CDC (quietly) removes a massive claim on vaccine safety = _And bolsters concerns about mRNA and cancer” – El Gato Malo

Why eco-alarmists are wrong about almost everything – “The Great Barrier Reef is not dying, and the world is not coming to an end. So it turns out that reports of the Great Barrier Reef’s death were greatly exaggerated. For years we were told that this glorious coral reef off the coast of Queensland was being slowly strangled by mankind. The Guardian even published an obituary. A new survey of the reef by the Australian Institute of Marine Science reports that coral cover on the reef has recovered spectacularly. In two-thirds of the reef, coral cover is at its highest level since records began, 36 years ago. From newspaper obituaries just a few years ago to good health in 2022 – this reef is the Lazarus of the natural world. We should remind ourselves just how important reports of the reef’s death were to the climate-change narrative. ” – Brendan O’Neill


Just as the CDC pretends to have backed off, the NHS reveals (to just a few) what’s really coming at us in the fall: “The biggest vaccination drive in history” – “Those who think the worst is over better think again—because it really won’t be over til WE end it” – Mark Crispin Miller

From Social Media to Napping, The List of Reasons Healthy People Die of Heart Attacks Seems to Be Growing – Matt Agorist

A Deeper Dive Into the CDC Reversal – “Not one word of the CDC’s turgid treatise was untrue back in the Spring of 2020. There was always “infection-induced immunity,” though Fauci and Co. constantly pretended otherwise. It was always a terrible idea to introduce “barriers to social, educational, and economic activity.” The vaccines never promised in their authorization to stop infection and spread, even though all official statements of the CDC claimed otherwise, repeatedly and often. You might also wonder how the great reversal treats masking. On this subject, there is no backing off. By the way, the Biden administration has extended the declaration of Covid emergency. And my unvaccinated friends in the UK still can’t board a plane to come for a visit. All of this gives rise to the great question: what was the point? Maybe it was all a mistake and now it is gone forever but that’s unlikely. The intellectuals who pushed this project on the world have a view of the world that is fundamentally ill-liberal. They differ among themselves on the details but the general approach is technocratic central planning rooted in deep suspicion of basic tenets of freedom. ” – Jeffrey A. Tucker

Do masks really harm kids? National Geographic says they don’t – “They talk to “Experts” and look at the “Science”- The Naked Emperor – NATIONAL GEOGRAPHIC IS A SHADOW OF WHAT IT USED TO BE. NOW IT’S JUST MORE PROPAGANDA!!!!!

Bug Off and Let People Enjoy Their Food – ” a July 20, 2022 headline from the BBC asked “Could grasshoppers really replace beef?” The correct answer — “No” — was of course not up for consideration. It seems that, as with almost everything that people enjoy for life (including exhaling), meat production and consumption involve greenhouse gas emissions. Bugs and worms, however, are plentiful and full of protein.” – Jon Sanders

Africa, The “Forgotten” Monkeypox Outbreak – “Unlike In The Global Outbreak, People Are Actually Dying There” – Peter Nayland Kust


The Horrendous Damage of Censorship – “The brainwashing effort is so successful here and now, that even if alternative news is available to the public through some alternative news source, it simply is rejected and scorned. This in itself is a form of censorship—the destruction of information’s reliability and the people’s ability to trust. Anything not officially approved is tainted. The mark of a piece of information’s “unreliability” is its absence (removal, “fact-checked,” banning, etc.) from the usual pop-social news sources such as Twitter, Facebook, or YouTube as well as the mainstream news sources such as CNN, MSNBC, The Washington Post, and The New York Times.” – Todd Hayen

Gas Only Costs Twice as Much Now . . . For Now – “Are you grateful that a gallon of gas only costs about twice what it cost two years ago, The Biden Thing hopes you will be – in the manner of being grateful to the mobster who only breaks one leg rather than both. For the time being. That latter being important to bear in mind as we bear down on the midterms. Few things incite political – electoral – blowback more than rising gas prices and the price of gas has risen faster and higher than at any prior time in American history. This – far more so than probably any other issue is apt to be determinative in the upcoming mid-term elections and those changing the Biden Thing’s diaper know it. Are worried about it. Assuming there are midterm elections – and assuming they are not entirely banana-republic’d, it is – at this moment – a very safe bet that the Biden Thing’s diaper-changers will be voted out in the manner of a Japanese tsunami douching the coastline. Thus, all the stops have been pulled – literally.” – Eric Peters

When We Need More Border Patrol, the Swamp Hires More IRS Agents – “By adding more agents to target U.S. citizens rather than foreigners who break our immigration laws, the swamp sends a clear signal of its priorities.” – Brian Lonergan

Modern US Warmongering Is Scaring Henry Kissinger – “I don’t know about you, but to me this warning is much, much more ominous coming from a bloodsoaked swamp monster than it would be from some anti-imperialist peace activist who was speaking from outside the belly of the imperial machine. This man is a literal war criminal who, as a leading empire manager, helped to unleash unfathomable horrors all around the world the consequences of which are still being felt today. Well, if Kissinger hasn’t changed, we can only surmise that it is the US empire itself that has changed. Its behavior is now so insane and illogical that it is making a 99 year-old Henry Kissinger nervous. Which, if you really think about it, is one of the scariest things you could possibly imagine.” – Caitlin Johnstone

The 2024 Election Is Being Rigged Right Now In Plain Sight – “The FBI raid on Trump’s home isn’t just about prosecuting the former president for Jan. 6, it’s about fixing the next presidential election.” – John Daniel Davidson

The Democrat Police State Imposes its Tyranny – “Here Are the Bogus Blatantly Implausible Charges in the now unsealed search warrant: We are now witnessing and experiencing a bold open coup to establish a one-party state. What the Democrats mean by “democracy” is open borders and the replacement of “Trump deplorables” by third world immigrant-invaders. US Representative Marjorie Greene has Introduced a Resolution calling for the Impeachment of Attorney General Merrick Garland for openly and blatantly framing a president of the United States. Will the wimp Republicans support it ? Unlikely. Their delusion that there is a rule of law with justice as its goal will cause Republicans to say: “Trust the system.”” – Paul Craig Roberts

IRS Training Included Armed Agents Carrying Out Simulated Assault on Suburban Home – “Internal report shows agents with guns drawn.” – Paul Joseph Watson

Dark Brandon Rises: Democrats Cheer The Biden Regime – “Progressives love the idea of an evil Obama/Biden dictatorship ruling America! Liberals are actually celebrating the “Dark Brando” memes because they turn an obviously senile Joe Biden into an evil dictator and that’s — you know — a good thing.” – Emerald Robinson

PenetrateThe Ostensible: It Was Not Possible For Trump To Violate The Espionage Act – “Did you know: All Former Presidents get a Federally Funded Office, with staff, security clearances, and SECRET SERVICE protection?” – Celia Farber

Biden wants regime change in Russia – “The US president is exploiting the conflict in Ukraine to expand NATO and enrich defense contractors, Tulsi Gabbard said” – RT

Afghanistan all over again: Ukraine’s rampant corruption means the Western supply of weapons is likely to eventually backfire – “US elites have thrown the country into a proxy conflict without properly evaluating the consequences” – Ian Miles Cheong

The IRS is hiring; snowflakes need not apply – “The IRS hiring 87,000—no make that 86,852—more enforcement agents is providing delightful grist for the snark mill. Tweets abound on the fact that they’re looking for someone to wield deadly force in the course of their daily work. Once the ridicule started, the job ad was deleted, edited, then reposted. The position description, however, did not change. Maybe a couple thousand more agents could be justified for squeezing out another one or two percent of the approximately 4% of owed taxes not paid each year; but not close to 100,000 of them. So, the Biden Administration and its congressional and media lapdogs are lying to us about why those extra agents are needed. Setting that question aside for the moment, though, let’s have some fun. Where will they find these agents? IRS agents are almost all accountants, as are IRS criminal investigators (i.e., the enforcers). To be one requires a degree or its equivalent, including a minimum of 24 semester hours of accounting and at least another six hours in law, economics, statistical/quantitative methods, computerized accounting, or finance. Gender studies won’t cut it.” – Anony Mee

Much Ado About Nancy Pelosi and China – “China policy seems to be made by, and written about by, adults who were often beaten up on the school playground. They retain the language of bullying, and weaknesses, and standing up, and the fantasy that something would sweep in and save them from losing another days’ lunch money (maybe an aircraft carrier group?) That these people are now in control of the media, if not the House, does nothing good for anyone, especially anyone located on either side of the Taiwan Strait. American seems dumb enough to play at this game; is Beijing also? By now we all know Nancy Pelosi, likely with only a couple of months left as Speaker of the House, decided to spend her summer vacation stirring up the entire Pacific theater for what appears to be largely her own ego.” – Peter Van Buren

Russia sanctions are spurring the new Silk Road – “To avoid sanctions, countries are actively reopening moribund routes and creating greater connectivity across the Middle East and Asia.” – James M. Dorsey

Potato Shortage Emerges In Idaho As Prices Surge At Supermarkets – Tyler Durden

Why Solar Power Is Failing Amid Record-Breaking Heat – “Solar panels work optimally at around 25oC. This summer brought record-breaking heat, with temperatures reaching as high as 40oC in the UK. Solar panels become less efficient as temperatures rise.” – Felicity Bradstock

59% of U.S. Foods Contain Pesticide Residues, FDA Tests Find – Carey Gillam


Biden Crows About the Latest 8.5% Annual Inflation Number – “Investors weighed new inflation data showing price pressures in the economy are finally slowing. Wednesday’s Consumer Price Index report came in slightly lower than expected for a change. The CPI rose 8.5% on an annualized basis in July. Normally such a reading would be nothing to cheer about. But the fact that the inflation rate finally came down a tad after months and months of relentless increases gave Joe Biden an opportunity to gloat. In a particularly laughable moment, the President went so far as to claim that inflation has fallen to zero.” – Mike Gleason

Fed expected to stick with hawkish rate hikes until data show further slowing in inflation – Sumathi Bala

UK Average Electricity Cost Will Soar to $5,370 Per Year By 2023 – “Hello green energy advocates, let’s discuss progress in the UK and what it will cost.” – Mish

Gold-To-Silver Ratio Heading Lower: Set-Up Like 1989 To 2003 – “Fear is starting to become an issue. Traders are starting to realize inflation, CPI, PPI, and global currencies are reacting to the sudden policy shift by the US Fed and global central banks. This fear is showing up in the Gold-to-Silver ratio as well.” – Chris Vermeulen

TERMINATING THE GLOBAL DIGITAL ENSLAVEMENT PLAN WITH SILVER (VIDEO) – “Precious metals analyst David Jensen returns to SGT Report to explain why the vermin at Davos, the World Economic Forum and Central bankers want to keep silver demonetized forever – and when they fail, why silver will be revalued many, many multiples higher than the current $20/ounce.” – SGT Report  – VERY GOOD VIDEO!!!!!

New Vehicle Inventory Dips, Near Record Low. Fuel-Efficient Cars Vanish. But Supply of Full-size Pickups & SUVs Rises, Discounting Sets in to Move the Iron – “Inventories of new vehicles on dealer lots and in transit at the end of July dipped from a month earlier and remain stuck at the same woefully low levels where they’ve been all year that constrain sales, frustrate dealers, and turn off customers. This scarcity continues to push up prices to new highs.” – Wolf Richter


Superfoods: An Effective Way to Boost Emergency Food Storage Nutrition – Valerie Whittle

The Benefits Of Seaweed As A Garden Fertilizer – “The best fertilizer you’d probably apply in your garden is seaweed, yet this is the last option people think of when shopping for fertilizers. People prefer buying fertilizers online or at their local shopping centers. This shouldn’t be the case as you can enjoy the benefits of seaweed in your garden in numerous ways.” – Off The Grid News

Canning Tomato Sauce With a New Twist – St. Funogas


John 1:5      And the light shineth in darkness; and the darkness comprehended it not.


Suzanne divorced her husband
She got the keys to the car and the home
But her friends were really his friends
No one stops by to see her much anymore
So one night she goes back down to the old haunts
That once upon a time were her own
She didn’t know nobody out there no more
And the whole experience just made her feel so old
She says

I want to live the real life
I want ot live my life close to the bone
Just because I’m middle-aged that don’t mean
I want to sit around my house and watch T.V.
I want the real life
I want to live the real life

Jackson Jackson was a good kid
He had four years of college and a bachelor’s degree
Started workin’ when he was 21
Got fed up and quit
When he was 43
He said, “My whole life
I’ve done what I’m supposed to do
Now I’d like to maybe do something for myself
And just as soon as I figure out what that is
You can bet your life I’m gonna give it hell”
He says

I guess it don’t matter how old you are
Or how old one lives to be
I guess it boils down to what we did with our lives
And how we deal with our own destinies
But something happens
When you reach a certain age
Particularly to those ones that are young at heart
It’s a lonely proposition when you realize
That’s there’s less days in front of the horse
Than riding in the back of this cart
I say

( The Real Life by John Mellencamp )