The CDC Failed, So Spin It Off and Make It More Powerful? – Jeffrey A. Tucker -AN ABSOLUTE MUST READ FROM JEFFREY, IT’S ONLY GOING TO GET WORSE!!!!!

Why Would Bill Gates & The World Economic Forum Be So Interested in CRISPR Technology ? 👀 Prepare To Be Shocked… – “Let me introduce you to Jennifer Doudna. Doudna is an American biochemist who has done pioneering work in CRISPR gene editing, and made other fundamental contributions in biochemistry and genetics. She received the 2020 Nobel Prize in Chemistry, with Emmanuelle Charpentier, “for the development of a method for genome editing” Doudna also happens to be in the World Economic Forum. If you want a more scientific explanation to understand CRISPR and how DNA is connected to RNA then just by chance she explained it to an audience in Davos at the WEF in 2018. The WEF of all places. Fancy that. It’s a short 5 minute video and worth watching.” – threadsirish – ANOTHER GOOD EXPOSE FROM THREADSIRISH AND MORE GREAT DOTS CONNECTING!!!!!!!!!!!

Jane Goodall: reset world population at 461 million – “I have questions. Primatologist Jane Goodall says major current global issues would be solved if we went back to the population level of 500 years ago. That’s 461 million people. Down from 7.7 billion. I have questions for Jane. First, the tiresome obvious ones: Who’s in charge? Who decides who’s left after the culling? Who’s left after the culling? Does Joe Scarborough have to survive? Then: Will you start the ball rolling by killing yourself, Jane? Will any chimpanzees be wiped out? Will Chelsea Clinton and Meghan Markle make it through? Will officials announce the culling? In what tone of voice? Would you favor a vaccine as the method, Jane? For example, the current COVID shots? Will the 461 million people who survive do so by sheltering together in one place?” – Jon Rappoport

German insurance claims hint at millions of unreported vaccine injuries – “What if 1 in 23 individuals jabbed with the COVID bioproduct experienced an adverse reaction strong enough to trigger an insurance claim? Now consider the fact that 5.31 billion people in the world received at least one jab, with hundreds of millions receiving three or four jabs, and you will realize we are in uncharted waters in human history. According to data from Techniker Krankenkasse, the largest German medical insurance company, there were a total of 437,593 insurance claims billed under the four diagnostic codes for vaccine injury in 2021.” – Daniel Horowitz

Detonate the Stack Wednesday: Why I suspect the Republicans HAVEN’T and likely WON’T Form a Coalition on Injection-19…(but I hope I’m wrong) – “Expect a Laser Pointer focus on Culture War, Trump (but not Warp Speed), Ukraine, China, and Inflation; and not on Ruthlessly Exploring Fauci, Baric, and the War Dept” – Sage Hana  – ANOTHER GOOD ONE FROM SAGE!!!!!!

Something is Looming Geopolitically, and We Better Start Taking It Seriously – “As a result of western governments’ taking collective action under the auspices of a ‘climate change’ agenda, we are on the cusp of something happening with ramifications that no one has ever seen before. Western governments’, specifically western Europe, North America (U.S-Canada) and Australia/New Zealand, are intentionally trying to lower economic activity to meet the intentional drop in energy production. This is the core consequence of the Build Back Better agenda as promoted by the World Economic Forum.” – Sundance

Brave New Dystopian World Unfolding in Plain Sight – “Throughout the US/West and elsewhere, it’s a world of kill shots with depopulation and destruction of little remains of free and open societies in mind. It’s also a world of inflation that’s likely heading for unparalleled levels in the modern era. According to one analyst, get ready for already sky-high food prices to double or triple from their current level year year. A combination droughts in the US/West and elsewhere, less crops being grown, food warehouses set ablaze, along with obstructing Russian exports of agricultural products and fertilizer by sanctions war may make a bad situation much worse ahead. Make no mistake. Global food crisis conditions were made-in-the-USA, its diabolical dark forces responsible for what’s going on.” – Stephen Lendman

Nationalising the power supply plays right into the Great Reset’s hands – “There’s a lot of talk about energy prices in the UK right now. And a lot of talk about what to do about them. One solution often mooted is nationalising – or re-nationalising – energy suppliers. Meanwhile, the papers are running headlines claiming nationalisation is the “only way to go”, This is very strange, as nationalising anything has been branded mad in UK political circles for decades. So what’s going on? Why the change in tune?” – Kit Knightly

“Sweeping reorganization” at CDC to “restore public trust” – “That phrase may not mean what they hope you think it does. You read the text of the story and realize that it’s just the same people who have been such interminable fonts of incomprehension, disinformation, and outright fraud grabbing even more power and remaking an agency that is already a weapons grade dysfunction junction into one even more able to wreak mischief and menace upon the populace.” – El Gato Malo

Medicine From the Sky: WEF Uses Drones To Vaccinate Rural Populations – “The World Economic Forum is currently running trials using drones to deliver vaccines to rural populations in India.” – TCS Wire –  HAT TIP TO LIONESS OF JUDAH FOR SHARING THIS ONE!!!!

White House Orders 171 Million Doses of “New” Boosters for the Pro-Vaxxers Still Alive as COVID-19 Vaccine Market Dwindles – “The pharma-funded corporate media announced yesterday that the White House has ordered 171 million “new” doses of COVID-19 vaccine booster shots that should be available for the COVID-19 pro-vaccine members of the American public soon who are still alive after receiving previous COVID-19 shots.” – Brian Shilhavy

Military whistleblowers: DOD’s legally dubious mRNA mandate has harmed readiness, produced widespread injuries – “Dozens of first hand testimonials and internal documents” – Jordan Schachtel


Weaponizing the Bureaucracy: Who Will Protect Us from the Government’s Standing Army? – “The IRS has stockpiled 4,500 guns and five million rounds of ammunition in recent years, including 621 shotguns, 539 long-barrel rifles and 15 submachine guns. The Veterans Administration (VA) purchased 11 million rounds of ammunition (equivalent to 2,800 rounds for each of their officers), along with camouflage uniforms, riot helmets and shields, specialized image enhancement devices and tactical lighting. The Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) acquired 4 million rounds of ammunition, in addition to 1,300 guns, including five submachine guns and 189 automatic firearms for its Office of Inspector General. According to an in-depth report on “The Militarization of the U.S. Executive Agencies,” the Social Security Administration secured 800,000 rounds of ammunition for their special agents, as well as armor and guns. The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) owns 600 guns. And the Smithsonian now employs 620-armed “special agents.” This is how it begins. We have what the founders feared most: a “standing” or permanent army on American soil.” – John & Nisha Whitehead

Trump and the Department of Justice – “Former President Donald Trump will soon be indicted by a federal grand jury. He is the victim of a federal government that knows no bounds and has assumed powers nowhere granted in the Constitution by the sheer force of its own will. It has created a security state, replete with three lettered acronymic-named agencies — FBI, CIA, DEA, NSA, DIA — that are nowhere recognized in the Constitution, regularly break the written and moral laws, and are themselves far more dangerous to human freedom than the folks they pursue. How many laws have the feds broken? Ha. No one knows how many criminal laws Congress has enacted. Estimates range from 4,400 to 5,500. How can this be? For starters, members of Congress in both parties rarely if ever read the legislation they enact.” – Andrew P. Napolitano

Tulsi Gabbard: Washington Elite Pose “Greatest Threat” To Democracy – “It’s hard not to be skeptical when you look at their tactics and their timing to really question what their motives are. To leverage their power and their influence. To have an impact on these midterm elections that voters will be going to vote at in just a few weeks. And to do what they have already stated publicly is their objective, which is to prevent Donald Trump from running for president in 2024. This is not something new,” – Tyler Durden

Facebook Fact Check Censors Factual Claim IRS is Arming Agents To Use Deadly Force – “Claims because not “all” agents will be armed that it’s not accurate.” – Paul Joseph Watson

A cost-of-living crisis made by our elites – “Decades of complacency and groupthink are coming home to roost.” – Fraser Myers

Diana West – The January 6th Committee Charade and Trump FBI Raid (VIDEO) – Hearts of Oak – VERY GOOD VIDEO WATCH THE WHOLE THING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Allen Weisselberg, longtime Trump executive, pleads guilty to tax scheme – “Allen Weisselberg, the longtime top financial officer of former president Donald Trump’s company, pleaded guilty on Thursday to committing more than a dozen felonies, including criminal tax fraud and grand larceny.” – Sheila McClear and Mark Berman

CRIMINAL Tax Fraud? – “Oh oh…..” – Karl Denninger – IS TRUMP IN DEEP DOO-DOO. KARL SEAMS TO THINK SO!!!!

Biden turns Border Patrol into migrant doorman service – “The Border Patrol is literally unlocking gates to allow unvetted people with absolutely no authorization to be here into the interior of the country, which begins by opening a previously locked gate to bring them onto someone’s private land, like some hotel doorman giving the best in customer service. Ostensibly, the justification is that each and every one of them is applying for asylum, but very few actually qualify. So they’re just letting them in.” – Monica Showalter

Why Does The U.S. Government Have 1.4 billion Pounds of Cheese Stored in a Cave Underneath Springfield, Missouri? – “The United States government has been stockpiling cheese for decades. But why are they storing 1.4 billion pounds of cheese in a cave underneath the city of Springfield, Missouri?” – Sara Tipton

By the numbers: Keeping track of the single largest arms transfer in US history – “Washington has given billions of dollars worth of weapons to Ukraine. A timeline of what and when, and the price tag, since the start of the war.” – Connor Echols

Geopolitics: the world is splitting into two – “While we are being distracted by Ukraine, President Putin has advanced his geopolitical goals materially. Aided and abetted by President Xi, Putin is taking the Asian continent into his control. That mission is well on its way to being achieved. He now awaits the winter months to finally force the EU to reject America’s hegemony. Only then, will the western end of the Eurasian continent be truly free of American interference. This article explains how he is achieving his strategic goals. It examines the geopolitics of the Asian landmass and the nations tied to it, which are commercially and financially turning their backs on the US-led western alliance. I look at geopolitics from President Putin of Russia’s viewpoint, since he is the only national leader who seems to have a clear grasp of his long-term objectives” – Alasdair Macleod

US bombs Somalia for the third time this summer – “These operations have been going on for 15 years straight — so long that mainstream media barely finds the energy to report on it.” – Kelley Beaucar Vlahos – CAN YOU IMAGINE THE OUTRAGE IF IT WAS RUSSIA DOING THIS INSTEAD!!!!!

The Rushdie attack is a wake-up call for the West – “We are far too ambivalent about the threat posed by Islamism.” – John Jenkins

Here Is Why 37 Percent Of U.S. Farmers In The Western Half Of The Country Are Killing Their Own Crops – “The American Farm Bureau Federation wanted to know how farmers in that half of the nation are faring during this drought, and so they conducted a survey. And what they discovered is extremely alarming. Here is one example… This year’s drought conditions are taking a harder toll than last year’s, as 37% of farmers said they are plowing through and killing existing crops that won’t reach maturity because of dry conditions. Do you understand what that is saying?” – Michael Snyder

Tomato Shortage Emerges In Drought-Stricken Californian As Ketchup Prices Soar – Tyler Durden



“We Are All Watching The Beads Of Sweat Forming On The Fed’s Forehead” – Michael Every

UK real wages decline at record rate as inflation soars – Sophie Kiderlin

Winter is coming for Europe as Stagflation and Energy Crises are Set to Bite. – “Winter is coming as soaring gas prices are set to bite across Europe. Putin’s energy insecurity strategy has proved his major success and could yet win him the Ukraine War. Stagflation is nailed on it Europe.” – Bill Blain

The Mainstream Punditry Never Finds Bad News in Retail Sales Numbers – Michael Maharrey

A Third Quarter of Negative GDP is Now Highly Likely – “The GDPNow estimate for third quarter of 2022 dipped again today. Looking ahead expect much more weakness, led by housing and durable goods.” – Mish


15 Handyman Kits the Self-Sufficient Prepper Needs – Fabian Ommar

The Ultimate Preppers Guide for Preparing Food Reserves That Last – “There are no hard and fast prepping rules when it comes to how much food you store. However, the accepted minimum is to have enough supplies to last you for at least two weeks. You should have a two-week stock of non-perishable food that is easy to prepare. That should be your base point when preparing an emergency supply stock list.” – Cornelia Adams

5 Ways to STOP Animals EATING or DESTROYING Your Food Garden (VIDEO) – Self Sufficient Me


Isaiah 9:2      The people that walked in darkness have seen a great light: they that dwell in the land of the shadow of death, upon them hath the light shined.


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