US Declares Monkeypox Public Health Emergency – Big Pharma Ready for Windfall Profits, Again – “If there is one thing that the COVID-19 “Public Health Emergency” did with extreme efficiency, it was the fact that $TRILLIONS of emergency funds were redirected out of the U.S. Economy to Big Pharma, creating literally hundreds of new billionaires, and increasing the wealth of existing billionaires to record new highs in revenue. These billionaires and bankers knew full well that their ponzi-scheme economy based on debt could no longer be sustained, and so they created a worldwide “plandemic” which redefined upper respiratory diseases formerly named “influenza viruses” and used fear and massive testing where they could control the results, to implement a unified worldwide approach to bring in massive profits, before the financial system collapsed. From a business standpoint, it was a brilliant plan, and it worked so effectively, that I do believe they now plan on perpetuating endless “Public Health Emergencies” so the bankers can create more money to send their way, at least until they can eliminate cash and implement their Central Bank Digital Currencies which has the goal of making every citizen of every country slaves to the medical dictators.” – Brian Shilhavy

US Publisher: What if COVID Outbreak is Part of the Pentagon’s Biowarfare Plan? – “Pyongyang’s assumptions with regard to Washington’s potential role in the COVID-19 pandemic apparently stem from a bombshell report by professors Jeffrey D Sachs and Neil L Harrison, published in May 2022 by peer-reviewed multidisciplinary scientific journal, The Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences of the United States of America (PNAS). “Prof Jeffrey Sachs of Columbia University had spent two years as chairman of the Lancet Commission on COVID and recently published a major paper in the prestigious PNAS journal arguing that the virus was very likely artificial, also calling for an independent inquiry into its possible American origins, but virtually all western media outlets ignored his dramatic reversal,” says Ron Unz, an American technology entrepreneur, political activist, writer and the publisher of the Unz Review.” – Ekaterina Blinova

He discovered the origin of the monkeypox outbreak — and tried to warn the world – “Over the past few years, Ogoina says he has tried to warn health officials and scientists repeatedly that monkeypox had changed and was possibly spreading through sexual contact. At one international meeting, he tried to bring up the possibility of sexual transmission. Somebody told him to be quiet. “Yes, someone told me that I should not say it. That I should not say sexual transmission is possible,”” – Michaeleen Doucleff – WHO TOLD HIM TO BE QUIET AND WHY IS NPR REPORTING ON THIS, SOMETHING IS NOT QUITE RIGHT HERE!!!!!!

The Monkeypox Pandemic Panic Narrative Hits Its Stride – “Nothing Like A Declaration Of Emergency To Bring Out The Woke Preening In People. Denying Reality When 99% of monkeypox cases outside of Africa are among gay and bisexual men, it is absurd to claim there is no linkage between that demographic and the virus. Yet many activists insist on exactly that claim.” – Peter Nayland Kust

The COVID Shell Game – “The ‘COVID’ scam was/is a shell game with three parts. The alleged “new virus”. The alleged test for the “new virus”. The alleged “new disease” caused by the “new virus”. Deft manipulation of these three concepts – like the cups in a carnival sideshow game of pea-and-thimble – is how so many people were convinced they were looking at something undeniably real.” – Catte

Vaccines Will Not and Cannot Make this Virus Endemic – Pierre Kory

The funeral business is doing great! – “And not because of Covid. Don’t take it from me. Take it from the good folks at Service Corporation International, “North America’s leading provider of funeral, cremation, and cemetery services” Gee, I wonder what could be leading to all the excess non-Covid deaths we’ve suddenly seen in the last 12 months, not just in the United States but all over Western Europe and Australia too? Something definitely changed near the end of 2020,” – Alex Berenson

Mrs Fauci on the Ethics of Encouraging Employees to get Vaccinated – “Should employers encourage their employees to get the COVID-19 vaccination? Of course not, they pay their employees to do a job, not lecture them on their life choices. To me the answer is no it is not, but a paper from March of this year looked at this issue. Whilst this is four months or so old, it shows the mindset of the authors which I very much doubt has changed. If you add Ethics in the title then it must be ethical. Who is Christine Grady? Christine is a bioethicist who is currently the head of the Department of Bioethics at the National Institutes of Health Clinical Center in the US. Does she have any conflicts of interest? A quick scan to the bottom of the paper tells us she doesn’t. That’s good then, this should be an interesting, unbiased look at the ethics of encouraging vaccination. Hold on a minute…who is Christine married to? Christine has been married to The Science (Anthony Fauci) since 1985. Sounds like a bit of a conflict of interest to me but I’m not the bioethicist so my ethics are probably all over the shot.” – The Naked Emperor


A Winter of Anger – “It is very simple: if you’d ask most citizens of whichever EU country if they are willing to risk being unable to feed and heat their children in order to support Ukraine and Zelensky, they would say NO. Hell no! But that is what they’re all being pushed towards. Food prices look to at least double from here, after they’ve doubled once already, while energy prices are set to triple or worse. And there’s no logical reason for it. This is not due to some inevitable market mechanism, it’s because the west decided to halt all Russian imports after the latter’s Special Military Operation in Ukraine. All western leaders found that reason enough to cut all, or nearly all, imports from Russia. Gas, oil, fertilizer, food. Essentials. They could have been sitting around a negotiating table, but chose not to. Which only works as long as things remain sort of affordable. And then, it does not. Problem is, they had and have no alternative to the Russian supplies of these goods (and there’s many more). See, this is how we know they don’t make their own decisions. Those are made in Brussels and Davos, and then the “leaders” have to carry out the preconceived programs, and they will.” – Raúl Ilargi Meijer

Lavrov speaks out on US effort to dominate world – “Washington’s policy of “permissiveness” won’t bring it the desired result, Russia’s foreign minister warns” – RT

At the Lost and Found – “Today is a time of unprecedented official lies about everything, endless wars hot and cold, class wars of the rich against the poor, medical wars of international elites against everyone, etc. – it is a daily electronic digital barrage meant to pound people into the deepest despair. Call it “The Lost World of the Information Superhighway.” These lies have sown a vast sense of bewilderment, as intended. Lostness for so many, including those who don’t know it and take those lies for truth. People who don’t know that there are still places, although they are shrinking, where truth can be found. The problem is, of course, that even when they are told about media sites and writers that operate honestly and outside the propaganda mill, they usually refuse to go there.” – Edward Curtin

As the Economy Burns the Political Class is Patting Themselves on The Back for Provoking WWIII – Matt Agorist

STOP Crowing About Gas Prices, Brandon – “It’s not because you should take credit for anything, other than destroying the economy. Look right here folks. Yes, prices are down. Why? Right here:” – Karl Denninger

Chuck Schumer’s War on Free Speech – “The Senate majority leader pushed through a funding bill that now supports a structure under which U.S. citizens and politicians — including a challenger for his own seat — are being targeted as “information terrorists.”” – Scott Ritter

Dick Cheney Ignores His Own Record While Indicting Trump As Worst Threat To American Democracy Ever – “During the second Bush administration, Dick Cheney was a “chief architect” of the Iraq war, sending American troops into a conflict that would last decades without an exit strategy. The invasion was launched under the pretense that Iraqi dictator Saddam Hussein was harboring weapons of mass destruction (WMDs) based on U.S. intelligence. The classified information cited by the White House to justify the war however, turned out to be one of the worst intelligence failures in modern American history, if not the worst failure.” – Tristan Justice

DC Immigration Woes: Pentagon Denies Help Requests – “Did the Democrats bring this upon themselves?” – Kelli Ballard

Liberal Media Loses Its Mind Over Texas and Arizona Busing Illegal Aliens to DC, NYC – “The piece cited a D.C. City Council member claimed, “This is a crisis created by Republican leaders in other states, however, unfortunately it’s fallen on the mayor to allocate resources locally.” NPR says that the GOP governors are sending the people but they have “no plan.” Wait, who doesn’t have a plan? All these illegal aliens came in under Joe Biden. Where’s his “plan”? Of course, his plan was just to let them in and overrun the border states’ facilities. But now, just a fraction of the numbers that flood Texas and Arizona go to D.C. and New York, and it’s a “crisis” and “inhumane cruelty.” What was it when Joe Biden was letting them into the country? Why weren’t they calling Biden “cruel” and pressing him to do something?” – Nick Arama

Ukraine forces endangering civilians: Amnesty – ” Ukrainian forces are violating international law and endangering civilians by establishing bases in residential areas, including in schools and hospitals, Amnesty International said Thursday, drawing a furious response from Kyiv. ADVERTISING Kyiv said the rights group was drawing a “false equivalency” between the actions of Russia’s invading forces and Ukrainians defending their homeland. “Being in a defensive position does not exempt the Ukrainian military from respecting international humanitarian law.”” – France24 – SEEMS THESE STORIES WERE TRUE ALL ALONG, HMM!!!!!

“Russian Propaganda” Just Means Disobedience -“You can always tell how important narrative control is by watching the way people react when their control of the narrative is jeopardized. Empire apologists are raging at Amnesty International for pausing its aggressive facilitation of western imperialism to issue one brief criticism of the way Ukrainian forces have been endangering civilian lives with their warfare tactics against the Russian military.” – Caitlin Johnstone

U.S. Audacity on Brittney Griner – “U.S. officials are up in arms over the case. The U.S. State Department has classified Griner as “wrongfully detained.” Wrongfully detained? Doesn’t the State Department know that she pled guilty to the offense? The mainstream media, which has re-adopted the extreme anti-Russia animus that has long afflicted the U.S. national-security establishment, exclaims that Griner’s sentence is just too long. They are saying that the long sentence shows that Griner is just a “political hostage.” Really? Well, what about all the long jail sentences for non-violent drug offenses that have been meted out to American citizens by federal judges and state judges? What about the many people who are today rotting away in jail for long periods of their lives for simply possessing or distributing drugs, including marijuana?” – Jacob G. Hornberger – GOOD POINT FROM JACOB!!!!

Glyphosate Crosses Blood-Brain Barrier and Exposure Correlates with Alzheimer’s Symptoms – Sustainable Pulse


It’s Worse Than Anyone Wants to Admit – “Everything is going just great, they say, unless you are among the troglodytes who desire plentiful and low-priced energy, food, housing, and overall human thriving. Once you understand the beautiful world on the other side of the “transition”—to use the favorite word of the White House—you would see this suffering as actually beneficial in the long run. These broken eggs are making omelets.” – Jeffrey A. Tucker

UBS: UK Gas Crisis Set To Plunge British Pound To Historic Lows – “”The euro zone and the UK are both likely to suffer energy supply shortages this winter,” the strategists said. UBS has reduced its outlook for the British pound to $1.15 in the fourth quarter of 2022, down from a previous estimate of $1.26 per pound sterling.” – Charles Kennedy

Sudden Stock Mkt REVERSAL Possible – Be Prepared To Get Out (VIDEO) with Chris Vermeulen – Liberty and Finance

Has a bottom has been found? – “Gold and silver consolidated their new uptrends, with gold moving ahead while silver moved sideways. In European markets this morning gold was at $1787, up $22 on the week, and silver at $20.10, down 20 cents. Comex trade in the gold contract was light, while in silver it was slightly better. How confident can we be that gold, and therefore silver, has found a bottom? The next chart shows the technical position.” – Alasdair Macleod

What Is Going On With Silver Premiums? (VIDEO) – “We discuss with APMEX the reasons behind the current high premiums and the supply challenges in the physical silver and gold market.” – Patrick Yip – VERY GOOD INTERVIEW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

German Electricity Prices Hit Record High As Heatwave Curbs Power Generation – Tyler Durden

Is the Bank of Russia buying gold? – “That’s classified information, buddy.” – Edward Slavsquat


15 Foods You Can Grow In Buckets All Year – Amanda Whittington

99 Relatable Things That Only Preppers Will Understand – Daisy Luther

4 EPA-Approved Sanitation Preps for Monkey Pox that You Need To Stock Up On – Tess Pennington

FEMA Warning: Power Grid Could Take 10 Years to Repair After Major Solar Storm – Off Grid Survival


Acts 2:19    And I will shew wonders in heaven above, and signs in the earth beneath; blood, and fire, and vapour of smoke:


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