The Davos Death Cult’s Bad Moon Rising – “A day of reckoning is coming for the control-freak elites trying to run every tiny facet of our lives.” – J.B. Shurk

Elon Musk retracts offer to buy Pfizer – “Pfizer sues to force him to go through with the deal. Hordes of people on Twitter and Instagram are attacking Musk for his turnaround, and they’re defending Pfizer and the COVID vaccine. Asked about this, Musk said, “Why should I care what people are tweeting? What is a tweet anyway? It’s just a fast comment made by a slow mind.” – Jon Rappoport – A LITTLE SATIRE FROM JON ON THE TWITTER DEAL. PFIZER WAS THE PERFECT EXAMPLE!!!!!!!

I see we have entered the “ninja level fear porn” stage of the pandemic – “Apparently, “omicron” is no longer scary enough” – El Gato Malo

Food, Dispossession and Dependency. Resisting the New World Order – “New Global Research e-Book” – Colin Todhunter – GOOD ONE FROM COLIN. WILL LINK A DOWNLOADABLE PDF IN THE SIDEBAR!!!!!

WHO Wants To Run the World? – “In Geneva in late May at the 75th meeting of the WHO’s decision-making body, the World Health Assembly (WHA), amendments to its International Health Regulations (IHRs) were debated and voted upon. This is the first clear instance of a globalist coup attempt. What an opportunity then to see who is in the conspiring club. Who drafted the amendments? What was in them? Which individuals supported them or spoke out against them? ” – Paul Frijters

The revolt against green tyranny has toppled its first government, as farmers’ protests spread across Europe – Thomas Lifson

The Great Convergence III – The Hydra’s Final Form The future is an alien world. Just as the Hydra, born in opposition to the ideological threat posed by globalism to the Western peoples, adapted itself to push back against the medical totalitarianism that was used to usher in the next phase in their program – and grew dramatically in the process – so will the Hydra adapt itself to subvert the solutions proffered by the globalists to the problems they’ve created. None of us have a pure view of reality – all of us are blinded by illusions we don’t even realize are illusions. Only through the network, only in the sinews of the Hydra, can this maya be burned from our collective eyes. When it is, we shall inhabit a very different reality indeed.” – John Carter – JOHN CONTINUES THE STORY OF THE HYDRA. A LONG BUT GOOD READ. TAKE THE TIME TO UNDERSTAND IT. THE FIRST TWO PARTS HAVE BEEN PREVIOUSLY LINKED!!!

Natural Immunity 97% Effective Against Severe COVID-19 After 14 Months: Study – “The protection against severe illness from so-called natural immunity remains superior to the protection bestowed by COVID-19 vaccines, according to a new study.” – Zachary Stieber

New Dystopian Law Would Give All Social Media Users a ‘Truth Score’ – “Another manifestation of the social credit score rears its ugly head.” – Paul Joseph Watson

Dr. Sage Ardis’s Snake Venom Theory: Were the Georgia Guidestones Bulldozed to Conceal Physical Evidence of Nazi Era Eugenics? – “Nothing about this story makes sense and this Tinfoil Hat is squeezing my brain” – Sage Hana

Barbie and Ken: Social Distancing Edition (VIDEO) – Monica Hughes PhD


It’s Not Working – “The solar electric I installed on the house nine years ago is down. It’s supposed to feed that monster called the grid.  Many people, I’m sure, assume that the more solar units feeding the grid, the better. Strangely, not so. Electric companies work much better when the production and flow of current is absolutely predictable and under their control — like, when they decide to fire up the natgas on generator number three or tune down the hydro turbines. It’s much harder to run the system with little dribs and drabs of electricity trickling in from hither and yon. The hyper-complexity of a home solar-electric system is extreme. There are hundreds of little integrated components that can blow, all of it adding up to a case of guaranteed fragility. There are no easy fixes or duct-tape work-arounds for any of it. I realized that back in 2013, instead of getting the solar electric system, I could have bought the Rolls Royce of home generators and buried a 500-gallon fuel tank outside the garage, and had a manual water pump piggy-backed onto the well, and maybe even purchased a fine, wood-fired cookstove — and had enough money left over for a two-week vacation in the South-of-France. Silly me.” – James Howard Kunstler –  MR KUNSTLER ON THE PROS AND CONS OF SOLAR ENERGY, MOST OF IT CONS AS YOU WILL DISCOVER!!!!!!!

Our New Antoinettes – “These humanitarian rich feel just terrible about the sins of America, but not terrible enough to sacrifice any element of their privileged lifestyles—the just deserts they feel for being so righteous.” – Victor Davis Hanson – GREAT READ FROM VICTOR!!!!!

Are We Looking At Another Civil War? – “The way to bring America back to greatness need not be force. We have the Constitution, and it gives us the answers to all our questions. We citizens must demand that we do our fighting in the political arena instead of on the battlefield.” – Kurt Schlichter

The Latest News Foretells American Collapse. There is no sign of intelligence anywhere in the Western world – “California Democrat Governor Newsom intends to phase out gasoline powered cars by 2035 and replace them with battery powered cars that have to be continually recharged with electricity. Currently, there is insufficient electricity available to California to safeguard California from brownouts at current usage. In the meantime California’s last nuclear energy electricity plant faces closure. It is completely unclear how California is going to have enough clean electricity for its electric-only cars. A safe conclusion is that California is headed for an unmanageable energy crisis.” – Paul Craig Roberts – AND THIS CLOWN WANTS TO BE PRESIDENT TOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Question Everything – “The average person in the First World receives more information than he would if he lived in a Second or Third World country. In many countries of the world, the very idea of twenty-four hour television news coverage would be unthinkable, yet many Westerners feel that, without this constant input, they would be woefully uninformed. Not surprising, then, that the average First Worlder feels that he understands current events better than those elsewhere in the world. But, as in other things, quality and quantity are not the same.” – Jeff Thomas

Why All the Attacks on Dissent? – “Downgrading websites and professional humiliation have not been the only methods used to crush dissent.” – Marie Hawthorne

The Brain-Dead Fanatic – “Has there ever been an Administration more out of touch with the American people? If you asked working Americans whether they’d be happy to suffer poverty for the ‘liberal world order,’ how many would say ‘that sounds like a great idea’? The strangest part of this idea that Americans must suffer to hurt the Russians is that these policies aren’t even hurting Russia! On the contrary: Russia has seen record profits from its oil and gas exports since the beginning of the Ukraine war.” – Llewellyn H. Rockwell, Jr.

Biden’s Mental Decay – “The President of the sole global superpower is confounded by a teleprompter. The Commander in Chief of the most powerful military in the world, with 700+ military spanning the globe and nearly 4,000 nuclear warheads, can barely make it through public appearances. He wouldn’t pass a driver’s test, unable to distinguish between a pedestrian or a stop sign. But he has his finger on the nuclear trigger. Just this week he was defeated (yet again) by text on a screen. “End of quote. Repeat the line.” The troubling thing is that most of the presidency is off-script. How do you address inflation and families being priced-out of groceries when you struggle through a press conference? How do you formulate a strategy about China or Russia when you rely on a cheat sheet for a 5-minute meeting? Make no mistake, Biden’s senility is one of the biggest stories in the world. The media’s silence on this matter is telling. But – if the press is willing to cover-up Biden’s dementia – then what other stories are they euthanizing?” – Techno Fog

What’s it gonna take for Hunter Biden’s pervy, corrupt, doings to matter? – “It probably shouldn’t surprise anyone that denizens of the 4Chan anonymous bulletin board claim to have hacked into Hunter Biden’s cellphone cloud account and are busy posting its pervy pictures. According to the Washington Examiner: The contents of Hunter Biden’s iCloud account have allegedly been hacked by users of the 4chan community, who posted screenshots purported to be from his phone and computer on the website’s main political forum late Saturday night.” – Monica Showalter

‘Pedo Pete’: Massive 4Chan Hack Of Hunter Biden’s Explicit Texts, Images, Videos Rocks The Internet – Kay Smythe

Congress showers the Pentagon with cash while Americans pinch pennies – “Lawmakers this week will rubber stamp a bill authorizing tens of billions more to the Defense Department that it didn’t even ask for.” – Ben Freeman and Faezeh Fathizadeh

Time for the ACLU to change their name – “The American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU) has long flirted with not really being about all civil liberties. Once in a while there were Second Amendment related causes that the ACLU got behind, but those days are long gone” – John Petrolino

Karma hits Wimbledon – Djokovictory – “The tennis competition is won by a Russian and an Unvaccinated player. It seems the anti-woke Gods were looking down on Wimbledon over the weekend. Firstly, last month the organisers started meddling in politics and banned Russian players. And who went on to win the women’s competition on Saturday….Elena Rybakina, a Russian (sorry a Kazakhstani…she’s definitely from Kazakhstan). They were also considering banning unvaccinated players and who went on to win the men’s competition….the unvaccinated Djokovic.” – The Naked Emperor

The Death Of Twitter – “The Elon Musk versus Twitter drama is now heading to the litigation phase, as Musk has decided to pull out of the purchase agreement. The usual idiots have taken to social media to offer their hot takes on the issue. The basics of the dispute are simple. No one really knows if the court can actually force Musk to go through with the purchase agreement and buy Twitter. In contract disputes, courts rarely compel one party to perform against their will. ” – The Z Man

Government benefits more from fuel sales than oil companies! – “California Governor Newsom should look in a mirror and not bite the hand that feeds the State, as consumers are contributing more than $75 million dollars a day, or more than $27 BILLION dollars a year, from the fuel consumption of the states ‘mobile fleet. The estimated impact of California taxes, fees, and costs for climate programs, are a whopping $1.30 a gallon:” – Ronald Stein

California cities ban new gas stations in battle to combat climate change – Grace Toohey

Who Is Behind A Series Of “Mysterious Explosions” At Natural Gas Facilities In The United States? – “Are we under attack? Previously, I have written about a series of very strange fires that have occurred at key food production facilities in the United States this year. Authorities insist that each one of those fires was an “accident”, and maybe they are correct. But now the same thing is starting to happen to the energy industry.” – Michael Snyder – THIS IS GETTING TO BE MORE THAN JUST COINCIDENCE!!!!!!

How Much Did the US Government Pressure Twitter to Ban Alex Berenson? – – Ron Paul – WHETHER YOU LIKE ALEX OR NOT THIS IS A VALID QUESTION WE SHOULD BE ASKING!!!!!

CDC finds glyphosate in 80% of US urine samples—as reported by 0% of “our free press” – “Headlined by The Guardian and the Irish Times, and also grimly noted by some journals here and there, this should-be-big news is apparently NOT “fit to print,” or post, or broadcast by the US press” – Mark Crispin Miller – LINKED A SIMILAR ARTICLE ABOUT THIS IN A STUDY DONE IN  FRANCE ON 01/29/22

The TikTok ‘blackout challenge’ has now allegedly killed seven kids – “38 Parents say the app’s algorithm showed their children deadly challenges” – Mitchell Clark

The government’s latest totalitarian attempt to censor the internet – “Imagine a Canada where every single thing you say online was watched, checked, and possibly censored by the government. Your text messages, Facebook posts, and comments on YouTube videos — all of it monitored to ensure your speech is “safe.” It sounds outrageous, right? Totalitarian and gross. Now, what if I told you that the government was just caught planning for it? Federal Heritage Minister, Pablo Rodgriguez, fresh off spearheading two other censorship bills, C-11 and C-18, has been caught planning his greatest feat yet – to censor all electronic communications within Canada. Going all-in against freedom of speech has become a pattern for this government it seems.” – Gregory Tobin


This Won’t Be a Short Shallow Recession – “The economy is, in fact, headed to recession. We probably are in a recession. … So, it’s not a question of will the economy go into recession. The question now is when is it going to come out of recession? Because we’re already there.” – Peter Schiff

Silver: The Action Taken, And The New Call – “Of course I backed-up the truck. I mean, I haven’t been waiting on silver in the teens for all of this time so that we could all hold hands and sing Kum Ba Yah. Nope. I have been waiting on silver in the teens so that I could convert some of my unbacked, debt-based fiat currency dependent on exponential, unsustainable growth into real money for a good price. That’s all. And I did. Although people don’t believe me when I say I actually purchased silver in the teens.” – Paul “Half Dollar” Eberhart  – JUST CURIOUS HOW PAUL BOUGHT IN THE TEENS WHEN THE PREMIUMS ARE RUNNING 22-23% OVER SPOT!!!!

The Dollar Is a Victim of Its Own Success – “America’s most powerful weapon of war does not shoot, fly or explode. It’s not a submarine, plane, tank or laser. America’s most powerful strategic weapon today is the dollar. The U.S. uses the dollar strategically to reward friends and punish enemies.” – Jim Rickards

How the Federal Reserve Built a Housing Market of Cards and Destroyed the American Dream to Enrich Wall Street – “FED had no clear authority for $2.7 Trillion in illicit residential mortgage-backed securities and refuses to cease purchases despite record inflation and unaffordability” – Occupy the Fed Movement

This Fed Will Be Behind The Inflation Curve For “At Least A Decade”: Mark Spiegel – Quoth the Raven

Expect Huge Negative Revisions to New Home Sales as Sales Crash and Orders Cancelled – “Let’s check in with a real estate consulting firm on a major housing crash now underway.” – Mish

Deutsche Bank AG STOCK QUOTE –7.93EUR


SHOCK: 72 Hours After Grid-Down: Starvation, Supply Shortages, Food Lines, No Clean Water, No Gas — Why Supply Shortages Are Permanent And How This Will Impact Your Life In Many Ways – Amy S.

If What They’re Telling Us Is True, You Should Store Food… (VIDEO) – “The big 3 (ranchers, farmers, and truckers) are warning us, but are you prepared?” – City Prepping – GOOD VIDEO!!!!

Free Food: 33 Foods You Can Forage From July–September – “The summer months are a great time to forage for nature-grown edibles. Depending on what part of the country you live in, you are bound to find a few wild foods to take back with you!” – Sara Tipton

Best Foods to Stockpile for an Emergency Food Supply (2022) – “Are you ready to prepare for increasing food shortages and insecurity by knowing the best foods to stockpile for an emergency food supply?” – Brian Duff

Garden Irrigation Solutions: DIY, Efficient, & Toxin-Free Watering Options – “Water. The key to life, and arguably one of the most essential parts of any garden. It also can be one of the most frustrating and time-consuming aspects of gardening! But maybe it doesn’t need to be… Just because gardens can suck up water, doesn’t mean watering has to suck up your time! There are many ways to improve garden irrigation that save time, energy, and water.” – DeannaCat


Proverbs 23:3    Be not desirous of his dainties: for they are deceitful meat.