The Federal Republic of New Normal Germany – “So, the government of New Normal Germany is contemplating forcing everyone to wear medical-looking masks in public from October to Easter on a permanent basis. Seriously, the fanatical New Normal fascists currently in charge of Germany’s government — mostly the SPD and the Greens — are discussing revising the “Infection Protection Act” in order to grant themselves the authority to continue to rule the country by decree, as they have been doing since the Autumn of 2020, thus instituting a “permanent state of emergency” that overrides the German constitution, indefinitely. Go ahead, read that paragraph again. Take a break from the carnage in non-Nazi Ukraine, the show trials in the US congress, monkeypoxmania, Sudden Adult Death Syndrome, Sudden Bovine Death Syndrome, family-oriented drag queens, non-“vaccine”-related facial paralysis, and Biden falling off his bike, and reflect on what this possibly portends, the dominant country of the European Union dispensing with any semblance of democracy and transforming into a fascist biosecurity police state.” – CJ Hopkins

A Tyranny Brews In Washington – “One of the hallmarks of authoritarianism is the crushing of free expression. Speaking against the state is not allowed. What, then, to make of the Biden’s administration’s efforts to silence Americans?” – I & I Editorial Board

They Really Do Want You Eating Bugs: Cricket Production Subsidies From Ottawa – “Beyond eating the bugs, Canada (as well as many places), is phasing out meat in favour of plant alternatives” – Lioness of Judah Ministry

Monkeypox? – U.S. Gov. Data proves Covid-19 Vaccines increase risk of suffering Shingles by at least 4925% – “Monkeypox; or the new name the W.H.O are urgently trying to find for it to make it sound more frightening, is about to become the word of the day in the mainstream media now that they know everyone is bored of hearing about Ukraine. The World Health Organization is convening an emergency meeting and will most likely have announced a Public Health Emergency of International Concern over the alleged disease by the end of June. All member states including the USA, UK, Canada, Europe, Australia etc. will be legally obliged to then act and respond. But data made available by the U.S. Government strongly suggests the alleged “monkeypox” outbreak may not be what it appears to be. The disease is nigh on impossible to distinguish from chickenpox/shingles, and the U.S. Gov. data reveals that Covid-19 vaccination increases the risk of developing shingles by a shocking 4925% at the very least.” – The Expose

CDC Releases Aggressively Stupid Pamphlet on ‘Social Gatherings, Safer Sex and Monkeypox’ – “Still waiting on that fifteen-day anal sex moratorium to crush the curve.” – eugyppius

More MSM Articles Go Missing – “This time concerning claims connected to the UK Prime Minister. The majority of the public get their information from one, or maybe two, Main Stream Media news outlets, so if the story disappears from these, it disappears from public awareness. The Internet was meant to liberate the control of information but it seems, unless you go looking for it, it is as tightly controlled as ever. And unfortunately, with the Online Safety Bill in the UK and Julian Assange extradition, as well as other disturbing new legislation in other countries, things are only going to get worse.” – The Naked Emperor

Finally Proven: Pfizer Vaccine Causes COVID Reinfections, Disables Natural Immunity! _ “Pfizer Randomized Controlled Trial offers Proof Beyond Doubt” – Igor Chudov

Lab Leak: NOW It Makes Sense (VIDEO) – “You were called a conspiracy theorist for asking whether COVID19 came from a lab leak. Now, the WHO is finally asking the same questions.” – Russell Brand 


All This and World War Too – “For three decades, since the old Soviet Union ended in a whimper, reincarnated Russia asked “the West” for very little, almost nothing, really, certainly not the kind of “aid” that the USA used like a fungo-bat to beat lesser states around the world into hegemonic submission. All Russia asked, after seventy-five years of mass formation communist insanity, was to be treated once again like a normal European nation. Early on, Russia even floated a possible application to NATO, which NATO laughed off — among many other insults to follow. But slowly after 1991, and then all at once, Europe and the USA fell under their own mass formation spell, apparently at the instigation of a certain Schwabenklaus and his WEF factotums implanted throughout Western Civ, like poison raisins in a fruitcake, rendering the EU members and the USA insane, which is to say no longer normal nations able to entertain normal relations with others. And so, by February of 2022, you get this coalition of lunatic countries — preoccupied at home with the rankest political degeneracy disguised as virtue — provoking a proxy war in Ukraine with the aim of impoverishing, humiliating, and weakening Russia.” – James Howard Kunstler

Putin Gives Historic Speech, Calls Sanctions Stupid, Says Russia a Thousand-Year-Old Empire That Won’t Crack – “Imagine living in a country that had national pride instead of pride in teaching gay anal fisting to preschoolers.” – Andrew Anglin

Five Unanswered Questions for the January 6 Hearings – “Imagine a BLM member’s trial in which the prosecution simply played videos of acts of violence over and over, even acts not related to the defendant in question. Sound fair, a quest for truth, a process to establish facts? No? Well, welcome to the Third Trump Impeachment, aka the January 6 televised hearings. Having watched a lot of PBS back in the day, I kept waiting for hearing chair Bennie Thompson to appear on my screen asking for a donation to “stop the violence” and promising me a Democratic tote bag if I phoned in my pledge of $50 or more. That was the tone from, as they say, gavel to gavel. But there are so many important things being left out in the Dems desire to showcase violence. Here are just five of the hearings’ unanswered issues.” – Peter Van Buren

Assange Should Put the Pentagon and the CIA on Trial – Jacob G. Hornberger

Media Madness Precedes Supreme Court Gun Rights Opinion – “Ignorance, dishonesty, or both on full display in left-wing media circles. Permission Required To Exercise A Right? In-Article Poll – Defense Pact Question Of The Day Will President Biden offering a “defense pact” to Saudi Arabia in return for oil access impact American national security? Yes No Depends on the details Don’t know Enter your email to view the results and subscribe to our briefing. (you can opt out at any time) If you are human, leave this field blank. Submit Strip away, for a moment, the trepidation, distrust, and even fear stirred up in many people by the anti-gun lobby – or even the natural unease about guns felt by those who simply have no familiarity with them – and think about what these requirements mean: a law-abiding US citizen or legal resident, in certain states, must prove that he or she has a compelling reason to be allowed to practice a constitutional right. No other such right but the Second Amendment is protected only under strict conditions, in certain places, and then only at the whim of governors and state legislators. ” – Graham J Noble  – EXCELLENT POINT FROM GRAHAM!!!!!!!!!!!!

Biden Makes a Very Telling Comment About Who Is Making up His Mind – “When a reporter asked if he was talking to Xi, he said, “I ain’t telling ya.” When he was asked if he had made up his mind on China tariffs, he said “We’re in the process of doing that.” “We are in the process of making up my mind,” Biden replied. “Prepared to sign it and I’m ready to go.” “WE are in the process of making up MY mind?” Talk about a strange, yet revealing comment. Did he just say the quiet part out loud? Who is the “we” who will be “making up” Biden’s mind? ” – Nick Arama

Biden and Oil: Destroy America in Order to Save It – “Our current oil shortage did not arise from a foreign war or tsunami, but from a deliberate policy to curtail oil production to force a more rapid transition to battery-powered transportation.” – Victor Davis Hanson

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Boeing-24: A Cryptic Short Story – “I’m not anti-plane!” Senator Blank retorted.” – Sage Hana – A GOOD ONE FROM SAGE , BASICALLY HOW CORRUPTION WORKS!!!!

Report: 32 Shot Friday into Sunday Morning in Lori Lightfoot’s Chicago – Awr Hawkins

Famine: Diesel Prices Hit Farmers Hard, Food Is Going To Get Scarce – Mac Slavo

There’s Something Seriously Wrong With These People – “Quick quiz: what’s the name of the Postmaster General? If you aren’t some committed left-wing nutjob, I bet you don’t know. Why would you? Could you name any Postmaster General, aside from Benjamin Franklin? Yet, the current Postmaster General has become an obsession for the left. Why do you think that is? By the way, the current Postmaster General is a man named Louis DeJoy. Appointed by President Donald Trump in May of 2020, Democrats have been going absolutely crazy over his existence ever since. On Twitter, you will occasionally see “DeJoy” trending. There isn’t any real reason for it; what could a Postmaster General actually do to make news? But the left has to keep the fear and anger boiling, so they cook up things. They are desperate to replace DeJoy with a left-wing drone of their own so they can actually do the things to disenfranchise Republican voters they claim Republicans are trying to do to them. Bet on it.” – Derek Hunter

“Dangerous” Heat Dome Shifts Eastward, Triple-Digit Temps Expected For Southeast – Tyler Durden

Fauci Refuses To ‘Stop Funding Chinese’ Research With US Tax Dollars – “Fauci, the head of the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases (NIAID), made the remarks while appearing virtually at the Health, Education, Labor & Pensions Committee hearing on June 16, during an exchange with Sen. Roger Marshall (R-Kansas).” – Eva Fu

Britain Head of Military Tells Troops Prepare for WWIII – “Britain’s Military Chief of the General Staff had just taken that position and he has already told the army they need to prepare for war against Russia in Europe. He has told every soldier to prepare to fight Russia in a potential World War III. He has pledged to forge an Army that can beat Russia in battle and said that we must now prepare “to fight in Europe once again.” He added on his fourth day on the job: “There is now a burning imperative to forge an Army capable of fighting alongside our allies and defeating Russia in battle.” This is a video interview of Zelensky’s adviser years in advance. This entire Ukrainian War was deliberately instigated. The West NEEDS war because the entire financial system is collapsing. All the pensions promised have been wiped out in Europe thanks to NEGATIVE interest rates since 2014.” – Martin Armstrong – WATCH THE VIDEO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Germany’s Climate Protection Minister Mandates More Coal to Produce Electricity – “Robert Habeck, Germany’s Federal Minister of Economic Affairs and Climate Action, seeks to reduce natural gas consumption by using coal.” – Mish – THAT’S REALLY GOING “GREEN”!!!!!!


We Haven’t Seen Carnage Like This Since 2008 – “Trillions of dollars in market wealth has already been wiped out, and investors are bracing for a chaotic second half of 2022. Things have been particularly brutal for crypto investors.” – Michael Snyder

Has JP Morgan Become Bitcoin’s Best Friend? – “So, what about this investor’s note then? Well, as always, the devil is in the details. The first thing to remember is that this is a so-called “sell side” analyst’s note, meaning it is the opinion of analysts within JPMorgan of where investors should put their money preferentially under current market conditions. It has nothing to do with the opinion of the CEO of the company. Anyone who thinks Dimon would be mucking around in the depths of his investment banking sell-side division to grind his personal ax against bitcoin simply doesn’t understand how a company like JPMorgan Chase works.” – Tom Luongo – GOOD ARTICLE FROM TOM!!!

Federal Reserve’s Rate Increases: Too Little Too Late? – “This latest rate increase will only raise rates to where they were before the lockdowns led the Fed to embark on a historic money-creating spree. The Federal Reserve cannot increase rates to anywhere near the level they would be in a free market because doing so would increase interest payments to unsustainable levels for debt-ridden consumers, businesses, and the federal government.” – Ron Paul

China And Japan Cut US Treasury Holdings As Federal Reserve Hikes Rates – Tyler Durden

Economy Headed for a Hard Landing – “The recent carnage in the stock market suggests that the Fed’s suddenly aggressive rate hikes are going to crimp consumer borrowing and hurt retail sales. Stocks, which are now fully in bear market territory, tend to lead the economy. The message of the market is that a recession is coming. The claims to the contrary by Biden administration officials are less than convincing – especially given their track record of failing to recognize the inflation problem until it became too overwhelming to deny. Treasury Secretary Janet Yellen went on ABC News on Sunday to try to paint a rosy picture of the deteriorating economy. “I don’t think a recession is inevitable,” she said.” – Stefan Gleason

Yellen Is Wrong AGAIN – “I’m getting tired of political feelz being paraded around as alleged “facts”. Treasury Secretary Janet Yellen said Sunday that the Biden administration’s policies are not responsible for record-high gas prices, and the only way to fix the energy crisis in the “medium-term” is to move towards “renewables to address climate change.” … “Actually, consumption of gas and fuels are currently at lower levels than pre-pandemic, and what’s happened is the production has gone down. Refinery capacity is declined in the United States and oil production has declined. ….” Refinery capacity and production declined because Biden said he would ban both and, within days of being inaugurated, took concrete steps to do both. Yellen argued that the best way to address the energy crisis in the “medium-term” is to transition the country off of fossil fuels. That’s a thermodynamic impossibility within the current realm of knowledge. In short: You can’t.” – Karl Denninger

What’s Behind the Collapse of so Many Stocks since Feb 2021? (VIDEO) – Wolf Richter

Deutsche Bank AG STOCK QUOTE – 9.69EUR


6 Just-Add-Water Meals That Belong In Your Prepper Pantry – “When we are faced with dramatic emergency situations, convenience can help keep us calm and eliminate some of the added stress that’s inevitable during a crisis. That’s why convenience is one of the basic rules to creating a solid emergency food pantry.” – Sara Tipton

Survival Fitness and Physical Activity – “Become Physically Fit To The Extent Possible. You might be prepared with ‘survival’ supplies for yourself and your family. But do you have the fitness, strength and stamina to withstand the rigors of a potentially physically demanding period of time? Age has its way of slowing us down. I can attest to that! But you can fight it if you choose to.” – Ken Jorgustin

Saving with Staples: Potatoes – “Potatoes are low in cost compared to other vegetables. They keep well. If you use cold storage, you can keep your potatoes through the winter. Let’s see how potatoes add up as a staple to save with.” – Colette

16 Ways to Protect your Homestead from the Bad Guys – Greg Seebregts


Deuteronomy 30:1    And it shall come to pass, when all these things are come upon thee, the blessing and the curse, which I have set before thee, and thou shalt call them to mind among all the nations, whither the Lord thy God hath driven thee,