Protect your children…because The Great Reset is coming for them – “Forgive the grim opening to this, but children are now taught about masturbation at school aged 3-6. And parents are being told these lessons are compulsory. Not “grooming”. Not “sexualising children”. Not “insanely creepy & inappropriate”. Compulsory. Call it a conspiracy all you want, there is a very dark, heavy agenda at play & this is part of it… So is the gender confusion indoctrination…” – Lucy Davies

Canada’s ‘expert’ panel recommends the mentally ill be candidates for euthanasia – “Canada’s medical assistance in dying (MAiD) law is already the most permissive euthanasia and assisted-suicide legislation in the world. Understandably controversial in itself, there are many horror stories surrounding its implementation.” – Eric Utter

DR. SENEFF N MARIA ZEE: EVIDENCE OF DNA DAMAGE, NEURODEGENERATIVE DISEASE, & MORE (VIDEO) – “Dr. Stephanie Seneff joins Maria Zeee to discuss complex findings as to the varied injuries caused by the COVID-19 injections, including explaining DNA damage, neurodegenerative diseases, behavioral issues and more that we are seeing, and will likely see a lot more of in the coming years.” – YobboCat

40 Million in US West Without Water in 2023 (VIDEO) with Dane Wigington – “Climate engineering researcher Dane Wigington says the extreme drought conditions in the U.S. are caused by man-made weather modification called geoengineering. It’s not some naturally occurring event, but an “engineered drought catastrophe.” Wigington says after decades of climate engineering, things are getting so bad that millions in the Southwestern United States will be without water sometime in 2023. Wigington explains, “The mainstream media and official sources are doing their best to sweep it under the rug. We are talking about 40 million people that will be impacted by the drying out of the Colorado River basin and tributaries.”” – Greg Hunter

Thinking Points, July 16, 2022 – “Flipping tables, hypochondriacs gone wild, calling it like it is, Pfizer teams up with The Guardian to genocide Africans, Ivana Trump, Emmanuel the cheeky emu goes off” – Toby Rogers – MORE GOOD POINTS FROM TOBY!!!!

John Carter of Substack: Conspiracy, Clown World, and the New Dissidence (VIDEO) – MindMatters – INTERESTING INTERVIEW WITH JOHN WHO HAS  A GREAT SUBSTACK!!!!


Generating a sense of crisis so people will demand “solutions” is not a basis for government – “Look around the world. have you not noticed how deeply unserious our alleged leaders have become and how like puppets they seem: devoid of character but always upon the stage waving arms around? The simple fact is this: 90% of modern political philosophy is performance for the sake of performance. It serves nothing beyond itself. ” – El Gato Malo

‘Experts’ broke the world. But they’re rapidly losing power… – “It’s rare to find someone, anyone, who has yet to witness, hear about, or directly experience the devastating consequences of the supposed leadership that ‘experts’ have unleashed on us over the past few years. They have engineered and mishandle crisis after crisis after crisis… The world over, from California to Sri Lanka, people everywhere are suffering from their incompetence.” – Simon Black

How the World Embraced Nationalism, and Why It’s Not Going Away Soon – Ryan McMaken

On The Menu For The Remainder Of 2022: War, Pestilence, Famine – Michael Snyder

World War III and the Imminent Collapse of the US Dollar (VIDEO) = Reese Report – GOOD ONE FROM GREG WHO BRINGS UP THE QUESTION. “WHY ARE ALL THE GLOBAL LEADERS BEING REPLACED?”!!!!!!!!!!!!

Democrats’ Second Amendment ‘Syndrome’ Plan: Plotting the Next Big Fight over Gun Rights – Jonathan Turley

Arabs laugh at Joe Biden’s plea to pump more oil for him – “After shutting down the Keystone XL pipeline and issuing 30-some regulations to halt domestic energy production, Joe Biden went to Saudi Arabia, hat in hand, to beg the Arab sheiks to pump more oil for him. Result? They laughed him out of the park. They not only rejected a proposed security alliance between the U.S., Israel, and the Saudis, likely not wanting to take orders from military geniuses like Gen. Mark Milley on matters of their own security, they also told Joe to go fly a kite on the extra oil production” – Monica Showalter

Biden Visits Saudi Arabia, Returns with an Empty Tin Cup and Urgent Need for More Windmills – Sundance

Jill Biden Whines to Private Donors About the Duties of the Presidency Interfering With Joe’s ‘Hopes and Plans’ – “Mrs. Biden, blamed by many for not stopping her husband, obviously in mental decline, from seeking the presidency in 2020 — if not pushing him to do so — could not enjoy the limelight more, and trappings of the White House and her off-the-charts view of her own self-importance–but there’s just one problem: The Biden presidency has not exactly played out the way the Bidens envisioned it. So, what’s a disgruntled, self-aggrandizing First Lady to do, when the approval ratings of her inept husband and his disastrous presidency continue to swirl down the toilet at an ever-increasing pace? Why, blame the duties of the presidency itself — for getting in the way of her husband’s “hopes and plans.”” – Mike Miller

Saudi Arabia Buys Oil From Russia at a Discount Then Sells it to the EU – “The world’s largest oil exporter is buying oil from Russia. Let’s investigate.” – Mish

Saudi Arabia, Egypt and Turkey could join BRICS – “The BRICS seem really close to expanding. Now, according to information from the group’s International Forum, Saudi Arabia, Egypt, and Turkey have expressed interest in applying for membership. Previously, Iran and Argentina had already asked to join the alliance. With this, it is evident that emerging countries around the world see in the BRICS a way to improve their international relations and contribute to the construction of a new world order.” – Lucas Leiroz

Jamal Khashoggi was a jihadist, not a journalist – “Jamal Khashoggi is best understood not as a man, but a foreign information operation purposed with undermining Saudi Arabia and realigning American relations in the Middle East.” – Jordan Schachtel

The West’s Duplicity in the Food Crisis Caused by the Shortage of Grain – “Today it has become clear to everyone that, in terms of the energy crisis and global economic collapse, and even more so in food problems, the United States itself and its Western allies are primarily to blame. It is their treacherous sanctions policy that has destroyed the international order and brought chaos to logistics and transport chains.” – Vladimir Danilov

Sanctions, Immigration Controls, and Death in Venezuela – “In reporting on the crisis in Venezuela, the U.S. mainstream press scrupulously ignores one important aspect of the crisis: death and suffering are precisely what U.S. officials want for the Venezuelan people. That is what the economic sanctions that the U.S. government has leveled against Venezuela are intended to bring about. The sanctions target the Venezuelan people with death and economic privation in the hope that they will rise up and oust the Nicholas Maduro regime from power and replace it with a pro-U.S. dictatorship.” – Jacob G. Hornberger – AH, YES; SPREADING DEMOCRACY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Satellite Imagery Shows Global Crop Declines – Except For Russia And China – Tyler Durden

Our Woke Military: Trans Rights over Religious Liberty – Techno Fog

They’re paneling paradise to put up solar — A lot – “The pathway to a green future involves taking millions of acres of pristine wilderness and turning them into fields of windmills and hot expanses of glistening panels. The Biden Administration’s goal of supplying 40% of the nation’s energy from the sun by 2035 means covering millions of acres of forest and desert habitat with vast solar panel installations fenced off like prisons. It would require 8,800 square miles of land, or 5.6 million acres, to generate that power (leaving out small installations on buildings and the like) — about the size of Rhode Island and Massachusetts combined.” – Steve Miller

Deutschland schafft sich ab – “Germany faces its greatest economic crisis since the Second World War, thanks to the unrelenting idiocy of our political and media classes.” – eugyppius

Burying the Leaf – “Nissan is reportedly cancelling the Leaf, its “mass market” electric car. Which says a lot about the “mass market” for electric cars. Especially in view of the fact that the Leaf is the most “affordable” electric car available in the United States, with a base price of “only” $28,895 And for that reason doesn’t have – never could have – a mass-market. How thick do you have to be to not grasp something as fundamental as that? The analogy here is solar panels. How nice it would be to never have to pay a monthly utility bill again! Think of how much money you’ll save! But maybe some thought ought to be given to how much you’ll spend in order to “save” all that money . . . . A solar array – and the necessary peripherals for a single family home – can easily cost $30,000. It is going to take a lifetime to “save that back” in the form of not having to pay the monthly power bill. Not including paying to repair/replace components – like batteries – along the way. ” – Eric Peters

The Russia-China Polar Silk Road Speeds Ahead – “While NATO’s geopolitical unipolarists obsess over global governance and militarization of the Arctic, Eurasian Arctic policy has taken a very different character with an emphasis on economic development and cooperation. Of course Russia has not neglected the military component of its northern military policy, but unlike the west which has no economic vision, Russia’s Arctic military posture is definitively defensive and principally diplomatic.” – Matthew Ehret

In Eurasia, the War of Economic Corridors is in full swing – “Mega Eurasian organizations and their respective projects are now converging at record speed, with one global pole way ahead of the other.” – Pepe Escobar


MARKETS A LOOK AHEAD: And So It Begins. (VIDEO) – Gregory Mannarino

Economists and Financial Analysts are Not the Brightest Fish in the Sewer System – “The ability of humans to believe whatever lie they want to believe never comes in lower than I expect, but it sometimes manages to come in even higher. Nowhere has that been more transparently true than in economics where everyday I read people in the financial media who must surely have IQs somewhere above a hundred but who write as if their brain were a rotten peanut inside a hollow shell.” – David Haggith

The Frugalite’s Ultimate Guide to Surviving Inflation – Daisy Luther

It’s Official: a Crash is Coming – “The financial system is now screaming “RECESSION!” The yield curve is perhaps the single best predictor of recessions in the world. If you’re unfamiliar with how the yield curve works works, in broad terms, there are three categories of U.S. debt: Treasury Bills or T-bills (usually short-term debt), Treasury Notes (long-term debt up to 10 years), and Treasury Bonds (long-term debt for 20 or 30 years). The yield curve is comprised of comparing the yields on these various bonds. One of the most common ones used for economic predictions is the 2s10s: what you get when you subtract the yield on the 2-Year Treasury from the 10-Year Treasury. Whenever the yield on the 2-Year Treasury exceeds that of the 10-Year Treasury, the yield curve is inverted. This ONLY happens before a recession. And right now, it is more inverted than at any point since the year 2000.” – Graham Summers

“The Damage Could Be Huge”: Chinese Banks Tumble, Swept Up In Mortgage Nonpayment Scandal As Borrowers Revolt – Tyler Durden

Why Bitcoin Owners Should Ride Out the Current Crypto Market Volatility – Nomi Prins

The Day The Silver Market Broke – “Andrew Maguire inspects the fractures on COMEX’s price-setting mechanism, revealing the gaping divergence between the paper and physical silver markets. The lifelong wholesaler looks closer at the unprecedented degree of gold and silver futures price backwardation, with the heavily oversold naked shorts bubble ready to burst.” – Kinesis Money


Get Prepared With Shelf-Stable Food – “By fall, food shortages and prices will not only increase, but likely become a long-term thing. I don’t want you to panic, but you must start preparing now. It appears we’re in a phase where global systems of food and energy production are being intentionally dismantled in an effort to force into effect what the World Economic Forum (WEF) calls The Great Reset and the Rockefeller Foundation calls Reset the Table” – Dr. Joseph Mercola

The Must Have Kitchen Items You Need to More Easily Cook with No Power – “Regardless of how many #10 cans of “just-add-water-ready-to-eat” stuff you have, at some point, you’ll have to learn to use a kitchen in much the same way as your granny or your great-granny did. ” – The Survival Mom

These 10 Types of People Will Die First When SHTF – Michael Major



Proverbs 16:5     Every one that is proud in heart is an abomination to the Lord: though hand join in hand, he shall not be unpunished.


I like to spend some time in Mozambique
The sunny sky is aqua blue
And all the couples dancing cheek to cheek
It’s very nice to stay a week or two
And fall in love just me and you.

There’s a lot of pretty girls in Mozambique
And plenty time for good romance
And everybody likes to stop and speak
To give the special one you seek a chance
Or maybe say hello with just a glance.

Lying next to her by the ocean
Reaching out and touching her hand
Whispering your secret emotion
Magic in a magical land.

And when it’s time for leaving Mozambique
To say goodbye to sand and sea
You turn around to take a final peek
And you see why it’s so unique to be
Among the lovely people living free
Upon the beach of sunny Mozambique.

( Mozambique by Bob Dylan and Jacques Levy )