aims to rank foods based on their healthfulness for front of package labelling. Twitter lit up with dismay over the many nonsensical results. ” – Marty Kendall

Video: CNN Tells Viewers Monkeypox Is NOT Sexually-Transmitted – “Err, ye” – Steve Watson

What You Need to Know about Wireless Technology by Arthur Firstenberg, President of Cellular Phone Task Force. – “The following chart was published in 2001 and has been updated to comport with current technology.” – Frances Leader

D.C.’s Dangerous and Divisive Vaccine Mandate – “Meanwhile, back home, the Biden administration, whose inner circle includes secret consultants for Pfizer, is for the most part letting states move forward with a similar laissez-faire attitude toward vaccination requirements with one notable exception: Washington, D.C., which is requiring all students over the age of 12 receive a vaccine. The discrepancy between the treatment of children in our nation’s capital and the rest of the country reflects a deeper disconnect ripping our nation apart. It also undermines President Biden’s commitment to racial equity.” – Pierre Kory


When Billionaires And The Government Work Together To Control Information – “Facebook restricted visibility of the New York Post’s Hunter Biden laptop story in the lead-up to the 2020 election after receiving counsel from the FBI, according to Facebook/Meta CEO Mark Zuckerberg. As we’ve discussed previously, censorship by algorithm is becoming the preferred censorship method on large Silicon Valley platforms because it can be done to far more people with far less objection than outright de-platforming and bans.” – Caitlin Johnstone

Total chaos as millions of student loan borrowers rush to get Joe Biden’s $10,000 debt amnesty – “As President Obama used to say of his clownish vice president: “Don’t underestimate Joe’s ability to f*** things up.” Which brings us to Joe Biden’s student loan debt forgiveness rollout, announced this week., the government’s financial aid website, experienced significant delays Wednesday and Thursday after it was inundated with people seeking information on loan forgiveness. …and it just keeps getting worse, detail after detail, the further you read. To recap some of the salient Joe-ups: They don’t know the incomes of nearly all of their borrowers.  Helloooo, corruption — just like all the COVID relief cash that got handed out to fraudsters. They never set up a special website for this matter at all before the debt forgiveness plan was announced, which might have saved the rest of their website, and still don’t have any plans to do it. Plan? What plan?” – Monica Showalter

Is Biden even able to bail out student loans? – Jack Gleason

Video: WH Press Secretary Refuses To Answer Question ‘What Is Semi-Fascism?’ – “After Joe Biden described MAGA Republicans as ‘semi-fascists’” – Steve Watson

The British Are About to Revolt – “British Pubs say 70% of them will be forced to close by soaring energy prices The price of a pint of beer is so high that pubs can’t raise beer prices to pay their soaring energy bills resulting from US sanctions on Russian energy. When I was a student at Oxford a pint of the best bitter was “one and ten,” which was one shilling, ten pence. As there were 12 pennies in a shilling and 20 shillings in the pound, one pound was drinking money for the week. It would provide a weekly supply of 11 pints. As one UK pound exchanged for $2.80, beer was 25 US cents a pint. Today one UK pound won’t buy you one half-pint. What I remember about the English is that unless they had a Jaguar or an Aston Martin, their local pub was the closest thing to their hearts” – Paul Craig Roberts  – AS I SAID THE OTHER DAY, NOW IT’S SERIOUS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Good Luck to Europe, Biden Threatens Energy Exporters With Stop Exporting Mandate! – “After drawing down energy reserves, guess what? The Biden administration says they are too low, tells exporters to stop exporting.” – Mish

Trump campaign turned down Ashley Biden diary, urged suspects to give it to FBI – “Aimee Harris and Robert Kurtlander on Thursday pleaded guilty to stealing the diary of Ashley Biden and selling it to the conservative group Project Veritas.” – Ben Whedon

Unusual Diseases Are Killing Animals In Large Numbers All Over America – Michael Snyder

Falling Military Recruitment Is Another Sign of Waning Faith in the Regime – “The US Army reports it is having some serious problems when it comes to recruiting new soldiers. Last month, according to the AP: “Army officials … said the service will fall about 10,000 soldiers short of its planned end strength for this fiscal year, and prospects for next year are grimmer.” The army is not alone in missing recruitment goals: Senior Air Force, Navy and Marine Corps leaders have said they are hopeful they will meet or just slightly miss their recruiting goals for this year. But they said they will have to dip into their pool of delayed entry applicants, which will put them behind as they begin the next recruiting year. ” – Ryan McMaken

U.S. Vows $3B More in Military Aid to Ukraine, Zelensky Says, Again, He Wants Crimea (VIDEO) – “No talk of peace, just more war” – Gerald Celente

Germans warned of toilet paper shortage – RT

Four in five Canadians pinching pennies – report – “Soaring gas prices have forced people to cut spending” – RT

Whose war is the US fighting in Syria, and why? – “American troops have been exchanging fire with alleged Iran-backed militas all week. The timing is curious, and dangerous.” – Daniel Larison

Ukraine – Wrong Assumptions, Wrong Conclusions – And A Lot Of Dead Soldiers – Noon of Alabama

Next Likely UK Prime Minister Willing to Wage Nuclear War? – “On Wednesday, Russian Foreign Ministry spokeswoman, Maria Zakharova, said the following about Britain’s likely BoJo replacement as prime minister: Current UK foreign minister, Liz Truss at No. 10 “could be a perfect start to a new Austin Powers movie.” “Now, a female would play the role of the international man of mystery.” In mid-July, Russia’s UK envoy, Andrey Kelin, said the following about a real life female Darth Vader: “We saw Truss in action during her visit to Moscow” last February. “It was a sad sight. It was much talked about.” “She failed to ‘put in check’ Sergey Lavrov.” “I don’t think she will be able to do anything at a higher level.” “She never listens to any arguments or just turns a deaf ear on them. I have seen that for myself.”” – Stephen Lendman


Major US Retailers Warn: Lower-Income Consumers Are In Trouble – Tyler Durden

Why the Mirage of Lowflation Era Is Coming to an End – “There is no mystery as to how central banks got so far off the deep-end. In fact, it was Milton Friedman and his chief disciple, Ben Bernanke, who paved the way. It was they who instilled the wrong-headed fear of deflation among central bankers, culminating in the “lowflation” group-think that, in turn, fostered the rabid money-printing of the past decade, especially.” – David Stockman

Expect The Economy To CRATER FASTER! As Inflation SURGES HIGHER… Important Updates (VIDEO) – Gregory Mannarino

We are Entering a Monetary Black Hole that will Meltdown the Global Economy Fed Interest Rate Hikes will cause Massive Recession in the next 12-18 Months = Amy S.

Just Don’t Call It A Recession – “Earlier this morning the Bureau of Economic Analysis confirmed the obvious: America’s economy is shrinking.” – Peter Nayland Kust

A winter of discontent will replace the glorious summer – and why railways matter! – “As summer wends towards its end, a winter of populist discontent from left and right will make Europe increasingly fraxious. While the US economy will likely be on path to recovery – Europe will still be trending down.” -Bill Blain

Congressman Criticizes U.S. Mint’s Management of Silver American Eagle Program, Demands Answers – “Rep. Alex Mooney (R-WV) is calling out U.S. Treasury Secretary Janet Yellen and U.S. Mint Director Ventris Gibson for the “long-running production slowdown” in the Silver American Eagle bullion coin program that has caused “shortages and dramatically higher market prices for this iconic silver coin as compared to its peers worldwide.” Many Americans have sought to hedge against high rates of inflation by acquiring hard assets, including gold and silver. Overall market demand for bullion coins, bars, and rounds has risen to higher levels than seen in recent years, if not ever.” – Money Metals News Service

Deutsche Bank AG STOCK QUOTE –8.15EUR


How Do You Keep Going When Everything Is Crashing Down Around You – Daisy Luther?

CERT ( Community Emergency Response Team ) Helps You Be Part Of The Solution When Disasters Occur – “I always tell people that when a catastrophic disaster occurs, whether natural or man-made, they must be prepared to survive without local government assistance for at least five days. They need to survive on their own since there’s no telling when and if exterior help can reach them.” – Bob Rodgers

VIDEO: How to Sharpen Your Knife with a Car Window – Tyler White

The Ghillie Suit: The Ultimate in Camouflage (Updated) – James Wesley Rawles

How To Waterproof Your Ammo – Fergus Mason


Deuteronomy 21:9    So shalt thou put away the guilt of innocent blood from among you, when thou shalt do that which is right in the sight of the Lord.