UK to reverse “accidental” ban on edible insect farming – “Propaganda push is selling eating bugs as usual, and suggests the UK is just going back to normal.” – Kit Knightly

Have You Any Idea How Your Carbon Footprint 👣 And Your Carbon Wallet Are Really Going To Work In This Dystopian World The WEF Have Planned ? – “Let me introduce you to Barbara Baarsma. Barbara is the CEO of Rabo Carbon Bank. Yes, you read that right. Not Rabo Bank but Rabo Carbon Bank. In this 53 second video interview below she is advocating for a “Personal Carbon Wallet”. That may not seem like a big deal but when you hear what she has to say you should be concerned, very concerned in fact. You could argue that it’s just another level of taxation which the globalists will take. I think it runs far deeper. When Bankers start using expressions like rights, poor people and green economy you can be sure that they are envisaging a world for the elite. They don’t give a fig about anyone else. This is nothing more than Totalitarianism. Did I forget to mention that Rabobank and Baarsma are both in the World Economic Forum.” – threadsirish

Germany unveils China-inspired COVID app – “Germany’s health minister, Karl Lauterbach, has unveiled a new COVID tracking app that uses colours based on medical status to determine what rights someone has, just like the app used in China.” – Keean Bexte

Critic of congressional probe into gain-of-function research helped fund Wuhan gain-of-function study – “Peter Hotez, dean of the Baylor College of Medicine National School of Tropical Medicine, has been a fierce critic of potential hearings next year into a possible lab origin of COVID-19 and whether the National Institutes of Health prematurely discredited the hypothesis. However, Hotez’s own 2012 to 2017 NIH grant for the development of a SARS vaccine had the stated aim of responding to any “accidental release from a laboratory,” in addition to a possible zoonotic spillover of the virus. It’s not clear why Hotez has dismissed a possible lab release of SARS-CoV-2 as preposterous, after having conducted research for years to prepare for a possible accidental or deliberate release of SARS-CoV.” – Emily Kopp – THIS IS THE SAME LITTLE WEASEL WHO WAS ON CNN EVERY NIGHT FOR ABOUT 2 YEARS PUSHING JABS ON PEOPLE!!!!

Latest propaganda from The Washington Post – “The attack on truth tellers continues” – Joel S Hirschhorn

Do The Political Elites Intend To Starve People To Death? – “Sri Lanka is the case study. Cruel and pointless green agricultural policy has caused a crisis of hunger, shortages, rising prices, a crippled economy, and violence. The country’s president and its prime minister were chased from the country, and have been replaced. It should be a lesson to the rest of the world. Instead, it’s more likely a preview of the future. What happened in Sri Lanka – “the systematic destruction of Sri Lankan agriculture by a regime so focused on appearing environmentally conscious that it blinded itself to the humanitarian disaster it was creating” – is also taking place in the Netherlands, one of the world’s top producers of farm products.” – I & I Editorial Board

Without Clinical Trials, FDA Authorizes Modified Monkeypox Vaccine, Expands Eligibility to ‘High-Risk’ Children – “Bypassing normal clinical trial guidance, the U.S. Food and Drug Administration on Tuesday expanded the Emergency Use Authorization for the Jynneos monkeypox vaccine to allow for an alternative method of injection and for “high-risk” children under 18 to get the vaccine.” – Megan Redshaw – SO LET ME GET THIS STRAIGHT. MONKEYPOX IS PRIMARILY BEING FOUND IN GAY MEN SO HOW ARE THERE HIGH RISK CHILDREN, LOTS OF KIDDIES PLAYING BUTT TAG, I GUESS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

600% More Deaths Reported In Last 19 Months Than In Entire 32 Year History of VAERS Database – Matt Agorist

Excess Non-Covid Deaths Top 12,500 in 14 Weeks As Oxford Professor Joins Call for Government to Investigate Alarming Trend – Will Jones


Vladimir Putin, Meet Joe Biden – “Any remaining doubt that America is over was laid to rest Aug. 8, 2022 – 6 feet under. With the not just “unannounced,” but unprovoked, unprecedented, unprincipled and unpardonable violation of the home and property of a former head of state and potential future presidential candidate, this nation is no longer the United States. It is die Deutsche Demokratische Republik, and the Justice Department and FBI are the Stasi, KGB and Chinese Ministry of State Security rolled into one. And any question whether the Biden-Harris-Schumer-Pelosi occupation regime in Washington is illegitimate was equally dispatched by its latest outrage. Legitimate governments, operating with the consent of the governed, do not (per Julie Kelly of American Greatness) feel the need to awaken “hundreds of Americans … before dawn” deploying “dozens of armed FBI agents and military-style vehicles to capture even nonviolent protesters.”” – Bob Maistros

American Stasi? – “With one irregularity after another in the wake of the ransacking raid on the Trump home, the FBI is looking more and more like the East German Stasi each day.” – Rajan Laad

Stop Assuming the Legitimacy of the Corrupt Establishment’s Actions – “Let me save them some time, since they are no doubt still waiting for those elusive and secret facts that are going to make this latest round of targeting our president A-OK. This was an atrocity, a disgraceful, disgusting, and dangerous escalation of the War on the Normals by our enemies designed to frame Trump and send a message to his supporters that we are second class citizens. There’s no hidden, secret Trump crime that the garbage FBI and the garbage DOJ are investigating. They spent the last six years trying to frame Donald Trump, but right – this time it’s for realsies! It would only be too perfect if it really was over possessing classified info, which apparently is illegal again now. Here’s the truth – it’s all a lie designed to make sure President Trump can never be elected again and finish what he started.” – Kurt Schlichter

FBI, R.I.P.? – “The agency has become dangerous to Americans and an existential threat to their democracy and rule of law.” – Victor Davis Hanson

The Mar-a-Lago raid is a dangerous moment for America – “Those desperate to lock up Trump are a menace to the republic.” – Tom Slater

Questions grow about Trump raid after revelation of grand jury subpoena, extensive cooperation – “Trump got spring grand jury subpoena, gathered documents, turned them over and allowed agents to search storage locker the FBI later raided.” – John Solomon

The Federal Government Refuses to Listen – “Patriotic, law-abiding Americans have been voicing their grievances against the federal government for years, if not decades. They have called out the ever-growing administrative state that seeks control over every part of an American’s life. They have called out the politicization of justice and the unequal application of the law. They have denounced the domestic surveillance Deep State that tracks their movements, reads their emails and texts, and monitors their bank accounts without warrants or probable cause. They have urged state governments to reclaim powers stolen by federal authorities, and they have begged federal politicians to return to a system of true federalism, separation of powers, and balanced government. They have screamed at the top of their lungs for Congress to stop spending money it does not have and to fulfill its decades of promises to secure the porous Southern border from endless illegal immigration saturating small interior communities with crime, murder, drugs, and social disintegration. The federal government has refused to listen.” – J.B. Shurk

No sympathy for sanctuary cities – “Excusing illegal immigration comes back to haunt D.C., NYC” – Editorial Board – The Washington Times

It Is The Government Against America First Patriots: The Second Civil War Is About To Go Hot And It Is Already Gotten Ugly – Prepare To Defend Yourself – Susan Duclos

Lightning Strikes – “Remember the Things telling us that electric vehicles would become more affordable? Ford just told us that its electric half-ton truck, the F-150 Lightning, will become 17 percent more expensive. The initially touted base price of just over $40,000 will rise to just shy of $47,000 for 2023 on account of “significant material cost increases and other factors.” That, by the way, is for the model with all of 230 miles of best-case range that takes about 12 hours to power up at home on “Level II” (240 volt) household power. The cost of one with more range is much higher. Ford is not the only EV maker “adjusting” its prices. GM added $6,250 to price of the electric Hummer and Tesla has done similarly. This ought to tell people something about electric vehicles in general – kind of like the way the multi-jabbed Biden Thing continuing to contract the ‘Rona ought to tell people something about the efficacy of the “vaccines” he urges them to take.” – Eric Peters

Beto O’Rourke Calls Audience Member “Motherf*cker” for Laughing At His AR-15 Hyperbole – AWR Hawkins

Kari Lake, AZ candidate for governor, has the right idea – ” Here’s her blast: “This is one of the darkest days in American history: the day our Government, originally created by the people, turned against us. This illegitimate, corrupt Regime hates America and has weaponized the entirety of the Federal Government to take down President Donald Trump. Our Government is rotten to the core. These tyrants will stop at nothing to silence the Patriots who are working hard to save America. This is an incredibly horrendous abuse of power. If we accept it, America is dead. We will not accept it. The 10th Amendment can and will save our Republic and the road to stripping the feds of power travels right through Arizona. We must fire the federal government…” The powers of the states. The 10th Amendment. Rejecting the Feds. As my readers know, I’ve been hitting this issue very hard. Free states. Competitive states.” – Jon Rappoport

Who Won the Taiwan War Games? – “After 19 hours in Taiwan, the speaker flew to South Korea, where her reception was described as “cool.” President Yoon Suk Yeol, though at home in Seoul when Pelosi arrived, did not meet with her, but instead held a 40-minute phone conversation. South Korea, like its neighbors, is anxious not to offend China.” – Patrick J. Buchanan

Russia-Turkey reset eases regional tensions – “The Putin-Erdogan meeting in Sochi has rapidly accelerated Russian-Turkish economic initiatives and financial ties. These include bypassing western sanctions, integrating money transfers, and trading outside the dollar.” – MK Bhadrakumar


8.5% is the new zero – “Another trip to the land of make believe. Um, you guys, do you think that maybe reading comprehension should be a prerequisite to being a big important white house spokesperson like miss Karine?” – Gatito Bueno

The Price Of Eggs Is Up 47 Percent As Food Costs In The U.S. Spiral Out Of Control – Michael Snyder

Weekly Initial Claims Increase for the Fifth Time in the Last Six Weeks – “Weekly initial claims rose again, continuing the recent upward trend. Sustained elevated rates of price increases, low consumer confidence, and aggressive Fed tightening are major risks for the economic outlook.” – Robert Hughes

GDP targeting — realistic or not? – “The failure of the Bank of England to contain consumer price inflation has become a topic for debate at a time of changing premiership. It is thought that Liz Truss will seek to address this failure if she is elected Prime Minister. It has been suggested that she will consider changing the Bank’s mandate to targeting growth in nominal GDP. It differs from inflation targeting in that the latter is a combination of nominal GDP and consumer prices. GDP targeting advocates presumably think it is easier to achieve targeting GDP alone and letting inflation take care of itself. While this debate is currently restricted to the UK, do not be surprised if it surfaces elsewhere. The fallacies behind this line of thinking are fatal to the concept.” – Alasdair Macleod

The Tax Man Cometh! And Not Just for Billionaires – Michael Maharrey

JPMorgan Precious-Metal Traders Found Guilty Of Spoofing, Had ‘Power To Manipulate The Global Price Of Gold’ – Tyler Durden

Astonishing Charts from New York Fed Show the Dire Straits of U.S. Consumers During the 2008 Crash and Its Aftermath — Versus Today – Pam Martens and Russ Martens

Deutsche Bank AG STOCK QUOTE –8.86EUR


What You Need to Know About Personal Hydroelectric Power – “Keep this in mind: this is “small-scale” power generation – so you don’t have to do a “dam” thing! Leave it to beaver! Seriously, anyone with even a modicum of electrical know-how, basic skills with construction and carpentry, and the desire to do it can make their own hydroelectric system work. The actual mechanics of it are going to vary for you, depending on your budget and the factors we’re about to discuss. Let’s do it!” – Jeremiah Johnson

Rainwater Harvesting – Part 2 – K.R.

The Edible SuperFood Weed Growing In Your Yard (VIDEO) – “This superfood, edible plant is very likely growing right in your backyard, and you don’t even know about it: nature’s superfood! Purslane.” – City Prepping

OFF-GRID Internet: How to get Internet Access when living off the grid – Jennifer Richardson – KIND OF DEFEATS THE PURPOSE OF BEING OFF GRID DOESN’T IT!!!!!

Places To Avoid: Where Looters Will Strike First When SHTF – Michael Major


Leviticus 24:22      Ye shall have one manner of law, as well for the stranger, as for one of your own country: for I am the Lord your God.