The CDC’s failure to use multivariate analysis shows the total depravity of the vaccine program – Toby Rogers

“What they’re doing is militarizing public health” – “Did you think those Aussie Concentration Camps detaining healthy citizens were a one off? Welp. Here are your laws incoming. Here is your “public health” budget being passed on to the DOD. – Sage Hana

Is the Video of Australian With Boomerang Smashing Car Window Authentic or Could It Be Part of A New Disinfo Campaign Against “Anti-Vaxxers?” – “I watched the video a few times. I’m not sure what I’m seeing, but it raises many questions and answers few. At first I believed it to be a retaliation from a grieving man against a doctor. I was about to post it, as such, but suddenly I got a feeling I was in a projector box. ” – Celia Farber – CELIA RAISES SOME GREAT POINTS HERE!!!!

COVID Vaccine Test Animals Were Destroyed Shortly After Vaccination – “Can’t Find SAFETY CONCERNS If All Animals Are Destroyed.A fact check, promoted by Twitter, attracted my attention. It said that there were NO SAFETY CONCERNS found in animal tests and trials of Covid vaccines: ” – Igor Chudov

 Dissident Dialogues: CJ Hopkins – “My Dinner with CJ: On the New Normal Reich; “Reality”; Cowardice, Complicity, & Courage; His Controversial Take on Mass Formation; & Killing Beckett – Margaret Anna Alice – A GOOD READ FEATURING SOME GOOD VIDEOS WITH CJ!!!

Aussie Doctor Risks Medical License to Tell the Truth About COVID Vaccine Injuries and Deaths: Crashes AMA Meeting Confronting Top Chief Medical Officer – Brian Shilhavy



Freedom Itself Is Gravely in Peril – “The scene in Mar-a-Lago, Florida, gives rise to images from societies without law and constitutions, places where regimes are merely juntas seeking plunder and revenge. In this case, the problem is complicated by a mass administrative state apparatus that lives outside the democratic process. “Aides to President Biden,” reports the Times, “said they were stunned by the development and learned of it from Twitter.” This is likely true. But it gives rise to the more fundamental question: who is actually running government? If we didn’t before realize the extent of the multivariate crisis gathering all around us, now is the time. It’s a time for analysis and understanding. It’s also the time to make a decision concerning what we are all going to do about it. ” – Jeffrey A. Tucker

Acting vs. Talking – “There is one clear difference between Leftists (they style themselves “Democrats”) and Republicans – who often style themselves “conservatives,” though of what, exactly, it is hard to divine. And this difference is related to that. The difference being that Leftists act – while “conservatives” (i.e., Republicans) talk about acting.” – Eric Peters

Mar-a-Largo Raid – “The classified circumstance, if it exists, is actually a less arguable offense. Why? Because The President can declassify anything he wants, any time he wants, irrespective of why. He’s also the only government official who can’t be denied access to basically anything; there is no such thing as denying a President a security clearance. Of course one second after his term expires that power vanishes and a President is just another American. If he took the material then that’s a problem. Politically this looks like a hit job, of course. Is it? I don’t know” – Karl Denninger

It is a privilege to care about inflation! – “You all have no idea how lucky you are!” – El Gato Malo  – ANOTHER GOOD READ FROM EL GATO!!!

Report: FBI thinks American flags are totems of ‘violent extremists’ – “In the leaked document, the Betsy Ross Flag, the Gadsden Flag, the Gonzales Battle Flag, and other common American patriotic symbols, were portrayed as materials that could be used by or indicative of “domestic terrorists.”” – Eric Utter

The Same FBI That Just Raided Trump Ignored Hundreds of Child Rape Victims and Warnings of Mass Shooters – Matt agorist

Britons Advised To Stop Showering To Conserve Energy – Charles Kennedy

Liz Cheney’s Husband Is Partner At Law Firm Representing Hunter Biden – Tristan Justice

Netherlands to SHUT DOWN 11 200 farms to meet climate goals – “The farmers are not happy about it.” – Peter Imanuelsen

U.S. Keeps Ukraine War Going With Another Billion in Weapons of Death (VIDEO) – “Peace is a dirty word in Washington” – Gerald Celente

Producing New Enemies for No Reason Whatsoever – “Why did Nancy Pelosi go to Taiwan? It is like watching a train wreck developing in slow motion. Witnessing the highly dangerous behavior of the Biden Administration and its acolytes in power like Pelosi, one feels compelled to ask whether the White House and Congress are now setting the stage for the elevation of China to the status of foreign enemy number one?” – Philip Giraldi



Russia’s Declining Stock Market Signals The Depth Of Russia’s Economic Woes – “Putin Has Not Escaped The Global Economic Contraction” – Peter Nayland Kust

US Housing Inventory Grows At Record Pace As Buyers Slow Down; Shiller Warns Of ‘Heightened Risks – “The number of houses sitting on the market grew at a blistering pace last month, with the number of active listings jumping 31% vs. the same period last year – a record-high increase for a third straight month,” – Tyler Durden

Cash withdrawals in the UK soar as Brits grapple with the rising cost of living – Hannah Ward-Glenton

Gold & Silver Summer Of Pain (Or Buying) Over As We Wait For The Next Big Thing? – “If they don’t give us the next big thing right out of the gate, there’s always the old standby come Wednesday…It feels like they’re just throwing everything against the wall and seeing what sticks. Doesn’t it? ” – Paul “Half Dollar” Eberhart

China-Owned Banks in the U.S. Are Getting U.S. Taxpayer-Backstopped FDIC Insurance while China Threatens the Second in Line to the Presidency – Pam Martens and Russ Martens

Deutsche Bank AG STOCK QUOTE –8.72EUR




Ron Paul : The Last Warning To America – Preparing For The Collapse – Dollar Will Collapse 100% on December – China And Russia Are Preparing For A Bankrupt US Financial System – “The following are items you are likely to be unable to acquire during the last five days before the collapse.” – Amy S. – ALTHOUGH THE TITLE IS A LITTLE SENSATIONAL, THIS IS ACTUALLY A VERY GOOD ARTICLE!!!!

The Pros and Cons of Emergency Food Buckets – Daisy Luther

How’s Your Stock of Repair Parts? – “No matter how long one has been prepping, it seems there is always something else to add to their stockpile. Another such area that I’ve found, which most preppers ignore, is the area of repair parts. Everything we use for survival is subject to breaking, and we can’t count on being able to order another one from or pick one up at our local hardware store. There’s a good chance that the stores won’t be open in the wake of a disaster, and delivery will be an iffy thing at best. This leaves us with the option of doing without, making something else do that task, or repairing what we have.” – Bill White

What We’re Growing: Fall & Winter Garden 2022 – “”My oh my, where does time fly?! I can’t believe it’s already time to plan the fall garden once again. – DeannaCat

Product review: “Superb” canning lids – Patrice Lewis





Isaiah 61:11      For as the earth bringeth forth her bud, and as the garden causeth the things that are sown in it to spring forth; so the Lord God will cause righteousness and praise to spring forth before all the nations.