Sweden’s Birth Rate Dropping Precipitiously Every Month – “A very unusual pattern this year — 9 months after young people vaccinated” – Igor Chudov

Is Pfizer suppressing vaccine adverse events reports in infants? “Because it would certainly fit as part of a larger pattern” – El Gato Malo

The Dutch Farmers’ Protest and the War on Food – “This week, tens of thousands of farmers have gathered from all across the Netherlands to protest government policies which will reduce the number of livestock in the country by up to a third. In a typical example of media weasel-wording, the press reports on this all headline something like “Dutch farmers protest emissions targets”, but this is a massive lie by omission. In real terms, this ultimately means reducing the number of pigs, chickens and cows by about thirty per cent. That’s what is being protested here – a deliberately shrinking of the farming sector, impacting the livelihood of thousands of farmers, and the food supply of literally hundreds of millions of people.” – Kit Knightly

Bizarre “white crap” found growing in the arteries of people who’ve “died suddenly” – “The latest from UK mortician John O’Looney suggests that all those “blood clots” are something else entirely” – Mark Crispin Miller

Internet Searches for “death after vaccine” Increased After Covid Injection Roll-out – “Noteworthy is that “death after vaccine” wasn’t the only term that saw an increase in searches. So did “vaccine chest pains”, “vaccine side effects”, “vaccine pain” and “vaccine vomiting”.” – Ryan Matters

Is your smartphone ruining your memory? A special report on the rise of ‘digital amnesia’ – Rebecca Seal

U.S. Orders 2.5 Million More Monkeypox Vaccine Doses, as CDC Looks to Expand Vaccine for Kids – “The Biden administration today said it ordered 2.5 million more doses of Bavarian Nordic’s Jynneos monkeypox vaccine, bringing the total vaccine doses to be delivered in 2022 and 2023 to more than 4 million.” – Suzanne Burdick, Ph.D.

Latest Survey Shows 3.7% Rate of Myocarditis in “Vaccinated” Americans – “This is a health disaster. This rate is over 500 times higher than what the CDC claims. Doctors will remain silent on this as they are not permitted to challenge the “safe and effective” narrative.” – Rhoda Wilson

Washington state governor makes COVID vaccines a permanent requirement for many state employees – “The new vaccination standards for state employees are meant to head off lockdowns, governor’s order states.” – Brett Davis

“We’re all in this together!” – “No we are not, and you are full of shit When someone says, “we’re all in this together!” while at the same time MINIMIZING what has actually gone down and is continuing to go down… That person is in denial themselves, or is lying to you. This person is probably not the one who is going out into the jungle to fight to their death and their solidarity is quite hollow. This person may be part of the Game Show.” – Sage Hanna


Something to Think About on the Fourth of July: The Democrats and the FBI Have Nazified America – “Peter Navarro, 73 years old, was Assistant to the President for Trade and Manufacturing Policy during the Trump administration. I do not know him. Last February the Democrats subpoenaed him to appear before the Democrats’ “Select Committee on the January 6 Attack,” a show trial operation trying to invent an “insurrection” by people who took selfies sitting in Nancy Pelosi’s chair. As Trump had declared executive privilege, Navarro simply observed the president’s right and refused to appear. There is nothing unusual about this. It has been happening forever. Personally I do not know if executive privilege is a good idea, but it is a fact. In early June five armed FBI agents grabbed him as he was boarding a flight to Tennessee, handcuffed him, put him in leg irons and placed him in solitary confinement. This is not normal procedure on the part of the FBI. This is pure Gestapo procedure. It reminds me of the early years of Nazi Germany. Every American should be shocked at this, but they are not. Democrats think it is wonderful that an evil, racist Trump administration member got his deserving comeuppance. The presstitutes see nothing amiss. Apparently, the ACLU is too busy creating transgender rights to worry about the Constitution. Republicans, including Trump, have treated Julian Assange worse than the Democrats have treated Navarro. In other words, everything is so politicized that there is no room for the Constitution.” – Paul Craig Roberts – THINK ABOUT ALL THIS AS YOU CELEBRATE YOUR SO-CALLED FREEDOM IN THIS COUNTRY!!!!

Assange Makes Final Appeal Against US Extradition – “”If Julian Assange is not free, neither are we,” said a protester at a Friday demonstration against the WikiLeaks founder’s impending transfer. “None of us is free.”” – Brett Wilkins

The Canary Just Chirped – “Well, the canary in the coal mine just chirped. Arnaud Deboeuf – who is Chief Manufacturing Officer at Stellantis, the automotive combine that owns the Chrysler/Dodge/Jeep/Ram truck brands, among others – said publicly the other day that the automotive industry is doomed if it continues to pretend it can sell electric vehicles at the prices electric vehicles are currently selling for. “The market will collapse,” he said. No doubt. For the obvious-but-adamantly-unacknowledged reason that only a small percentage of the car market buyer pool is affluent enough to pay at least 30-50 percent more for their next new car – which is the price differential between electric cars and their non-electric equivalents. The disparity being greatest in the economy and family car segments – the segments that account for the bulk of new vehicle purchases. The actual disparity is even more than that, courtesy of the Biden Thing – who has caused the purchasing power of the money people have to use to buy everything to decline by 15 percent in just one year.” – Eric Peters

Gender Insanity – “There are no words… ” – Winston Smith –  THIS 3 MINUTE VIDEO SAYS IT ALL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

BBC now officially insane – “xe, xem, xyrs. I would have written this one as satire if it weren’t already true. Paul Watson at infowars has the story: “…the BBC hired ‘trans and nonbinary inclusion’ consultants to train its staff that there were at least 150 different genders.” “The Global Butterflies consultants were hired to provide diversity training revolving around the proper use of pronouns.”. Once the new pronouns are in place, we can move on to verbs. That’s going to be a hell of a ride. I just want to know, after the nuclear launch codes are rewritten, will anyone be able to understand them?” – Jon Rappoport

Why the Anti-Woke Beavis and Butt-Head Clip Is so Hilarious—and a Real Threat to White Privilege Theory – “Unlike most, Beavis and Butt-head are not offended or ashamed when they are told they have “white privilege.” They are excited—but things quickly go awry.” – Jon Miltimore

Biden blames gas stations for high prices at the pump and even the Chicoms are laughing – “Old Joe is still trying to figure out where inflation comes from. It’s gotten so bad even the Chicoms are laughing at him. This time the intellectually blindfolded president has pinned the donkey tail on gas station owners.” – Monica Showalter

Someone Controlling the Twitter Account of Joe Biden is Demanding Gas Stations Lower Prices, Because He Said So – “Bring down the price you are charging at the pump to reflect the cost you’re paying for the product. And do it now.” – Sundance  – THE CLOWN IN CHIEF SPEAKS!!!!

AOC’s most ludicrous protest yet – “A few days ago, Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, aka AOC, of New York informed her 8.6 million followers on Instagram that she was resorting to a new kind of “resistance” in the wake of the recent Supreme Court ruling that overturned Roe v. Wade. Perhaps she would resort to an indefinite hunger strike until the ruling that overturned Roe V. Wade was nullified? AOC was instead going to “redo her nails.” You read that right: “redo her nails” to display her commitment to the resistance. The founding fathers of civil disobedience such as Mahatma Gandhi, MLK, and Nelson Mandela must feel like absolute dunces for not envisaging such novel means of resistance during their times.” – Rajan Laad

NY Governor To Require 3 Years Of Social Media History To Obtain Concealed Carry Permit – “Potential applicants will also be required to show “good moral character,”” – Tyler Durden  -YEP, ALL THE GANGBANGERS WILL BE COMPLYING WITH THIS ONE SINCE THEY DON’T WORRY ABOUT PERMITS ANYWAY!!!!!

Rep. Stefanik Introduces Bill to Prevent Adversaries’ Control Over US Agriculture Industry – “Rep. Elise Stefanik (R-N.Y.) is introducing a bill to address domestic food security issues and the global food supply chain by preventing foreign adversaries from acquiring U.S. agricultural companies. Stefanik’s bill, titled Promoting Agriculture Safeguards and Security (PASS) Act, would bar anyone acting on behalf of China, Russia, Iran, and North Korea from taking ownership of a U.S. agricultural company.” – Mary Hong and Eva Fu – BUT IT APPEARS BILL GATES AND BEZOS CAN BUY ALL THE FARM LAND THEY WANT!!!

Enter The Dragoon – “Caitlin Johnstone takes aim at Tucker Carlson and misses badly.’ – The Good Citizen – THE GOOD CITIZEN MAKES SOME VALID POINTS ON THIS ONE!!!!

NATO boss lets the cat out of the bag: US-led bloc has ‘been preparing since 2014’ to use Ukraine for proxy conflict with Russia – “Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg’s words strengthen the case for Moscow’s military operation in Ukraine” – Robert Bridge


How Long Before Putin Shuts Off Natural Gas Delivery to Europe? – “Here are the two key questions of the day Europe needs to address: How long and what’s the economic impact?” – Mish

The Most Valuable Form of Money Nobody’s Seen–Yet – “What is “money”? “Money” is a claim on the essentials of life. Ration cards are claims on essentials. Many people expect “money” will soon be tied to commodities. Agreed. It’s called a ration card that grants the holder the right to buy a specific quantity of essential goods at a specified price. This right is a form of “money” directly tied to the value of commodities.” – Charles Hugh Smith

THIS IMPLOSION WILL BE FAST – HOLD ONTO YOUR SEATS – “The massive money creation in the 2000s has led to a debt and asset bubble, which is about to burst. Investors will be shocked by the speed of the decline and won’t react before it is too late. The massive money creation by central and commercial banks in this century has resulted in a growth of global assets from $450 trillion in 2000 to $1,540 trillion in 2020.” – Egon von Greyerz


Silver Under $20 | Here’s What You Need to Know (VIDEO) with David Morgan – Wall Street Silver

Silver Fuels The BRICS Currency Rocket, Mass Revaluation Coming (VIDEO) with Andrew Maguire – Kinesis Money


24 Lost Gardening Tips from 100 Years Ago – Anne


6 Ways To Use Up Marinara Sauce – “Garden fresh marinara sauce is a favorite among gardeners, homesteaders, and preppers. Its flavor can be enhanced by whatever herbs you enjoy and it can preserve for several years.” – Sara Tipton


Proverbs 14:34    Righteousness exalteth a nation: but sin is a reproach to any people.


ONE OF MY FAVORITE SUPREMES SONG (Where Did Our Love Go by Holland Dozier and Holland )

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