Ready for the BIG KILL (VIDEO and text) – “Make no mistake about it. Jabs and masks are coming back big time. There’s a lot of killing yet to be done.” – Dr. Vernon Coleman  -SHOT OUT TO THE LIONESS OF JUDAH FOR LINKING!!!!

Higher vaccine rates associated with greater rise in hospitalization – “If vaccines work to stop severe outcomes, then why aren’t they working?” – El Gato Malo

FDA Colluded With Moderna to Bypass COVID Vaccine Safety Standards, Documents Reveal – Megan Redshaw

Former Surgeon General rebrands as equity crusader, cashes in on perpetual pandemic industry – “Dr Jerome Adams is saying yes to every grift possible. So what has Dr. Adams of “how to make a homemade mask” fame been up to since he left D.C. Beltway, besides, of course, ginning up COVID hysteria and virtue signaling about masks on social media?” – Jordan Schachtel

‘CRISPR 2.0’ Used To Change Patient’s DNA For First Time – “Transhuman scientists are very clear about hijacking evolution and taking things into their own hands to create humanity 2.0. The first sentence below echoes the the thoughts of former Chief Medical Officer of mRNA Vax maker Moderna: “We are actually hacking the software of life. We think about it as an operating system. – Patrick Wood”” – Ryan Cross

The Culture of Deceit – “This story about the war in the New York Times is a good example. Some version of this story has been floating around since the start of the war. It was cooked up by the usual suspects who have been championing war with Russia. The central claim is they have inside access to Putin’s inner circle is obviously false. The author of the New York Times piece is a notorious liar who runs interference for the neocon cult. Despite being a proven liar, he maintains a spot at the main news site in the empire. Certainly, his bosses know he is an activist and a liar. They keep him on because he tells the lies they like to promote. The media is an easy example. They are simply mockingbirds mimicking the sounds from the institutions they allegedly cover. Notice trust in medicine has dropped over the last year, which should surprise no one. They willingly went along with the Covid farce and the vaccine mandates. When people raised reasonable questions about the side effects of the vaccine, Big Medicine was right there to tell the media that those doubters were hooligans and troublemakers. The fact that those concerns were legitimate and proven correct is a big reason people are now more skeptical of medicine.” – The Z Man

Of Groundhogs and Gatos (VIDEO) – Monica Hughes PhD – GOOD ONE FROM MONICA. ENOUGH OF THE NONSENSE!!!!

Meet The Ex-CIA Agents Deciding Facebook’s Content Policy – Alan MacLeod

WHO recommends masks again, preps world for global lockdown in Fall – Thomas Lambert

Ignore the Prophets of Doom – Organic food can feed the world – “we must not be hoodwinked by the relentless fear-mongering (concerning organics) of the agritech-agribusiness lobby, which requires farmers to continue to purchase its proprietary inputs, including synthetic fertilisers, while continuing to rollout and impose its high-input, high-energy, health-damaging model of industrial agriculture across the world.” – Colin Todhunter

Passengers Evacuated due to Covid Outbreak on All-Vaccinated Cruise – “One out of 20 is sick — and the UK is WORSE!” – Igor Chudov


Dismantling the Constitution: Police No Longer Have to Honor the Right to Remain Silent – “We are witnessing the gradual dismantling of every constitutional principle that serves as a bulwark against government tyranny, overreach and abuse. As usual, the latest assault comes from the U.S. Supreme Court. Although the Supreme Court stopped short of overturning its 1966 ruling in Miranda v. Arizona, the conservative majority declared that individuals cannot hold police accountable for violating their Fifth Amendment right to remain silent. By shielding police from lawsuits arising from their failure to Mirandize suspects, the Supreme Court has sent a message to police that they no longer have to respect a suspect’s right to remain silent. In other words, “the Supreme Court has effectively created a new legal immunity for cops accused of infringing on the Fifth Amendment’s protection against self-incrimination.”” – John W. Whitehead & Nisha Whitehead

Thinking Points, July 13, 2022 – “CERN, the Good Citizen, the bad cat, Paul Kingsnorth, RCTs, gardening, myo, Pfizer cigarettes in kids” – Toby Rogers  – SOME GOOD POINTS FROM TOBY!!!

Llatinx marks the spot. Breaking the blitzkriegs of wokedom – “The deep and abiding hilarity of this is that this is not “diversity and inclusion.” it’s “alienating latinos and latinas to mollify becky from vassar” and make her feel like a champion of the downtrodden.” – El Gato Malo

New York Times to Biden — Time to Go! – “When President Joe Biden retired in Rehoboth Beach on Saturday night, he likely did not expect to find a severed horse’s head under his bed covers. But there it was, courtesy of The New York Times.” – Patrick J. Buchanan – WHEN THE TIMES AND WAPO TURN ON YOU, YOU KNOW YOUR TIME IS UP!!!!!

Michelle Obama Is Running for President in 2024 – “The CPAC crowd, and conservatives in general, have failed to realize that the ever present Michelle Obama was a potential Democrat presidential candidate. This is largely because Michelle Obama launched a cover story for her intense political activity back in 2008 that goes like this: “Michelle hates politics.” The media have faithfully sustained the ruse — when they discuss likely Democrat contenders in 2024, they typically leave Michelle off the list.” – Joel Gilbert

Your next President: Michelle – “Here’s my take: They sifted through all the names. They signed up Gavin Newsom to act as gadfly in Florida and bother DeSantis. (They rejected Oprah. Oprah wanted to be High Priestess of the New State Religion, anyway.) I think Michelle made the same kind of deal with Barack that Hillary made with Bill. —No matter what you’ve done, you idiot, I’ll stand by you and defend you, IF you eventually give me my shot at the White House. Your shot? Based on what? The fact that you’re my wife? Based on the fact that I know whatever I need to know about politics. I know which issues to promote and which to attack. It ain’t rocket science, Bozo. But I’m extraordinary. In your own mind. —You know, that kind of arrangement.” – Jon Rappoport

President Biden tackles Questions From Gas Prices to Chicken Sandwiches FIRESIDE SHATS (VIDEO) – Jeff Dunham

Joe Biden’s Oil Gamble Set to Backfire as Saudi Arabia Sticks With Russia – Jack Dutton

Biden in Jeddah: mending fences, not building bridges – “President Biden’s trip to Saudi Arabia will likely end in face saving gestures, but no major geopolitical concessions” – Kristian Alexander and Giorgio Cafiero

The Left Is Doing Its Best To Make Self-Defense A Crime – Elle Reynolds

DUCK AND COVER 2.0: Prepare for a Nuclear Attack (VIDEO) – “NYC released a public service announcement warning the people that a nuclear bomb can be dropped and gave them idiotic and moronic instructions on what to do to save their lives” – Gerald Celente – ANOTHER GOOD LISTEN FROM GERALD!!!!!!

Biden’s million-dollar salary gal, Pamela Karlan, exits DoJ one step ahead of a FOIA release – “How many times have we heard about all the “sacrifices” people make to go into “public service”? Seems the Biden administration has figured out a way to make “sacrifices” something just the little guy does. Oh, and President Obama entertained nominating her for the Supreme Court, according to the New York Times. The Times noted that she was a favorite within Democrat social circles. So she was not only valuable to Joe Biden, but valuable to whoever it was who was paying her a million bucks from the Stanford cash coffers in her no-show job at Stanford. Public service? No, this is political dirty-tricks service. And being a legal scholar, she’s very good at wriggling out of trouble and avoiding pesky Senate confirmation hearings, while still wielding tons of unearned power. She got out one step ahead of that FOIA release on the details of her “service,” ensuring that she will never have to answer questions for it. She’s obviously at the service of Joe and whoever his masters are, not the American people as a whole. The outlines of that sickening spectacle of “Who Controls Joe” are now becoming clearer with this valuable revelation.” – Monica Showalter – CORRUPTION IS EVERYWHERE IN THIS ADMINISTRATION AND THEY HAD THE NERVE TO SAY HOW BAD TRUMP WAS. THIS ISN’T A SWAMP ITS ONE OF THE “GREAT LAKES”!!!!!!!!!!!

The head boy from hell Tepid technocrat Rishi Sunak is the worst choice for PM. – ” The media elite has been talking him up as an anti-Boris force, the man who could return at-sea Britain to the safe shores of technocracy, for ages. For me, it is precisely that he is the favoured candidate of the ‘sensible’ ancien régime that we the people only just tried to turf out of power that makes him the worst possible choice for PM.” – Brendan O’Neill

John Bolton admits to planning foreign coups – “The former senior White House official said overthrowing governments takes “a lot of work”” – RT

The Russians Are Killing Civilians Big Lie That Won’t Die – “Killing noncombatant men, women, children, infants, the elderly and infirm is how hegemon USA-dominated NATO and Nazi-infested Ukraine operate — not Russia. The self-styled newspaper of record NYT knows the above reality but pretends otherwise, falsely claiming the following Big Lies that won’t die:” – Stephen Lendman

NATO: The Most Dangerous Military Alliance on the Planet – “The massive expansion of NATO, not only in Eastern and Central Europe but the Middle East, Latin America, Africa and Asia, presages endless war and a potential nuclear holocaust.” – Chris Hedges

Europe’s Insatiable Thirst For LNG Is Causing Blackouts In Developing Countries – Irina Slav


No, Inflation Is Not Rolling Over (VIDEO) with David Stockman – Jay Taylor Media – A MUST LISTEN FROM MR. STOCKMAN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Economic Collapse Watch: Americans Resorting To Microloans to Buy Gas and Groceries! – Off Grid Survival

Consumer Price Index Jumps Another 1.3 Percent, Much More Than Than Expected – “The CPI rose 1.3 percent in June. Year-over-year prices rose 9.1 percent, a new four-decades high.” -Mish

US Consumer Prices Soared In June, Americans’ Real Wages Fall For 15th Straight Month – Tyler Durden

OW My…… – “….. balls? If you thought The Fed wasn’t going to stab the brakes…. oh yes they are. Food and energy may well be “excluded” from the Fed’s “core” index but they sure aren’t excluded from what you have to buy to continue to live. They’re arguably the most important items of all, and next up is health care if you need it, and you better not, because that is headed straight into the “you can’t buy it because you can’t afford it, and no, alleged insurance doesn’t help.” Natural gas prices portend a disaster this coming fall and especially winter. Oh, don’t need your teeth worked on — it posted the largest monthly change ever recorded back to the start of the series, which was all the way back to 1995.” – Karl Denninger

How long and deep is Inflation, and how close is China to a Banking Crisis? – Bill Blain

Gold & Silver Manipulation “Doesn’t Matter Anymore, It Is A Nothingburger” (VIDEO) – “Silver is in the teens, so now would be a pretty good time to talk about what some people call “a giant nothingburger”, what some people call “the elephant in the room”, what some people call “the greatest conspiracy of all time”, and for the purposes of this podcast, what we’ll just call “silver market manipulation”. To some people, this is even the most important topic of all topics known to man.” – Steve St. Angelo with Paul “Half Dollar” Eberhart

Air Is Hissing Out of the Housing Bubble at an Accelerating Pace – Michael Maharrey

The Math Says Buy Gold & Silver Now (VIDEO) with Craig Hemke – ” “You can believe in magic or you can believe in math, and if you believe in math — buy gold.” The math, according to Hemke, says the Fed is about to do an about-face and start money printing and cutting rates. Please keep in mind, by every metric, the economy is tanking, and this is an election year where the Democrats in power are weaker than they have ever been.” – Greg Hunter – CRAIG IS A VERY GOOD ANALYST AND A GOOD LISTEN!!!

Something That We Have Been Waiting For Just Happened, And It Is A Really Bad Sign… – “There has been a lot of talk recently about “the death of the dollar”, but the truth is that the euro is in far bigger trouble. Inflation in the eurozone has risen to truly frightening levels, and the war in Ukraine threatens to plunge the major economies of Europe into a very deep recession. Russia holds the key, because if Russia completely cuts off the flow of natural gas to Europe it really will cause an unprecedented economic nightmare.” – Michael Snyder

Russian Blockchain-Based Analog of SWIFT Ready for Testing – Sputnik News

Deutsche Bank AG STOCK QUOTE –7.77EUR


Tips For Prepping In The City – “Preppers living in the city have a hard time getting their affairs in order, and they have to struggle much more compared to the rest of us. It is true that prepping in the city is complicated, but it’s not impossible. Let’s look at what you can do if you live in the city and you want to be prepared for the uncertain future.” – Bob Rodgers

Persistence and Determination to Get Through Tough Times – Ken Jorgustin

First Year of My “Self-Sufficient” Farm – Part 1 – SaraSue

How to Store Raspberries (Short Term & Long Term) – August Neverman – JUST PICKED AND FROZE SOME, SHOULD HAVE FOLLOWED THE METHOD HERE, HOWEVER!!!


Jeremiah 46:12    The nations have heard of thy shame, and thy cry hath filled the land: for the mighty man hath stumbled against the mighty, and they are fallen both together.