The Grim Future – “The legacy populations of the West are told by the people at the World Economic Forum that they are on the wrong side of history. Our debates about the future are all about who, not what. All of this suggests that the futurist is a grim reaper. His arrival precedes some horrible conflagration that obliterates the present. A century ago, the futurists gave us two great industrial wars that reduce the West to ruins. The futurists of this age seem to be obsessed with war and famine. On the one hand they are instigating wars between the great powers. On the other hand, they are attacking the food supply. We will be lucky to live to see whatever futures results from all of this.” – The Z Man

Technocracy is Insane, Anti-Human and it WILL Fail – “Here’s a great big white pill for you: the technocratic system of tyranny is going to fail. This is not wishful thinking; it’s a cold statement of fact. Technocracy, in all its facets—from the UN’s 2030 Agenda to the brain chips and AI godheads of the transhumanists to the CBDC social credit surveillance state—is anti-human. It goes against nature itself. It cannot work in the long run, and it is destined to fail. Now, this doesn’t mean that it’s a cake walk from here on out. It doesn’t mean we can just go back to sleep and wake up in a gumdrop house on lollipop lane. But it does mean that we can and will make it through these trying times. Haven’t heard of NEOM? Well, just head on over to and bask in the nifty web design that billions and billions of dollars can buy you. NEOM—with its newly announced 170-kilometre long, 200-metre wide urban living space called “The Line”—is the kind of wet dream sci-fi fanfic that could only be believed by redditors.” – James Corbett – NEOM IS THE SAUDI PRINCE’S PET PROJECT. FOR MORE ON THIS SEE WINSTON SMITH’S EXCELLENT VIDEO LINKED ON 07/28/22

COVID Boosters Now Killing People – “Proof from Europe’ – Joel S Hirschhorn

I’m not just the Doom Porn President. I’m also a client. – “I say we are in the 3rd inning. Off the top of my head. Friendly reminder. There is not one national politician that will stand in front of a microphone tomorrow and simply say, “The Experimental gene editing Injections are incredibly dangerous and do not work. They appear to be causing a surge in cancers and blood clots, strokes, and heart attacks. They appear to be causing infertility. They are hijacking your body’s immune system. Consider the evidence of your own life. Don’t give these drugs to your children, for the love of all that is holy.” And then just hold up a chart.” – Sage Hana

Monkeypox Declared a Public Health Emergency – “At present, the PHEIC appears to be financially motivated. Moderna is testing an mRNA injection for monkeypox, and in addition to the two smallpox vaccines already approved, Aventis Pasteur also has a smallpox vaccine that, while still investigational, could receive emergency use authorization Disturbingly, in February 2022, the Wuhan Institute of Virology published a study in which they describe creating a portion of a monkeypox genome from scratch in order to develop a PCR test for monkeypox diagnosis. The National Institutes for Health in the U.S. also began studying a monkeypox drug in 2020” – Dr. Joseph Mercola

A Spiritual Aspect To Covid That Many Miss – “There is a spiritual aspect to Covid missed by so many. The lockdowns, the corona communism, the mandates, have been reduced by many to the biological necessities that they are. But they are also more. And if you miss the more, you miss so much else. In fact, you then miss the essence of what is taking place.” – Allan Stevo

Ute Kruger: COVID vaccination and turbo cancer: pathological evidence with English subtitles – “MD/pathologist Ute Krueger describes her findings on breast cancer and other cancers in the era of gene-based COVID vaccines. She finds increased numbers of cancers, in younger patients, which are larger in size and growing more rapidly and aggressively already at the time of the initial diagnosis.” – Doctors For Covid Ethics

The Climate Maniacs – “Brain-dead Biden and the gang that controls him are promoting an argument that is strange even by the low standards of that criminal gang. “It’s hot outside. Let’s shut down the American economy and go green.” It doesn’t make sense, and its purpose is to kill people and destroy America in the process. The biggest benefit of emissions is global greening, the increase year after year of green vegetation on the land surface of the planet. You read that right: every year there’s more greenery on the planet to the extent of three Britains. I bet Greta Thunberg did not tell you that.” – Llewellyn H. Rockwell, Jr.

The HHS FY 2023 Budget Includes A New MANDATORY “Vaccines for Adults” Program ” – “Strong immunization systems will be needed to ensure that people everywhere are protected against COVID-19 and other diseases” – WHO, Immunization Agenda 2030″ – Lioness of Judah Ministry


Atonement — “Boston, Massachusetts, may be even more Woked-up than the Pacific Coast cities. By “Woked-up” I mean susceptible to a quasi-religious frenzy that compels the performance of moral atonement scripts with an emphasis on obeisance to “experts” (credentialed hierophants) — such as Dr. Anthony Fauci, Dr. Rochelle Walensky, Dr. Klaus Schwab, and the various distinguished authors of Critical Race Theory. But it was still a bit of a shock last week to see the Boston Red Sox playing in sky blue and yellow uniforms in solidarity with the neo-Nazi failing state, Ukraine. News flash to Boston: Russia’s “special operation” in Ukraine is all over except the shouting. Plus, nobody in the USA cares about it anymore, and if they do, probably for the wrong reasons. The right reason to care is that the “Joe Biden” regime’s insane campaign to destroy Russia has only brought Western Europe to the brink of collapse and ruin, thereby threatening the continuation of Western Civilization altogether.” – James Howard Kunstler

Where we stand depends upon who has the guns – “More Alinsky antics. This has been marxism 101 since it first became praxis. Get the guns, use them to rule.” – El Gato Malo

Navigating the Fourth Turning – “Historically, in a Third Turning, a complacent people make it possible for sociopaths to take power. In a Fourth Turning, the sociopaths exert that power. It matters little whether the excuses put forward by political leaders are climate control, racial equity, CBDCs, cancel culture, owning nothing, digital IDs, transhumanism, vaccine mandates or a Green New Deal, the objective is singular: total dominance of the ruling class over the subservient class. Any excuse will do, if it has totalitarian rule as its outcome.” – Jeff Thomas

All Government and All Rule Are Always and Inherently Immoral and Evil – ““You are not Christians. You are not Jews. You are not Muslims. And you certainly aren’t atheists. You all have the same god, and its name is ‘government.’ You’re all members of the most evil, insane, destructive cult in history. If there ever was a devil, the state is it. And you worship it with all your heart and soul.” ~ Larken Rose, The Iron Web. Accept and understand that all government is evil. Accept and understand that all who allow and support government are supporting evil. There is no such thing as a good government. There is no such thing as a necessary government. There is no such thing as a limited government. There is no such thing as a benevolent government. There is only government, and government in all its false ‘glory,’ is nothing more than pure, corrupted violence. It is the creator and protector of theft, slavery, murder, genocide, and democide; nothing more and nothing less. The religion of government should be abolished, so worship not at the altar of this wicked institution.” – Gary D. Barnett – ANOTHER GOOD ARTICLE FROM GARY. JUST READ THE REVIEWS FOR LARKEN ROSES’ BOOK “THE IRON WEB” ON AMAZON. BELIEVE I MAY ORDER IT!!!!!!!

Are the New Progressive Rules Reciprocal? – “Are today’s norms tomorrow’s norms?” – Victor Davis Hanson

Pelosi’s Imperial Arrogance: Meddling Where She Doesn’t Belong – “Pelosi’s saber-rattling congressional delegation is touring a part of the world where hegemon USA doesn’t belong. Saying Asia/Pacific delegation stops include Singapore, Malaysia, South Korea and Japan, Pelosi made no mention of the likely intention to include Taiwan on their itinerary — despite Beijing’s stern opposition to the visit. The tour has nothing to do with what she called hegemon USA’s “strong and unshakeable commitment to our allies and friends in the region” – Stephen Lendman

Biden Thinks Americans Received $8K Stimulus Checks – Martin Armstrong

Inflation Reduction Act: Another DC Lie – Ron Paul

Free Guy Reffitt – Tomorrow, August 1, 2022, is Guy Wesley Reffitt’s sentencing day. On March 7, 2022, Reffitt, 49, the first of the J6 political prisoners to stand trial, was convicted of five charges, grossly inflated and inadequately proven.” Reffitt wasn’t tried for terrorism. But the DOJ wants to punish him as a terrorist with a 15-year-sentence. This is an unprecedented (il)legal turn of events, more gross evidence of the DOJ’s lawlessness and vindictiveness. Reffitt should get off with time served, because, like so many of the J6ers, has he ever already served time. This husband and father of three has already endured 19 months inside the DC Gulag, including 222 days in solitary confinement. According to Capitol Hill police, Guy Reffitt never put his hand on anyone…Guy Reffitt never threw anything at anyone…He never hit anyone with anything…He never assaulted anyone. The Capitol Hill video corroborated this.” – Diana West

BREAKING: Fauci’s July 2020 Surprise Cost Trump the Election – “New evidence shows that Fauci forced Moderna to delay their clinical trial by 3 weeks which postponed the results until after the election” – Toby Rogers – TOBY CONNECTS SOME DOTS HERE, A VERY GOOD READ!!!!!

The Vision of Abundant Energy – “We’re engaged in an Energy War with globalist technocrats “Discussion of reviving the Passamaquoddy Tidal Power Project has surfaced every few years, with studies undertaken and debates renewed. Each time, most people agree that the engineering plan is sound: the project could be built and it would work. Other considerations, however, have kept the project from being resumed.”” – Jon Rappoport

Sanctions Only Buy Time, Not Victory – “So, while we’ve been focused on the monetary/fiscal side of the sanctions war, it’s worth talking about what the real price the West is willing to pay in its war on Russia. Sanctions, at their most basic, are simply obstructions, intended to deny a country access to vital resources or, when it comes to today’s extreme geopolitical tensions, bleeding edge technology. From the Neocon perspective, denying our ‘enemies’ (as they have defined them) access to the things they need to build advanced weapon systems or ramp up production of the latest military prototypes is worth any amount of economic and political pain at home.” – Tom Luongo

Pelosi to visit Taiwan, local media say, despite China warnings – Reuters

The Nancy Drew Mysteries – “This Nancy Drew Mystery is all over Bloomberg and the Financial Times because China has made clear it will respond if Pelosi does ‘go there’. if Pelosi doesn’t go to Taiwan, China will have ‘proven’ that it is able to control access to it, a red line which it would from then on likely enforce.” – Michael Every

Is Pelosi’s Trip to Taiwan the ‘Pearl Harbour Moment’ Jake Sullivan Called for? – Cynthia Chung

China is still playing the long game on Taiwan – M. K. Bhadrakumar

China’s Economy Is Shrinking. Will Its Harvests Do Likewise? – “China’s voracious appetite goes beyond industrial commodities. With the world’s largest population, food insecurity is a persistent problem in China, one that appears to be getting worse in 2022.” – Peter Nayland Kust

Russia in Africa: Connecting continents with soft power – “Rather than continental, Russian and Chinese-led infrastructural development in Africa should be seen as part of a grander project of Afro-Asiatic integration” – Matthew Ehret

Going to Samarkand – “Putin, Lavrov, Patrushev, Madvedev have all been stressing lately the racist, neocolonial character of the NATOstan matrix. The SCO and other pan-Eurasian organizations play a completely different – respectful, consensual – ball game. And that’s why they are catching the full attention of most of the Global South. Next stop: Samarkand.” – Pepe Escobar


Lying About The Economy Will Only Make The Coming Crash Worse – “I really don’t know how to describe the disturbing trend over the last few months of the Biden administration, along with Treasury Secretary Janet Yellen, simply lying to the American people about the economy. Months worth of political spin has culminated in embarrassing recent attempts to redefine the word “recession”: a futile effort to pull the wool over an American public that is growing increasingly suspect both Biden and Yellen’s competence to be overseeing the the country, and the economy, respectively.” – Quoth the Raven

The “Inflation Reduction Act” Will Do the Exact Opposite (VIDEO) – “There is nothing in the US Constitution that authorized the US government to pick winners and losers, and to decide to invest taxpayer money in particular businesses and hand over that money to industries like the computer chip industry.” – Peter Schiff

After raising rates less than a percent, Fed takes 55-day vacation from its “fight” against inflation – “Meanwhile, the Fed sparks a market rally & fails to shrink the balance sheet properly” – Occupy the Fed Movement

Weak Manufacturing Surveys Signal ‘Peak Inflation’; Plunge in Orders, Production, & Jobs – Tyler Durden

Rising Financial And Economic Uncertainty: Watch Big Pension Funds – “As the bear market progresses, it will become apparent to many that big pension funds are in serious trouble. This in turn ratchet up the degree of financial and economic uncertainty, which will put further downside pressure on the stock market.” – Dave Kranzler

STOCK MARKET: It’s Officially ‘Dragflation,’ Economy Down, Inflation Up (VIDEO) – Gerald Celente

Halting the SEC’s Regulatory Attack On Crypto – Stu Alderoty

Deutsche Bank AG STOCK QUOTE –8.39EUR


Learn The Following Pros And Cons Before Buying A Chainsaw – “One of the salesmen made an important point I have never forgotten: All chainsaws will cut, but not all are intended or best suited for all tasks. Since then, I have invested in additional saws over the years as my needs changed or a saw was beyond repair, always keeping his words in mind. His point was important a few decades ago, but is even more important today, considering that at least 80 chainsaw models are now available in various sizes, weights, bar lengths and degrees of power.” – Bob Rodgers

Basic Electronic Repair – Part 3 – J.M. – FINAL PART, THE FIRST TWO HAVE BEEN LINKED!!!!

4 drought survival tips for the current crisis – Jason Hanson

How to Get Hot Water for Your Off-Grid Home – “Living in the middle of nowhere becomes tedious without a reliable source of water for washing and bathing. Long before you figure out ways to obtain hot water, you need to start thinking about how you can obtain water in the first place. In fact, a lot of people will have to dig a well just to obtain water since not every off-the-grid property may have access to a lake or river. And let’s say you do manage to obtain the water, then you would need to figure out how to store that water in a convenient way so that it’s always close to home and accessible.” – Bob Rodgers

How I Built My Own Off-Grid Security System – Aden Tate


Esther 8:6   For how can I endure to see the evil that shall come unto my people? or how can I endure to see the destruction of my kindred?