Nap Time For Humanity – “Staying asleep requires keeping up with “The Science”.” – The Good Citizen

Stay Within The Line (VIDEO) – “Some simple questions… ” – Winston Smith – GREAT SHORT VIDEO AND ARTICLE FROM WINSTON. BASICALLY WHAT THE 2030 AGENDA IS ALL ABOUT!!!!

Concrete Proof In Another ‘Scientific’ Paper That The Covid Outbreak Took Place In A Seafood Market 😉 More Event 201, Fauci & BMGF Connections…” – threadsirish – THREADIRISH DOES SOME DOT CONNECTING TO SHOW WHO WAS BEHIND THIS SO-CALLED RESEARCH (CONCRETE PROOF ). GREAT READ!!!!!

From Bill Gates to the Great Refusal – Farmers on the Frontline – “Prior to the Industrial Revolution, most humans were engaged in agriculture. Our relationship with nature was immediate. Within just a few generations, however, for many people across the world, their link with the land has been severed. Food now arrives pre-packaged (often precooked), preserved with chemicals and contains harmful pesticides, micro-plastics, hormones and/or various other contaminants. We are also being served a narrower menu of high-calorie food with lower nutrient content. It is clear that there is something fundamentally wrong with how modern food is produced.” – Colin Todhunter

The World Economic Forum Vows to Buy Up Dutch Farmers’ Lands (VIDEO) – The People’s Voice

How COVID Lockdowns Will Become Climate Lockdowns – Doug Casey

Inventing Diagnoses to Cover Up Vaccine Injury — a Con as Old as Vaccination Itself – “People injured by COVID-19 vaccines may not realize it, but the pretense that post-vaccination injuries and deaths are just “sad coincidences” — far from being unique to the pandemic jabs — is a trick as old as vaccination itself.” – Children’s Health Defense Team

Rejecting Rockefeller Germ Theory once and for all – “In a number of articles, I’ve offered compelling evidence that the deaths attributed to COVID-19 can be explained without reference to a virus. Furthermore, whatever merits “alternative treatments” may have, I see no convincing evidence their action has anything to do with “neutralizing a virus.” The entire tragic, criminal, murderous, stupid, farcical COVID fraud is based on a hundred years of Rockefeller medicine—a pharmaceutical tyranny in which the enduring headline is: ONE DISEASE, ONE GERM. The overall health of an individual human being has to do with factors entirely unrelated to “one disease, one germ.”” – Jon Rappoport

Transhumanism: Utopian Fantasy and Totalitarian Fact – “So, what is transhumanism, specifically? Transhumanism is the “revision” of humanity and the fundamental transformation of the human race into something else. It’s the transformation of humanity into a “thing” that cannot be readily identified.” – Jeremiah Johnson

The Small Print That Destroyed America – “He’s been pulling this trick for 40 years. He is very good at it. In this interview, several messages stands out: 1) in retrospect, we should have locked down even more, 2) he never pushed lockdowns; he was only passing on CDC guidance, and 3) he is utterly and completely blameless for all things, particularly in funding gain-of-function research which, in any case, is not responsible for the creation of the virus in Wuhan. The first part is startling because many of us have had the sense that lockdowns are in disrepute. Far from it: Fauci’s message is that next time, the lockdowns will be harder and longer. And there certainly will be more.” – Jeffrey A. Tucker

Assessing the case for childhood vaccines – “Truth is often more complex than people realize and looks different from different angles _assessing the case for childhood vaccines truth is often more complex than people realize and looks different from different angles” – El Gato Malo  – GOOD READ FROM EL GATO!!!!!

They are desperately trying to make you believe the virus came from nature. No way. – “It is 2.5 years later and two papers appear on the same day?!? Should you believe it? I do not. Neither does Robert Malone or Chris Martenson. Here’s why.” – Steve Kirsch


To Take Back Our Culture We Need To Build Our Own Media Army – “If the corrupt system does not or will not provide what the public needs or wants then the public should provide those necessities for themselves. If they are successful then the system has two choices – It can fade away quietly as the decentralized economy takes over, or, it can try and STOP the public from building their own production using force. If the system uses force, then it exposes its true nature as authoritarian and it encourages rebellion. One way or another, the corrupt system will be eliminated.” – Brandon Smith

Drug Pushers vs. Drug Dealers – “The Orange Man said the other day that he favors the death penalty for drug dealers. This is priceless – coming from one of the biggest drug pushers in the country. Whatever your attitude toward pot – or crack, for that matter – dealers aren’t pushers, except in the rhetorical sense, often used by “law and order” (authoritarian) types who seek to criminalize voluntary transactions they do not like. Just like authoritarian Leftists, who criminalize voluntary transactions they do not like – such as keeping one’s business open to those who wish to transact business during a “pandemic.” Dealers offer whatever they’re selling to people who are free to buy it – or not. If they don’t, nothing happens to them. They are certainly not threatened with social and economic exclusion if they do not use the drugs on offer.” – Eric Peters – EXCELLENT POINT FROM ERIC!!!!!!

Your Gun Is None of the Government’s Business – “No sooner had the Supreme Court released its decision last month recognizing the personal right to carry a handgun outside the home than the big-government politicians began to resist the court’s holding. None was more anti-Constitution than New York Gov. Kathy Hochul, who told the court that “New York is ready for you.” I understand that politicians often say and do things that they inwardly know are unconstitutional or unlawful in order to please their political bases, but vaguely threatening the Supreme Court over a fundamental liberty is an offense to the Constitution.” – Andrew P. Napolitano

Dem Trips Over His Ignorance on Guns in Embarrassing Questioning of Ruger CEO – Nick Arama – IDIOTS WHO MAKE LAWS ON THINGS THEY KNOW NOTHING ABOUT!!!!!

Joe Biden’s Orwellian presidency – “Is the US in a recession? Not if the government changes its meaning. It is no secret that the US economy is in poor health right now. The highest inflation in decades, supply chain snarl-ups and a housing bubble on the verge of bursting. But whatever is happening in the US economy, the Biden administration is adamant that you must not call it a ‘recession’. So much so that it is trying to make you doubt the r-word’s meaning.” – Fraser Myers – HATE TO KEEP BEATING AROUND THE BUSH ON THIS ONE, BUT SOMEONE HAS TO!!!!

Reporter Exposes White House’s Blatant Redefining of ‘Recession’ – “What’s the difference other than who’s president?” – Steve Watson

Treasonous Biden and the Green Agenda is Shipping Gas OUT of the United States – War on the American People – “U.S. President Biden’s Administration continues to risk national security by taking millions of barrels from the US Strategic Petroleum Reserve and shipping it abroad to Asia (including China) and Europe. And this situation just grew much worse, as today it was announced that the Biden Administration has actually shipped MORE liquid natural gas (LNG) to Europe than the U.S. even promised!” – Brian Shilhavy

Democrats Want To Arrest Trump – “Corrupt federal law enforcement agents are about to plunge America into chaos. The illegal arrest and “show trial” conviction of Steve Bannon is really the dress rehearsal for the illegal arrest of President Trump by the Biden regime before the 2024 election — if new reports from the Washington Post and NBC News are accurate. Democrats were hoping to dent Trump’s popularity with the January 6th Unselect Committee televised hearings but nobody’s watching it (outside Washington) and nobody cares. Since that gambit has failed, Democrats seem to think that arresting President Trump on bogus charges and trying him in a kangaroo court is their only remaining option.” – Emerald Robinson

Manchin and Schumer Agree on 15% Corporate Minimum Tax, Climate, and Healthcare – “Senator Manchin finally agreed to a stripped down reconciliation bill that will give Progressives some of what they wanted.” – Mish

The Zelensky pair’s Vogue glamour shots from hell – “Is there anyone out there who’s not disgusted, utterly disgusted, with the chic Vogue fashion-glamour shots of Ukraine’s President Volodymyr Zelensky and his wife from the rubble and war rooms of Ukraine? Vogue’s hagiographic cover story is about what you’d expect from an organ that once placed a gushing glamour-profile of the Syrian dictator’s wife on its cover. It begins with this gushery: There is no script for first ladies in wartime, and so Olena Zelenska is writing her own. The wife of Ukrainian president Volodymyr Zelenskyy, a longtime comedy writer, always preferred to stay behind the scenes, while her husband, a comedian turned politician whose presidency may yet determine the fate of the free world, glowed in the limelight” – Monica Showalter – FOR MORE ABOUT THE EXCESS PROPAGANDA, SEE CAITLIN JOHNSTONE’S ARTICLE FROM YESTERDAY!!!!!

Biden Energy Secretary Admits Being “Obsessed” With Green Transition – “It’s not a recession, it’s a “transition”” – Steve Watson

China Is Issuing The Same “Red Line” Warnings About Taiwan That Russia Issued About Ukraine – “House Speaker Nancy Pelosi has continued to pour gasoline on the foreign policy dumpster fire that is her planned visit to Taiwan next month, now reportedly encouraging other members of congress to come along for the ride. This trip, which Beijing perceives as an egregious transgression of Washington’s longstanding one-China policy, is already so incendiary that the Pentagon is now planning to send in fighter jets and other war machinery to protect Pelosi’s plane in case of attacks by the Chinese military.” – Caitlin Johnstone

The War Continues to Widen – “Ukraine’s government says it will not hesitate to strike Russian territory with the new long range weapons Washington has provided. “If needed the government will act without hesitation.” As the idiot British government did with the “Polish Guarantee,” the idiots in Washington have given a Nazi government in Ukraine power to put us into direct military conflict with Russia. How can this possibly have happened? The answer is that no one takes Russia seriously.” – Paul Craig Roberts

Why Gas Engines Are Far From Dead – Biggest EV Problems (VIDEO) – Engineering Explained – VERY GOOD VIDEO!!!!!!

Inside The Corrupt World Of Alzheimer’s Science (And What Its Failure Means For All ‘Settled Science’) – “An international cabal of scientists who believe in their own righteousness. Scientific journals, conferences, and grants that suppress dissent. Tens of billions of dollars in taxpayer, Big Pharma and venture capital money. Decades of research — and precious little to show for it all. I’m not describing Covid, global warming, or any other highly politicized scientific debate. I’m talking about Alzheimer’s research. The implications for the rest of science, policy, and education, however, are deep and troubling.” – Christopher Bedford


Oh Goody! Now We Get To Have Rampant Inflation And A Housing Collapse At The Same Time! – Michael Snyder

The Fed Just Got Rid of Forward Guidance Because It’s Making It Up as It Goes – “Most Fed watchers were predicting a 75 basis point increase, and that’s what the Fed delivered. This then leaves us with the question of what now. The Fed doesn’t know, and the weakness of the present economy will keep the Fed very cautious moving forward. As is clear from Powell’s press conference Wednesday, following the release of the FOMC statement, the Fed is still holding out hope for a “soft landing” in which it can significantly reduce inflation without sizably reducing employment or causing a greatly weakened economy.” – Ryan McMaken

Is the Federal Reserve at the End of Its Rope? – Michael Maharrey


Narrative Investment – “Sticking with what we can know, the best guess is that the Federal Reserve, Washington and Wall Street are simply committed to the narrative. They may have stopped using the phrase “transitory” for public relations reasons, but they are still committed to the transitory narrative. To change course as economic history suggests would mean abandoning their investment in th” – The Z Man

U.S. Posts Second Consecutive Drop in Real GDP – “Real GDP fell for a second consecutive quarter, but real private domestic demand has performed better, and core PCE price increases decelerated. Fed tightening, the war in Ukraine, and upcoming elections remain risks to the outlook” – Robert Hughes

Deutsche Bank AG STOCK QUOTE –8.36EUR


How To Assess Your Property And Figure Out If You Should Install a Wind Turbine – “Windmills harvesting wind power have been around for a long time, and many people are considering this power-generating option for their homestead. However, before you dive into it, there are a few things you need to know, like, for example, if your property is suited for hosting a wind turbine.” – Bob Rodgers

Trapping Part 3: Water and Sky – Patrick Diedrich

Barriers To Situational Awareness – “Situational awareness is basically knowing what is going on around us. This concept includes our immediate surroundings as well as what’s going on beyond our visual perimeter. Lets talk about some barriers to situational awareness… Sometimes there are things (barriers) that cloud our ability to be situationally aware. Other than some of the obvious barriers such as simply not being observant of our surroundings (for whatever the reason), there are other deeper rooted barriers to fully seeing or understanding what’s really going on.” – Ken Jorgustin