Contraception and Infertility Passports – “9 Sigma loves Children of Men. The nauseating “my body, my choice” mantras everywhere have made a spectacular resurgence while curiously absent the previous two years in regards to clot shots, in which case it was your body, their choice, or “Your body, no choice”. Want to keep your job and employee subsidized family healthcare? Get poked twice with an experimental shot only authorized for emergency use that doesn’t work as claimed where the corporation has legal immunity or get bent. Go on then, roll up your sleeve, and don’t be SADS about it.” – The Good Citizen – ANOTHER GOOD READ FROM THE GOOD CITIZEN!!!

“Monkeypox” is only circulating in Countries where the population have been given the Pfizer Vaccine & is being used to advance a Technocratic Great Reset – The Expose

Medical Dictatorship: Their Gender War – ““Joe Biden’s transgender Assistant Health Secretary Dr. Rachel (Richard) Levine spoke at a DNC pride month event on Friday.” “On Friday, Dr. Levine said sex reassignment surgery (castration) and puberty blockers (chemical castration) for KIDS is ‘lifesaving, medically necessary, age appropriate, and a critical tool’.” “Levine recently said that there is no debate about ‘gender-affirming’ care for kids.” OK. The big takeaway from these statements is: we’re supposed to believe we’re talking about a MEDICAL condition and MEDICAL TREATMENT. Once that bell is rung, all bets are off. ” – Jon Rappoport

When you see the Day approaching… (VIDEO) – “The alarm bells are sounding…right on schedule…and it’s all happening QUICKLY…just like Jesus said it would. ” – Brenda Weltner – HAT TIP TO THE LIONESS OF JUDAH FOR THIS LINK!!!!!

Newly released documents show that the W.H.O. is orchestrating the FDA’s scheme to skip all future clinical trials for Covid-19 shots – “Injections forever, no safety data, brought to you by the W.H.O./Gates/C.C.P.” – Toby Rogers

Why Did 2 World Economic Forum Puppets Greta Thunberg & Volodymr Zelensky Headline At Glastonbury 2022 ? – “After an absence of 3 years, Glastonbury 2022 re-appeared with a bang for all the wrong reasons. In what was once a festival about music in 1987 has now turned into an agenda pushing cringe fest. True to form the fingerprints of the World Economic Forum (WEF) are all over it. Back to Glastonbury though. For a man fighting a war the Ukrainian President has got a lot of time on his hands and has become quite the celebrity.” – threadsirish

Alien Link to Human Destruction (VIDEO) with Steve Quayle – “Steve Quayle says the world is being lied to about our ancient history. Why? The governments of the world want to control the narrative about who made us and the truth in the Bible about End of Days predicted in Revelation.” – Greg Hunter  – ALWAYS LIKE TO LISTEN TO STEVE’S TAKE ON THINGS, THIS KIND OF GOES ALONG WITH WINSTON SMITH’S ARTICLE FROM YESTERDAY!!!

Beyond Good and Evil: Nietzsche’s Warning and The Birth of a New Culture – “In fact, this is the pivot we are currently witnessing, it has been in the works for some time. Mankind is being dragged along by the scruff of his neck, half unconscious, as he prepares to enter a new epoch; it is the pivot from religious obedience to scientific faith. The new God thus commands all to obey him – “Follow the science” he declares from the mountaintop.” – Ryan Matters – INTERESTING READ FROM RYAN!!!!

Depopulation of Taiwan Birth Rate Dropped by 23% in ONE YEAR — “And it is NOT Covid. This is a continuation of my post from yesterday about a massive 13% decline in births in Germany. Such a decline is a nine-sigma event, meaning that it is so unlikely to occur by chance, that it would naturally happen as rarely as an asteroid striking the Earth.” – Igor Chudov

Covid Update – Myocarditis, Birth Rates, Fertility, BA.5 and more – “A snapshot of what’s going on around the globe” – The Naked Emperor


The Time of Our Time – “Let’s face it: most people will not read Justice Alito’s carefully crafted arguments about what the constitution says or doesn’t say about abortion, or the meaning of “ordered liberty” through our history. We do not live in history. We live in the time of our time. As that scaffold of techno-industrial comfort and safety disintegrates, and all the dazzling promises of becoming transhuman dissolve — sorry, Klaus Schwab — we will likely have to settle for being human again, and in the best way, not the worst way. That includes a certain reverence for our nature and for each other. That suggests not killing children. These days, this place on the planet that used to be a nation groans under a tribulation of bad ideas, bad choices, bad conduct, bad management, and bad faith. We have not been so ripe for regime change since 1776. A ruling Party of Chaos is doing absolutely everything to disorder our lives and there really is no generous interpretation for its motives.” – James Howard Kunstler

BlackRocking . . . – “Why are billion-dollar “capital” entities like BlackRock buying up hundreds of millions of dollars of formerly privately owned homes? It may be possible to divine the answer by looking at another number: The millions of people on the cusp of being evicted from the places they rent. According to the U.S. Census Bureau, there are some 6.7 million of these people – who’ve had their rents increase by $250 per month, on average. The majority of these people earn less than $25,000 annually – and all of them have had the buying power of whatever they earn reduced by about 15 percent, via what is styled “inflation,” Many of these renters have had their rent subsidized as part of what was styled “pandemic” relief,” an odd way of putting it since the “pandemic” didn’t force anyone to stop working (or hiring workers). Rather, it was the government that did it.” – Eric Peters – GOOD EXPLANATION OF WHAT’S TO COME. GOING TO BE A LOT OF HOMELESS PEOPLE, GOOD READ FROM ERIC!!!!!

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Who is Leading America? – “The ship is sinking, and no one is behind the helm. If he cannot complete simple mundane tasks, he cannot rule the world’s leading economy. He probably shouldn’t even be left home alone. Anyone who still believes that Joe Biden is fit for the presidency is simply unwilling to admit they were wrong.” – Martin Armstrong  – SHORT AND TO THE POINT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

America can be defined in a single word. (VIDEO) – “‘Asssfhhhtlllmmnfff’ – Joe Biden, President of the United States.” – Curt Explores China  – IS IT ANY WONDER THAT WE ARE THE LAUGHING STOCK OF THE WORLD!!!!!

America Is More Fragile Than the Left Understands – “Like a stunned adolescent whose reckless incompetence totaled the family car, the Left seems shocked that America proved so fragile after all.” – Victor Davis Hanson

Clarence Thomas and the racism of the woke elites – “Why the Supreme Court’s only black justice has been subjected to so much hatred.” – Brendan O’Neill

The Righteous Cause – “the pro-life cause was able to sustain itself for two generations fighting to overturn Roe. For the people in that movement, the logic of abortion is not what motivated them. In fact, most never bothered to think much about the legal and political logic of the issue. They simply focused on the morality of it. Abortion is murder and a society that institutionalizes murder is immoral. They felt a moral duty to commit their lives to end this immoral practice.” – The Z Man

Massive spike in demand for abortion pills as some women say they are ‘stockpiling’ after bombshell Roe v. Wade SCOTUS ruling – Jack Newman –  THE LEFT WOULD HAVE YOU BELIEVE THAT MOST ABORTIONS ARE ABOUT RAPE OR INCEST OR PERHAPS UNHEALTHY PREGNANCIES. SO WHY THE NEED TO STOCKPILE. ARE THESE WOMEN PLANNING ON THESE THREE PROBLEMS!!!

The Right to Bear Arms – “In recent decades, the US government has been doing its best to find a way to limit the ability of its people to bear arms. And, in turn, the people respond vehemently that their Constitution guarantees them the right to bear arms. Regardless of which side of the argument any particular American is on, I’ve almost never met one who knows what caused this right to be written in the Constitution.” – Jeff Thomas

The Supremes are Back – Making the Constitution Great Again – “SCOTUS was not created to make law or decide controversial social or policy issues. In a constitutional republic, those issues are decided by the people, or their elected representatives, not by unelected, lifetime appointed judges. Instead, SCOTUS’s role is to determine whether laws passed by the legislative branch or administrative decisions emanating from the executive branch are constitutional.” – Brian C. Joondeph

The Biggest Temper Tantrum In U.S. History Has Begun – Michael Snyder

Go Ahead and Gloat – “Biden was supposed to make things normal again, but he hasn’t. He can’t. And he doesn’t want to. His handlers need us impoverished so we need them. They need us divided, so they can leverage Group A against Group B. They need a crisis—the flu, the weather, an insurrection!—so we cannot think and cannot debate and cannot stop them from solving the crisis by doing what they always wanted to do anyway. Our freedom shrinks. Our prosperity shrinks. Our anger grows. Change must come, as this is unsustainable.” And the time of the changing is here. So gloat about our victory, about the victory for what’s right, so that our enemies not only fully understand that they are on the side of the suck but that we are going to utterly defeat them. Infanticide, wokeness, Marxism, the climate hoax – they are all just colors of the rainbow of evil, tenets of a pagan religion that fills the void in their souls where God should be.” – Kurt Schlichter

The White House Needs To End Its Embarrassing, Petulant War On U.S. Oil – “Every day, the Biden administration talks about how it wants to help the middle class – but this must not include the 7.5 million people that make their living from the energy industry.” – Quoth the Raven

G-7 to throw out another $200 billion for third-world ‘green’ boondoggles – “Amid all the partying and gladhanding and making Vladimir Putin a figure of fun, the G-7 summit in Germany managed to avoid the important topics, such as where the hell greenie Germany is going to get energy from and just what it means when it says it’s going to support Ukraine forever. Instead, it moved into its comfort zone, which was “infrastructure” and greenie energy for the Third World, as if the Third World needed more corruption and energy shortages, as greenie Germany is experiencing. Naturally, its idea was to throw money — mostly American money — at the problem. Doddering Joe Biden was all in for this idiocy and has touted this bad idea as some kind of success story.” – Monica Showalter

CIA ops, commandos in Ukraine: Can we just admit we are fighting this war? – ” ‘No boots on the ground’ seems like an empty assurance considering this new report from the New York Times.” – Kelley Beaucar Vlahos – CAITLIN JOHNSTONE WROTE ABOUT THIS YESTERDAY AS WELL!!!!!

EU Says Africa Should Stop Buying Russian Fertilizer — But Can’t Make It Themselves – Tyler Durden

What does default mean for Russia? – “Attempts to prevent Moscow from paying its foreign debt may undermine the Western financial system” – RT

A Pivotal Moment in Eastern Ukraine – “The retreat of Ukrainian troops from Severodonetsk city in the Luhansk Oblast of the country is a pivotal moment in the ongoing conflict. The Russian forces are now almost in total control over the Luhansk region.” – M. K. Bhadrakumar

US Indo–Pacific Chief Sees Largest Military Buildup in Chinese Army’s History – “China’s army is undergoing the largest buildup in the Chinese regime’s history since World War II, according to Adm. John Aquilino, commander of the U.S. Indo–Pacific Command. The buildup encompasses all army domains and capabilities, such as naval ships, fifth-generation aircraft, missile forces, cyber capability, capability in space, and strategic nuclear capability.” – Mary Hong


“When Not If…” – Monster Of A Recession On Deck – Tyler Durden

The End of American Exceptionalism Has Massive Market Consequences – “The US just took another step towards the end of the Age of American Exceptionalism. It will have major consequences on markets and geopolitics. The West has limited time to prepare for some profound changes.” – Bill Blain

The 2022 Market Disaster—More Pain to Come – “If you think the current market disaster hurts; it’s gonna get worse despite recent dead cat bounces in U.S. equities.” – Matthew Piepenburg

G-7 Sanctions on Russian Gold Could Backfire – “Russia is the world’s second largest producer of gold. The truth is it is very difficult to enforce meaningful sanctions on a globally traded, fungible commodity such as gold or oil. It is impossible when the sanctions are not universally adopted. China, India, and many other nations have no interest in joining the sanctions regime. There is nothing stopping enterprising refiners in places like India from melting Russian gold and making new bars with an acceptable hallmark for re-export to the West. It is not difficult to obscure the origin of the metal.” – Clint Siegner

The Amusement Of Market Callers – “Boy, they’re feeling their oats the last few days, aren’t they? “It’s over.” “Buy.” “Get back in, if you got out.” Uh huh. What’s actually changed? Well, interest rates have doubled on mortgages in the last six months or so, and have not gone back down — nor will they to any appreciable degree. At 3% a $300,000 house has a P&I payment of $1,264.81. That same house, at the same payment with rates at 6% is worth $210,960, a reduction of about 30%.” – Karl Denninger

Just One More Week (Or Two) Of Pain For Silver? – “Surely they’re drooling to show what “freedom” and “liberty” mean in the silver market… Independence Day is coming up. Is that still a thing? Moreover, is the silver price smash around opportune times still a thing?” – Paul “Half Dollar” Eberhart

Deutsche Bank AG STOCK QUOTE –8.88EUR


How To Manipulate Your Microclimate And Keep A Flourishing Garden – Rhonda Owen

How Much Coleman Fuel Do I Need? – “Ever wondered how long Coleman fuel will last? How long it will burn, and what is it’s shelf life? I’m talking about the special fuel that is made for the Coleman camp stove (Coleman® Fuel – ‘White Gas’)… What is it? How long can I cook with a full fuel tank? And does it go bad after awhile?” – Ken Jorgustin – EVERYONE SHOULD HAVE SOME TYPE OF BACK-UP FOR COOKING. THIS IS PRIMARILY ABOUT COLEMAN STOVES BUT THEY MAKE KEROSENE ONES AS WELL!!!

The 5 Best Chicken Breeds for Your Homestead – “First-time chicken keepers are often focused on chickens that lay lots of eggs as the best measure of a good homesteading breed. But there’s a lot more to the story than that. Hardiness, meat production, size, temperament, and broodiness can all affect a breed’s suitability for your farm and family.” – Chris Leslie

7 Chicken Mistakes You Should Never Make – Ally B.

10 Best Bug-Out Bag Essentials List & Guide (2022) – |Brian Duff – HAVE DONE SIMILAR ARTICLES BEFORE BUT IT’S ALWAYS NICE TO GET MORE OPINIONS!!!


Jeremiah 1:5     Before I formed thee in the belly I knew thee; and before thou camest forth out of the womb I sanctified thee, and I ordained thee a prophet unto the nations.


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